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Your Age:
Your Location:
Your Job:
Your Salary:
Your Job Duties:

Thoughts on the economy:

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:

Leave Blank if you wish

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Your Age: 22 M
Your Location: Toronto North York
Your Job: Grocery Night-Shift
Your Salary: $11 because of night shift - Usually 10.25

Your Job Duties: Stocking the store and making it presentable for opening at 8 am , sucks because i wake up at 4pm everyday with a Vitamin D deficiency and i work from 10pm to 7am

Thoughts on the economy: i should have paid more attention to school, thinking of heading back to learn how to code and maybe actually make some games worth playing on android

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: If you dont have a plan for your own life then someone else will and they dont have a good part for you in mind

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Your Age: 14
Your Location: Colorado
Your Job: sell marijuana to middle schoolers for triple the value
Your Salary: Around 200 a week
Your Job Duties: Keep the kids dependent, sell to them, make up bullshit on why I have to raise prices

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>Your Age:
>Your Location:
>Your Job:
Recruit in the Air Force. Usually a part time hotel receptionist.
>Your Salary:
~20k a year
>Your Job Duties:
Mopping floors and doing pushups. Usual recruit crap.
In my part time job I smile and check people in, and deal with their bullshit.
>Thoughts on the economy:
Good enough for me to live in, and that's all I need.
>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Get a fucking job as soon as possible. Experience helps more than you can imagine.
And do your duty and take a service term. It's fun as hell.

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pretty neat , i have friends who did the same thing since high school and their well off. There have been a few close calls along the years tho.

Im NEET atm because nobody is hiring in my area and im too lazy to commute for longer than 20 minutes.

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Your Age:18
Your Location:East midlands, england
Your Job: helping around the office
Your Salary: £6.50/hour
Your Job Duties: Ship out EpiPens to people who order them, along with carrier cases or older EP models. Also I get batches of slips for people's names and their address who want a reminder letter for their epipen, and type them onto a spreadsheet. Easy job, pay is good for an 18 year old too, feels good having no bills to pay
Thoughts on the economy: Too young to say
Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: I'm pretty much the youngest anon so I don't know. Maybe just apply everywhere, don't be afraid to ask questions about jobs to people and understand that confidence gets you further than actual skill/intelligence, unfortunately.

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Your Age: 27
Your Location: Maryland
Your Job: High school teacher
Your Salary: ~$55,000, ~2 month vacation each year
Your Job Duties: Teaching bro-tier kids history

Thoughts on the economy: It can't be healed, but I'll just move when it collapses.

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Military seems so cool but I don't want to get blown up or shot, how do i not into combat?

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Northeast USA
Software Consultant
>job duties
I work as a technical consultant in a very specific area that is in high demand, both project management and highly technical hands on.

>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
A lot of nerds can't talk. If you can do so in a way that condenses problems for the business and not be a miserable prick you can make good money.

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>Your Age:
>Your Location:
>Your Job:
Delivery man
>Your Salary:
>Your Job Duties:
deliver produce to grocery stores and restaurants around Montreal. that's about it.
>Thoughts on the economy:
It's slogging, feels like its been slowly declining since '08. Something like a third of the buildings outside the city are empty.
Seems like the condo market is about to burst.

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>history teacher
Mah nigga.

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Your Age: 19
Your Location: Canada
Your Job: UPS BELT operator
Your Salary: $10.75 , if i stay for another 16 months i will be promoted to $20.20 per houer
Your Job Duties: Break my back sifting thousands of packages that come down a belt according to postal code, during busy seasons i have to tetris outmaneuver packing trucks to the brim and dont give a fuck if your brand new alien computer for christmas gets banged up ontop of other peoples tv's car parts and even heavy ammo boxes but all in all i am making money and they have good benefits - everyone i work with is black tho not that i mind eh

Thoughts on the economy: min wage is going to become $11 sometime in june , little good it will do since many people already earn such a amount its pitiful

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Save all the money you possibly can

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Stop wearing shoes then say you have flat feet.

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Your Age: 26
Your Location: los angeles
Your Job: loan officer at mid sized bank
Your Salary: 36k
Your Job Duties: writeup, present, and monitor loans

Thoughts on the economy: it looks good, but is not actually that good. stock traders beware

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
STRATEGIZE how ur gonna make bank when ur older(if thats what u want). look at what fields are in demand, where the place to be is for those fields, etc. theres never enough money

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You age: 23
Job: Target back room
Salary: $8 something an hour
Job Duties: Backroom team member, backstock shit that the floor team is to lazy to put on shelves right. Then when I go and try to put it on the shelves I get yelled it for not "doing my job" Seriously I love it though. I like retail and saying hi to the customers.

For younger anons, DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE! I REPEAT, DO NOT GO TO FUCKING COLLEGE! And while in high school save, save, save.

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>Don't go to college
Sounds like a great way to spend a day in a dead end retail job like yours

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if they needed to know the information the could get it, anonymously posting about your day job and talking to people is int going to end you in Guantanamo bay

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The only rebuttal i have is that college is meant to also teach you to network properly, you need to talk to the right people and learn a lot more than you need to by doing a few internships and going the extra mile

everyone knows internships can be terrible if your not learning and getting paid just use it to your advantage

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Your age: 20 years old
Your location: Dutchyland
Your job: student/none, can't combine study with a job because I'm just that slow and education has my priority
Your salary: €100.25 government money for going to college, just like everyone else who studies and lives at home.
Your job duties: get passing grades, complete semester related project assignments and be a class representative.

I study International Business and Management. Have to do my internship abroad in my third year for six months and study at an international school for 6 months.

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I'm still paying for this useless degree faggot. If I started out at target after high school I wouldn't owe Sallie may a fucking penny.

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And I'm making $82K/yr at the same age as you, because I didn't pick a useless degree. What's your point? Making a blanket recommendation against college is fucking dumb.

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>Your Age:
>Your Location:
>Your Job:
Bank admin
>Your Salary:
>Your Job Duties:
Process transactions related to mortgages, activate mortgages, balance accounts. (type numbers for most of your day)
>Thoughts on the economy:
It's crumbling.
>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
For the love of god network. Contacts will be your greatest ally.

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is it a troll ?

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>Your Age:
>Your Location:
Niagara Falls, Ontario
>Your Job:
I own an electronic cigarette company
>Your Salary:
I started in November. If things continue as they are, I stand to make 20,000$ in 2014. If things increase as they have, around 80,000$ in 2014. Projected profits 100k+ for 2015.
>Your Job Duties:
Mixing chemicals, mailing out orders. Customer relations.

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Yall and you'll be paying off that degree for half your life. Unless momzie and dadzi payed for it.

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wow awesome idea for a place! all of my friends switched to e cigs this year

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>didn't have a scholarship
>didn't choose a good major


I think everyone starts working a shit retail job, and finally leaving for a real one is the most important change you can make.

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Most of my college was covered by merit aid. Yeah, technically I didn't go to the highest ranked school, but I graduated with only $20K in debt, and got a job where I made ~$70K/yr out of the gate with only 10 days between graduation and the start of work. Where I went didn't matter. If I went to state school it would have been free, and I still probably could have gotten the job that I did (going where I did made it much easier to get the job I have though)

I paid off my loans in May of 2013 after getting a higher than expected bonus and salary bump, a year after I graduated.

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Is university/college in America really this expensive?

I got my education degree without scholarships or aid, becoming only 11,000$ in the hole. Now I'm doing an MSc in computer science and so far I've dug 6,000$ deeper and I'm almost done.

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The best college I got into would have been ~50K/yr. My parents were too rich for aid (not hard in the US) and maintained that I should pay for my own education. If I went to the $50K/yr school, even with the job I had, I'd be chipping away at $200K+ in debt for years to come.

Community colleges are $3K a semester so
State schools are often $5k-$6k for in state per semseter

If you go to a community college for two years, you can transfer to a more expensive school (state or private) and you get the 4 year degree from the better state/private college.

there are federal loans and grants along with private and you can get a lot of need/merit based aid. however, if you go to the best school you possibly can, you will likely pay out the ass.

As I said - if I went to the "best school" I got into I'd be paying out the ass in debt. I graduated with a moderate (not the least amount I could have, but by far on the lower end) amount of debt.

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Knowing that an average college degree can cost you $20,000 and knowing that private institutions can ask this money PER YEAR, yes, college in the USA is beyond a reasonable price.

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No, but most people think they're above going to their state universities. Most of which are very good. They also aren't likely to do research on alternative programs because loans are are handed out like crazy.
There's loads of 2+2 programs out there, you spend two years at a lame junior college (aka community college), usually get an A.S. and then transfer into the 4 year bachelors at a good school. Friend of mine went to WPI this way. Saved 100k+, the two years at jr college were free because he was below the poverty line.

That said college ISN'T for everybody and this bizarre notion that's come to the forefront is hurting everyone— the students, the parents, the professors and education on the whole. If you're not a book learner for gods sake learn a trade. I've friends who didn't graduate high school that make 90k as journeymen plumbers.

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Your Age: 21
Your Location: Richmond, VA
Your Job: Helpdesk/IT support
Your Salary: 20/year...
Your Job Duties: I fix your computers and phones.

Thoughts on the economy: I know nothing of the economy; I don't even watch american television

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Major in business or something where you get to be the boss of people like me.

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Your Age: 29
Your Location: Asheville, NC
Your Job: Engineering Technician
Your Salary: $16 /hr
Your Job Duties: Testing soil, asphalt, concrete, masonry, building footings. Inspection of almost all construction at any given jobsite minus electrical and structural steel. Getting into protective coatings inspections.

Thoughts on the economy:
Very few signs of recovery. Big box retailers have cut back on not only 3rd party inspection, but push hard for general contractors to be under bid. Most stores see even meeting the bid amount as going over and immediately request credits.

Apartment complexes are still booming in my area. Considering the geography, there are still some developers willing to pay for serious geotechnical and retaining wall design work.

Industrial is a mixed bag. There has been a warehouse expansion I have been going to for a while now that has scaled back and forth on the size of the warehouse. They make all the interior plastic (door panels, dashboards, etc) for semi trucks. I've been told that they've seen increasing demand, so maybe trucking is ramping up over usual replacement?

Either way, shit still hasn't recovered to the point where I can make good enough money to pay my bills and put food on the table for my family. Overtime is pretty much nonexistent unless you land a really good job (Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.)

All I can say for younger anons is don't have a fucking family. Stay the fuck single and save your fucking money. Life sucks right now.

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Your Age: 24
Your Location: Mexico
Your Job: .NET Programmer
Your Salary: Around 15k a year
Your Job Duties: Maintenance and creation of new features for a housing system.

Thoughts on the economy: Not sure, it's shitty here in Mexico but if I can make it here I might try another country .

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Don't forget to network as much as possible in school since it's going to help you once you start looking for a professional work. From what I've experienced, once you have an interview your education becomes second point to your experience and knowledge.

