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In all seriousness are you confident of a $10 price? $50? $100? $1000?

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110% confident. big number EOY

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100% confident we will hit 1000 by 2022

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It's a confidence scam, how can you not be confident?

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pee pee poo poo

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Why the fuck do you care? Either hold or sell. Stop being a sheep and DYOR

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So then why do people on this board invest in anything else other than LINK? Why not hold only LINK and just enough fiat to get buy?

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i dunno bitch i'm not a mind reader

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i can’t speak for any of the retards on this board. i’m personally all in link

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>implying I don’t only invest in link and live off of scraps left in the break room fridge

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Those are pajeet shills. God, how new r u?

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1k eoy is a low effort meme to keep the plebs interested. Staking will return 200-400 per year per link (conservatively, adoption dependant, and variable based on the prestige/reputation of your pool). How this is valued is up to the market; 3x-5x as a business, or by % (10% roi 2k-4k).

That's with pretty steep cost reductions for derivatives, may be quite a bit higher...but I factored in chinks ruining everything doing jobs for .5% yearly and didn't put much hope into "developing" (subhuman) markets. Every link sold runs a greater risk the bugmen crash the entire system with unsustainable node rates.

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Just came back from a meetup, wanted to check on my investment and see for myself how organized the team is.
Got some swag
This shit finna pop boys
This team is too legit to quit and they’re really doing excellent ground work.
Congratulations to all of you that have invested.

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You guys should go to meetups in your area
It’s a great way to learn the latest news from the source and get in touch with people in the community.
If you work for a good company bring business cards and share LinkedIn contacts with people and if you have a good idea for the chainlink team, these meetups are a perfect opportunity to share contact details.

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I'm not confident of shit if I was I would dump all my fiat into it.

For all I know LINK could be worth a cent next year, and if you're sure of anything you're deluding yourself

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i dont doubt the potential for chainlink. What i dont understand is why it would warrant the prices that are thrown around this board. The way i see it the crypto market is still a bubble waiting to burst

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Free drink tickets, merchandise and pizza were given out for those registering.
Well organized meetup and interesting discussions and group of people
It’s all done through the chainlink events portal and registered through google
10/10 would do again

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i want a shirt

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>Staking will return 200-400 per year per link
That's insane, then 300 link would be a make it stack

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I should add that's with the current supply, I was unsure how fast we're getting dumped on and assume most of the institution free link will come with selling stipulations.

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this is the kind of stuff PnDs thrive on.

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Once people realize what chainlink actually does (this is the biggest barrier for adoption atm) then we will see the true price. Particularly when public staking through linkpool goes live.
Board of director level people (some were in attendance) are being trained on this atm. Next year we will see massive rollout.

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>It’s all done through the chainlink events portal

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>guy in a t-shirt with used car salesman face.
the fud writes itself at this point.

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You do understand what it means to have Ari Juels on the team right
>Chief scientists RSA
>invented proof of work in 1999
read the latest paper by his team:

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It's quite difficult to pinpoint a price because of the murky underworld of jew dealings that our investment seeks to displace. I also took some liberty with the amount gaming (that's slots and cards you retard vidya faggots) will bring in/overtake traditional. I assume a 24/7 provable non rigged gambling experience with seconds to cash in and out would replace some amount of driving an hour to some smoke filled feathernigger spot. Especially for zoomies and gray market areas.

Again this is assuming the requestors spread out amongst the node operators, and don't just choose the 3 cheapest chink nodes for 95% of the traffic.

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what do you mean dumped on? I do expect some fuckery to go around with members of the (((tribe))) trying to shake off weak hands.

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If you’re buying chainlink now then you’re not going to make it. Most are going into pnk. Check etherscan if you don’t believe me.

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It's take 2 years for a $20 mark. So you're gonna quadruple your investment if you get in now. Alternatively, there are far cheaper choices if you want 2017 returns so you can actually make it and not have pittance travel money.

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Post name and address so I can hunt you down if you’re wrong.

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Fuck off pajeet

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Zero chance of $10. Smart contracts are a meme. Absolute peak you’ll get $7-8, which is doubling your money but it’s worth no more than $8 billion fully diluted. $20-40 billion for a ERC? kek

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is the 0x in reference to ZRX?

