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Go ahead. Name one piece of substantial FUD regarding RLC. OH WAIT WHITEOID YOU CAN'T! RLC will rise up like a phoenix into the top 10 post May.
>he didn't buy LINK at 0.45
>he won't buy RLC under $100
>he thinks he will make it
You can trust me anon. I'm familia. Now sit back and drink a Corona and let the thy gold multiply.

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You can have any coin you want, as long as its RLC.

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Speak on it.

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this will never be $10 lol

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What dose link want to say

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ok retard

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Read the whitepaper.
Cope. What kind of car do you drive? I bet its a Prius or some other chinese electric piece of shit.

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Look how link logos are put

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this is crumby, very crumby

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lol the chart for this shitcoin looks terrible

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It could hit 10 dollars and be at half of chainlinks marketcap

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Thanks for the hint mi hombre. You see people, buying into RLC is buying your spot at the table. Buying into RLC is buying into a family. Family will never steer you wrong.

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It’s dipping right now!

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Scoop it up

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I have a small stack of just over 500. I’m comfortable with that. I’m not banking on rlc making me rich, just giving me a nice ROI at some point.
PNK is what will make me rich

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So you think Pnk over Rlc, this is all based on link going huge right?. I have 400 rlc but I have just began accumulating the latter. Still an amateur so no real confidence just Fomo

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Peep this image

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Is this the best Model out of anything out there? If it is in going to drop my savings on more.
Goal 1000 link, 10000 rlc, 50000 pnk.
Will that solidify my future in 5 years?

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Better get 65k rlc like the gigachad that I am

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This is mostly used by Gilles to pay tranny prostitutes

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readem' and weep

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based poor anon, you will make it

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The future of TEE is in front of you

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I have been a wage slave for too long, what have I been missing out on. I love this board it go me into crypto and a ticket out of a 30 year mortgage.

checked, I must be on the right path. Thanks anon

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Inb4 that DeFi stuff won't get adoption and everyone will kill themselves

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RLC has not been performing well, there is no reason to believe this should change any time soon - and even if it begins to do well, you will have time to buy in again at a slightly higher price.

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I'm buying this dip. Not gonna let another LINK slip by me. This is too obvious

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based anon

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Same. I'm hoping for low $3 and I'm gonna smash it

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>t. I don't race

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I bet you're not rocking a spoon engine. Typical Trang poster. baka

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sirs buy the dip while satsgang dump on you needfuly

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wow wow keep racism on pol lovejeet

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Implying satsgang can control a 50m MC coin

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should i dump arpa for this?

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no buy they can make samll pumps and dumps liquidity is shit most of people just hold while swining 5 to 10%

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what do you mean by summer?

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Yes but only after I buy more tomorrow
Liquidity is a meme the whales can change it to 500btc in an instant. No discord pajeet group can do that.

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Very observant anon. Sorry, I can't spoonfeed you this breadcrumb. Try digging a bit more. Hint conference and chainlink.

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Smartcon? Which leads to what? Coinbase listing? Either way I'm in and 0.56 isn't a bad price.

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Also how many to make it? I only have 2k

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860 is a make it stack from the rankings Ive seen

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im gonna make it 2x yay

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congrats anon

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Pee pee poo poo

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