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Chainlink's never actually mooning. It's just an elaborate ruse designed by people more intelligent than you.

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I am become chainlink, destroyer of wallets.

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12x in 3 years, through a bear market

if this was a stock there would be new religions

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I'm rich and you're broke though so who cares what you think.

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actually i take that back monster energy stock did a 66x in 3 years last decade

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NuLink on the other hand...

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An obvious ploy designed by idiots to take money from idiots

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Are you implying you wont fomo in when it pumps?
We both know it's inevitable.

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i like cute asian girls

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>Implying Eric has a 3 digit IQ
Nigger can’t even use a 3 blade razor

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LINK reached a market cap so high that to double/triple/decuple it needs something sensational.
This board autism was the fuel 'till now but is not enough for the "$1000 EOY" meme to become reality.
At this point both in BTC and USD there are plenty of opportunities, a lot of low cap shitcoins or literally scams that sooner or later will 10x pump and dump.

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4.70 stablecoin

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Trufax chainlink has been going strength to strength without relying on btc to moon. Hedge funds buying link wen? We need a ryan character from the big short to shill it to his buddies

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We're not talking about LINK.
NuLink is the new 1000$.

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>we do expect additional influxes of capital into Chainlink
Dan is doing his job

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meaning he does more than just look for users, partners, and other collaborators

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I thought he quit?

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Yes, I am. I have plenty enough Bitcoin and far more sense to buy a copy paste ERC 20 token.

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his linkedin still has him as director of business development of smartcontract.com, you're thinking of the previous head of operations, mark oblad i believe

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also dimroc left the team, whether that means he quit, was fired, or is now a liason at facebook for "instagram" no one knows, there wasn't any answer given in telegram when we asked