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I just sharted myself laughing at stinkies getting what they fucking deserved

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Still up 4x

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Why didn't you sell when you were up 8x?

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it was $5 barely a week ago haha

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I repeat we're minutes away from breaking monthly bullish trend, i suspect Link will be one of the least to recover from this and lose a place in the top 20 before another bullish cycle begin.

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why didn't you buy sub $1?

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warned you

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Because he's a retard who will see when he's 8x down because muh cheap linkies xD

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I'm holding this long term, I don't give a shit what it does on a daily or even weekly bases.

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>too retarded to understand opportunity cost

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I did, and I sold above $4.

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>3 years
>$4billion marketcap
>0 users
>0 decentralized oracles
>Linkers: This is bullish!

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man you gonna wanna kys by the end of the week
i remember in the 2017 bullrun I said the same shit...
>heh, up 20x
>still up 15x
>dont worry im still up 9x
>lookin good at 6x
>way up at 4x
>well that sucked but at least im still up 2x
>damn only a 20% loss
>uh maybe i should have sold a month ago, this 50% loss hurts

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What do you notice?

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So THIS is what /biz/ meant by Suicide stack?

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Nobody gambles on Russian funny money in a downturn

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Same, I bought at .80 cents and sold it a few weeks ago.made some good monies.

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The drns people have to eat, the only thing floating link prices was people accumulating

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I'm all in PNK now.

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Nice ID

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