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Conservatively I estimate $2-300/LINK. This is based on me not wanting to get my hopes up. I walked around my apartment drunk for 2 months daydreaming about $1000/LINK, thinking about my $11,000,000 life, then getting sober and realizing $200-300 would be just fine too. That's my analysis

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honestly good to keep yourself grounded. honestly if one link can even get $25-$50 per year that actually wouldn't even be too bad, at that point might as well keep it for staking and use the residual for other investments.

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Such as?

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I'm already all in link faggot

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To infinity and beyond.

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You’re a real tough guy Jeb
Why don’t you just take the initiative and go to a meetup near you and see for yourself.
Go with a group of your friends who might be interested in learning about this.
It’s especially good for university students studying in this field and it’s a good chance for working professionals to scout potential business deals or collaborations.

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I remain confident it goes to $50 to $60, drops then eventually settles in between $150 to $200.... Just like Assblaster said would happen.

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You say this like it's a bad thing...even if one link fetches 10 dollars a year in passive income, that means 10k link holders will get 100,000 a year for sitting on their ass.

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>Alternatively, there are far cheaper choices if you want 2017 returns so you can actually make it and not have pittance travel money.
Also wondering: which coins are these?

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go to a meetup near you

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100% $10
90% $30
75% $50
50% $100
5% $1000
Also OP is a faggot

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Yes, all true. I estimate triple-digits because once LINK reaches $25 I think it'll be seen as a "safe" investment by normies. Combined with stakers and hodlers, supply on exchanges will be minimal. I just don't see it NOT reaching triple-digits once many enterprise BAAS offerings are using Chainlink in the background.

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There are none newfag. Link is the final boss.

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this nigger shit cant even past $5


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>go to a meetup near you
link related:
>this is a movement

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42 I love you, no homo.

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$10 - 100%
$20 - 70%
$50 - 30%
$100 - 5%
$1000 - 0%

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>$1000 - 0%
$81,000 (Dec. 2026) - 100%
>pic related

>42 I love you, no homo.
we're doing this
we're making it happen
and every night

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>110% confident. big number EOY
greenID confirms

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At the rate the global financial system is breaking, link might hit $1000 by end of April

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$10 before smartcon in May

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"What I liked and continue to like about Chainlink," says Ari Juels, "is their understated approach to product development. Even in the heady days of the ICO bubble they were not making hyperbolic claims about the platform they were building. They take a very direct and pragmatic and tempered approach to relaying information to the community."

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>"What I liked and continue to like about Chainlink," says Ari Juels

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Bought 2k stack on pure fomo

No real expectation of a moon shot, but the money was just sitting in a savings account so fuck it

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It will either succeed or it won’t. If we hit $50, I think the ceiling is likely very, very high.

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>Bought 2k stack on pure fomo

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Personally 98% LINK 2% BTC cause I bought $50 in BTC at $1k and told myself I’d never sell it. Also paying off student loans because they’re killing me so all my extra cash goes to that. But I 100% believe we’ll see $10 I’m a good 85% on $20 and 50% on $100 (within the next 2 years)

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more confident than ive been about anything else in my life, lifting weights and buying LINK at 22 cents are the two most important and profitable things i've ever done

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>$100 100%
>200 80%
>500 50%
>1k 30%

Some of the fudsters crying about how it can never break triple digits clearly weren’t Around in 2017. You kooks have no idea how massive this bull run will be considering normies can now buy Alts directly from coinbase via their phones.

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i do this

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$10 - easy. Next few weeks or months.
$50 - soon enough
$100 - during next bull run
$1000 - it's destined

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For you anons that decide to cash out some linkies when it hits a target price, what do you plan to do with that money? Just put it in traditional investments like stocks and bonds?

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repeating digits... 42, you might no be so bad for a namefag

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>Just put it in traditional investments like stocks and bonds?
not until im sitting on huge paper value, first sell targets are going straight into DSR, DMM, Aave deposit, Uniswap liquidity provider, etc. fuck tradfi rates they're shit

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Attention newbs: This has all been debunked. Stay away from this scam coin like poison.

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did my own research. determined it was a scam. what now?

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I just need $20 and I can quit waging forever, pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeee hurry link....

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The Chicano Cryptographer, everyone.

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> Just put it in traditional investments like stocks and bonds?
Like this nigger said >>17700054
I'm hoping by the time I cash out my LINK DeFi progresses enough to be reliable. ~7% interest rate on DSR is more than enough for me, but it seems too fucking scary to put my whole net worth into it

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Wouldn't it be prudent to have traditional investments anyways for diversification? Stocks and bonds aren't going anywhere.