Also, to use the web.

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Your Age: 21
Your Location: Florida
Your Job: Enterprise Resource Planning
Your Salary: Starting at 45,000
Your Job Duties: Haven't started yet,but I will be training my first couple months, then working on software for revenue recognition for companies.

Thoughts on the economy: Will improve for a few years then collapse in cycles again.

Additional info: Graduating from college in May with a 3.3 GPA. Will have student loans of 31,000 when I graduate. Did Accounting and MIS majors. Went through the recruiting processes for multiple companies (Big 4, General Motors, Consulting) and can comment on that if anyone has questions.

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Your Age: 19
Your Location: USA
Your Job: Starbucks Barista (technically, I work at a Barnes and Noble cafe, but we pretty much do the exact same shit)
Your Salary: $7.25 hourly
Your Job Duties: Make expresso drinks. Maintain the cafe. Clean stuff up. No chairs and I have to stand around for hours. Might get a promotion to supervisor which apparently pays 11$ an hour.

Thoughts on the economy: I don't believe increasing the minimum wage by a few dollars will have a huge effect on prices. Granted, that view might be bias as fuck, but after seeing how much a slow day at my cafe makes and the cheap costs of our goods we pay for, I don't really believe it'll affect our company all that much. Then again, I'm not a economist. I do believe the economy is very slowly getting better.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: I don't know how useful advice I can give. But I suppose if you throw enough hours at something, no matter how difficult it is, you'll eventually get good. That includes math. If you spend enough time and effort learning math, you will understand it and it will become easy.

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Your Age: 23
Your Location: Wherever they tell me to go, right now San Diego
Your Job: Electronics Technician in the US Navy
Your Salary: Around 24K/year base salary, plus housing and subsistence pay
Your Job Duties: Fixing radios and radars

Thoughts on the economy: The 'necessity' of a degree is such a load of horseshit. For some more technical jobs, it's fine (I wouldn't want a high-school graduate trying to research cures for cancer, for obvious fucking reasons), but you need a degree to be 'competitive' in anything above entry-level in the corporate world? Really? How many people have done just fine with the amazing and, for most modern Americans far-fetched, concept of "common sense" in small or large business?

Info etc. etc.: Don't do what I did and wait to enter your desired field. I could have been sitting on E-5 or E-6 salary right now, with about 20% more income, if not an officer. Chase your goals right away.

Also, if you're gonna go through the bullshit of college, don't flush it down the tubes. I have $50k+ worth of student loans for school because I went before joining up (had this little fantasy that I would stay civilian). Not only did I not get the civilian job I wanted, but I wasn't nearly competitive enough for OCS -- so now I have a piece of paper utterly useless to me.

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Your Age: 22
Your Location: Michigan
Your Job: YouTube Content Creator
Your Salary: Irregular
Your Job Duties: Record myself. comment on videos, network with fellow YouTubers, Video editing, and well, finding drama.

Thoughts on Economy: It's mediocre at best. Some counties have much higher unemployment than others. Gladwin County for example is around 13%. Others just a county or two over are down in 7% area.

Advice: If you want into YouTube, better have a good camera and thick skin. Commenters there can rival /b/ in mindset.

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>Your Job: YouTube Content Creator

This isn't a job, it's a fucking hobby.

Jewtube done fucked up, PAYING people to camwhore. Society complains about how socially-maladjusted kids are becoming these days, but sees nothing wrong with people willfully ignoring real-life interaction.

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Your Age: 25
Your Location: Ft George G Meade, MD
Your Job: US Army
Your Salary: Roughly 24k$/yr
Your Job Duties: Analysis
Thoughts on the economy: No idea, I just want CD rates to go up while housing rates stay low.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Join the Army (or Navy/Airforce) if you really have no training or potential for future employment. I'm now trained in a real field (joined 35 series, not combat) that pays good on the outside. The paying for housing also allows for some great savings. At 24k$/yr I've saved up roughly 32k$ in 2 1/2 years

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Your Age: 21
Your Location: Finland
Your Job: Retail
Your Salary: Avg 13-15€ depends on shift
Your Job Duties: Trying to get people to buy shit

Thoughts on the economy: I hope we can solve the problem with jobs dissapearing faster than new ones are created

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Stay in school

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This money goes into my investments. I just don't want people knowing I actually make more money in the ETF market.

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Your Age: 28
Your Location:
Your Job: working for a NASA like institute
Your Salary: <1500 bucks (in education, so to speak)
Your Job Duties: reading papers, computer simulations

Thoughts on the economy: uneducated

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: approaching PhD in physics, taking math/physics question, if one is interested

Leave ____ if you wish

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Merchant Navy Cadet
£175 per week
Go to college

Education wise, it's amazing not having to pay a single penny. Hell, they're paying me to go.
But with the upcoming referendum it could turn to shit extremely quickly, especially since we would need to adopt the euro should we decide to go independent.

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It is so strange for me how little money you guys earn, almost absurd. I feel as if I live in a completely different world.

Here in expensive Switzerland you wouldn't be able to survive with such small salaries.

I get 40 CHF (~45$) per hour 8 hours per week as tutorial assistant but usually I only need about 4-5 hours for my work. Not that I would actually need the money, the state gives my family a lot of money for studying in one of the best universities of the world with in average >300k/year job 10 years after master and where I live, millionaire rates are above 70%, taxes at aroud 11% and alone the house I live in is already worth approximately 2.6 million CHF.

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what genre do you make videos in and what other content do you consume?
Which youtube cliques do you follow?

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>making that little
really? I work for SAP and I started out at $65K out of college which rapidly increased..

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I have a question. I love business but I can't speak well unless I can think ahead of what i'm going to say. What job is there in the business field (or any valuable field) where I can earn 30-40k working part time? About 20 hours? I know there's almost no chance of that happening but I really want to pursue my own interests and that requires a lot of time practicing (Drawing/writing/playing instruments)

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I will not go into details, but I view videos of pic related.

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Your Age: 22

Your Location: UK

Your Job: Accountant

Your Salary: £13,500

Your Job Duties: accounts preparation, auditing, occasionally a bit of tax, various other small tasks

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
If you have the choice to go to University, or study a useful qualification with a business, definitely do the latter. Don't even think of going to University unless the course has strong job prospects in the future.

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Where are you located?

>> No.19060

Philadelphia, where SAP's US HQ is.

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>> No.19131

Ah. The going rate in Florida was 45-55. I happened to get the short end of the stick since the other 2 people they hired at my school had Masters degrees and I only will have a B.S.

Glad to hear you are making that much and I hope to be soon. After my first year I have it in my employment contract to be making $53,266 once I finish training and become billable.

Cost of Living is also a lot cheaper here. I will be in Tampa and can rent a comfortable one bedroom 3 miles west of downtown in Hyde Park (one of the nicer areas) for ~600-700. With roomates a 2br goes to ~400.

What kind of work do you do and what is your position within the company now?

>> No.19132


I was thinking the same. I kinda like number crunching though I honestly don't know what accounting actually comprises of, or rather, the inner workings of it. But That's for reinforcing one of my options.

>> No.19146

I can't get too specific due to prior context posted but I work in AGS in service delivery role. I'm extremely happy.

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Your Age: 43
Your Location: Long Island, NY
Your Job: CPA / Partner
Your Salary: Varies, $180,000+
Your Job Duties: everything including billing

Thoughts on the economy: Jobs will steadily increase this year, new jobs = new home sales = good economy (US I mean, anyway)

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: I suppose this is where I say keep your dreams high

>> No.19168

Nice. Must feel good to be set in your career!

>> No.19193

It is. I'm not sure if you work at SAP or not, but it's an excellent place to work. There's plenty of room for upward mobility both at SAP and companies that implement SAP, and you can move between companies (or within SAP) very easily. Don't like what you're doing? Learn something new! It's a big wide world. A friend of mine went from Business Intelligence functional consulting to a support engineer position where he's developing mobile applications without leaving SAP and without drama/issues.

And Tampa definitely is cheaper. My rent is ~$1500/mo for a 2br2ba apartment that I split.

Enjoy your adventure into employment!

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Your Age: 24
Your Location: Canada
Your Job: Ubisoft Toronto
Your Salary: $44,000
Your Job Duties:Level Design on the new Splinter Cell series

Thoughts on the economy: I got mine, fuck everyone else

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's; Seriously its a cut throat world out there get your shit together learn a skill or a trade and make money. Learn something everyday

>> No.19571

What are your everyday duties?

>> No.19597

>Your Age:
>Your Location:
Gulf Coast
>Your Job:
>Your Salary:
>Your Job Duties:
Criminal defense
>Thoughts on the economy:
Whatever I finds, I keeps
>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Don't overthink it. Life doesn't end at 25. Eat your vegetables. Go outside more often.

>> No.19614

I'm graduating in May with hopes to start a career into accounting on Long Island, or NYC.

Have you any advice you may want to share on how to get into the field? Especially on Long Island or NYC?

>> No.19672

Your Age: 31
Your Location:Maryland
Your Job: Owning multiple mcdonalds stores (over 7)
Your Salary: 500-800k a year
Your Job Duties: Staff managment, taking orders from HQ, making sure everything is ok at all stores (Hygeine training and such) making sure all stores get stocked to the amount they need and such

Thoughts on the economy:

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Dont do drugs and get as much education as you can!

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Your Age: 24
Your Location: Ohio
Your Job: Electrical Engineer
Your Salary: $65k/yr
Your Job Duties: I build fighter jet simulators

Thoughts on the economy:
I'd buy a house if I had the cash, but I just started my job last month (right after graduation).

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Have a passion. This should motivate you to succeed. I grew up poor as fuck, and now I am more successful than most of my family. Graduating from a top-5 program also doesn't hurt.
I also declined offers with higher salaries. I want money too, but it is better to enjoy what you are doing on a day-to-day basis.

>> No.19702

>I want money too, but it is better to enjoy what you are doing on a day-to-day basis.

>> No.19779

Can I make a suggestion? You don't even need to go to school to learn how to code. Just get Microsoft cert. You learn how to program for windows phone (C#) and you could easily learn Java (android) from that. it's literally a miniature college degree, and you could probably get a job with it if you had a general associates already, but if you insist on going back to school, do it in system administration. You manage shit and get paid well, especially for an associates. Even for a bachelors degree. and also, you could get it at community college if you wanted, all you need to do is have something to prove yourself worthy.

>> No.19816

/pol/ please go

>> No.19817

Your Age: 20
Your Location: Sweden
Your Job: N/A
Your Salary: N/A
Your Job Duties: N/A

Thoughts on the economy: Halfway down the shitter

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Stay in school, don't be stupid, get good grades, don't think that monetary savings are guaranteed to last

>> No.19900

Tell me as much as you can about your experience with the Big 4 and any advice you may have.

