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correlation does not mean causation

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it's a novel strain of coronavirus you dummy. the "common cold" is a condition that reflects infection by one of many different, but more well understood (though commonly mutating) strains that have been around forever

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>he doesnt know this whole thing was a kike scheme to trap bears before the golden bull run and greatest transfer of wealth in human history into btc

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i was one of those "nuffinborger" posters on /pol/. but now that Bad Orange Man gave an emergency speech inside the oval office, i'm convinced this is a big deal.

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What was that about herpes?

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>>he doesnt know this whole thing was a kike scheme to crash btc so link can continue being suppressed

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>trump tells me what to think
We know

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>yellow fever

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this is why calling it coronavirus is dumb
its sars 2

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Bullish for Suterusu.

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that said this will be a seasonal recurring infection and basically part of the common cold group after it kills the susceptible millions of people

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Friendly reminder that the disease now known as Covid-19 was going to be officially designated "Wuhan Coronavirus Syndrome" until the Chinese government bribed the WHO into changing it.

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Ok, the common cold that has been mutating and a nothingburger forever. The media is freaking out to freak you out, not because its a problem.

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its now called sars cov2 because its a mutation of sars less lethal longer incubation someone is playing a game of lets infect all humanity

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Dumb trump cultist

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nah there is no profit in panic for the establishment only for charlatans and scammers

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>hes still mad about Trump's victory
So sad... its always on your mind isnt it?

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I hate trump. He literally just sperged out in a national address treating it like a real emergency today. A common cold made the president address the nation to panic everyone. Not getting my vote.

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A flu with a 6% mortality rate in Italy and who knows how high in Iran/China

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>He bought THE DIP
Sad! Many such cases

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Governments don't actually produce anything so they need tragedies to scare people into giving them power.

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SARS was also a coronavirus and it had a fatality rate over 10%.....

just because its a coronavirus doesnt mean shit you brainlet there are all kinds

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Rhinovirus is the most common virus that causes the common cold you stupid fuck.

And as anon said >>17724347
It's a highly virulent strain that has come from another species, we literally have no idea how it will turn out. The Spanish flu was similar, novel virus that infected everyone, everyone was ok initially but it killed masses months later. It's too early to tell what this virus will do.

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that's retarded they need the economy to do well and that means optimism for investments and loans

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im telling you this is the same fucking virus only less aggressive this time which makes it ironically more dangerous

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You can't really push another Patriot Act if everything is well. People are already asking governments to put their fellow citizens into Coof gulags, because of how afraid they are

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And this is just the sniffles. Get over it. Its a hoax.

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A common cold that kills boomers, yes.

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there is no profit in that either

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>t. A person who has a lot of stocks

Is that why you're so mad? If it is as you say that it's just a cold AND that it's no big deal you wouldn't be here. That's how I know you're invested in stocks or a boomer with most funds being drained.

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This otherwise he wouldnt be so irate. If it such a nothingburger why does he care so much about the economy?

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so its actually a togavirus

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I am angry because its an obvious hoax. THIS IS A COMMON COLD. NOBODY NATURALLY FREAKS OUT OVER A COMMON COLD. YOU ARE BE MANIPULATED! They are all lying to you about this on purpose because they want you to panic.

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fuck you we're dying here.

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>people are unironically stalling the world economy over a virus with less severe symptoms than bronchitis

The world is so pathetic now, a world of pussy faggots

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The cold is an example of a Corona virus. I'm assuming this is a troll lol

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>they want you to panic
what's the incentive? don't be retarded...

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only 15% of the common cold cases are caused by one corona virus or an other not this strain obviously.

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>800+ million people quarantined for the common cold

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But it killed my grandpa! He was only 95!

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>[Hanks] and Wilson had been feeling “a bit tired, like we had colds”


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Yeah, it's stupid alright.

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Saw a clip of an old Italian geezer yelling about how the stores had no more pasta in stock.
Dude said people didn't even panic this much at the beginning of WW2 lmao.

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well at the beginning of ww2 the italians thought they gonna win it.