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You're the nigger who ate my yoghurt!

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What would be "prudent" about trading away my sure thing 1,000x multiplier LINK for some shite stocks and bonds? Why even diversify if it'll just cut my earning in half?

>> No.17700256

US10Y is what like 0.4%? im good on that, i will prob check out some muni and high rated corporate bonds though

>> No.17700271

My goal isn't having a fat stack on traditional investments anyway, they are just a means to an end, which is having enough cash to be financially independent indefinitely. The 7% DSR is sufficient for my goals but like I said, it's too risky since it seems too premature for something like that. I'll let others take the risk first.

Btw, DSR is just like bonds (if I understood it correctly), check it out. It's not some token or stock or something that you'll wait for its value to grow

>> No.17700280

If DSR ends up being shite then yes, I'll probably go the index funds route

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I'm a big fan of your work

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Why not cash out some link after it goes 1000x? Also nothing is ever guaranteed, hence the diversification. LINK is good but it's still experimental.

>> No.17700294


MLM coin

>> No.17700361

it's not even really a bond, im not sure if there is anything else like it really, you aren't contributing to a debt pool, you aren't lending your funds, none of that, you just lock your funds and get a rate that is funded by the interest rate (stability fee) on vaults, which itself is strange because vault owners don't borrow DAI, they mint it against collateral *they own*, the stability fee and DSR appear to be interest rates but they're actually just monetary policy knobs to affect the supply and demand (respectively) of DAI, it's kind of beautiful that it works

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What has been mentioned in this thread, and is the main target of the FUD campaign, is that never selling is not a meme.

Staking rewards have to be paid out in link at current market value. Right now a $4 job would earn the operator 1 Link token. If the price goes up to $40 that job would pay out .1 token, 400 .01 tokens and so on.

Think about that. What they means is that the first job actually paid out $400 for a $4 job, it just hasn’t appreciated yet.

The nature of something like this is thet early stakers will earn a huge value in their staking rewards prior to the maturation of the network. This is why link is a long term hold even if it hits 1k eoy. Until the market has been saturated with link you are being paid a ludicrous amount of future value for cheap jobs. Cashing out at 1k and taking your fiat to trad investments at even 8% return would be foolish if the team succeeds in its goal.

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Also that makes me a fucking billionaire. I'm so excited for myself.

>> No.17700564

Yeah I don't know how to explain it exactly. I read and looked it up before and I just know that it somehow works but I won't be able to explain this shit. My point with the comparison with bonds is that you increase your money from an interest rate depending on your capital, like something you'd get in a savings account in your bank, as opposed to asset appreciation like in stocks or crypto.
> it's kind of beautiful that it works
It being 'beautiful' probably puts off dumb retards like me from trying it out. If no one gets cucked out of their money when it grows even further (IIRC there's about $100M staked right now?), that's when I'll consider it as an alternative to traditional investments wrt my goals. Not like I'm missing on anything just yet

>> No.17700608

68,316,061.92 DAI in DSR, pennies in the grand scheme of things, but an impressive start only being out 4 months or so

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File: 1.13 MB, 2826x2470, Link1917.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Hello, newfag! You need to go back before you get scammed!

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Holy fuck this gif is based

>> No.17700919

>LINK is good but it's still experimental.
Go back.

>> No.17700967

Chainlink currently trading at ~50k sats.
If BTC goes to $10k, that's $5 LINK.
At $100k BTC, LINK is $50 with ZERO movement on the LINK/BTC pair (hint: it will go up).

I very reasonably expect $100-125 LINK, zero questions asked. $1000 depends solely on adoption, particularly in derivatives

>> No.17702175

>300$ in the bank
>220k$ in chainlink
i bought in 2017 but it's still more money than i ever had, so yeah pretty fucking confident

>> No.17702204

That's a lot of money desu. Congrats. Did you put like a couple grand in 2017? I'm glad you'll make it. Maybe you can buy some rope for me? Too poor to afford

>> No.17702414

Live off credit cards you silly goose, 300 sitting around rotting.

>> No.17702516

im fucking all in, and been all in since jan 2018, i dont give a fuck yes i bought the sibos top fuck you

>> No.17702524

Been all in Link since 2018. Other coins are just pajeet scams

>> No.17703102

>implying I'm not doing that already

>> No.17703118

everyone here besides pajeets have been all in LINK for a long, long time

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I want the shirt that sergey is wearing. please lucky brand if you are reading this i will buy hundreds of them when i make it.