>> No.19910

Faggot you just don't know how to sell yourself. My parents didn't pay for my college because I got a 2000 on my SAT and had high grades. I payed for my own SAT classes by programming apps and building/fixing computers for people. I then used this experience to get a full scolarship. I now have tons of extra cash because I live in the dorms and do payed internships during the summer. How did I do this? I worked my ass off. I made SURE I had certs nobody else in my school had. I now make 150,000 USD a year out of school in comp science. You're only mad because you got a useless degree

>> No.19920

Your Age: 20
Your Location: USA/Texas
Your Job: Lab Assistant
Your Salary: 9.75/hr
Your Job Duties: I prep up oil samples in either cups/tubes/vials for the lab techs can run through the machines

Thoughts on economy: I'm not sure. I'm too focused on trying to enjoy my life and health issues.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: I'm pretty young but I do have something I'd like to say. If you don't have a job and you actually want one then ask your friends and family. Only reason I have my current job is because my brother-in-law vouched for me, since I had no references. I would also like to say that do something you want. Getting paid 5k-10k more but hating your life isn't the way to go. I was offered a position as a Lab Technician but I declined the offer but I don't like the hassle and stress involved with the Tech Position I was offered.

>> No.20136

Your Age: 20
Your Location: Denmark
Your Job: -
Your Salary: -
Your Job Duties: -


>> No.20150

Oops, didn't meant to quote

>> No.20161

We should date

>> No.20195

Your Age: 26
Your Location: Denver
Your Job: Air Quality Consultant
Your Salary: ~41k/yr
Your Job Duties: Copying shit into spreadsheets and filling out forms

>> No.20215

Your Age: 20
Your Location: S. FL
Your Job: "Web Developer"/IT Slave
Your Salary: $15/hr
Your Job Duties: do anything relatively relating to computers that the boss wants. Also you add stuff to the company websites and fix email issues.

Thoughts on the economy: it's shit

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: kill yourself while you have the chance

>> No.20237

Your Age: 22
Your Location: Nashville
Your Job: Equities Analyst
Your Salary: 65k/yr
Your Job Duties:Specific sector break downs, listening to conference calls and writing reports to higher ups who claim my work as theirs.

Thoughts on the economy: Recession comes and goes, lets de-regulate and liberate.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:make your money work for you.

>> No.20241

>gov contracting
>60k Starting
>teach the old boss how to use a computer and programming workflow

CBF about the economy, I am numero uno. I got full coverage and they're paying for my cpa.

Use your fucking schools hiring program. Get an internship before you graduate. Work during school, not in summer. Go to a school near a major city so you can work and do school

also get at least over a 3.0 in your field

>> No.20362

Your Age: 23
Your Location: Canada
Your Job: Marketing Assistant
Your Salary: 38k
Your Job Duties: Introducing new products on a nationwide level

Thoughts on the economy: Tough times for people my age, as baby boomers are choosing to work longer, rather than retire early. There should be a huge void in 10 years once the baby boomers die out, leaving a hole to fill by people my age

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Fake it until you make it. I got jobs where I was severely underqualified for simply because no one else applied and being charismatic in the interview. I'm a shy introvert but I know when my future is on the line, I will bullshit it so hard for an hour.

>> No.20442

Your Age: 18
Your Location: DMV area
Your Job: NEET
Your Salary: zero
Your Job Duties: Cleaning, reading and drawing

Thoughts on the economy:no comment.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: What are you even doing on here? Learn to golf, keep up to date with current events and "it's never too early to start networking"
-my dad

that's good to know, I'm going to be taking some free courses online for programming. The first one is teaching Python.

>> No.20638

Your Age: 40
Your Location: California
Your Job: Java Monkey
Your Salary: real good, 6-figures
Your Job Duties: Monkeying with java

Thoughts on the economy: It's getting better slowly, now's the time

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Start investing now. In something. Anything.

>> No.20678

Age: 18
Location: Australia
Job: Checkout clerk
Salary: $11.21 an hour
Duties: Scan people shit, put it in a bag, take people's money and take people shit when they dish it. I strangely enjoy it though.

Thoughts on the economy:
I'm 18 I don't know shit. But if I had to say anything, they're always economic ups and downs, this one just happened to be bigger because well everything is bigger. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Advice for young anons:
Given that I'm 18, any younger anons who are in school, stay in school and try to enjoy it. Enjoy it meaning take an interest in the assignments you do. Even maths, if you're doing a certain function do some history on it, it's fantastic what you find. AND WORK YOUR FUCKING ASS OFF AND DONT DICK AROUND

>> No.20710


Are these web developer jobs pretty much like this?

>> No.20792

There's a difference between a web "designer" and a web "developer".

Designers do client-side HTML, photoshop, look-and-feel, and needs an artistic eye for things to look nice.

Developers write the back-end code that does the heavy lifting and often don't know art from a hole in the ground. (Speaking for myself, anyway)

From what I've seen, developers get paid much better.

>> No.20825 [DELETED] 
File: 31 KB, 588x514, ss (2014-02-14 at 07.57.38).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just my stock portfolio. College Freshman, majoring in Finance

>> No.20839

Oh uh, wrong thread. oops

>> No.20842

How do I into Java monkey?

>> No.20844

Your Age: 24
Your Location: New York, NY
Your Job: Equity Syndicate
Your Salary: $55,000 excluding bonus
Your Job Duties: Bookbuilding, communicating between sales, investors & traders for IPOs, FOs, and convertibles

Thoughts on the economy:
It's fine

Advice for younger anons:
Finance Major, Comp Sci minor

>> No.20845

How did you get the money to invest in stocks?

>> No.20872

Study java
Get programming job
Do it for 20 years
You are now a java monkey

>> No.20877


But developers also do much more work right? (IT slave like in that poster's job description)

>> No.20886

Why are there so few NEETS here?

>> No.20890

So just grab a book on Java, study it, go to a company, and ask them for a job?

>> No.20909

>Why are there so few NEETS here?
Have you completely glossed over the multiple NEET threads with hundreds of posts in them?

>> No.20916

It depends. The IT world is funny - all of the jobs have a good level of effort and skill needed, but there's a wide difference in salary between many jobs. e.g. Desktop support is generally lower paid, enterprise software is generally higher paid.

Also, there are fashions and fads which could help or hurt your marketability.

>> No.20921

>Your Age:
>Your Location:
Buskerud, Norway
>Your Job:
Working part time in my fathers shop
>Your Salary:
138 NOK per hour (~22 USD)
>Your Job Duties:
Help customers, occasionally mopping the floor.

>Thoughts on the economy:
The current state of the Norwegian economy is good an I have no problems with it.

>> No.20934

Bonds were opened up in my name when I was a baby, they were sold for about 8.7k, so I put them into stocks about a month ago

>> No.20958

Well, maybe I'm glossing over some details here, but generally yes, if you get good enough, you can get your foot in the door. It'll be up to you to manage your career after that.

But, if I had to start at square one, and let's say no degree was possible, I'd start studying java in conjunction with a popular open-source framework or product. For example, Magento is an open-source product that does ecommerce and is used by a lot of companies.

If you get good enough that you can fix some simple bugs or do a simple feature in Magento, you will get attention.

>> No.21024


Your Age: 27

Your Location: East Lansing, MI

Your Job: COO of a glass blowing business/ hookah lounge employee

Your Salary: ~35K

Your Job Duties:working at the lounge. As for my other job I blow glass, order/maintain inventory, go to glass shows, deal with selling product to other people, and taking care of the glass company.

Thoughts on the economy: It's not in the greatest of shape, but whatever.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Get a job and network, utilize every talent you have.

>Leave Blank if you wish

>> No.21050

Age: 35
Location: New Jersey
Your Job: Senior Director in IT Project Delivery department
Your Salary: ~$140k + 15-30% bonus
Your Job Duties: herding cats & data science

Economy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6TrQzNTrRA

Advice: If you ever land an office job, learn how to use Microsoft Excel (incl. pivot tables, external data, etc) like it's the back of your hand.

>> No.21077

Age: 21
Location: western Australia
Job: warehouse officer
Salary: $65k/year
Job duties: doing skids on forklifts and sometimes unloading trucks.

Thoughts on the economy: its getting harder and harder to save each year.

Information I'd like to share for the younger anons: get a degree in something you enjoy.

>> No.21093

Your Age: 27
Your Location: California
Your Job: MD, military officer
Your Salary: 50K plus housing. If you'll say I'm a welfare king, I advise you to stay mad.
Your Job Duties: In three words, managing patient expectations
Thoughts on the economy: Doctors typically know nothing about the economy, but to me it seems to be shitty.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: -Learn about investing from your mistakes
-Don't listen to people who are paid to sell you something
-Expect momentous changes in your life sooner than you previously thought
-Become impeccable with grammar
-Don't enter into a large contract unless you can live with the implications of your decision when you're older (my favorite)

>> No.21103

How's life treating you, you welfare king?

>> No.21122

Your Age: 23
Your Location: My car...
Your Job: Part-Time "Sales Associate"
Your Salary: At worst 400 a month, at best 600.
Your Job Duties: Generic demeaning servitude

Thoughts on the economy: Eh.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Money isn't everything, but it sure as hell makes life easier.

>> No.21134

Your Age: 24
Your Location: Innawoods
Your Job: Gas Station Attendant
Your Salary: $11.65/hr
Your Job Duties: Stock shelves, clean the store, run the register

Thoughts on the economy: It's shit, I wish the happening would happen already

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: I sure hope you are in a better position than me because my life is absolute shit.

>> No.21136
File: 1.99 MB, 302x168, 1255040761359.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tax accountant
tax season i'm making 800 a week
prep business returns

>> No.21183
File: 910 KB, 320x179, 1318265611115.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sorry left out the other info
>Thoughts on the economy:
in the US, i feel like i'll see a major collapse within my lifetime
get a designation asap and start working for it

>> No.21194

It's fucking great! Not a bad living, though I do regret it because I have to deploy after starting a family. Didn't think I would ever marry.

>> No.21208

what do you mean by Bank admin?
most Bank administrators in the states don't just type numbers in

>> No.21212

Your Age: 26
Your Location: MA
Your Job: lab technician
Your Salary: 40k
Your Job Duties: managing multiple laboratories by myself, ranging from bio+chem to dental, phlebotomy, HVAC, diesal. ranges from preparing HCl solutions one day to overhauling a tractor engine, to organizing shelves of organs.

Thoughts on the economy: As far as I can tell, it's improving. I spent the last 2 years working in a shit retail job until i got this. have hope and try to stay active if you aren't getting job responses.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: mostly for people trying to get a job; tailor your resume as much as you possibly can. be organized and keep folders of your resume, cover letters, and job description for each job you apply for. ask for advice from whoever you know about perfecting it. nowadays i've been told companies have systems that prune resumes based on keywords alone, so take it seriously.

also, interviewing is a skill, much like fucking. you might do a shitty job the first couple times but you just gotta bust out those uggers to get better for the ones that you actually want to stay with.

