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Is there even any point of fucking selling chainlink. More adoption means the price of each token rises, staking means it will generate passive income.

Assume link rate of return is 5%(conservative estimate) and value is at $1000. I would be making $128,000 every year for doing jack squat. Holy shit!!!

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Now you're starting to understand what "never selling" actually means.

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>he thought "never selling" was just a meme

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didn't read, never selling

link marines!!!

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-nobody is adopting anything
-nobody is staking anything
-token not needed

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stay mad nulinker

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Im all in on LINK, ALGO and XTZ for this reason.

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kys when it goes back to 0.2

literally not a single user 3 years in, only blog posts

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seem to be some pretty profitable blog posts there bruv

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sure but blog posts are air, Chainlink is going back down to 0 when no more blog posts and still 0 users. And linkers will hold all the way down.

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There is none, unless you need that money now or something. I'm looking at projects with similar earnings models so I can snowball my earnings further. Currently the most promising one is Orion protocol. It already has ties to link, small market cap token, 15% staking reward, burn mechanisms that ensure the price goes up and most important of all: The ICO is soon, so it'll be dirt cheap to pick up large amounts.

Let the ragie wagie mock me from his cagie. The harder they work, the more I earn!

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Microsoft chose EY and Baseline Protocol

Not Chainlink

Sorry ...

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Chainlink is a part of the baseline protocol you numbnuts. Read the article you posted

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The hardest part will be holding until staking. At $1k with 5% I would make $935k a year. Hopefully staking will be out before 2021 so I could get some extra cash to live off or take a vacation. I'm a 20yo uni student so I dont have a job so link is all I got, but I absolutely dont want to spend any of it.

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>number go up forever
>me never work