>> No.17703195

>Source: my ass

>> No.17703245

It's literally all I am doing

>> No.17703584

Did Satoshi give Ari any credit for proof of work in the Bitcoin whitepaper?

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I'm worried as fuck well crash Bros.

Say we crash to $2. Will you buy more?

I am so tempted to pop it into my coinbase account and sell. but I don't want to associate it with my real identification. I want to escape this godforsaken country.

But it looks like Bitcoin is going to crash here. It looks like it's over boys. Although if we get a bull market in link after the Bitcoin crash that could be where some of these dreams of yours come true

>> No.17703750

>3 years
>$4billion marketcap
>0 users
>0 decentralized oracles
>Linkers: This is bullish!

>> No.17704137

All in link since 2017

>> No.17704211

Long term 100%
Short term with the pandemic? 5%

>> No.17704238

this is a good meme

>> No.17704302

Smartcon isn't happening

>> No.17704306

muh dappradar

>> No.17704320

>Long term 100%
>Short term with the pandemic? 5%


Pan- what now?

>> No.17704335

Sorry International linked epidemics

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Img search my other posts in the archive you stupid nigger. I've read hundreds if not thousands of pages of government studies and reports on economics, gdp, and derivatives.

The potential problems of undercutting I already covered, but there's also some uncertainty with average length of a service agreement...especially when it comes to trades and trade finance. SCs condense the time from 10-14 business days to seconds. Hypothetically x=5 or however many nodes it ends up as could handle a significant portion of the derivatives market because of the fast turnaround, and solid constant reputation earned.

That would sway the balance to like thousands per year per link for them and little for neet and unlucky pools. There would still be a large run/high demand for those lucky nodes to secure collateral...driving up the base price of link, but throws off my calculations for staking rewards. So keep in mind those numbers aren't balanced or averaged...it's going to depend greatly by what contracts your pool ends up landing (circling back to undercutting and huge "mining" operations running at a loss to drive out competition, effectively killing link for anyone but them).

I've put slightly more effort into thinking about this than your average moonzoom or faggot micro cap gambler.

>> No.17704387

Further to this i had some interest in how btc would fare given this scenario (collapse of stocks, liquidity pumping, potential bank runs) was exactly the perfect environment repeatedly invoked by btc maximalists for its mass adoption and bull.

Instead we've seen it thoroughly rejected as a safe haven asset and percent wise in many cases it has performed worse than traditional stocks in the crisis. Interest in crypto won't increase during the crisis and development will stall. If BTC didn't gain interest then more use specific ones like link won't either.

Still never selling but i don't see any price increase happening for the next few months.

>> No.17704450

And the only real answer to this fud is "sirgay isn't retarded and will protect the health of the network from becoming controlled by 5 groups of chinamen farming .5% yearly....hopefully"

Or that they convince requestors to jump right into a much larger node set, and see it safer to query 1000 neet nodes over 5 China corps.

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top of the morning to you and thanks again for your kind words

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>Also that makes me a fucking billionaire
imagine not cashing out hundreds of millions and being the kind of maniac that waits until a billion

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tfw read replies and realize that sometimes people on biz tell the truth

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>Why not hold only LINK and just enough fiat to get buy?

>> No.17704596

Link price is what the entire ecosystem will be worth

>> No.17704611

how comes 42 is such a faggot and shits up every thread?

>> No.17704624

Extremely. Very. Quite. Somewhat.
In that order, it's just a matter of time.

>> No.17704657

hi 42, assuming you are the 42, and assuming it was you on the interview on chainlink tonight, can you tell me how learning about symbolism and gematria related to chainlink strengthened your belief in God? I think that's what you said in the interview at least if I recall correctly

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>hi 42, assuming you are the 42
there's a few discord trannies spreading it around that "the real 42" isn't around anymore hahaha

>can you tell me how learning about symbolism and gematria related to chainlink strengthened your belief in God?
my training and formal education in physics and quantum as well as my studies after university in Catholicism, philosophy, esoterica, sacred geometries, the study of electromagnetism and the nature of time and reality all strengthened my understanding of God to the point where it is no longer a question or even doubt in my mind.

It's experiential so it goes beyond just conceptualizing something in your mind and extends into my experience of reality

I did that thread on the electromagnetic horns and the horned Moses phenomena where I talk about a specific experience:


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>how comes 42 is such a faggot and shits up every thread?