>> No.21215

Your Age: 25
Your Location: No.
Your Job: I have two: full Mechanical Engineer, and full time Iphone Developer
Your Salary: $90k / $80k just started both so they will improve.
Your Job Duties:
Make sure the factory works, improve it, replace broken or failing equipment. / Implement new features and fix bugs our QA team finds.
Thoughts on the economy:
Fuck the economy. Someone is making money which means you can make money.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:

Knowledge, Money, Strength, Creativity, Friendships. Those are the things that make the world go round so learn shit, stay healthy, make money, make friends, and fuck everything else.

Programming is easy and requires no certifications unlike IT but you have to learn to do it. Everything you could need is online.

>> No.21286
File: 94 KB, 192x187, 1359855054619.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I get ~200 dollars per month
used to be more but I haven't uploaded anything in almost 2 years

>> No.21420

>Your Age:

>Your Location:

Your Job:
GIS Technician.
Freelancer Voice Actor

>Your Salary:
$13 and hour and two free classes at the university I work at ($1,400 value)
Varies by project.
$15 an hour.
>Your Job Duties
Create specialized maps for clients.
Record dialog for clients in certain voices.
Update a website that no one goes on.

>Thoughts on the economy:
Bad enough to make me drop out of college to learn things for free with help from the internet.

>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
-Fake it to make it.
-Teach yourself skills on your downtime, especially if your trying to get a liberal farts degree. It's helped me a lot so far.
"When you are asked if you can do a job, tell 'em, 'Certainly I can!' Then get busy and find out how to do it."
-Theodore Roosevelt

>> No.21436

Your Age: 30
Your Location: Australia - SA
Your Job: Sales assistant in a charity store.
Your Salary: $37 + salary sacrifice (about 3k extra tax free)
Your Job Duties: Sorting donations, pricing donations, moving furniture, selling this type of shit on to people.

Thoughts on the economy: Its fucked, more people coming in for welfare support more than ever - I hope Abbot stops the handout society that so many just expect as a given.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: There is no such thing as job security - you don't need to stay loyal to a company - no one checks the previous employment titles, only your listed references.

>> No.21442

fucking unions inflating the north

>> No.21480

Your Age: 22
Your Location: Australia
Your Job: Student
Your Salary: ~$9k in student allowance
Your Job Duties: being a student

I live at home and so I save about half of my income each month, once I get to 5k I'm putting it into an index fund. From what I can tell I'll need something in the vicinity of 100k to make it worth my while to manage my own index ETFs rather than just go via a fund.

>> No.21509

>you don't need to stay loyal to a company.

I have been lied to my whole life.

>> No.21589

Well, I started in a small firm and built my client base with the help of my then-managing partner. Get familiar with excel, doing basic taxes, QBooks.

>> No.21637

Your Age: 23
Your Location: FL
Your Job: Starting senior year Finance/Accounting B.S., part-time intern at boutique IB
Your Salary: $13/hour
Your Job Duties: Mostly looking for target firms at tradeshows/conferences for now, I've worked on the backlog breakout for a client model and written a report on accounting treatment under various standards of IPR&D for an operator looking to sell

Thoughts on the economy: Nothing exciting until interest rates hiked.

>> No.21652


Employers say this kind of stuff to control the job market.

>> No.21702

Age: 21
Location: US (that's all you need to know)
Your Job: Student / tutor
Your Salary: 7.25 (tutor)
Your Job Duties: Chill, do homework and troll my tutees

Age: '' "
Location: NY
Your Job: Investment Analyst
Your Salary: 70k (base) + bonus (varies)
Your Job Duties: Investment research & analysis, asset allocation, support portfolio mangers and senior team members in execution of trades, research investment sensitivities to macro economic and industry specific data, other administrative task

Thoughts on the economy: I will discuss this later

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Networking and self development are key all through out your career and in life. Learn to treasure and the little things in life, do everything wholeheartedly, leave little room for regret and get to truly know yourself and the world around you

>> No.21723

Your Age: 27
Your Location: Brazil
Your Job: University Professor
Your Salary: 5k/month
Your Job Duties: Teaching, training students in my field, research.

Thoughts on the economy: It could be better, but overall better than it's been since I was born.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: don't go into academia, you'll go mad and not make any money.

Leave Blank if you wish

>> No.21749

Your Age: 21
Your Location: Jersey
Your Job: VP, Human Resources
Your Salary: ~$100k/yr
Your Job Duties: Do you want the list of duties according to my job description, or what I actually do daily? Because I don't really do much of anything.

Thoughts on the economy: Time heals all wounds.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Go into HR. This is the life.

>> No.21756

Student/dicking around with my startup
Salary: lol around 1.5k/mo
Very little actually, I just sort of check on things every once in a while and send emails and stuff

The economy: a shit, CAD is a nigger. Good thing most of my clients are murrican

Infos: if you don't get at least a 92 average in your top 6, you're going to get eaten alive by chineses

>> No.21757

>Your Age:
>Your Location:
>Your Job:
Trading associate
>Your Salary:
91k USD fixed + variable depending on performance
>Your Job Duties:
Proprietary trading at the fixed income desk. I basically need to make money by trading with the bank assets.
>Thoughts on the economy:
Looks positive with recent China results that were better than expected, i believe that the US market will continue to get better even with government cuts on helping. The hivemind to sell everything when the help gets smaller has no basis as the economy needs gradually less and less to get on its feet. Good for me because i get to buy stuff cheap
>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Focus on quantitative skills and don't be afraid to work more than 40 hours per week (unless you have little ambitions for your life). A degree in creative stuff, philosophical areas/economics worths nothing.
Also, you aren't anything when you leave the university, you know less than about the trade than the guy running the cafeteria of the company who gets to eavesdrop on talkings so don't be a prick.

>> No.21773

Main street bashes wall street and many financial professionals for the compensation and their perception of the lifestyle and work. Meanwhile some hr reps are doing jack shit and making more money than engineers and other professions that require some level of talent or contribution to society

>> No.21789

You start yet?

>> No.21794

Part of me wants to debate what you're saying, but you're pretty much spot-on.

>> No.21816

No in June. right now i'm still in school

>> No.21821

Nice man, good luck and enjoy it, don't burn out though. Where are you going to be working?

>> No.21836


Thanks. I'll try not to and the work seems enjoyable.

In the investment management division of a large insurance company

>> No.21873

MacKay Shields?

>> No.22049

Your Age: 20
Your Location: ATL
Your Job: Cognitive Science Lab Research
Your Salary: Work study (minimum wage)
Your Job Duties: MRI scans, help code projects

Thoughts on the economy: Everyone always expects a crash, we're actually doing great.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Work on a solid Github profile, programming is the future. Stop wasting time. Everyone wants to be rich, you're not special. Most people are all talk and really have very few skills. Prove your intelligence with tangible projects. Borderline schizophrenic insanity and maniacal faith in yourself is the only way to self-earned wealth. Powerful people are willing to help you if you show you're worth something. A large majority of you reading this will not make it.

>> No.22576

>Your Age:
>Your Location:
Nevada, USA
>Your Job:
>Your Salary:
>Your Job Duties:
Build shit. Concrete, framing, etc etc. Small construction company gets a contract for something and we do whatever is needed to finish it.
>Thoughts on the economy:
It's shit except for certain locations where it's artificially being kept alive. In my location it's gold mining.

>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:

Capitalism is shit.

>> No.22625

Your Age: 21
Your Location: Northern Virginia
Your Job: Intern for local County Govt Supervisor
Your Salary: minimum wage
Your Job Duties: paperwork, making calls, keeping an eye on the budget

Thoughts on the economy: Should be a decent year. I think 2015 will be the same, not sure about 2016 though

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:

-Get scholarships/grants/etc., don't be lazy about that. It's literally free money that you just have to write a passable essay/letter for
-the second your professor mentions the word "internship", speak to him after class about getting connected with one.
-get a part time job and save some money from it

>> No.22722

Can you offer any insight on how to obtain a higher up salary as human resources?

Like how you yourself stood out from other candidates?

>> No.22768

Senior Equity & Credit Analyst at a hedge fund
125k + performance bonus
>Job duties:
Read a lot, talk to people who agree with what I read, talk to people who disagree with what I read, figure out who is wrong, and implement a strategy to take money from people who think like them.
>Thoughts on the economy:
Just about every popular theory and explanation is wrong, especially if it's on CNBC or in the WSJ/Bloomberg.com etc. Austrians are idiots, Keynesians are idiots, and everything I learned in school about finance and economics was taught to me by an idiot. The most valuable skill you can ever learn is how to divorce your opinions from your objective knowledge, and the second most valuable skill is how to identify when someone else is speaking from opinion instead of objective knowledge.
>Other advice/Information for younger anons:
I got my job from an unpaid internship. Pretty much everyone I know who graduated with an offer in hand got their job from an internship too. It is not what you know, it's who you know, but good grades will help too. I moved to Chicago knowing nobody and developed a solid professional network after 1 year of school, so I always had paid internships ready. Just email/call people, especially alumni from your school, they can hook you up if they like you.

Learn how to structure and support a proper argument. Introduction to Logic is a good start, then look for what text books top law schools use and torrent them if you can. There are a lot of stupid people out there who are immune to reason but they aren't the people you need to impress to get started.

Pay attention in math class. Focus on concepts over memorization in any class. "How can I make this simpler to retain?" should always be on your mind. Memorizing when to use shit * (1+r)^t and shit / (1+r)^t is hard to explain, but learning "shit compounded" and "shit discounted" is simple and carried me way ahead of my peers.

>> No.22809

To the richfags: What do you even spend money on? Do you spend money in the first place? If not, are you saving it for something?

>> No.24063

Houston, TX
Job Hunter, worked as barback 4 months ago.
Don't have any

We'll have to default sometime in the future.

Could care less about younger folks (unless it's the generation after the swagfags, they seem very smart).

>> No.24107

>mfw im in northern va too
did you go to college in state or something?

>> No.24146

What do you think about actual economic growth prospects?

My pet theory is that higher inputs, mostly from petrol, are causing a drag on all areas of growth that can't really be made up for. ever.

>> No.24172

Your Age: 29
Your Location: Australia
Your Job: Data Entry
Your Salary: $48-50K
Your Job Duties: High volume transaction processing. Assessment of paperwork and customer requests. Actioning of daily reports. Processing ad-hoc complex requests received from frontline or call-centres.

Thoughts on the economy: Abbott needs to die.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Get your degree first, or take a year off then work full-time and study part-time. Moving up is almost impossible unless you can sweet-talk your way with management. Set yourself up so you can basically walk into a job.

Or do a trade.

