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Dude I have neither LINK nor Stocks I just lurk these threads to laugh at smug bulls getting btfod

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How long will it pump?

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>corona virus spreading everywhere
>it’s gonna cause a recession
>muh supply lines!!
>muh apocalypse
>muh toilet paper

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Just placed a bunch of calls and buy orders, don't let me down Trump

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Peak panic is over. Buy stocks now. Short bonds. We're bouncing back this week.

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gonna masturbate my tears away, wish me luck.

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He already nixed one of his proposed economic policy changes from last night that was driving the rally, but don't worry he'll probably keep delaying the announcement until after close, so you'll be good for the day.

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Yeah liquidity can be an issue with these things but strangely in this instance the 250 calls have a better spread than at the money and most out of the money for Dec 2022 SPY
Interactive Brokers like the other anon said is great with free stock trades and cheap options. Others are TWS, TD Ameritrade, and Schwab. You can't go wrong with any of those only thing is options trading is 65 cents per contract. I think only Robinhood is free options but they've been having some infrastructure issues makimg them hard to recommend. I still use RH for one of my accounts though cuz I'm hardheaded
Dangit man. That sucks. Hopefully we'll get some more good dips before the market really comes back and you can get in. I don't want people to suffer economically but my feelings wouldn't be hurt at all if we end up with a 50% drop between now and next year. Probably a pipedream but still

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You should be heavy in defensives like XLP and XLU as the recession has begun

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Niggers on CNBC calling a dead cat bounce, please god

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The moment he gives the announcement, the bottom falls out, just like when Powell spoke about the rate cut. That's when reality sets in, and you realize this will have absolutely 0 effect on any of the problems we are currently facing, and is entirely desperation on the part of the federal government.

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Where the fuck is oil going? Price is up about 10% today, but ll it get fucked.

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Hey those guys are pretty accurate, if you take the opposite of what they say.

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Fuck, that's how you know it's green as fuck open.

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Headed back over $40 after irrational panic subsides.

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That is the common sense interpretation
If there’s FUD over the spending package we could get some very nice chop this week.

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Yup. Simply proposing small business tax cuts isn't going to help. Because they still need to be passed and it's going to be a bill will a bunch of other tacked on bullshit that will get bogged down in congress, and two won't offer instant support.

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I like IB because they have the most solid business model, and their interests align with their clients' (price improvement, security lending, margin cost and interest paid on cash). Other brokers don't go as far. On the other hand, they don't hold your hand, their UI is very arcane and opening an account with them is quite the nightmare.

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>all the pro trumpf post lately in /biz

wew i wonder what shitty board is raiding us right now...

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Not to mention does absolutely nothing to very damaged supply chains, does nothing to increase the rate of testing here for the virus, does nothing for the OPEC crisis, I mean it literally just does nothing.

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Not even board, just fucking /ptg/, they're shitting up all the /cvg/ threads and raiding anything on /pol/ related to his massive retardation handling everything the past month.

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I am up 5,70 EUR.
Yeah, I think the golden bull run is back boiiis

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Trump bailout.

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I 100% expect to only here about how many new tests have been distributed and get exactly 0 numbers from the federal government on the test results. We currently have so few cases because it's only the severe ones, there's like thousands more mild cases that are going undetected or under-reported as flu/cold, if we had the real numbers now you would see a much larger shock to consumer confidence which Trump is terrified of because it's what's propping up the economy.

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Think I'm gonna stream CNBC at work today.

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Agreed and yes TWS has a steep learning curve. Well worth the effort though

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>trading is so easy. I made 12 trillion shorting the market yesterday. We’re going into a recession. I know because even though I was only 8 yrs old during the Great Recession I read about it in high school and saw a bunch of YouTube videos! Just buy when the green line crosses the red line and sell when the red line goes above the green line!! It’s so obviously easy!!!

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Oil war just started Russia hasn't responded to this mornings news that the ME is going to start pumping at ludicrous levels.

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Literally sell if you're out of the red
This is a dead cat bounce

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>12 trillions by shorting
>/biz/ btfo eternally 5ever

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Are you betting on another dip happening, or you're thinking we bull now?

In other words, what percentage of your cash is currently invested?

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>tfw bought in at 12.1 trillion

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9 weeks ago Wuhan had public cases of 20-50
2 weeks ago Italy had 50 cases.

Now China has 100,000+
Italy 8000+

US has public cases 500 right now
in 2 to 9 weeks US will have ____ cases

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>he doesn't have infinite money
wow, don't post here anymore lad

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Scale doesn't work for the US, we're just starting to test, you have to take the US 500 and compare it to the number of severe cases at this point in China/Italy and grain of salt it because we have identified some number of mild cases via tracing contact.

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the UI in IB is absolutely dismal. I kind of started to accept it though. The only thing I hate about it and found out only a few days ago is the 10 dollar fee on the pro accounts. I was planning on using that broker por holding only, so that's no good. Can you somehow change your account into IB lite?

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I will once interest rates go to 0
I'll just borrow again at the previous loan in an infinite interest free daisy chain

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I have $250 what should i buy lads

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Who gives a fuck

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>at this point

"What you want is the number of people infected three weeks ago that have died divided by the number of people that contracted it three weeks ago – and even that is conservative, because some deaths will take longer" https://westhunt.wordpress.com/2020/03/04/cfr/

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buy more money

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dinner at some nice restaurant and one share of KO

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It’s leftypol, unironically

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Hooker and weed

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you mean you have no moneys right

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Obligatory tripfag is a retarded felon stocktwits shill post

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Go to your local casino and gamble it away while sipping martinis.

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I have weed and a wife. Seriously is there anything worth buying with this?

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Yes, thanks, well done. Buy SNSS.

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How long until US starts to panic for real and locking down cities? I want to start buying.

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Does anyone have a source for post related?
Is it legit?


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all on red or black, why not?

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Yeah a bunch of books on investing

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1 hour 50 minutes till open.

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I don't think you can. Iwouldn't recommend the lite account as the margin costs and interests paid on cash are a complete ripoff. Keep saving, you'll reach the $100k eventually, which will waive the fee.

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Status on oil?
Are we recovering?

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Its already happened a little
But you have to understand declaring a disaster makes federal money available and allows emergency spending
So there's a significant incentive for a state or local government to do it if they can even if the crisis is small

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>Keep saving, you'll reach the $100k eventually

anyway thx for the info. Was thinking about switching to degiro. Been using etoro but they're absolute thieves with the fees in the spread and always have """malfunctions""" when there are high levels of volatilty.

