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What is the whitest tech company with no whiteboard shit and no vegans?

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With the state of current tech companies today, none. I work at one and good luck with that.

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KKKomputing Meat Supply Chain Systems LLC

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Unironically link

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Fantom. Filled with Russians and serbs.

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Hitler was a vegan. Do you have something against him? Suspicious.

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Any company without a whiteboard is going to pay you poverty wages so why bother

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>hitler was a vegan

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fuck off cultist with your scamstink coin

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My coin has 45x’d. Yours 3x’d. The team is aryan for the most part. A chink, a good mix of asian qt3.14s, and a jew for wild card effect. Best team in crypto.

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You had 4 years.

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The Asian girls are just part of Sergey's (PBUH) harem.

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again fuck off cultist with your scamstink doesnt have actual uses token

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Thats the point. Its aryan af

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>doesnt have actual uses token
uh oh, his Engrish is breaking down.

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Y-yeah a-about that

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all the asian members of the team and coronas on the table. This was before the outbreak. What did sergey mean by this?

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This is the core team. It's been for a year at least

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UND https://unification.com/

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Unironically NSA
>95% white people
>Many different groups working of different cutting edge tech
>Flexibility to move around
>Can sleep all day and not get fired
>Fat pension
t. interviewee

I took an offer at a defense contractor for way more pay.

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he was vegetarian actually, huge difference

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If you want a picture of the future, imagine this man giving you the thumbs up—forever.