>> No.24222

For the US or global? Usually if someone says petrol they're British so I don't want to be myopic but:
US: 2%ish. QE1 successfully solved the liquidity crisis but QE2+ has been worthless because there is no demand for credit, and no new credit = no new money in the real economy. The only people that want to borrow can't because they either have lower incomes to service their debt, or they haven't finished paying their debt down to serviceable levels, or the damage to their credit rating from 07-08 hasn't fallen off yet. We have at least a year until anything good happens here imo.

I think your pet theory on oil prices is fair too, but it could be overcome if banks were lending, which they aren't.

Worldwide: EMs are shit and all have credit bubbles of varying degrees to muddle through. Developed markets are still shit from 07-08; Europe is still a nightmare and has a long, long way to go to resolve its issues. China is a drag, South America is a drag, lol Russia, etc. Everything is a pretty big clusterfuck really. I'm not a great macro guy though.

>> No.24347

I guess you kind of said it, but I'm assuming investing in emerging markets aren't that good of an idea then?

How about investing in Eastern Poland?

>> No.24394

US and global.

I agree with all markets being drags right now, which is why I'm skeptical that increased lending can fix anything. Because the credit worthiness of the borrowers will never improve.

Even if somehow, miraculously, borrowers gained 20 iq points and had a massive wealth of savings, i.e. the case of japan or korea, increased productivity from business and consumer loans would only serve to drive up what I imagine is the main cause of the problem in the first place, which is petrol prices. I actually think that's precisely the reason why the japanese central bank still suppresses consumer credit. They don't want it to harm their primary manufacturing.

If, indeed, oil has nothing to do with it, then I also imagine fewer of the EMs wouldn't be getting priced out right now. Particularly SE asia. It's obvious they had a massive consumer and industrial loan bubble going on, but they can outprice china in production. I can't help but feel they are feeling pressure from energy costs.

But what do I know, I haven't even made junior analyst yet, so.

>> No.24421

I couldn't tell you tbh. We are very US focused, so I only know about EMs insofar as they affect my coverage names. I know not to touch Argentina with a 10 foot stick at least.

That said, the time to buy is when blood is running in the streets etc. I'm sure at least one EM is getting beat up unfairly just because the others are shit. Maybe India? I don't know enough to put any conviction behind that.

I think Poland is doing pretty well? They passed a lending thing late last year and the government is taking its foot off consumers' and lenders' necks. I don't know anything about their consumers' and business' balance sheets though. I think they are a bright spot among the EMs getting beat up by their membership in the EU, and they will be held back as a consequence.

>> No.24498

But you still can't spell "paid"

>> No.24538

rockwell collins?

>> No.24544

Gas may well be a problem globally. I was more talking about American consumers, who will buy gas at anything below $4 per gallon as long as they have capacity. But if the CC maxes out and their income is barely enough to make their minimum monthly payments, then they can't afford gas at any price and it becomes irrelevant.

I'm kind of kicking myself because the auto loan boom in late 2013 bothered me but I didn't do anything about it. Now it's obvious: how can persistently overleveraged consumers afford a new car? They couldn't.

While you're right that improved economic activity may drive up oil prices short term, I think supply is more of a factor. OPEC is being a dick but non-OPEC countries are working on bridging the gap and can hopefully reverse some of the damage.

I don't think you're off-base with the effect of oil prices on foreign countries. But I think China et al are tying up a lot of their capital in bubble speculation, and the government is gleefully engaging in serious malinvestment for the sake of GDP. Those are both bigger issuers for them than oil prices.

Are you sure on Japan? Their bank is pushing hard on consumer lending, especially mortgages and credit cards. I think Japanese people are wary of credit in general because of their propensity to save. So it's not so much that the bank is suppressing lending (quite the opposite) but that the people don't care to borrow. That is a very serious problem for their economy.

>> No.24570
File: 43 KB, 384x715, 879789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your Age: 21
Your Location: Canada
Your Job: Cleaner
Your Salary: $15k
Your Job Duties: Cleaning...

Thoughts on the economy: Great economy in Canada.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Stay in school and don't fuck up. The most important thing is school. School.

>> No.24605


Do you do a lot of hands-on work? Or are you more into the design of things while a technician builds the design?

Currently a college student here who's thinking of switching in or dualing with a degree in EE. I love the curriculum, but don't really like hands-on stuff like tearing apart circuits or soldering stuff. Do you do that a lot?

>> No.24671

If I'm reading china's moves right, which I most certainly am not, completely, they are pumping themselves up so that they can sell to a largely hollowed out post-manufacturing population in the west, while enjoying independence in determining the prices they sell at.

I think they're quite aware that our industrial policy at this point is beholden to entitlement recipients. They've been bullying our manufacturers and legislators for years by plying such points.

No doubt they'll crash at some point. But I think the capital controls are so strict they're mostly focusing on setting themselves up to be in a better position than us to recover afterwards.

As far as japanese credit, I'm fairly sure. I'm wary of western coverage of asian economic news for precisely this reason. The japanese finance ministry pretends to cowtow to washington. They've done it for 50 fucking years. First they promised to balance our their foreign accounts surplus with us, they never did. Now washington is trying to push them to reinflate their housing sector through cheap credit. I think they're being duplicitous about this as well. They've pushed through the technical laws providing the home loan credit itself, but none of the ability to slacken zoning laws, free up availability, etc. They're lying to us precisely because with their shrinking population, housing prices are going to fall, and they don't want the bubble to hit them twice as hard.

They literally pay western journalists to report news straight from their press clubs, which might as well be mandates from the state.

The japanese are certainly suppressing lending. They only believe in industrial loans.

They're also telling us they're working on opening immigration. Which obviously isn't going to happen.

>> No.24696

Didn't like school. Found a job that in sales that I enjoy and nets me 50-60k a year and I'm 21. School can suck it; the most overrated, hyped up thing to ever happen to America (or Canada?). Not that there's anything wrong with school, but if you can't get a nice job without a degree, you probably deserve the mediocre job you have. In America everyone is told that they're smart. Legitimately dumb people have "learning disabilities", "adhd", etc. No mother fucker. You are dumb. And that's okay. But please don't bitch about how you can't get a job because 1) you can, it's just not one you want 2) you are where you are because that's where you fucking belong. Anon I really doubt school has much to do with your $15k a year job. I think you might not be the smartest tool in the shed and that's okay. But don't blame your position on a "lack of schooling". A smart person without a degree can nail an interview at a decent job and get hired easily. At least in America. I suggest picking up a trade. It is basically guaranteed that you get an apprenticeship somewhere mother fucker.

>> No.24867

>I got a 2000 on my SAT
>payed not paid

Yeah, really.

>> No.25078

Your Age: 21
Your Location: Louisiana
Your Job: Student, IT Desk Assistant
Your Salary: $8.50/hr, ~17 hrs/wk
Your Job Duties: Helping students connect to wireless, DBAN'ing their computers because of virus infections that get them blocked from the network, and giggling to myself every time a pornographic DMCA gets filed in the system. Seriously, two of them have been tickle porn. It's great.

Thoughts on the economy: Well, by all metrics, I'm in decent shape for chances at employment in CISM or ISA, so I'm not worried about much. I just hope nothing insane happens with Obama poking student loans with his sharp Executive Order Stick that causes the degree bubble to pop before I get the fuck outta here.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: If you're coming into Uni thinking you're hot shit because you're enrolled in STEM majors, keep your fucking mouth shut until your Junior year about your "superiority", because 70% of you are going to change majors. Also, PLEASE change majors as soon as you start hating Engineering. If you hate it, you don't want a job in it; fuck the paycheck. There's no shame in taking a major in Information Systems or Comp Sci instead.

>> No.25102 [DELETED] 

Your Age: 16
Your Location: Australia, NSW
Your Job: Junior IT Help-desk / Manager
Your Salary: $18/hr
Your Job Duties: It's a ~80 person company between me and the IT Manager. I do all simple help-desk tasks and troubleshooting dealing with end users, while studying in my Cert IV in Networking, and learning about Active Directory and Pronto so I can be of more assistance than I already am. A lot of the time I run out of work, so I do my TAFE work at work, or browse the internet.

Thoughts on the economy: I'm too young to really have an idea on our economy, and act like I'm right or my opinion matters.

>> No.25132

Student/Cash Room Clerk
Count money, fix problems that other people create, observe how fucking stupid unions and middle management are

I think the economy is good enough for me. Our advisors are making us about 6-7% on our principal even though we're always taking money out for every day expenses, so in reality they're making almost 8-9% each year. I was able to get a job a year and a half ago and education is going well. I hate how far the US has strayed from its principles so I have a plan to leave the country in the event things get even shittier.

>> No.25141

>Your Age:19
>Your Location: Australia
>Your Job: Dairy farmhand
>Your Salary: 15k per year, free accommodation, as much produce as i can eat/find use for
>Your Job Duties: everything from milking to troubleshooting electronic monitoring systems, feeding, cleaning and slaughtering pigs, etc. primary industries
>Thoughts on the economy: due to governmental knee-jerk reactions from a current affair program on live cattle exports, my parents sold their previously successful meat cattle farm and retired, despite not really having enough in savings to afford life. primary industries throughout the country got shafted.
>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
be prepared for the worst, you can be flying on clouds and get completely ruined by circumstances completely out of your control.

>> No.25171

>Your Age:
>Your Location:
>Your Job:
>Your Salary:
~500k (before tax)
>Your Job Duties:
Pretty self-explanatory, really.
>Thoughts on the economy:
I feel like high-earners in Australia pay a ridiculous amount of tax. Not sure if it is comparable to other countries...
>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Study hard and if you plan to go to university, be very careful when picking your discipline.

>> No.25262

Is that you're own practice?

>> No.25283

I'm in patnership with someone I went through dental school with.

>> No.25291


*partnership, sorry.

>> No.25316

Implying you're even a fifth of that at 23.

herp derp u lie

>> No.25371
File: 1.13 MB, 3264x2448, DSC_0065.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't blame you for being sceptical. I'd doubt it too if I was in your position tbh. Anyway, not that it's concrete proof or anything, but here's a pic of some of my car keys and some gold grills I made for lols.

>> No.25386

>gold grills
get the fuck out nigger

>> No.25397


the keys prove nothing, the grillz are cool.

I mean, its an A100 and a boxter, well, you know what I am saying.

but I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

How many dentists and assistants?

>> No.25429


All good man, it's more to amuse myself (and you guys) than anything. 2 dentists, we have a bunch of DA's, but only 3 working at any given time.

PS - It's a TT and a Cayman haha.

>> No.25438


Weird choice of cars, basically the same for all practical intents and purposes.. anyways.

So 4 dentists total including yourselves?

>> No.25444

Your Age: 20, M
Your Location: Australia
Your Job: Storeman
Your Salary: $19.16/hr
Your Job Duties: Warehouse duties

~15k AUD
315 DOGE
72k TIPS

>> No.25505
File: 879 KB, 760x960, lel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The TT is an older model, I actually bought it when I was in my final year of dent school. The Cayman was a nice upgrade last year. Will look into a Gallardo or Aventador when I'm 25-27.