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How do I short euro banks?

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You don't read well, let me simplify for you. The US isn't testing on scale for cases outside of severe and symptoms that have a known point of contact with an infected person. So the 500 in the US are an 80/20 split say for severe to mild cases. Whereas in China when they were at 500 it was a 20/80 split on severe cases. So if there's say 400 severe cases in the US there's likely 4x that in un-diagnosed cases, so 2k, you then take that 2k current number and extrapolate your 3 week track.

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Hasn't begun
Though my guess is it won't last long
Russia is a lot poorer than it let's on while the Saudis have been planning for shit like this for decades

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everything is ok.
OPEC remembered there is still some oil left. They forgot it.

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Degiro is also good. Not as good as IB but much cheaper overall for smaller accounts. They don't handle most foreign withholding taxes, so expect to get fucked over dividends if you invest in non-accumulating funds/stocks. Their money market fund also charges negative interest for euros after €2.5k iirc, which is a fairly low threshold.

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>Another typical attitude is read and listen to people saying things like this and think “that’s bad dude” and then go out for dinner because you think you’ll be safe.
Lmao yes it's true saturday all the normies were out partying.

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This guy was on wall street warriors. His only claim to fame was that penny stock play. After that he just did scalps and barely made any more money that I know of.

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>Are you betting on another dip happening, or you're thinking we bull now?
>In other words, what percentage of your cash is currently invested?
The short answer is between stocks and futures I'm about 25% of my net worth invested in the equities and derivatives market and my gut is telling me we have at least one more good round of dip to go and probably more cuz neither this oil spat nor coronavirus is over. Meaning there's no rush to buy if you haven't already.
The long answer is less euphonious cuz the reality is I don't and cannot know what will happen next and it's that utter uncertainty that ironically informs my trading. Other than the belief that long term markets will be higher and short term the price will move up and down, I try to not have any real opinion. I just react. The price goes down, I buy always leaving money to buy more. I don't sell stocks/ETFs but I do sell futures contracts though, again, as a reaction. I.e., not as a way to express an opinion but to take profit and reload for the next dip.
I'm rambling a bit but I mostly don't believe the market can be predicted in the short term so I try to be prepared for any eventuality. In stocks, that takes the form of having money to buy dips and having shares to ride profits. In futures, I focus on my leverage multiple. I keep my leverage between 3 and 5. So if the index drops like it did yesterday and my futures account starts to approach 5x I will unload enough contracts to bring it back down. If the price rises and I get under 3x I'll start adding contracts. Keeping my leverage in the sweet spot coupled with the belief that the price will go up in the long term results in great profitability and little chance of a margin call. That's all I focus on, the gains take care of themselves.

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Sound advice.

>> No.17684768

If true then show me video like the vids of China I've seen on liveleaks

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Why shouldn't I buy a leveraged oil ETF?

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I'd love to go to the IRL NYSE and put pepe posters on those fat big screens

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I think if INO peaks again I'm going to sell. I see another big dip coming.

>> No.17684798

Because levered ETFs are retarded. Go long futures

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>make one great play
>gain enough notoriety to sell books and do goofy shows
>coast forever off it without ever having to risk your life on crazy stock plays
Sounds like a financial genius to me

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Whats a future?

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Still buzzin.
Twitter most popular.

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Guys I'm getting heavy FOMO feelings. I only put around 20% on my networth into stocks yesterday, totaling 60% now. I feel like I'm going to miss the last ever dip and my 40% remaining cash will decrease in buying power by 3% a day.

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Someday i'll learn to close my positions so I don't get snibbed by the crab. At least none of my puts are on triple leverage etfs

>> No.17684819

He is Jewish by the way lol.

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It’s where you go back to whenever anyone says “go back”
That’s what they’re taking about

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3xETF brah

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So yesterday Robinhood fixed its shit towards the closure of the market, is it going to be okay today and is that going to influence the market?

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3x oil ETFs yes
oil is going back to $40
thats a 25% upside or 75% upside with 3x

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It’s been a couple weeks. Look at crashes historically. They never last that short, usually it takes a year atleast until it leaves the dip/stagnation and starts growing. There is literally no reason to panic right now. Just analyze, and strategically move around your positions, and most importantly have fun. These times are so rare that you miss them very quickly after they’re over

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from OP:
>Pre-Market Data and Live data:

the first URL only show indexes and the second doesn't show the pre-market?

how can I see for the pre-market value of individual stocks, for example OXY?

if I google OXY they say the pre-market price but I want a second way to do that since I hear google isn't reliable

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Just ladder buy down by %. I completely cashed into short derivatives to ride the panic sell and yesterday dipped back in 40%. I'll put 20% back in every 10% we drop from ATH from here out.

Think of it as short-term dollar cost averaging.

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buy signal
bull signal


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Who wants to trade some volatility with me?

>> No.17684870

Google takes data from reliable sources. If Google's data isn't reliable then nothing is reliable.

>> No.17684876

yahoo does show pre market

>> No.17684881

Its a contract you pay now to lock in the price of inputs you'll receive at a later date so that you can amortize/factor your costs now to determine the future price of the finished goods you'll be selling

For everyone that isn't a manufacturer or involved in manufacturing (so 98.5% of the participants in sure) it's another kind of roulette or maybe more like black jack

>> No.17684888

Oh I'm definitely having fun. This feels like a 1000 mile rollercoaster ride and I'm strapped in all the way.

Right now my thinking is the following: Euro and Asia stocks have seen their lowest points. We (I'm in Europe) are a bit too calm to let this corona stuff get to us too much. Yesterday was peak panic, so it was peak stock sale. Today all the news has been positive, rises in infections are starting to be linear instead of exponential etc.

The US however? You guys will keep working the longest because there is almost no safety net (or 'no socialism'), you go crazy with air conditioning everywhere, which also spreads the virus, you're all tens of thousands underwater on your houses, cars, and student loans, infrastructure is messed up; how is a store in bumfuck Nebraska or Wyoming going to get resupplied with stuff from China when there's no freight trains, trucks, ships. I could go on but you get the point. So for the US stocks I expect a second deep dive when this all comes to surface, what do you think?

>> No.17684889

What's the point in that? Next, you're gonna stream your boss shitting in his pants?

