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>Does le anyone else think marriage is a bad investment?
>Does le anyone else wymyn are degenerates?
>Does le anyone else think I can get a gf with my *shitcoin* stack?
>Does le anyone else think boomers are le retards who killed the economy and constantly worry about millenials not buying houses?

get a grip, /biz/

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based, this board is devolving into /pol/tier cuckery

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>Does le anyone else think travelling is a waste of money?

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>Does le anyone else think having a job is pajeet tier and the best life is staying at home 24/7?

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>TA does not work, ever
>My TA says *ETHkiller* will moon any minute now, be quick, dont get left behind

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>get a grip, /biz/

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A 110lb cumskinned tranny redditor made this thread.

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>the lef cant meme
>"she" lol ur gay

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>Not hating women


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>disregard females
>acquire currency
That's what Im about

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Indeed, fuck this incel whining, we're here to make money

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Yep, here to make money, not whine about women and the society
Fuck the /pol/tard invasion

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