>> No.25538


The invoice doesnt let me know if its to you or from you, either way.

So you guys are doing $300 profit per day per person, with a turnover of what.. 500/day/person?
60% profit on turnover?

>> No.25559


>> No.25565

How long does Dental school take

>> No.25599


I am interested, I run a small business and my partner is in his industry.

>> No.25635

Your Age:20
Your Location: Italy
Your Job: NEET
Your Salary: 0. i get 50€ bonus on christmas by grandas and stuff like that
Your Job Duties: clean my room, change bedsheets.

Thoughts on the economy:
it would be cool to learn stuff.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:

lol dunno

>> No.25644

>Cleaner/Full Time Student
>It's not as bad as everyone thinks. Work hard and get money. If all else fails start a band.
>If all else fails start a band

>> No.25677 [DELETED] 

>So you guys are doing $300 profit per day per person, with a turnover of what.. 500/day/person?60% profit on turnover?
top kek. I really hope your partner isn't doing $300 profit per day per person...

5 years in Australia. I've heard the process in the US is longer, and possibly more competitive?

>> No.25691
File: 1.11 MB, 960x540, uwotm8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So you guys are doing $300 profit per day per person, with a turnover of what.. 500/day/person?60% profit on turnover?
top kek. I really hope your partner isn't doing $300 profit per day per person...

5 years in Australia. I've heard the process in the US is longer, and possibly more competitive?

>> No.25743


I dont follow most of your post, I was guessing his profit per person per day and guessing the profit as a percentage from that.

>> No.25772


Yes, it's just that your guessing was hilariously inaccurate. The $14k from that first picture? Treatment for a single patient. The $3500 from the second? Same deal.

>> No.25786

That literally looks like Monopoly money. Must be Aussie.

>> No.25799
File: 134 KB, 640x480, 20131111_014632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


But only 500k a year?

What are you doing wrong?

Also pic related, I can do the same thing. So what?

>> No.26081

Your Age: 19
Your Location: Sweden
Your Job: Customer Service
Your Salary: $15 per hour
Your Job Duties: Helping idiots understand shit about their mobile phone and subscription

Thoughts on the economy: good for me, going to uni in august. Already did some game programming, concept arts and 3d modelling before and lots in my spare time. Think and hope game developer will be a nice job

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Grades aren't everything, really depends on what you want to do later in life. It's mostly good for getting into school later, not as important when looking for a job

>> No.26213

basically thats me, dont worry bro, just be an entrepreneur, give value to other people, educate yourself about money, business and we will be all-right

>> No.26216

>Based Australia
>electrical technician
>450k a year (570k with wifes salary)
>either working for free around my neighbourhood or overseas in Saudi arabia or up at the mines. basically anything electrical, i work on projects getting built and make sure the electrical side of things are up to scratch
>Honestly don't follow it nor do i care, either way life is good and i give to the community.

very few of you will be better than me in life.
don't get into debt unless you are certain you can pay it off within a months period. you have property rights learn them.
if you make lots of money don't be tight and don't try to jew people out of more money, give back to community instead of taking from it.

and remember if your life fails, and you lose everything over investments, loans, debt or whatever it may be, if you have nothing left to offer just remember you can still offer your life.

>> No.26252

>those disgusting fingers

I don't envy you 1 bit

Also, how'd you do it?

>> No.26259

Melbourne, Australia
$40-80 an hour
Depends on the job. Usually, camera operation and logistics. If it's a larger production, I'm DoP and technical supervisor.

>> No.26263

Oh, and advice: START EARLY.

>> No.26266

sure thing melbourne
i knew this board would attract you poofs

>> No.26274

I bet you live in Sydney. Denial, denial everywhere.

>> No.26313
File: 150 KB, 425x282, Worried Manager.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MFW aussies getting paid 3X the average wage around the world and STILL complain about taxes

>> No.26315

Glorious WA reporting in.

and QLD bro's are you able to help me.

i have 800k saved for a home/ property in another state, i believe QLD is basically the same as WA (I believe we are slightly more bogan) and i was wondering where would be a nice quiet town or area in QLD for me to buy a property?



I want to live somewhere where its like these songs. I have 2 places in Perth but I want one in another state. and obviously away from large civilisation hubs.

should i buy now or wait a few years?

>> No.26318

Your Job Duties: clean my room, change bedsheets.

i lol'd

>> No.26329

We do?

>> No.26331

you realise we complain about everything right?
its an unwritten law that its our right to have a whinge.

>> No.26334

North Brisbane is quite nice. Moreton bay region.

West of surfers paradise and west of brisbane is also nice.

Don't buy anything in the logan area or South brisbane.
North Gold Coast is mostly for families.

>> No.26339

Shut up cunt get out of my thread cunt

>> No.26342

Age: 24
Location: GTA
Job: Weapons Research and Development at Colt Canada
Salary: 9-10k a month
Job Duties: Chemical Research for gunpowder. Also supervise logistics and training of staff below me

Thoughts on the Economy: I honestly barely pay attention to the economy. As long as Canada is involved in the international scene, I will always have a job. I am more concerned about politics at this rate

Tips for younger anons:

Definitely stay in school. Pick a USEFUL degree (math or science). But the most important of all: MAKE connections, especially JEWISH connections.

>> No.26352

>forgets to mention highest cost of living in the world

>> No.26373

>especially JEWISH connections.

>> No.26378

>Don't buy anything in the logan area or South brisbane.
yea i know them places are a no go.

>North Brisbane is quite nice.
ive heard its nice basically anywhere north of brisbane. how true is this? i know in WA its pretty rough the more north you go.

>North Gold Coast is mostly for families.
alright i'll look into this area.
anyone know what the housing market is like in QLD? I hear the australian market is bad now? do i buy now or wait a few years?

>> No.26387

How to find Jews?

>> No.26400

>glue coin to floor
>sit 10m away watching it
>approach the people trying to pick up the coin

>> No.26403

>Your Age:
>Your Location:
>Your Job:
>Your Salary:
>Your Job Duties:
Remix and stuff
>Thoughts on the economy:
If you make below 60k your screwed
>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Dont buy big brands, and dont buy something for the label/ fashion.

>> No.26405

I'm the anon you replied to my dad owns a mortgage brokering company, prices are fucking rock bottom right now, no one is buying because renting is a billion times cheaper and people who want a house usually buy a plot in an upcoming suburb. so you will get a good price. Sydney is over inflated along with Melbourne.

>> No.26415

Man W.A. straight up sucks. Only good place is city beach

>> No.26426

>Bum picks up coin
>How's life in an oven?
>because you're a Jew
>>get stabbed

T-thanks /biz/ i mork marney nowz

>> No.26445

alright cheers.

yea wasnt looking into sydney or melbourne.
maybe the countryside.

so you think if i was to buy a property and or house out in the bush now would be a good time?
im not looking to invest and sell it later i wish to keep it till the day i die and my kids can use it as a holiday home.

for young people i can see how.
especially since all they care about is drinking and partying.

but for me. i love it, we have lots of parks, which i enjoy picnicking, walking the dog, sports every now and then. there is actually lots to do, you just need to find it.

>> No.26461

Nah, not like partying or anything but it just lack growth. Yeah, sure they're doing that expansion thing near the bell tower and they renovated the train station but their is still a lot missing. Not to mention mining making everything more expensive (or so I hear)

>> No.26466

Your Age: 23
Your Location: NY
Your Job: Owner of a software business and I also trade FX.
Your Salary: $100-120k/yr
Your Job Duties: Everything.

Thoughts on the economy: It's fine, suck it up and stop being a faggot.

Information you would like to share for younger anon's: Don't give up just because people here are inept. A very important trick to success is to be arrogantly optimistic about becoming wealthy/healthy/great at something. Just because others are fucking retards doesn't mean you have to be.

>> No.26488

perth has a lot missing because unlike Melbourne and sydney and brisbane, we dont have lots of people living in the city itself.
its all CBD. other than northbridge. and the few shopping centres.
I like it like that though, less crime, peaceful. but i kind of agree it could do with a bit more.
im glad they are doing it slowly, instead of rushing it and ruining everything.

everything is more expensive but i believe we get paid more

>> No.26506

Did you study IT or Business or Both or Neither?

>> No.26509

how did you become owner of a software business?
inherit it or build it yourself?

>> No.26518

you'll be fired some time in the next 16 months

>> No.26520

Built it myself from scratch. My family is dirt poor, so no inheritance.

>> No.26535

good job anon. now tell me, do you support your family, and help them out?
if you do that in my eyes you are the greatest type of person that exists

>> No.26536

He's not. That post was a weak trolling attempt.
Way to get b8ed though.

>> No.26549

how do you know?
im wealthy and come on 4chan because i get lonely sometimes. people on here are easy to get on with regardless of who they are.
not everyone is a looser like you

>> No.26562

Lol what? Why/how would it be a troll post? I'm genuinely curious.

Most of my family stopped talking to me. I still send gifts on holidays and whatnot. I do support my mother financially, though. She doesn't deserve it, in my eyes, but hopefully she'll learn and grow up.

I also have a wife and 2 kids so it's like we're starting a new family anyway. :)

>> No.26594

>Your Age:
19, male
>Your Location:
>Your Job:
None, I'm an uni student
>Your Salary:
>Your Job Duties:
>Thoughts on the economy:
There's so many things wrong in my country, mainly high taxes and bad public services, also this gommie mentality, I want Dilma to leave
Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:

>> No.26595

>Lol what? Why/how would it be a troll post? I'm genuinely curious.
he is one of them people who think nobody on 4chan can be more successful than him.

im glad you still send gifts, and support your mother, you are a good man. i know people who are like you ( i assume you are like them from what youve said)

congrats on the family.

see this man everyone. this is a man of success , this is what you should be aiming for.

>> No.26613

Was about to freak out about how little everyone is getting paid until I saw some fellow Aussies.

Still feeling a bit worried about going into to IT industry though. From what I hear the pay:work ratio is shit.

Any tips on what area to focus on over my final 2 years of Uni?(not that you want more competition)

>> No.26626

work the mines cunt.
go to coober pedy

>> No.26640

I would have thought this stuff was trolls but a guy I went to primary school is now a millionaire through software.

You simply make software/apps that is good/wanted... sell it for what ever you can.

Tell friends who can business/program/market that you know through uni.

Straight away they say "OMG I WANT MONEY TOO" and get on board. You now have 5 employees. If you get to this point and it starts getting successful, it's not long before you're putting out job opportunity ads and have a floor of a building.

>> No.26645

>see this man everyone. this is a man of success , this is what you should be aiming for.
Thanks man, it means a lot. I hope you're living a great life. Sounds like it from one of your posts above :)

>> No.26648

software is one of those things you can do with almost no money, and just free time.