>> No.17684901

Yeah basically my plan. It's so hard though: are we done dropping down? Will it last another 2 years? I guess either way we'll make money in the long run.

>> No.17684911

Today is going to be the greatest single day on the market in history man. I hope you all got some of that dip yesterday.

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i'd still wish to have a second source because sometime google doesn't react to a ticker symbol

ok now i see it, derp. i would have liked it to be in the chart so any pre-market trends can be seen

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He had that hedge fund for a little while but had to close it down. His problem was while his strategy was legit and he made money, the liquidity was so thin on the penny stock short setups he used he just hit a ceiling and couldn't keep growing so the income he made trading quickly got eclipsed by what he made training his students. I used to trade crypto and ran into the same problem. Solid strategy but hit a liquidity wall and growth stopped cold.
Of course maybe dude is just a scam artist. That's also a possibility

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hope you bought calls on hospitality stocks

>> No.17684955

Used to be (and might still be) the big boys would electronically buy and sell tiny volumes continuously as a way to query the system (at a premium) to get a fractionally faster update to use for robo trading

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wtf you can't add Yahoo Finance to search in firefox?

>> No.17684958

>Around 68,000 people cross the Swiss-Italian border every day for work.
>The Swiss government said it required Italians working in Switzerland to provide proof of work as they enter the country.
>The federal customs administration said it was using spot checks and "risk-based" border controls.
>But Italians will not be prevented from working in Switzerland, a decision that is important for Ticino’s economy.
>Nearly 4,000 Italians work in the canton's health care system.
How do I short Switzerland?

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I want to fertilize this bitch egg

>> No.17684977

help me with this guys, am i just being stupid again?
nothing in firefox's add-on garbage system and if i google the thing i just get a 404'd page on yahoo.
want only yahoo finance, not the regular "yahoo search"

>> No.17684978

This is why you don't sell

>> No.17684980

Manufacturing in America could spring up over night if the price was right

>> No.17684982

I finally dropped that tranny browser, switched to Brave. Feels good man.

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>what's futures?
Go to https://ampclearing.com and they'll get you fixed up with futures. The oil contract is /CL.
The advantages to trading futures is 23/6 trading, no pattern day trader restrictions, better tax treatment, and insane leverage if you want it.
Good luck

>> No.17684992

I’m European aswell and I think you’re a bit naive to connect this crash just to corona virus. The virus was a trigger to the much needed corrections in the market. There are a lot of overpriced assets right now still, not just stocks. Particularly in America but probably also in Europe. What I’m referring to here is real estate, loans (student and general private), currencies, watch out for crypto aswell this is unlikely to be the lowest point, and so on. There is scare going on right now but people haven’t really felt any consequences yet. When people are properly shook from rising prices and cheap real estate that’s when we’ll see the lowest poing

>> No.17684994

I’m adding to some positions and reducing others, usually I try to sell into strength and buy into weakness but.... well it’s a learning process.

>> No.17684997

i fucking held my 600% puts hoping to go higher and now im going to lose it

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will Brave still support NPAPI plugins in 2021?
(for flash)

>> No.17685007

Yeah I held my Italy puts and now I’m gonna give back a lot of gains.

>> No.17685011

It'll crash harder and lower in a day or two

>> No.17685013

> Flash
t. grandpa

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What;s the best way to profit from Black Monday and the virus ?

What stocks should i be looking at and what do i need to buy to guaruntee profits from the panic

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Mumma mia

>> No.17685020

The options spread prices are showing loads of volatility and uncertainty. I think we might crab out the rest of the week guys.

>> No.17685028

getting rid of 20 years of internet awesomeness is a big mistake, especially doing it by force. ive no problem with using flash less but taking away my toy makes me upset

>> No.17685029

Any serious broker will also let you trade futures. In fact I recommend doing so, because you can use your other securities as collateral for margin. I would also advise using /QM instead of /CL, as the former has a smaller nominal and is cash settled.

>> No.17685030

Yikes Department?

>> No.17685033

Great to point out. Guessing some boomers might not be able to live off of divvys anymore.

>> No.17685050

How is this not a good thing? They’re taking advantage of lower rates and paying off their mortgages sooner? Or something?

I suspect SOMETHING like that but maybe not until next week and not quote as quickly as this. This was historic.

>> No.17685077

hey /o/ what car could i buy

>> No.17685083

I liked it better when the numbers were higher

>> No.17685085

Oh don't get me wrong, I know there are underlying economic issues that are just now (and in the near future) coming to the surface. I just think that if the virus is actually '3% bad' for the economy, but extreme panic values the stocks as if it's '20% bad,' that's where you take your profit. Defenitely agreed that a correction was due either way though.

2007 vibes?

>> No.17685086

Did Trump use the panic as a mechanism to repeal decades of democrat pay roll tax hikes? Shouldn't that help keep people employed during a recession?

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You DID buy yesterday, right?

>> No.17685099

will be red after weds likely

>> No.17685100

how come both my calls and puts are losing value? i thought one is supposed to make money if the stock goes up and the other down? What gives?

>> No.17685105

Well I didn't sell....

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Greeks my fren>>17685100

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>> No.17685120

you should really research more before you put real actual money into shit you heard about online

>> No.17685128

is India simply not reporting cases?

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>2007 pontiac vibe

>> No.17685134

What will. You think Italy will pump my puts into the red?

Not going to hold them that long anyways, supposed to be an ECB meeting Thursday, that could pump the hell out of Italy.

Well it was just SOME of my positions on my RH account. And I’m moving away from them anyways. A bunch of buy orders triggered in my schwab account.

>> No.17685137

Ask your bank to lend you shares of their company so you can short sell them. Keep the money you earn in the savings account you have with them so you can also earn interest before you return the stocks for cheap.

>> No.17685142

Yes when times are tough business owners always keep on as much staff as they can.
Likewise any time there are tac benefits or cost savings those are always passed on to the consumer and never picketed by the owner.
Also anytime there's a cost increase due to a temporary circumstance that results in a higher price for the consumer that price us reduced once the temporary cost abates, it never becomes the new permanent normal price with the difference being pocketed by the owner.


>> No.17685143

Possibly related to:

>> No.17685147

Higher debt=higher risk. I could split hairs about it but debt is intrinsically bad.

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can someone do TA on this chart?

>> No.17685158

It's legit if you only count hotspots.

