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Anons, what is happening tonight?
#ETH #LINK #ConsenSys #TwoTopGlobalCompanies #NYC

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literally not mentioned

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Chainlink partnership with Intel and Microsoft for confidential transactions on ethereum

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If it mentions link in combination with two huge global companies we might just see something epic. Seems like link has already reacted positively to the news of this so if it turns out link isn’t mentioned at all we’ll probably dump a bit.

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Checked. Going to make it frens. We're all in this together

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Chainlink partnership with pornhub and /gif/ to enable confidential nofap tracking.

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Lubin said that it is going to be announced in NYC. Can someone find an event orsmth in NYC today where it could be announced? That might give the names of the companies.

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Btc will dump to 5k and take the market down with it. 110 for eth an 2.5 for link

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it’s not about chainlink ffs take your meds

nobody ever mentioned this useless middle man project yet delusional linkies hyping it. i can’t wait to see pink wojaks all over the board when this turn out nothing to do with shitlink and price dump back to 2$

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You can buy tendies and McDonald's with chain link confirmed

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DIPSY confirmed.

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GTFO, nobody in this thread even cares about BTC. Arthritiscoin will probably not even be named once in the announcement.

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no institutional investment will ever happen in btc

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i remember when you fag would post anything with the word "link" or "chain" in it and claim partnerships.

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So? All crypto is going to plummet in the next few months with the pandemic, we either get nice news first or no matter.

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And they were right KEK

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nobody has ever been right about any breadcrumb, ever. mainnet, google, oracle, coinbase listing.
all the things that made us pump were totally unprediceted

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>Doug Dimmadome

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All of those things were crumbed waaaaay before the actual announcements.

Google for instance had their testnet node long before the actual announcement. People just incorrectly assumed it wasn't actually Google running it.

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doug dimmadome? owner of the dimmsdale dimmadome?

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Sounds like Suterusu, but.... could it be?

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Google had a breadcrumb snippet of the BigData query integration code for Chainlink on github shown but I missed it. Few anons got on to that one.

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Amazing, absolutely no one knows what is going to be announced tonight. Things are rarely kept this airtight in crypto.

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I like that people are actually falling for this discord larp and will get burned so badly when it dumps

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>announcing announcements¨
FUCK NO!! I hope this has nothing to do with LINK.

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One thing I can tell you Mixicles doesn’t use ZK Proofs. So based on that you will get dumped on. Buy rumor, sell news or lack of it.

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Discord larp? Explain, what dont you believe

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that this has anything to do with link

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I dont think this announcement will have anything to do with LINK. I just added it in to get more attention to the post. Works every time. :)

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Doesnt sound like link to me

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Sounds like RLC actually.

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I swear, something's cooking for these effers. I have a huge hunch that RLC will take the spotlight. I wish to be wrong as I barely have any RLC and I can't do afford more.

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Fuck off iexecucks

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>haha i was just pretending to be retarded

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what the fuck am i looking at?

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>search chainlink
>0 results
As always

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Literally nothing relevant
Its just the raw data for this page: https://consensys.net/press-releases/
And the news is not there yet, but it will be soon.

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700 checked
amzn and msft

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Read the white paper you fucking dork

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This is in order with what Sergey has released lately. This is literally chainlink and off chain labs.

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announcement releasing within next hour bros

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Let them fomo in after the announcement

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>no blockchain needed
chainstink btfo

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>just use our database, bro

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Haha, jk... unless?

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you are pathetic

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what is it..... with boomers.... and typing.... like this... on the internet.... ?

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right on schedule bitcoin is shitting the bed as link pumps.

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What time is the announcement and where will it be posted?

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I think what is pathetic is all these linkers salivating over a rumor

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>strg + f chainlink
> 1 Result

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The Baseline Protocol code will be released later this month and a technical steering committee is also being formed which includes EY, Microsoft, Splunk, ConsenSys, MakerDAO, Duke University, ChainLink, Unibright, Envision Blockchain, Neocova, Core Convergence, Provide and W3BCloud.

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ALGO had a massive announcement this week. Marshall Islands developed their currency on their chain. Im buying.


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THIS IS IT!!!!!!!

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Somehow this doesn’t feel as impactful as I thought it would.

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cause you are a delusional stinkie linkie, lmao

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Sell the news

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Is ChainLink a company or an organization?

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>Microsoft and EY
Biz is right again

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EY and Azure (Microsoft) have been testing with link for ages

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check the logo
it's true, all of it