>> No.26676

np bro seeing people like you gives me hope for humanity.
im doing fairly well, no kids yet though..... hopefully soon.

im not the most educated man so Im not sure how it works, but he built himself up from being dirt poor, and he became more than just average joe, he became rather successful, easy or not he still made it when i know lots of people struggling to find work with their engineering degrees.

>> No.26703

Your Age: 27
Your Location: New York
Your Job: Mailroom Clerk
Your Salary: $10/hr
Your Job Duties: Sorting mail, running a postage machine, running a mail insert machine, scanning documents, going to the post office, handing out supplies
Thoughts on the economy: Shit is crazy and unpredictable
Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Don't just think college is the route to go. Trade school is a viable option. Also, don't be afraid to live with your parents until you are financial stable enough to get out and stay out.

>> No.26708

>implying this isnt samefaggin

>> No.26730

Your Age: 23
Your Location: Buckinghamshire (but moving to London)
Your Job: Marketing Analyst
Your Salary: £22k
Your Job Duties: Updating charts in Excel and Powerpoint

Thoughts on the economy: It's great right now, we are just at the start of a new bubble. Unemployment is plummetting, interest rates will rise soon. I picked the perfect time to start investing.

>> No.26763

I studied MIS.

>> No.26840

Your Age: 30
Your Location: New England
Your Job: Investor Relations for a small/mid sized bank
Your Salary: 55k, or about 65k with benefits (generous ESOP contribution). Ask me again in a month after bonus and raise comes in
Your Job Duties: file stuff with the SEC, stock awards accounting, putting together presentations for investor conferences, talking to retail shareholders

Thoughts on the economy: its not going to collapse anytime soon.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: finance and accounting degrees will never go out of style

>> No.26953

Your Age: 24
Your Location: Philadelphia, PA
Your Job: Analyst
Your Salary: 37,800
Your Job Duties: I manage a data company's proprietary database, fill back end errors, and respond/communicate with client and internal issues.

The economy is meh but companies are using it as a crutch to not pay anyone dick.

>> No.27341

Your Age:25
Your Location: London
Your Job: Business Partner
Your Salary: varies
Your Duties: planning and negotiations

Thoughts on the economy: Not my area but I hear its not doing so good.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Have a good lawyer and lots of connections most especially in major banks and the government. Adapt and expand, this can not be said enough ADAPT AND EXPAND.

>> No.27408

$55k/yr as a high school teacher? Do you teach private?

>> No.27441


>software consultant


Get back the undergrad faggot. I have an MIS bachelors too. Max pay grade for us is 70k after 10 years of work.

Shut the fuck up

>> No.27678

Nigga don't be jelly because he makes more.

82k for a 23 year old in software consulting isn't too outlandish.

You have an MIS which is a glorified business degree. He might actually have a real computer science background.

>> No.27772

go live in denmark lol

>> No.27792

unless you promote the shoah over in POL on the same 4chan pass

>> No.27879

Your Age: 21
Your Location: British Columbia
Your Job: Welder
Your Salary: 10.25/ hour
>Your Job Duties:
i'm all over the place now, but mainly I'm there to weld school furniture.

>Thoughts on the economy:
slow as fuck, I was lucky to get this job for the relevant experience in my field.

>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
if you want to make money as a tradesman, you have to leave the god damn city.

I also have a question, is there any advice on how I should leave the province? I want to get into Alberta where everything is cheaper and everyone gets paid more.

recently, the provincial government decided to change everything so that I would have to take 2 separate courses to get my pressure ticket and red seal. I want to have both but it looks like that can take a very long time.

>> No.27921

I actually have an MIS degree and, believe it or not, I make $82K/yr (I'll actually make a little more since $82K is annual compensation with meets expectation bonus and I'm going to get an extra 3% for exceeding expectations). I put in long hours, work weekends often, work odd hours (e.g. 5PM-5AM shift) when needed, and bust my ass to not only learn new things but am actually qualified enough to give presentations and teach courses in certain areas related to my work, both internally and in a customer facing capacity.

And I'm getting a non-negligible raise in March.

>> No.27923

300k starting
all the hot pockets i want.

>> No.27999
File: 1010 KB, 1600x900, an hero.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your Age: 24
Your Location: Florida, Amurkah
Your Job: Finance Student
Your Salary: 8/hr
Your Job Duties: Temp office support at local insurance/advisory
Thoughts on the economy: Looking forward to the collapse, but I don't have the time or resources to make significant preparations. Ideally I should enlist to take advantage of martial law.
>Graduate in May from state school
>31k in student loans
>No time to research employers/ schedule interviews
>Put on tons of weight stressing out over flunking upper-level Accounting and networking
>4k set aside to find work
>Only thing I have received calls for so far are commission only sales positions under the title of “Financial Advisor”
>Business Analyst/Commercial Lending are ideal since I want to get back into Entrepreneurship after paying off my debt
How fucked am I /biz/?
Should I order the helium tanks and oven bag?

>> No.28025

That sounds really similar to what I do, but 13 years younger, only making 60k, and in a junior position. Make sure you get PowerPivot for Excel, makes some things a lot easier.

>> No.28052
File: 69 KB, 947x469, lel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I doubt this will convince you of anything but whatever. Listed amount is base. 82K figure comes from expected bonus at the average "meets expectations" bonus percentage (I exceeded so I'll get a bit extra next month).

If you think the max is $70K with an MIS degree you are totally wrong. Maybe in the exact area you picked.

>what's the card
Global Entry card is issued by US Customs, it makes re-entering the US easier. I used it because it's less identifying than a driver's license, which identifies my state.

>> No.28067

>>28052 here
was meant as a reply to >>27441
sage to avoid pointless bumping

>> No.28596

Canterbury, kent
none, first year uni student looking for interships and any retail, construction or Stewart jobs available.
6 or 7k off a loan a year about 200 to 400 a year via magic the gathering

Boom bust are inevitable in a market economy, George Osborne is amazing

hide your hatred of other people, I have both ADHD and anger management issues (both real and diagnosed by both professional biologists and psychologists) and I am still able to do this. There is no excuse even for your age, being honest about how you feel about people won't get you anywhere, people hate that and you need people to get ahead in live.

Being gay is better than being straight in later life if you're not a faggot about it, homosexual couples I've found to be more stable than straight ones and more psychologically healthy. Gay Men tend to be less needy and spoilt than women and more interdependent and grateful.

baby boomers are cunts, they only care for themselves and have left future generations (particularly 80s kids) the bill for all the soical program and useless degrees they got, most fo them pay no respect to anyone and blame everyone for there own failures in life.

Do a course that's useful and ignore your parents advice, the economy changes all the time, Most of the STEM's will cycle out like they always do and be replaced with something better, be aware of that, teaching is honestly not a bad idea if its at the college or uni level, the social science while not as bad as 4chan makes out are still no that great and require you to be already active in the field you're doing a course (e.g. if you're doing politics join a party and attended meetings, if you're doing sociology do some of your own field research and try to get them published)

>> No.31639
File: 38 KB, 284x423, angry-guy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your Age: 24
Your Location: Ontario
Your Job: Canada's Next top model Photo manipulator
Your Salary: Internship, Enslaved for "experience" i actually PAY in Subway money to come work here
Your Job Duties:removing freckles and moles from women's faces before plastering their heavily modified image on huge billboards across the city

Thoughts on the economy:Everyone is too pussy to do something about it

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: NEVER take no for an answer

>> No.31763

Who you sailing with. Amerifat Mariner here.

>> No.32234

Your Age: 21
Your Location: Netherlands
Your Job: snackbar / delivery
Your Salary: 7,50 / hour
Your Job Duties: delivery, sell food

Thoughts on the economy: I really don't give a fuck

>> No.32297

designers work more on how it looks, html, css, etc
developers make the thing work, api, framework, etc

>> No.32339


figures, go put back daddy and mommy's car keys downstairs and go to bed.

>> No.32361

>santa barbara, CA; USA

>good. I trust that the people invested in it are working towards their own self interests, which is the foundation of a capitalist economy

>don't stop at ur BS. get your PhD

>I don't want to have to move to get a legit job, but I'm pretty much forced to do so.

>> No.32411


>MIS degree

yeah, in the real world we call that "project management"

note 1: you don't need a BS in MIS or project management

note 2: you can get infinitely more valuable paper "experience" (eg qualifications) by attending a PMI or equivalent type of program, which is the equivalent of one or two community college courses



you will learn it all.

>> No.32412

Your Age: 25
Your Location: Ontario
Your Job: Sys. Admin
Your Salary: 39k, I got this job with no experience other than going to school, so I'm not complaining. Besides they said they would give me more money as I get certs, etc.
Your Job Duties: Mostly VMWARE and Server maintenance, among other shit like infrastructure planning.

Thoughts on the economy: Probably will collapse, I don't really care, my life is literally go to work come to my apartment and play video games by myself.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Pick a major that is actually in demand, don't take shitty majors and then complain like a faggot about how there are no jobs for your fucking african womens gender degree.

>> No.32425



>mfw I had to download pirated copies of all of VMWARE's software so that I could learn how to use it just so that I could get a job.

>> No.32452

Yeah, I learned ESXI, Vcenter and all that other shit for my job.

>> No.32636

SDE for one of the big four tech companies
$95k plus RSUs plus 401k plus benefits
Write and test code, design APIs, contribute to meetings, think up new cool stuff

Economy's doing pretty well I think, or at least a lot better than the last few years. I honestly don't pay too much attention however. There are a lot of homeless people right outside my apartment and that's hard to ignore. I feel guilty about getting so much money for what I do.

Info for younger anons: don't chase after money. Don't waste your life studying and preparing like I did. My life's a trainwreck outside of work and my coworkers are all a bit worried about me anyway. Get out of your dorm room and go make some friends. If you're shy, or anxious, or depressed or whatnot, get therapy, it's never too late for it. Money does not buy happiness no matter what anyone tells you. It doesn't even really buy security or peace of mind, all you do is worry about retention. I thought that after I got this job, everything else would sort itself out; but so far I've basically been living like a NEET basement-dweller in a slightly less dank apartment, and it's a miserable state of mind to be in. I don't have friends out here, I don't get out for anything but work, I don't even really play vidya or do any of the non-hobbies I had back home. I enjoy what I do for a living but when I come home it's to a bleak nothing.

>> No.32677

>Your Age:
>Your Location:
>Your Job:
Web developer / head engineer (medium sized startup)
>Your Salary:
~$34k (with all deductions)
>Your Job Duties:
Supervision, application architecture, development
>Thoughts on the economy:
Getting a US salary in this corrupted shithole feels guiltily good. You go, guys!
>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
If you're in software development, you're in luck. You don't have to waste money on education, everything is out there. Technology changes too quickly for any standard education system to follow.

