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I've been waiting 3 years for crypto to moon now. When the FUCK are we going to start seeing 100x and 1000x gains again?

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when you sell

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doubt it ever gonna happen since link hasn't managed to do it with all it has done this past year

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literally nothing burger gtfo

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like what

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100x are pumpndumps. don't expect to get on any if you're not willing to risk your whole net worth.
HOWEVER many coins will see 10x+, and if you skip between and know to sell even in loss, you may be able to get better performance.

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Probably matic

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>LINK hasn't mooned in the first 2 months of the year
>even though it has increased by over 150% in just a couple months

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A 1.5x gain isn't mooning.

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The year has barely fucking started and we're already flying forward, and this is somehow still not enough for your impatient ass

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I bought link in january 2018 and I'm still waiting for it to moon.

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If you sell LINK anything below 4 digits you are retarded. It like seling amazon stock at double digits.

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I've never sold any link but I only have 1000, so I need it to hit $1k minimum until I make it.

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Link already mooned.
It went from 25c.to 4.50

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20x is not mooning.

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we're again in one the stages of the alt cycle like pic related.
only btc continues on that gives birth to alts, reducing its dominance in the process.
from these, only a few good alts like link survive the great filter. the rest die out.
these handful of surviving alts along with btc create an eco system that gives birth to a new batch of alts that moon then die out. the cycle continues.
in otherwords, all those alts in OPs pic will never come back to life. the next alt moon will be based on an entirely new generation of alts of which 99% of will eventually die out again.

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>seling amazon stock at double digits.
stop fear mongering. That's a terrible comparison

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How bout berkshire hathaway class A, but it started at $20.

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the party's over retard.

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nailed it

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it's already happening frendo... but it's not gonna happen in 1 1H candle overnight... some projects have already pulled off +200% gains YTD and are starting to move up again

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Ok so how much longer until link is $100?

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You won’t. It’s over.

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fuck your shitcoin casino - go all in the BSV and enjoy your life again

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Imagine being upset at a worst case scenario of outperforming boomers by 400% annually, and at best becoming a millionaire within the next 5 years by clicking a few buttons and risking some money you would have blown on drugs and video games anyway

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I don't have 5 more years. I'm a neet and all my savings are in crypto.

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same bro but I'll become a mcwagie before I sell too early. Had to work to get the shit in the first place I can stomach another few years of it