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TRX listed on Kraken, Do you have your make it stack round eyes?

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never ever play against the chinks. theyre smart. everyone else should get bag also.

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Is it live yet?

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good job goy-.. I mean anon hehe

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it's literally dead and out of top10 like i predicted in august of 2019, it will go more into a freefall and absolute top of this shitcoin is 0,02cents

fuck you for even posting this garbage chink scam

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how about kraken?

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nothingburger this isn't 2017 anymore and TRX have army of bagholders and too much token and volume for it to make a difference.

eu doesnt buy shit that was pump n dumped newfag, and price on binance is higher in most cases of alts.

look at the volume and price on kraken for LINK and look at it on Binance