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My mom was talking about how she would read about Coronavirus in her old textbooks, the point is it's a new strain, COVID-19, meaning 2019 varient

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> common cold

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yes it's just a common cold that's why they are putting countries on lock down
peoples aren't freaking out about the virus, they are freaking out because of the unprecedented confinement measures

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i'm only freaking out of freaked out people
that's the real danger

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We're talking about war, anon.

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>yes it's just a common cold that's why they are putting countries on lock down
More like a bad flu, but yes.
That's the level of stupidity at this point.

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i live in milan. the media is not wrong this time. they were far behind the curve in fact.

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The media in Italy is hamming it up HUGELY.
And the hospitals are in on it because they want more funding.

They keep trying to launch iconic images; there was the one with the nurse pretending to sleep at her computer, and then there was the pic of like 10 people with pneumonia lying on their stomachs (like that isn't a common sight at any hospital in the winter season).
Meanwhile, in reality, only about 1k people in all of Italy are even in "serious" condition.

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government wouldn't put the world economy in jeopardy like this if it wasn't serious

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anon, I...

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go ahead, explain what they have to gain

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>shit crashes
>government is called on for help, government expands power as a result
>government buys shit up for almost free
>certain political opponents are made to look bad because the economy dunks
etc. etc. etc.

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it's more like SARS on steroids. it's a bioweapon folks

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It's more like a cold that gives you the flu.

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except 200 people have died in america from it atm

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Be afraid. Be scared. Be desperate. The media tells you so. The government tells you so. Beg them to save you, say you'll allow anything to be saved, just like you did during 9/11. And they will help you. They will give you patriot act, nsa spying, mandatory vaccination, all those things killing your freedom. Fear is great, it let the man do whatever they want, to control, to manipulate, to own you. And you'll be grateful, because you were scared. As you should be. A population in panic is a controllable one.

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All old and/or sick already.
61k people in the US died of the flu last winter.

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Trump did this because this will impact america the most. You lower socioeconomic groups, who wont go to hospital for fear of debt. They will inf ect others, and boom the transmission rates.

a cohort will develop the actue resp symptoms, and they will either die or be forced to go to hospital, where they will acrrue huge debt. They won't be able to pay this debt. this will happen on an exponential scale. Your medical system will collpase as a whole due to the massive debt, your people wont go to work. Look at hwo many homelsss you have. As in, how many high comorbidity, low immune people which all they do is travel. You think they give a fuck where they sneeze or piss or shit?

You guys are (rightfully) stopping anyone from coming in. Let the people who are infected, become symptomatic, ride it out, then let everyone around again. Its a matter of population percentages.

Also this is a boomer virus. Your generation who hold the most wealth & the most assets are being driven fear mad.

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Ya, except more than 99% of people under 60 cough a bit and develop a fever for a few days and get better after a few days.
Nearly 100% of normally healthy people under 60 make a full recovery.

But thanks for the juvenile headcanon anyway anon.

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Italy has +12k confirmed cases and +800 death
that's +6% mortality rate, the flu is bellow 0.1%

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>normally healthy people under 60 make a full recovery.
> healthy
what's the obesity rate of american under 60 again ?

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>confirmed cases
And they famously aren't testing everyone who has mild flu-like symptoms.
Pretty much nobody is.
The actual infection rate is MUCH higher, and the actual mortality rate is much lower.

The only controlled environment with Corona is the Diamond Princess, and the mortality rate there is 1%, and this is under IDEAL viral spread conditions (small ship with lots of people packed together), and with a highly aged population (because mostly old farts go on cruises).

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>They will give you patriot act, nsa spying, mandatory vaccination, all those things killing your freedom.
Good. Libertarianism and Neo-liberalism is pass their expiration date. Why do you think authoritarianism is making a comeback?

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The strain in Italy is affecting young people. Ireland's NVRL determined the first sequence of SARCOVID-19. There are young people in Ireland & the UK who are in respiratory distressIts mutating. You honestly haven't a clue lol.