The source for the tweet (who the FUCK takes those terrible screenshots anyway?): https://twitter.com/JeromeRoos/status/1236729011889418246

>> No.17685163

Try a Prius. Your bank account will thank you and it can help subsidize your retirement. They're surprisingly fast too.

>> No.17685164

I can just imagine how quickly it will spread through the call centers. Probably worse than the cruise ships.

>> No.17685165

What a dick move.
>hey man, lemme borrow some of your equity so I can sell it. I'll give it back to you later when your bank is wounded and bleeding. yeah, just put the money in my account when I'm done salting your wounds.

>> No.17685168

My phone auto corrected the shirt out of my post

>> No.17685170
File: 400 KB, 742x525, 1562656122934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Im being serious here

>> No.17685171

big line go up

>> No.17685173

>he bought way OOTM options with severe time decay exposure

>> No.17685175

What should I be buying? I'm not a boomer that's going to die of a cough, so I have time for recovery/growth.

>> No.17685178

>what is short selling

>> No.17685182

They won't notice a hundred million deaths. Everything will still smell the same too.

>> No.17685186

Faggot. That's a /biz/ answer.
Buy a Honda Fit.

>> No.17685191

>what is short selling the bank you keep your money in

>> No.17685193
File: 20 KB, 1187x303, wagie wagie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sup bros
Literal wagie here, recent announcement saying that all Amazon workers can decline to show up for work all this month and they won't be docked for using unpaid leave
They certainly don't want sick workers showing up to FCs

>> No.17685197

How the fuck do I apply for options trading on TD? No matter what information I put on the site, it says they can’t approve me based on my information, I’m trying to get off Robinhood as fast as possible

>> No.17685198

God I wish
Imagine a virus that attacked the larynx and was spread by contact with human or bovine feces
Boom, scam calls cut by 75%, customer service and complaint lines would be unaffected

>> No.17685200

>>17685112 >>17685120 >>17685173
imo it should be illegal to analyze this shit with math. The market is not something that should be gamed. How is it fair that some people with deep insider knowledge (i don't mean insider trading necessarily) gets to have all the pie and the rest starves?

>> No.17685201

Yeah, you think they'll give a shit?

>> No.17685202


I've been waving the flag and will continue to do so. This is not my article but I have written about the same things on here. April puts people. After earnings. Maybe even later in the year too. Car sales started plateauing among other things and we started to see a slow in growth JUST before the COVID19 outbreak. It was a matter of time.

>> No.17685211

If you're just gonna short it why use it?

>> No.17685212

Banks would do the same to you Brian.

>> No.17685214

You mean the govt or the banks have more debt? The homeowners are decreasing their debt, no?

They also protect the driver from death fairly well in a wreck. Or so my personal experience leads me to believe.

It does appear to be excreted through feces, not sure if it can be transmitted that way or if it’s “dead” or whatever when it’s crapped out.

>> No.17685215
File: 764 KB, 1009x1872, A8EC3779-EAAE-4C01-8F52-6F05199E2FD8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he actually buys the dip.
it’s just a flu Bro, don‘t worry.

>> No.17685222

>he doesn't know about high frequency trading algorithms

>> No.17685224

I used to own a 240SX with a redtop and a GT28RS chipped. I'm 26 and have gone through at least 15 used cars (fun, flipping, etc.) Buzz off it's great advice.

>> No.17685230

bet you can't find anyone related to anyone dead from this virus

>> No.17685239

Just sold all my stocks. How long should I wait until I buy into biomedical or plastic stocks? Any recommendations?

>> No.17685242

Now. Buy LCI.

>> No.17685245

Call them.

Homeowners are INCREASING their debts. Refinance is an added loan. Usually there's added fees to getting another loan too. More consumer loans generally = bad. 3-5 years. Just watch.

>> No.17685252

HFT firms are terrified of regulation because a tiny transaction tax would make them go out of business. Good, I say.

>> No.17685255


>> No.17685256

I can only get so erect. I had to literally remove my landline phone from the 1st floor and put in in the living room because they would wake me up with calls every single day of the week at the fuckiest times. 'Hello, this is George (but obviously Pajeet) from Microsoft, we need to access your account' and such bullshit.

>> No.17685258
File: 185 KB, 339x359, Puffosaurus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me
>grow up lower working class
>heavy depression keeps me in lower working class
>coronavirus happens
>go to /biz/ purely for entertainment
Fuck you upper class, I hope all your "money" disappears into thin air
t. lower class

>> No.17685262

My Prius sounds tinny as a soda can but it does feel a lot safer than a Honda Fit for sure. You can also sleep comfortably at 6ft+ in a Prius and look at the stars whilst doing so. Good luck doing that in a Fit.

>> No.17685267

FDIC insured interest collection double whammy. You can short sell tens of millions in equity, dump it all into your savings, collect guaranteed divvies at the end of the month, then rebuy the stock when its cheap and return it to the bank. Instant hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month depending on how much equity you can borrow.

>> No.17685274
File: 105 KB, 1024x676, DF8630A5-DE05-4707-BF8D-70DD0A7012B6-1820-000001AEA05D264D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do you short if you've got no money?

>> No.17685275

Well why not? Maybe they offer good rates, or are a good broker. Shorting doesn't mean betting that it will go bust and fuck over all its customers. I routinely short of the national telecom and energy stocks, same thing.

>> No.17685278

Call them if you can't get it set up, their staff us very good

>> No.17685282

A friend of mine used to do something like that. He would buy a car that he liked and then immediately put it up for sale at a 20% premium. He figured that he'd either drive a car that he liked anyway, or that someone would call him and he could 'trade up.' He went from a €1000 car to a €15000 one in two years without ever putting in any more of his own money.

>> No.17685287

Recovery confirmed. New ATH incoming.

>> No.17685290

Is there a way to see inheritance rates? Boomers should be passing on their home(s) and other assets to their kids after passing. Should be interesting. But maybe they don't, or they're really dumb, and have multiple kids, and instead of setting up a trust to turn their houses into rental property and making their kids the beneficiaries, they'll have the houses sold off and money equally divided among their kids only for them to waste it on consumer purchases and funneling all that money to the top, only for them to complain about the wealth gap.

>> No.17685295

He canceled his unannounced press conference for tonight, stating it's coming soon. Buy the rumor, sell the news=Bull Trapp 1000% confirmed.

