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So, what do y'all think will happen once the Dow Jones hits 15.000 and 40% of Americans are out of work?
New Deal or Mao's mandatory eviction notes to cappies?

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Inverse V dollar chart

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We will start a national agency dedicated to hanging communists. There's enough of you around to keep people employed for years.

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Lmao, and for everyone killed, two new will spawn as long as Capitalists cant do economy. The entire justification for the slave-system is "lmao, doing parallel development on everything and wasting trillions each year on advertising funcationally equal products is more efficient then algorithms calculating economic developments and centrally planning the economy."

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>german file name

Fick dich Schwuchtel

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>So, what do y'all think will happen once the Dow Jones hits 15.000 and 40% of Americans are out of work?
A pig or two will fly out of my ass.

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Replacing one slave system with an even worse one. Imagine the oppressive regime of North Korea but with super advanced technology. Millions of people forced to work in labor camps to create products that the State's computer algorithms decide that are in demand or needed. Only the ruling class could enjoy all luxuries while the common proletariat are restricted to common products and services. Lack of competition means no incentive for quality or innovation. Businesses can only be started, expanded, or closed if gov't approves. Gov't has right to confiscate all property and businesses at anytime for "the greater good". All major transactions need to be approved by the state. State's computer decide certain people are "unnecessary" and orders a culling. Advanced knowledge is kept secret from general populace because it's "redundant" for them to know except for a special group.

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