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Who else is holding bitcoin right now

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Hahahahaha sucks for you.

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>muh hedge against the recession

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Me n I’m not really sure why

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Hodl, halving is coming up and this coronavirus shit will eventually end.

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True it will pass but what’s the point of BTC

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I dont think jts going to go up bros. Maybe we should sell

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Sminem died for your sins, son. HODL

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Relax, it'll pump back to $10k by the end of this month.

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who else is holding ether right now

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About to hit the buying line anon


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what does bitcoin do though? link actually does something. how do you feel good about holding something that has no use case? anything can be a store of value look at toilet paper

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Looks like 7100-7200 no?

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For every seller, there is a buyer. Now ask yourself, what are the chances that the buyer is a more intelligent investor than you?

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>state of linkies
I thought Sergei was Satoshi? why fud BTC? loser. LINK will do well in a bullrun sure, but it will NEVER do as well as $0.03 to 20k

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About that level in march 7700 in april , the buying level is about 7400 now.

Tough we have been in general 1 month always in front of the prediction since people bough 13 months before the halving instead of 12 speculating others would do the same.

So since april 2019 we are one month after in the prediction.

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Tfw you realize bitcoin is a degenerator

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>struggles with volatility
>holds the most volatile asset in the world.

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buying low caps that haven't broke their floors like CKB (nervos). stop being a bitch. this is an amazing buyer's market.

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where can I learn to read charts? any good books, youtube, etc?

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You fags really think the price will never go up again or something? Don't retarded.

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>Don't retarded.

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>about 7400
We have been few times in 7500s, it's not enough?

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dont worry ill pump it to 11 k for a half hour then drop it back to 1 k

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be autistic and draw triangle based off some candles

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Yes 7500 but months before, as time moves less coins are in circulation and the halving causing a direct inflation decrease push the price up as supply collapses.

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Link is the currency of Saturn .Jupiter also just started using it. The ayys are coming get ready

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So what's the bottom then?

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Its rarest than gold, and silver and diamonds;

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16k by october 2020

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Link feeds sirgay, no other function.

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BTC is long term right now so you shouldn't be sweating too much.
If you had shitcoins I'd be worried for you.

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Wait until 5k, dump all your money in, sit back and wait for this whole wuhan flu to blow over then rake in the profits.

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Back to 20k by the 20th

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