Everyone is an epidemiologist & viroloigst suddenly kek. ICUs are being overloaded.

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There are young people who get in trouble from the flu too.
Doesn't change the fact that over 99% of people under 60 simply recover.

>Everyone is an epidemiologist & viroloigst suddenly kek.
I'm looking at the official stats, bucko.

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>3.5 death rate - flu is 0.1
>5 times more contagious. One person can infect 45 in the course of a week. Flu virus is 9.
>asymptomatic contagion + long incubation time = quarantines are useless.
It's just flu bru

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>3.5 death rate - flu is 0.1
The stats are skewed because only a very small percentage of people are being tested; pretty much only key cases and severe cases.

>5 times more contagious.
The contagion rate on the Diamond Princes has been stuck at 20% for like two weeks now.

>asymptomatic contagion
Same with flu.

>long incubation time
In exceptional cases, same with flu.

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and who gets tested for flu? i never went to a doctor with flu in my life.

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>and who gets tested for flu?
Influenza has been around since forever, the statistics are well-established.
Flu stats involve sample tests (which they're only now starting to do for corona), and a lot of the data is based on "flu-like symptoms".

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why are people so delusional about this? hospitals are about to get overloaded, it's not just the flu

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If you are a think tank shill you will be indicted

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And the Spanish flu was just a flu , am I rite ?

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official stats published by...? The only realiable source is Italy kek. They have just published a wonderfully tragic paper on the catastrophy of it all.

They're in massive triage right now. Making ethical decisions on who to treat based on:
1) the amount of liveable years they have left
2) lwoer co morbidities as better recovery. people with co morbidities have a longer stay in hospital, and use more resources.

A week ago they were able to care for each patient in HDU/ ICU centres. Now they're effectively in war triage. Give this a read.


I didn;t think this was gonna be a big deal at all desu in terms of mortality. I knew it would be massive on the healthcare system (I'm an anasthesiologist), but if these strains are mutating, yeah it'll be full blown panic mode.

Our government is recruiting/ "conscripting" retired GPs to work at EDs and rural practices, and they've lifted the ban on healthcare staff hiring.

Our consultants (like super senior medical attendings if you're US) are all very, very worried

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>ITT seething day traders
Learn to code.

>> No.17727475

>official stats published by...?
The same ones you doomers are using too.

>> No.17727514

>1k "severe" cases in all of Italy
>war triage
ok doomer

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alright. You've the reading comprehension of a 3 year old. See this. >>17727355

Put 2 + 2 together. Where do all the sick people go if the hospitals are literally REFUSING to treat them because they're more likely to die.

>its a flu bro
>Italy was a fine a weeka go bro
> Italy literally letting old people and obese/ diabetics/ COPD people die to save the young population
>its just a flu bro

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I voted for the guy and I have no beef with him but some of you dumb fuckwits are really cultish. It's honestly embarrassing to be a trump supporter because of people like you.

>> No.17727564

Honestly this.

>> No.17727575

Why would China shut down its economy for just a little sniffles?

>> No.17727577


Ok. You're a dumb fuck. Tell me you handicap, on average, how many beds each ICU has? Go on. Tell me how big you think ICU & HDU units are.

Jesus I hope you're not in LINK because you deserve to slave for all humanity.

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The shortness of breath is from bronchitis you moron. Bronchitis is inflammation of the airways due to a bacterial infection. It leads to shortness of breath.
You lost money this week.
Time to get a real job.

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Imagine being a Trumplet faggot after 4 years of turbo sucking and groveling to jewish overlord, imagine being that faggot type of Jewmerican, of a circumcised retarded mutt goblin groveling to Trump - while Trump himself is groveling and succumbing to rabbis.

Also that meme is extremely cringe, "communist"?? Is that some kind of 4D chess shit or what? Communists are all jews, and Trump is a jew himself. His daughter is a converted kike.

Vote for Trump and die for Israel, faggot.

