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If yes, why? Discuss.

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restruction costs shitloads of money and is nowhere near complete.
basically germany's bad bank, huge bad debts accumulated there, nobody knows exactly how much
this recession comes at the worst possible moment

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Because they have unrighteous business practices.

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this. corona virus + election are crushing the markets this year. all we need is an event like corona becoming a pandemic in the US or Sanders becoming president and there's no stop gap that will save DB from the fury of a million sellers shorting the market into the ground.

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germancucks are searching a way to make eurocuckland save their shitbank

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Pretty hard for a bank to shrink itself to profitability.

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>assumes the virus isn't completely planned to crash the markets. Sweet summer child.

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I haven't actually heard much about them since that big layoffs, I guess they are quietly trying to stabilise the bank. Guess it all depends on how much this virus will wreck the Euro economy.

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>Believes in politics
>thinks DB will just disappear along with the debt
>thinks it a virus akin to the common flu that is wiping out markets
KEK, ffs how naive are you?

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desu, it is pretty fucking weird timing. the trade war with china was escalating into phase 2 and then all of a sudden this global pandemic? which originated from china. as the fed was/is pumping trillions into the market. the same year as the next presidential election. personally, it's becoming a bit too coincidental to not be suspicious but i guess only history will find out.

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literally doesn't matter if it's planned or not, it's happening regardless

retarded faggot, look around you. this completely knocked out the chinese economy and killed freight shipping.


Baltic Index is only now recovering because China imported a bunch of scabs to keep their sweatshops running.

It doesn't matter who caused what, it's the effect that matters and your retard damage control doesn't change facts.

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>retarded faggot
Shipping was already fucked retard, yes this flu hurt it more. To think sanders or any president can actually change anything is plain naive. Also you lack a knowledge of bankruptcy it appears...but i'm the retard faggot..ok arrogant zoomer.
Why not ask questions instead of being such an arrogant cunt, you might learn something.

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No. Many lessons have been learned, and if they made it through 2019 they will make it for a while longer. DB fair market price per share is north of $20. A lot of bad stuff baked into the current price, but well worth taking a risk IMO.

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ok retarded faggot, why would DB survive an economic crash that will devalue the remainder of their derivatives exposure? because German bailouts? cause that's the only way they're coming out alive

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>increasingly distressed kraut
Short it

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i ain't telling you fuck all retard, try not being a cunt next time.
>It doesn't matter who caused what, it's the effect that matters
You don't want to know the cause of issues, stay dumb. FFS 99% of you tards couldn't say why the gold was removed from currency in the '30 or what it was a remedy for.
>cause that's the only way they're coming out alive
imagine thinking those are the only options

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What did zerohedge ask?

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some article about DeutscheBag going under

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deutsche bank cannot be saved except by massive printing via the fed
they gambled hard post 2008 that corporate interest rate default swaps would save them
the current supply chain disruptions will wrecked that market and DB's obligations are in usd for a large part so even massive ecb intervention will not safe them
its game over over the euro basicly

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