>> No.17685303

>more taxes!
>math should be illegal!
>ALL the immigrants except white immigrants
>feel the bern in my groin

>> No.17685312

Today might be your last chance to buy SNSS before the 400mg data. Remember that 300mg had a 40% tumor reduction in November and you only need 50% tumor reduction for FDA standard for partial remission. Even 1 partial will send SNSS to $3

>> No.17685315

He has the coof

>> No.17685318

Is that right? That shouldn’t be right...
>canceled his unannounced press conference

>> No.17685321
File: 107 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200310-071517.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still kinda wondering why I didn't pull the plug last week and decided to just restrategize

>> No.17685326

Buy Chevron at $81 at open.
Sell for $88-90 2 hours later.
This will work right?

>> No.17685328

>imposing an extra tax on AI for not being human
Literally unconstitutional and unethical. #robotsarepeopletoo #yesallhumans

>> No.17685332

That's what CNBC just announced, he had a 'surprise' announcement tonight which he set yesterday which shocked officials, it has been canceled with Trump saying nothing concrete yet.

>> No.17685336
File: 328 KB, 683x1024, coof.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17685337

600 bucks? Just pour your entire networth in today and don't look again for a long time.

>> No.17685338

I think EWI is going to go up more before the open. I own a put. Would it save me money if I bought 100 shares premarket now, and then executed the put at the open? I’ve never executed a contract, and don’t know if RH even lets you.

>> No.17685341

Just don't sell nigga

>> No.17685344

>upper class
All the 3 figure robin hood accounts I see here and you think people are upper class. No, they're lower, working class just like you, literally investing in their future. Delayed gratification is a lost concept on the lower classes, so to all the poor robin hood fags on here, I applaud you for putting your money where your mouth is and trying to improve your lot with stocks. Don't be like this fag who will be poor forever, because he does things not to learn or improve but
>go to /biz/ purely for entertainment
because poor fags drown themselves in entertainment rather than accepting the reality that is in front of them. Go to any poorfag who lives in a trailer, and you'll find a library... of video games and movies, with the television as the centerpiece of their home.

>> No.17685349

No. Again, as I said here >>17685295
The only bullish event has been canceled. Dow futures were at 1100 when that was announced, they are now struggling to hold 800, as that news spreads more people will realize wtf am I bullish for.

>> No.17685350

I went up 30% impulse buying off of one of one of your poasts, fuck it I'm doing it again!

>> No.17685351

What app is that? Investing.com lacks graphs

>> No.17685355

There was like one millionaire that posted here everyone else is gambling with their lunch money or their student loan

>> No.17685367

>Fuck you upper class
If we were rich we wouldn't be here, idiot

>> No.17685370

Borrow the shares. Short selling is free.

>> No.17685371

>MSFT up 4%

what is going on, is there good news?

>> No.17685373
File: 52 KB, 1634x358, witnessed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

down 5% within first 10 minutes please

>> No.17685377

Hmm ok. In my country oil stock has gone up 11%
I figured even with bad news people will consider this morning' prices a bargain and they'll go up 5% at least, but I'm not an expert in the American market.

>> No.17685378


>> No.17685379

Theres going to be major infections in urban cities all over western countries within a few weeks. Its very possible its going to come back down even lower soon

This bounce will not have much support IMO, but it could hold for a few days as new cases emerge.

This is ultimately going to be a crab market for weeks after if not months.

>> No.17685387

Today's a bulltrap, don't worry
It's going up 2.3

>> No.17685388

Boomers are reverse mortgaging their homes and spending the inheritance on end of life medical costs

>> No.17685389

Ya I guess that's true.

>> No.17685390
File: 58 KB, 680x452, magic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's MSFT I ain't gotta explain shit

>> No.17685399

I should load up on some VIX today during this dead cat bounce, right? The whole index based off of volatility is a strange concept to my smooth brain.

>> No.17685401

this post seems like it has a lot of cope going on

>> No.17685402

Where else would you be? I'd still be autistic even if I had money.

>> No.17685408

I don't think that's all of them. It can't be that big of a percentage. Is there an inheritance index?

>> No.17685411

It's risky as all fuck, Americans really don't care for oil companies much at this point. Not saying you won't profit before more losses come to the stock, but I'd be have a very conservative stop loss.

>> No.17685416

Understated argument.

>> No.17685419
File: 16 KB, 606x267, chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We'll see a repeat of the pumps seen after the last big dive.

>> No.17685439
File: 124 KB, 960x850, 1544180819083.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>coming to /biz/ purely to make yourself feel better about your poverty

>> No.17685449
File: 30 KB, 650x488, it is tho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>accusing people of being rich in /smg/

>> No.17685457

AAPL just did a 1 candle did back to 266, and back. Be very, very careful today. The bull trap is too obvious, they'll pull the rug at an odd moment to fuck you.

>> No.17685464

Too many boomers sitting on homes and millenials not buying means that the inheritance available to collect is going to be lower. Many of these boomers dont have actual liquid that they are sitting on - they're collecting divvies and rent payments. They'll be forced to liquidate homes at a loss upon death so Uncle Sam can collect tax. The situation gets even messier when you start talking about families with several children to split these things among. Those half a million and million dollar homes will not be going to the kids.

>> No.17685470

>thinking Americans comprise the traders participating in the American market
Juan, it's robotraders all the way down

>> No.17685475
File: 462 KB, 540x693, 1581861869964.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now that the virus is over im expecting a fibonacci retrace back to 27000 by EOW

>> No.17685477

We open green and close red. Get ready to sell at open.

>> No.17685479

it's Robinhood but i wouldnt suggest it, it went down 3 times during trading hours the past 2 weeks

>> No.17685485

I bought GE calls yesterday for cheap, they should print today. It's almost too easy (but that's a good thing). Thank the fed and the retards for creating such a predictable pump and dump, over and over. How do so many people not earn money on the way up AND down?

>> No.17685488
File: 119 KB, 180x238, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AAPL just did a 1 candle did back to 266

>> No.17685494

What are the odds we see another circuit breaker this week or next week?

>> No.17685495

Dow down to +750 already, and not holding, 740

>> No.17685497

volume is fishy

>> No.17685503
File: 2.47 MB, 250x250, Great_Prince_Autism.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What happens to stonks when NYC get's shutdown

>> No.17685504

Keep holding your puts.airlines just lowered guidance this fake pump will
Filter out alot of people here.

Do you trade on hope or technicals and research?