>> No.17727604

Kek my ICU in a major city is full 100% of the time. Fun fact: we aren’t worried about this “epidemicl

>> No.17727626

I mean I love the turmoil as much as the next guy but this is what happens when flu season hits. Hospitals get overloaded even when they know this shit is coming.
Not groundbreaking.

>> No.17727633

Bro, you’re a pasta nurse at best. Literally none of the dozen attendings which I work with on a daily basis care about this for anything other than our transplant patients kek

>> No.17727640

Doesn't matter if everyone get sick, stay home and production stalls

>> No.17727652

25k people died of the regular flu in Italy in the 2016-2017 winter season, with millions infected.
If Corona with its <1k deaths is causing "war triage", what the fuck did the regular flu look like in 2016-2017?

You're a blowhard without a clue.

>> No.17727658

8-36 beds per unit. More typically 12-24.

>> No.17727659


Exactly. All your ICUs are pretty much full all the time right?

Now, look at this sudden huge influx of patients that need ICU & HDU care. Where are they gonna go?

I didn't realise how many retards are on biz. Also I know you're a pleb by saying a single ICU. Either you're a 3rd worlder that has one hospital for a major city, or you dont even know what an ICU is.

>> No.17727679


>Dozen attendings
>Dozen speciliazed senior doctors
>Means you're not specialized since you interact with them all
>Only one hospital job that does that
>You're a janitor lmao

>> No.17727680

I'm kinda worried about the Italy situation - and one thing nobody seems to address here; why Italy?

No country reported such dire situation since this shit broke out, or (((broke out))). How come it got so serious in Italy, it was present in other countries after China. Why so hardcore in Italy of all places?

Also please no troll - what's the over/under on this shit being manmade? Serious question, doomers and schizos begone.

>> No.17727704


I've said this earlier but the amount of dumb fucks in this thread is unbelievable. Its a different strain. Its in Ireland & UK too. the NVRL have sequenced the first part.

>> No.17727805

>Its a different strain. Its in Ireland & UK too. the NVRL have sequenced the first part.

What do you mean "it's a different strain". Are you saying that Italy now has some kind of mutated version of the original Wuhan virus?

>> No.17727818

Average age of death from Wuhan Virus in Italy is 81 with one or more serious health conditions

So please stfu, unless you are literally a geriatric diabetic with aids.

>> No.17727831

Italy are just dirty, touchy people. It spread quickly and the response came way too late. It's very unlikely manmade, but I guess anything is possible.

>> No.17727838

KYS tranny, this isn't reddit.

>> No.17727865

>It's very unlikely manmade

But why did it break out in one city like that? Also I recall watching JFG video about it, and he was sperging on some RNA or whatever strains in the virus, the sequence of some sort, being "too perfect" to be a natural occurrence by mutation.

>> No.17727898

Highly aged population too, especially up in the hills in the north.

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You think governments are shutting down for a common cold? You think they could just stop all flights around the world for a common cold? They know something. Something unsettling. This is only the beginning.

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You can use the pol faggot tier meme, muh discord muh tranny muh leddit but Trump is still a jew, his daughter is a jew, Trump's allies are all jews, he did massive favors to jews, he's on the face of a jewish coin, he won the Tree of Life jewish award in the 80s, the nigger that pulled him out of bankruptcy was working for Rothschilds at the time, and that same nigga, Wilbur Ross, suprise suprise, is now on Trump team, I think he's the chief of Jewmerican Chamber of Commerce or something.

This isn't 2015 you retard, lmao white trash Trump voting circumcised goyim - nothing worse on this planet.

>> No.17727922

>when you're 12-y-o and you make a post on the internet

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Doomniggers -> KYS

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Italians are brown. What do you expect? The only technology they invented was pasta

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guys... if we dead whos going to get our crypto?

remember to tell your family your wallet informations incase you... dead

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See >>17727652
and fuck off, doomer.

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These leftypol niggers are getting really fucking tiring.

>> No.17727979

government is run by a bunch of citizens lmao. Don't expect them to be smarter than the general public.

>> No.17728076

>confirmed cases
Millions of people are infected and don't know it because it's a pissant virus.

