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Advice required.
140k cash
30k equities
30k crypto
25k guns and ammo.
When to deploy my cash and into what. I was planning to just buy s&p index funds, but am not hesitant due to current outlook. Please talk some sense into me.

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what does she smell like

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>25k guns and ammo.
>guns and ammo
Boy have you lost your fuckin mind? If you wanted to financially intelligent, you would have thought about coming here before spending 25 fucking thousand dollars on guns and ammo.

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is that swimsuit shopped on?

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LMAO, guess you don't care what she smells like

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Salty sardines on a hot summer day

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hold everything if you can. might be up to a year or two but you shouldn't have any significant losses unless everything goes completely to shit and then who really cares

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That's what I figure though. So I want some input into when to start dca into the market. I was thinking Dow at 24000? Or is that too premature?

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Halp bls

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too soon to tell. i'd wait for the panic selling to die down a little before jumping back in.

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kys tranny

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40% $TMF
50% $UPRO
10% $GLD

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>25k guns and ammo
Based retard

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Ok good advice. Any rules of thumb for a solid confirmation? Should I be looking at fib levels or moving averages?

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Does biz not know about the appreciation of guns/ammo?
I'm not talking about psa ars

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Also, skert all big banks. Puts, short, they're in crisis mode right now. Oil futures: puts in short-term, calls on long-term. Short/puts airlines, cruises, theme parks for next 6 months; 2year LEAP calls are free money (ITM / ATM / or 20% OTM). I'll be praying for you.

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some kind of resolution to the virus hyteria and then i'd look for three or for weeks of new highs on the dow, sp500 and nasdaq. biden nominated and someone without joe's early stage alzheimers for vice president. then maybe a trump reelection in november because markets seem to like him. then again, i could be completely wrong about all of this and we really are completely fucked. only time will tell. good luck.

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Idiots shitting on guns and ammo have no idea how important these items are in a SHTF situation.

Even in a non SHTF situation, the guns and ammo hold value. You can sell them or trade them.

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If you were to have $25k worth of ammo at a certain point it would be more beneficial to just purchase a reloading bench, and a shitton of primers as those are a pain in the ass to make or to find. Brass can be found anywhere gunshots are fired and gunpowder isn't rocket science to make but good primers are a bit more rare

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You should be as liquid as possible right now. Also 25k in guns and ammo dude?

If you need that much money for response then your guns probably aren't big enough.

Relationships are your best hedge. Money won't save you when a community of African transplants come for you 20:1

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Also seeking advice
I have 50k mainly in savings, made a seperate post but not getting many responses. Afraid a bank run will cause my money to be locked combined with the possibility of hyperinflation devaluing it quickly.

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Start buying Suterusu below private sale, it won't be there so long.

Get into ETH now, laddered, and tezos.

That is all.

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