>> No.17685515

I mostly just hope and cope

>> No.17685516

Is the correct play to load up on puts today? Or would an inverse ETF be better?

>> No.17685518

I do the opposite of what bagholder extraordinaire says

>> No.17685521

I just cope

>> No.17685526
File: 182 KB, 749x873, 11C30180-1823-48AC-A09D-4A48CC89A82B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friendly reminder.

Also fuck tripfags.

>> No.17685529

Hope is all anyone ever needed.

>> No.17685531


>> No.17685532

You must be a very wealthy man

>> No.17685538

Ohio is now under a state of emergency, 3 cases of Kung Flu in Cleveland, all over 60 yrs old so they say.

>> No.17685542

Computers can't get nCoV
The people on the floor are paid performers

>> No.17685546
File: 435 KB, 1125x1004, 55892E6C-6BEF-48F4-A60E-269B6D67A91C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright mr. C, lets see if it plays out like that

Entirely possible, there is no floor or stability to speak of. But I would guess we Would need to see a real hard pump first.

>> No.17685551

I bet we close about even for the day, green if anything

>> No.17685555
File: 1.78 MB, 1920x1371, Polish_20200310_073334885.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ES keeling over
Never even touched 2900
Shitty volume pump

>> No.17685569

The floor is mostly background for financial television news these days. I wonder if that’s the case for all the exchanges.

>> No.17685571

You have a lot to learn, young Paddijuan.
How do leveraged ETFs work?
How do inverse ETFs work?
What are futures?

You should learn before buying anything else.

>> No.17685572

aren't you laughing at /biz/ to cope?
It would probably hurt you if I told you I and many others are profiting bigly from this crash.

>> No.17685584

wow anon thank you very much. posts like this us why come to /biz. Would you be so kind and elaborate little bit more in the futures thing? you unload even if you lose money so you can buy back in later? any kind of example would be super helpful as im struggling with exactly the same thing

>> No.17685590

This is the final bull trap before the sheer nose dive, correct?

>> No.17685591

It doesn't mean shit in Ohio, all a SOE means here is they can sign contracts immediately instead of negotiation stages normally required.

>> No.17685596


>> No.17685597

>implied open already down 300 from what it was 2 hours ago

>> No.17685602

Lol I'm going long on any dips

>> No.17685607

The whole thing is fishy
Stop shitposting

>> No.17685615

I don't get why everyone ignored my call about Trump canceling the plan to announce payroll tax cuts, instead announcing they have nothing concrete yet.

>> No.17685618

It is right. I've dealt with finance and have done lots of studies on the current circumstances. People generally don't refinance unless they are in a pickle or they want to consoom by my understanding.

>> No.17685621

>Muh oncoming crash
Doomer, plz

>> No.17685623

I thought Pence was handling this thing, why are there more cases now than there were yesterday?

>> No.17685627

And we're back in the 600s on the dow, mind you it was 1100 at 815.

>> No.17685628
File: 46 KB, 553x587, gip62ku6mpl41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17685637

Find the correllations or die financially. We've provided sound knowledge and your job is now to see if it is illegitimate or not.

>> No.17685644

>Buy any medium volatile option
>Increased market volatility increases price regardless
>Sell at profit without even know wtf you bought

Gg ez

>> No.17685645

>UVXY was down 25% now it's 17%
The bull trap was triggered prematurely

>> No.17685650

> Posts by trips is why I come to/biz
Fucking off yourself.

>> No.17685651

I literally don't understand anything anymore, how can cutting taxes cure carona virus, if the real threat is climate change and the only way to change the weather is to raise taxes?

>> No.17685656

People refinance if the prime lending rate goes down

>> No.17685658

This paired in with plateauing spending cropping up, birthrate plateaus, and so on, the boomers I don't think give a rip and will just pull out loan after loan if it means a few extra *crack* siipps for them. I did security at a bank one time and even watched some boomer rush in and out in less than half an hour with a loan or a refi. The loan officer was excited as all get out. Banks love these people, seemingly.

>> No.17685666

> Futures totally go from 1100 to 650 in 30 minutes all the time bro
> Just buy stonks bro

>> No.17685673

down implied open down another 100 in less than 10 minutes

>> No.17685674

Can't wait to see a slight pump on open for 10 mins and then have it fall off a cliff for 3 to 4% again

>> No.17685676

He looks like Eggman from Sonic, lacking the mustache.

>> No.17685679

I got put in day trader time out yesterday so I got stuck holding a SPY put i coulda got rid of for $100. It better go down further so I can buy lunch today.

>> No.17685680
File: 672 KB, 1850x1347, 1580578767111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

CRAB-17 will be a success

>> No.17685684

I saw that and appreciated it. It wasn't for nothing.

>> No.17685685


>> No.17685690

Dutch and German markets pumped to about +4%, now both are down to +2% again. I think America is going to be a bit more volatile even. Closing at +1% at best.

>> No.17685691

I didn't specify which stonks

To all:
Anyone else gonna short Twitter today? It's gonna lose value overtime regardless.

Once Trump is out of office, theyll have no reason for people to come there

>> No.17685693

Covid doesn't respond to electrophoresis

>> No.17685694

It's going to be a dead cat bounce isnt it?

>> No.17685703

What do they spend it on genius. You really think they are saving THAT much money? Cmon. Show me the proof.

He's trying to keep spending/liquidity in the markets. They know people are stretched to the gonads right now and this makes things much worse. I wish you would have seen my post the other day with wages, output, consumer debt, etc. The other day. The info is online.

>> No.17685709

At this rate it's barely going to be a dead cat twitch, let alone a bounce

>> No.17685715
File: 113 KB, 1029x511, Repeat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's going to be similar to last week

>> No.17685717

Options spreads about an hour ago pointed to crabbing/some volatility. We may be flat today.

>> No.17685721

Consumer debt is something to be mindful of, but refinancing is aimed to free up disposable income in order to stimulate the economy

Obv the bank Jews win every time with fees, but as long as the payments are low, it's not a horrible thing until that person has too many loans, obv

>> No.17685723


look at futures.

>> No.17685726

seems like it's going to be a low volume barely green day

>> No.17685728

Mohammed just said on CNBC to expect another 10-12% chop and volatility

>> No.17685730


>> No.17685746

Haha yea a .5% drop in someone's loan TOTALLY creates liquidity. Sources or delete your system 32 folder.

>> No.17685747


A tripcode is not an argument, so no

>> No.17685748

What was what?