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Jew detected - I never ever said anything about Hillary you retarded jewmerican MIGA faggot lmao.

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No whites have died yet.

>> No.17728109

yeh its in the name dumbfuck, what else would it be?

>> No.17728113

exactly my point

>> No.17728322

>ITT armchair virologists who have read about SARS on the wikipedia

Nobody gives a shit about your uniformed opinion, cope with your losses.

>> No.17728409

when people die, of murder for example, their face photos are usually shown on news media...websites, tv, etc. with some sort of sad mournful message. but in the case of this fake&gay virus, i have not seen a single photo of a victim. everything is shrouded in mystery. at most we see body bags. that's it. no names, nothing. obscure shit like "man in his 50's" or "elderly in her 60's".

that's how i know it's a huge global hoax. everyone involved is an actor. there was an italian actor who said his sister died. she was epileptic also. *actor*. and now...tom hanks...very fishy.

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Dude just stop. We know you are a tranny or a kike, likely both, and we've heard all your dumb fucking talking points, and none of it is going to stop people from voting for Trump.

You think you blend in, but you don't at all, you glow like a fucking supernova, and LARPing as a nazi on 4chan to try to turn whites against Trump is the most cringe fucking shit ever.

>> No.17728488


Saving masses of geriatrics and immunocompromised aidshomos

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>It's just a cat dude, stop panicking

>> No.17728520

My whole family got it. Dad came in coofing. Next was I. Now my mum. Its unironically just a flu bro

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Keep on #MAGA baby, Mike Thernovitch will form a PAC and we will own the liberals!

Stupid liberals won't know what hit em, we got based Mike doing the heavy pwnage, we got catboy Nick flying the cathlick flag leading the new wave of trad zoomers conservatives that like based sodomite crossdressers but only ironically not "for real" nothing serious, it's just a prank bro, we got based Milo the ass sodomite bandit, Lady Maga, we got Donald Trump and his son promoting Charlie "MAGA Pwning the Libruls" Kirk and it's just one big happy MAGA family and if you're against Daddy Trump you're cringe.

BASED! Can I get a based check?

>> No.17728623

Its ok anon, this is biz, don't expect people to actually know stuff

>> No.17728634

This sounds like it was posted by a fat brain. Don’t catch COVID, fat brain, since the majority of COVID deaths in America aren’t just old people, but obese and overweight people as well. Researchers are saying that male fat brains might have a similar COVID survival rate to that of a male Chinese smoker, which 1 out of every 10 died.

Does the common cold kill fat brains with regularity as well? A 10% chance of death for your kind is tremendously higher than the chance of death from the common cold. Better lay off the 2 for $5 Arby’s roast beef sandwiches, hamburger.

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File: 168 KB, 937x623, ziondon_shills2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ill give you a hint faggot. People on the right can instantly tell you are a leftist. Literally nobody on the right types the way you do.

Nobody on the right uses the term "white trash".

And your attacks only go in one direction which is what really gives you away. You are desperate trying to dissuade people on the right from for the best available candidate in decades, and Trump is by far the most right wing politician in the US without being an actual Nazi. On immigration, on judges, on economics, on literally every policy position, he's the furthest possible right of any politician.

So unless you an alternative viable candidate that runs on a platform on gassing the jews, literally ZERO people on the right , even the actual nazis on /pol/ is going to vote for a democrat over Trump. Zero.

Now that is free advice for you. Give it back to your handler and develop new strategies.


>> No.17728877


Trump is based im from holland its a shithole and i want an ar15

>> No.17728893

It's tops 10x as deadly compared to a seasonal flu, and only to the 70+ old people and the chronically ill, who DO NOT CONTRIBUTE to the economy. The only question is when will this realization finally hit. Buy before then.

>> No.17728957

Based. Fuck boomers

>> No.17728983

if all it takes in modern times is a bad flu and social media to collapse society, maybe we NEED it to collapse. I'm ready, bring it on.

>> No.17729125


>> No.17729160

that sounds like something a redditor would say.

>> No.17729193

you're retarded

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