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who /wagecuck/ here?

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Not me I’m staying up late watching anime

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Here, but I have a pretty sweet gig anyways

OR nurse where I work four days a week with 10 hour days where I usually only have to work about 9, along with around 6 weeks of combined sick days/PTO. Also don't work nights, weekends, holidays or have call

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Can we see your feet?

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this does sound pretty comfy anon. might not be so comfy in a few weeks time but still, comfy for now

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I quit a year ago. Failed in every business i made, now I'm investing my last bucks on the final business idea I had.
No plan B.

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Eh, healthcare feels like a pretty safe space. The OR is a big moneymaker for the hospital and people will always need surgery so I have no real fears for my job going away

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I hate Sunday night so much

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Yeah I should be watching the market and shorting this mess. Instead I have to go to work in an office doing the same thing every month.

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I’m a salary man, not a wage man.

Internal audit is my craft.

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Me unfortunately. Shouldnt have kids if you arent rich

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i do. electrician and part time pizza delivery. live at home where my folks feed me. it's embarasssing but Dave Ramsey says live like no one else now so you can live like no one else later. 3.52 BTC

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I hope you keep going and accomplish your goals anon

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thank you fren, that means a lot, and i dont actually have that much BTC kek and im actually only in school to be an electrician. im a major work in progress as we all are.

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Yes, please post feet