>> No.17685758

You do understand they were much, much, much higher not even an hour ago, right? Or that futures are by absolutely no means a predictive metric for the days action...right?

>> No.17685759

This is teaching me so many important lessons bros. I am really happy to be experiencing this as an early investor. Sure I lost 50k or so, but whatever. Better than 500k when I'm 20 years older. We're all gonna make it.

>> No.17685767


>> No.17685770

24500 -> 24683 -> 24506
In the space of 5 minutes

>> No.17685771

I will not be fooled again. Bigger pump coming, then I dump money into SQQQ

>> No.17685778

you have 30 mins to get your pink wojak folders ready

>> No.17685779

As long as too many people are calling the crash, the crash will never come. High bearish volume creates short squeeze and can be timed to be exacerbated with fed pumps and emergency cuts.
A true crash only comes on a day when nearly everyone has accepted that we're green despite it making no sense. Like 99.9% of us believe in the bull market and there are only a few conflicting thinkers (and your broker betting against you and everyone else). Only then can a drop happen with minimal short squeeze exposure - and even then it has to happen fast enough for the fed to be unable to pump into a crab or better and timed correctly for when the fed cant cut anymore.

>> No.17685782

I feel like I hopped into the hyperbolic time chamber to train. Learned a ridiculous amount in 2 weeks.

>> No.17685784

>However, inside the administration, some officials were stunned by Trump’s claim that he would hold a press conference Tuesday to announce an economic plan as the actual details remain up in the air.

Uh oh

>> No.17685785

Jim Cramer on CNBC r/n

>> No.17685789

feds are really trying to keep it afloat

>> No.17685791


>> No.17685795

Do your own research if you want a more complete answer
I'm not going to do it for you, this isn't an argument or an academic paper, there is no impetus for me to cite sources
This is me generously offering my insight and alternative perspective to you a random ungrateful benighted person

Wether you dwell in eternal darkness in a world of it ignorance trapped by your own limitations or soar to new heights of understanding is of no consequence to me.

As Jesus said, what is it to me if you should live forever?

>> No.17685798
File: 810 KB, 750x725, 1532536690_4fqXI1-BIOEDLcCQ1IBxkDUk6xrc1kVlh6yJoR2Nw0c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My orders are all in. Good luck friends. Lets get rich.

>> No.17685804

>20 years older
>only losing 500k
I'm not saying it's nothing to cry about but that amount is really small when you're already 20 years older.

>> No.17685812


Cases are going to go parabolic. Then there will be a very sharp drop.

>> No.17685816
File: 2.15 MB, 1000x1250, 1583532620626.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. It's better to see shit like this when we're young and can work than at 60 years old.

>> No.17685817

You're right my friend.

>> No.17685819

The real and we is imprisoning carbon in the phantom zone known as the polar ice caps

>> No.17685826

The fact that you literally made up a verse shows your proposed illegitimacy. You may be right. But lying about the Bible is just outright junk.

>> No.17685834

Damn, S&P futures should have held above 2840 before the open, might still happen but looks shaky as hell

>> No.17685838

>when I'm 20 years older
we have ~10 years till peak phosphorus, enjoy it while you can

>> No.17685840

Meant to quote >>17685651 and also "the real answer is"

>> No.17685843

can someone send me a link of an easy tutorial video for puts and calls. i am a eurofag and its so complicated on Degiro.

>> No.17685849

Psalm 49:9 fag

>> No.17685853

We'll see a dead cat bounce as investors anticipate:
1) Capitulation in the new oil price war
2) Reassurance from Trump

Neither will come, and if they do it'll be too little too late

>> No.17685875

don't bother, Degiro (and Europe desu) sucks ass for options

>> No.17685878

China seems to be handling this much better than the west. The US and many European countries are not even testing properly and China claims to have contained it pretty well. I kind of start believing them. People in China were already used to wearing masks and obeying the government before all of this happened. If you wear a mask here you'll be ridiculed.

If China is to be believed and they have it pretty much under control while the west is ignoring it is China going to wreck the west economically?

>> No.17685885
File: 68 KB, 1024x545, 1583092130196m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bears look for these low volume green opens.

Green doesn't mean we're higher than last week yet,let alone that fake pump candle on the fed rate cut announcement the week before.

>> No.17685908

But then who will capitulate first, the virus or the retards who can't profit on the new oil price war?

>> No.17685909
File: 8 KB, 178x251, 8732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

found a ticker that google doesn't show pre-market for:

meanwhile yahoo finance does show pre-market for that ticker.
so using only google isn't reliable

>> No.17685912

can you give me a suggestions where to trade options?

>> No.17685914

Russia isn't backing down they're trying to muscle out US production, OPEC escalating because they're in the crossfire isn't going to make them back down, they have plenty of room to breath still
>reassurance from Trump
He already scrapped any sort of stimulus and tax cuts aren't going to go far at all. It's going to get real in the next few weeks.

>> No.17685919

also unironically more and more helicopters have been flying past my house this and last week (Germany). something big is brewing.

>> No.17685926

gap up for mxim

>> No.17685927

You're not only clueless about the US, you're clueless about what moves markets.

>> No.17685929


No becuase Corona is a disruption. In August/September we will be coming out of it.

China is still having a hard time transforming into a consumer economy.

>> No.17685943
File: 123 KB, 1200x800, tmrw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dead cat bounce

Except, it will be green today regardless. Tmrw sanders defeat tonight will push it green again. Then an oil deal thursday or friday will wake us from the long dream.

>> No.17685949

Oil deal?

>> No.17685950

the dow futures up 800 already. looks like we might have to have another halt because the prices went up too much.

>> No.17685951

IF China has halted the spread it's because the went full City 17 on their citizens, not because they sneeze into the crook of their arm (unlike those western pig dogs)

>> No.17685955

it's a success of the traditional Chinese administrative system. also yes, the people there seem to have taken it more seriously than in the West.

>> No.17685962

get ready bby

>> No.17685966

Red by the end of the day! I'm calling it!

>> No.17685968

thursday we get oil deal, and friday we shut down the government to disinfect the capital.

>> No.17685975

I don't really go for levered shit, but I think the best option for eurocucks is CFD's, not options.

Other anons probably know, keep asking.

>> No.17685977


"Russia’s energy ministry has proposed to hold a meeting with Russian oil companies on Wednesday, Reuters reported, citing two unnamed sources."

