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>stocks crashing
>crypto crashing
>silver crashing


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Reserve you fool

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Link pumping. Link

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gold gold is going up

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When stocks and bitcoin hit rock bottom. All in

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Link you fucking idiot. If you aren't already holding it you're seriously dense.

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Buy the dip

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link is pumping

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LINK is pumping my friend

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are you fucking retarded?
eurozone is going into recession with a 100% probability in the next months, are you blind or you cannot see what's happening?
manifacturing is collapsing, demand is collapsing, people are starting getting quarantined
either ecb will inject money directly into M1 (inflation)
either ecb will just keep circle jerking and recession will kick in and the effects will be way longer
they can cut rates, but they are already negative and this is not going to help anymore, it will only create a bigger debt bubble on the financial system which is obviously going to explode given the situation
>crypto crashing
just bought more, and I will keep adding more on the way down
crypto doesn't get infected

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how about you know, keep it ?
if everything is crashing doesn't in mean fiat is mooning ?

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No, massive inflation is around the corner if everything else keeps crashing

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up your ass nigger

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Cash, gold, money market account

The world is too awashed with cheap money and most assets are over valued.

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>silver crashing
back up the truck

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I blame ETFs. This is what you get for wanting institutional money.

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>the world is awash in cheap money
>hold fiat

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>eurozone is going into recession with a 100% probability in the next months, are you blind or you cannot see what's happening?
Well, if it's that obvious then just short your net worth with 10x leverage, big brain.

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Did you not see that I put gold? I'm not putting my money is your bitcoin bullshit.

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