>> No.17704742

thanks man. I'll be talking to you more in the future this stuff really interests me

>> No.17704758

42 is one of the most annoying namefags. He just copy and pastes esoteric images from discord with light commentary

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>He just copy and pastes esoteric images from discord with light commentary

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>42 is one of the most annoying namefags

>> No.17704788

>Mornin 42, whats the good word?

>> No.17704811
File: 383 KB, 1600x1200, 1_UotOBZ075FseMEk7xx-ZKg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bringing some chainlink merch (from last nights event) to the office this morning to share with my coworkers
they're going to be really happy since we're all big fans

>> No.17704812

Buidl something faggot

>> No.17704827
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>Buidl something faggot
oh you mean like pic related?
>t. former hydrogenerator engineer and dielectrics/high voltage R&D

>> No.17704844
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>42 is one of the most annoying namefags
>Buidl something faggot

>> No.17704850

very a-typical response for the normal 42. Must be a fake.

>> No.17704856
File: 403 KB, 900x1227, 1581969469423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not a problem

>> No.17704858
File: 38 KB, 500x316, C782915899924987B260BE41127D9B65.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whatever distracts you from spamming dude idgaf

>> No.17704863
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>the normal 42

>> No.17704877

Did the meet-up specify any other timeframes my friend? You mentioned staking may be live next year?

>> No.17704911
File: 69 KB, 640x400, ESnD4gQX0AIVWaF.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Did the meet-up specify any other timeframes my friend?
the meetup was primarily to talk about futureswap

>You mentioned staking may be live next year?
no I mentioned that board of director-level people are being trained on what the fuck chainlink is what it does
however, I personally anticipate a staking announcement in Brooklyn May 7th. During last night's event Keenan Olsen (chainlink community manager) specifically mentioned the May 7th meetup and said all of us should attend since it's nearby.

regardless, it's all speculation at this point but the linkpool team has been awfully quiet

>> No.17704953

Thanks for the info 42 much appreciated! Future swap looks very interesting also, glad to see you in this thread.

>> No.17704982

>linkpool team has been awfully quiet
What does this imply

>> No.17705036

I expect just under $20 by end of 2nd quarter of this year

>> No.17705041

I’m assuming both hard at work getting it finalised and also under NDAs, although perhaps 42 can shed some more light on this matter

>> No.17705089

What exactly is this pic going to get you? Pearl white cum by the gallon?

>> No.17705100

You realise even a 25th of that would be amazing returns, right?

>> No.17705126
File: 99 KB, 1200x960, c17t7hk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LINK to $20, ALGO to 5$ and BTC to 20k$ by the year of this year. Expect Ethereum to also hit 1k$

>> No.17705198


>> No.17705695
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I prayed to Jesus Christ before bed three nights ago and had a vivid dream of watching a big green dick moon to heaven.

>> No.17705912
File: 2.48 MB, 1437x1798, 1583514169105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Future swap looks very interesting also
yeah it is, this slide was very interesting to me regarding their approach to front running
chainlink graciously sponsored the whole event
there's something truly revolutionary happening right now with regards to what chainlink is doing

Furthermore, I plan on attending the May 7th Brooklyn Smartcon with some friends.

>> No.17706064

But im already all in unironically.

>> No.17706521
File: 6 KB, 285x245, 1000eoy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course

>> No.17706641

50% chance of $10
10% chance of $50
1% chance of $100
.01% chance of $1000

I hold 16k

>> No.17707057

Those are low odds, why haven't you sold, weakhands?

>> No.17707093

A lot of people here already invested in 2017/18 and are just sitting on their stacks waiting for the singularity

>> No.17707122
File: 94 KB, 1729x809, sigh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not at all

Pic related

>> No.17707132

Then dont buy?

>> No.17707290

Anyone got the wallpaper of Chainlink connected to so many different sectors?

>> No.17707447
File: 203 KB, 774x565, 79B4CF63-5319-4BFD-AC82-76BBCC53CB24.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys please tell me it’s going to come back up at some point

>> No.17708134

good luck finding anyone to buy your bags

>> No.17708244

I've literally been buying LINK continuously for three years using money I would otherwise have put in a savings account.

>> No.17708840
File: 838 KB, 492x264, chainlinked.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Guys please tell me it’s going to come back up at some point
>good luck finding anyone to buy your bags

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