I told you retards.

>> No.17685978

>oil deal thursday
why would that happen so soon. the central banks have been in a race to the bottom for years now, I can't see how oil would be different

>> No.17686002

Short Italy
Short Japan
Short SPY

>> No.17686004


>> No.17686010

Yes, but but do the normalfags know that?

>> No.17686011

What was that spike on DAX?

>> No.17686014

Okay sure, but who cares about MXIM? Buy NXPI

>> No.17686026

I am up 25% on SOXS just yesterday

I'm expecting some minor losses today but tomorrow should be another slaughterhouse floor, will sell Thursday depending on outlook

>> No.17686044

I’m well aware of that, just sharing news.

>> No.17686046

> Already
Holy fuck trips are fucking retarded

>> No.17686056

open this monster already im shorting hard today

>> No.17686057


1) if they tank the global economy, they'll get even less volume out of the ground at even worse prices, when there is a low-moderate risk that alt-energy makes their reserves tapped and untapped worthless in 20 years.
2) both have the money but neither have the public support for a war when Putin needs revenue to fund his public gibs he promised to be able to stay in power, and the prince needs friends when he assends the throne in a few weeks, tough consider he just cut the net worth of every saudi citizen who all own Aramco shares, and tanked the other nobility's net worth who make their money in oil
3) because both prefer trump who has a hard on for china and not them to some moralizing dem who will likely get tough on their shady shit.

>> No.17686064

That's why there are plans to replace the actors with animatronics
Bob Passani already sold his likeness

>> No.17686068

Go for futures, the not scammy version of CFDs. Much cheaper, much less risk. (Reminder that CFDs have significant counterparty and liquidity risks, and often have ridiculous spreads and/or financing coss. Futures contracts have zero counterparty risk and are among the most liquid markets in the world.)

>> No.17686082

>ED commercial

>> No.17686083

because every day oil is below $40 per barrel is a day is billions and billions of lost money and cheap energy for everyday people.

>> No.17686096

How is it news that the state Gov can now sign contracts without bidding tho?

>> No.17686117

>the floor turns into a chuck e cheese show

>> No.17686128

try tastyworks or IBKR, there's probably a fee for wire transfers though. trying degiro right now, but it really feels like I'm playing with hot turd right now.

>> No.17686129

There is a starbucks on the floor.

>> No.17686130

What happens to the price of oil when normies realize Saturn's moon Titan is filled with hydrocarbons?

>> No.17686140

Your mom's ass is filled with hydrocarbons.

>> No.17686164

Market opening. Where is everyone? Suicided? Scared to see so much green?

>> No.17686167


>> No.17686168

Fuck this cat bounce, nothing new would make people want to buy airline stocks

>> No.17686174






>> No.17686183
File: 2.49 MB, 1100x1632, jazzed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best of luck today boys, I'm busy at work and won't be able to watch minute by minute. Stay safe out there!

>> No.17686187

Bear bros we got to cocky!

>> No.17686195

Thats it, calling it now, oil in the 20's EOW

>> No.17686200


>> No.17686201

Fuck. I'll delete mine.

>> No.17686216

its good for normal buys but options are a hell on that platform. wish we had something like robin hood in the EU

>> No.17686217
File: 60 KB, 1150x1084, 1583720686835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's all green

>> No.17686221

I remember the Bogdanoff wars. That's when I lost everything.

>> No.17686296

Lol fake pump

>> No.17686309

>Would you be so kind and elaborate little bit more in the futures thing?you unload even if you lose money so you can buy back in later? any kind of example would be super helpful as im struggling with exactly the same thing
I start with 2 fundamental beliefs. 1) In the long term the market will be higher than it is right now. 2) In the short/medium term the market will go up and down. So if the market will be higher than it is today, the best strategy is to be long the market with leverage. The danger of leverage is the possibility of a margin call so we must manage the leverage responsibly in such a way to avoid one. My leverage comfort zone is between 3x and 4x. I don't like going below 3 cuz I feel like I'm sacrificing gains but I don't like being above 4 cuz that can get a bit tight when the market gaps down like it did in futures Sunday night.
So if you're in a leveraged position it's important to very nimbly manage it, quickly reducing leverage or increasing it as the situation dictates thus why a futures account is important since it lends itself to fast buying and selling and consistently high liquidity.
Alright, I'm in my position. I am presently 3.5x leveraged and that's my preferred multiple. As the price rises my leverage naturally decreases from 3.5 to 3.4 to 3.3 and so on since my borrowed amount is constant while the gains from the rise in price are added to my principle. The only way to raise my leverage back to 3.5 is to buy another contract. Wash rinse repeat as necessary.
If the price drops my leverage naturally increases from 3.5 to 3.6, 3.7, etc. since my borrowed amount is constant but the losses are subtracted from my principle. The response is to reduce the amount borrowed by selling a contract bringing my leverage back to 3.5x. Continue as necessary since you can contain losses and add the contracts when the price turns around. The time to strategically add/remove contracts is on pullbacks in the opposite direction of the trend

>> No.17686323
File: 28 KB, 188x343, 1583331769140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>europe in flames
>italy on lockdown
>Spain about to be on lockdown
>oil wars
>mass testing about to reveal that cities all over the us have thousands of cases
>already talk about locking down travel between us states


Fuck this gay ass market, fucking retards.

>> No.17686324

That's a great picture anon

>> No.17686328

I was waiting since 320 but weirdly it's been a slow morning. Bears are sleeping.

>> No.17686365

So this will raise the price of oil again?
And yes, I'm a retard.

>> No.17686380

And pay no attention to the peanut gallery

>> No.17686399

dead cat bounce BEAR MARKET BABY

>> No.17686405

Faber and Cramer are "joking" about how "haha so impossible" that a government might use its money printing powers to upgrade infrastructure instead of printing money to keep the plutocrats happy

>> No.17686416

You tend to be very quiet when laying traps.

>> No.17686439

Coke, sell that shit nigger.

>> No.17686442

> Shorted DIS at bell
> Already up +20%
Very nice

>> No.17686466

It's funny, because if properly invested, infrastructure spending would increase GDP. The Chinese Silk Road comes to mind.

>> No.17686474

35%...can't wait until we return to free falls. If you didn't know, Disney parks are going g to shutdown very shortly. While Disney seems massive, their parks still account for 40% of their revenue alone.

>> No.17686510

Talks =/= deals.

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