>> No.32721


>> No.32751
File: 31 KB, 579x366, gay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Being gay is better than being straight in later life if you're not a faggot about it
Do you include 'self-hating' in 'being a faggot about it'?

This is getting off track for /biz/ but from my perspective, just from the numbers (extremely low number of married/domestic partner households, and depression/suicide rates especially) it's genuinely not something to be celebrated. Everything I've heard anecdotally (which tends to be backed up by said numbers) suggests that gay men aren't interested in monogamy and their relationships are anything but stable. But maybe that's just seeing everything through shit-colored glasses

>> No.33248

How did you buy multiple McDonald's?

>> No.33346

>Your Age:
>Your Location:
>Your Job:
>Your Salary:
around 20,000
>Your Job Duties:
take drugs, make terrible art and try and sell it to morons

>> No.33410

> Record myself. comment on videos, network with fellow YouTubers, Video editing, and well, finding drama.

>I will not go into details, but I view videos of pic related.

So you are a youtuber who has so little confidence in your work that you fell it unnecessary to promote your work when directly questioned about it?

Well that tells me all i need to know about your content.

>> No.33439

>Splinter Cell
Dropped since Ironsides doesn't do Sam anymore

They might as well retcon his age or do a prequel

>> No.33446
File: 481 KB, 509x480, 1384472524015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Jobs will steadily increase this year, new jobs = new home sales = good economy (US I mean, anyway)



I hope you invested in gold!

>> No.33485
File: 12 KB, 206x366, 1392518054780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I run a fabrication shop, I weld and build parts for racecars, I really enjoy creating things with my hands, hence, my hands.

>> No.33524

26k year
prep, clean, serve menu items

i really hope learning coding on the side will pay off, my hands are super fucking sensitive and they're killing me

>> No.33526

>Peter Schitt

>> No.33549

each one costs a minimum of $500,000 in liquid assets just to start

>> No.33551

MIS can be project management. In my case I graduated with a degree in MIS and do a job typically done by Comp Sci grads.

>> No.33568

Your Age: 22
Your Location: Alberta
Your Job: Digital marketing intern
Your Salary: N/A, Paid Apartment and Living Expenses
Your Job Duties: Growing inbound leads however possible. Designing/optimizing ad campaigns, content marketing, graphic and web design as needed, playing floor hockey with the bros from work. Business development on the side.

Information you would like to share for younger anons: Prove your skills rather than just talking about them, get hobbies where you actually make shit, and keep a mental list of times you were awesome. If you have depression, work out. Enter every competition or election you can and give it everything. Learn about flow/hyperfocus and pursue it. Let go of anything that is mentally holding you back from pursuing your goals. But goals are elusive. It's the heightened state that you're after. Don't outrun the bear, outrun God.

>> No.33588

Your Age: 29

Your Location: Minnesota
Your Job: Supply Chain
Your Salary: $51,500

Your Job Duties: Manage a fleet of bulk freight vehicles, some light accounting, mostly demand forecasting for each of my 5 plants.

Thoughts on the economy: It's not great, but it's better than it was 5 years ago. Sending too many kids to college to take on debt, not enough going to trade school to become useful.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:Ask yourself if college is really for you, nothing wrong with learning a trade if you have aptitude for it. If you go to college, study a degree that you both find interesting (it doesn't have to be your passion) and also has marketable value. I was a music education major for a couple years until I saw all my friends working 3 jobs after graduating. Remember, the purpose of college is to train you for a career not to embrace your passion.

>> No.33613

McDonald's is shit.. fucking poison..

>> No.33747

IT Sales
Drink coffee with people and talk about security

Here's what you need to do to get where I am:
Get into an industry (doesn't really matter)
Become boss's favourite worker
Get promoted or find better job

Don't have too rigid plans when you're young you need to find opportunities as they present themselves. Being in the game is more important than the type of game or what position you're playing.

I swear a big part of my career success is getting older people to like me

>> No.33792

Your Age:24
Your Location:chicago
Your Job:mechanical engineer
Your Salary:63k
Your Job Duties:pretty much sourcing shit to china

Economy is going down the train. Everything is sourced to chinga

>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
Don't go to college unless you do research and determine your expected major is not only something you are going to want to study/work in, but will employ you with a salary that justifies your tuition. It will take you longer than you think to figure this out considering the extrapolation needed to figure out what will be going on in the near future.

>> No.34052

>went to uni to get a degree and a job
>got my degree after 4 years
>got my job paying 50k per year
>bored as fuck sitting in an office all day
>spend most of my time looking out the window and contemplating suicide
>highlight of my day is seeing cars almost crash around this one particular corner every now and again

I wish I'd gone into the trades/mines. This is shithouse

>> No.34066

Age: 31
Location: USA
Job: Law Enforcement
Salary: 71,000
Duties: Patrol and Assessment

>> No.34080

Shit im not OP.

>> No.34118

Creative Director for a relatively well known clothing company and a furry porn artist
60-70k depending on how many commissions I get
Managing a bunch of hipsters and drawing furry porn

It's done for.

Networking is more important than your skills.

>> No.34140
File: 12 KB, 200x200, 1392313182068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Furry Porn artist.

>> No.34145

is the latter worth it? honest question. how much do you make per hour spent? do you enjoy drawing it? if not for the "art" itself, to make your clients happy?

>> No.34154
File: 5 KB, 260x194, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Age: 21
Location: Alberta, Canada
Job: Museum Security
Salary: 40,000
Duties: Wear a uniform and have a pulse

I got a four-year degree in Criminal Justice, then was cheated on by my girlfriend and went into an angry drunken sex romp where I slept with....the wrong kind of women. Now I need to avoid any job that involves a pre-employment polygraph for the rest of my life.

>> No.34239

It brings me an extra 10-20k a year and I enjoy doing it.

1. It is completely worth it for me.
2. I've never calculated it.
3. Yes I do. When I work on commissions it feels like I'm taking a break from real work.
4. It brings me pleasure to make other people happy while doing something I enjoy.

>> No.34247

Do you draw gay or straight porn? Because It matters. Alot.

>> No.34265

well...whatever man. if it brings you personal satisfaction and doesn't bring physical/emotional harm to others, whatever.

is it what most people would consider in normal "fetish" range if it were not for the furry part? or is it among the really outlandish shit, even for people who like furry stuff.

>> No.34278

Your Age: 25
Your Location: Boston, MA
Your Job: Systems Analyst
Your Salary: 62k
Your Job Duties: Support and development for the company's financial systems.

Thoughts on the economy:
Seems to be shit according to me friends, but I have a job so I don't really care.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's:
I wish I could give advice, but anything coming from a 25 year old probably doesn't mean very much anyways. That, and Adderall helps for interviews.

>> No.34280

Everything with the exception of horrific fetishes such as scat and vore. I won't post any more information but my work is frequently posted in /b/ fur threads.

>> No.34434

Your Age: 23
Your Location: NY
Your Job: Reality TV Editor
Your Salary: 60k (most editors make ~100k but I am fairly new to this)
Your Job Duties: Edit half hour episodes in a week or two, do revisions as needed.

Thoughts on the economy: Uh...it's fine if you make decent money like me. Just started investing in index funds, hope to keep doing that steadil.

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Major in whatever the fuck you want, I studied film and make more than most of my friends \m/.

>> No.34449

May I ask why a reality TV editor makes that much? I'm just trying to understand, I know people who don't make reality TV footage and they make far less than that. I don't understand the difference.

>> No.34529

>yes, yes
>tell us jews, truts us "chossen peephole"
fuck you kike

>> No.34552


Probably because every show needs editors, and because you need serious technical chops to do the job right on a tight deadline. I thought it would be easy when I started, but you're often working with days of footage and little guidance.

Bigger paychecks are also necessary because most editors would rather do indie/documentary work, and need the financial push to do reality instead.

>> No.34554

Your Age: 26
Your Location: Phoenix, Az
Your Job:Manufacturing Technician, semiconductors
Your Salary: 75k gross last year, night shift.
Your Job Duties: Being ready to work when it's needed.

Thoughts on the economy: US: fucking plutocrats stealing everything, then lying to financially illiterate. Basic income when?

Financial learnings: FIRE websites, Planet Money, Seeking Alpha/Fortune/Motley Fool

Thoughts to share: Spend less then you earn. Recognize the value of every dollar, and ask yourself is the shit I'm buying worth the hours I spent to obtain this money?

>> No.34659

How'd you get into that?

>> No.34715

No, I don't want to be banned for advertising my channel. I'll tell more about the category of work I do. Most of the ranters probably earn far less than 50K a year save for MrRepzion.

>> No.34956
File: 324 KB, 1057x768, sublime_text[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Your Age:

>Your Location
Northern England (the poor bit)

>Your Job
Freelance web developer/designer

>Your Salary:
Low, right? Typically just enough to put me under the Personal Allowance, the limit at which you start getting taxed over. Half intentionally done, but also I procrastinate a lot and only take on just enough jobs to get by. Plus I probably don't charge enough. Very nearly came close to running out of money over xmas, despite working right through it. At a point now where I need to look at trying to make more.

>Your Job Duties
Get clients, make websites for them. Also host the websites on a dedicated server, but kinda wish I'd never started offering hosting — don't charge enough for it to make significant profit. On the other hand, controlling the hosting environment myself probably saves me from a whole host of problems.

>Thoughts on the economy
Shitty. Lost my first ever job when the credit crunch hit and I was laid off after just 5 months with the firm. Walked out the door, made some calls and started freelancing within minutes of leaving. Been doing it for, holy shit, 5 years this month.

>Information you would like to share for younger Anon's
Definitely not qualified to give advice. Err, I guess if you're gonna go self employed, make sure to set workplace-like boundaries on yourself, like starting work at 9am, wearing pants and limiting time spent checking twitter/email/RSS. Not that I follow this advice myself, but I should.

>> No.34987


Went to a good (but expensive) school for film in NYC. I did two internships and some really unpleasant unpaid work while I was still in school, then got a pretty nice gig traveling/shooting interviews when I graduated.

I used that video to get most of my early jobs, and was able to get my first Assistant Editor job on a TV show. Those actually pay pretty well ($1500 a week with a year's experience), but you generally have to work night shifts so I wanted to make the jump to Editor as soon as possible.

Last fall I accepted an Editor position which paid me less than I was making as an Assistant, but it was a major stepping stone that most people don't get until they're 25 or 30 so I took it.

>> No.35048

>Major in whatever the fuck you want,


>> No.35050

North Florida
Financial Representative with Series 7/63


>> No.35078

actually, he is right.

I studied hospitality management in college and work in the finance field.

>> No.35114

>finance field
That literally means nothing.

You could be processing credit card applications or you could be writing algorithms for market makers. Both jobs are in the "finance field" and yet one is vastly superior in not only pay, but also responsibility and enjoyment.

>> No.35135

when people list their salary like this, they're not including taxes, right? sorry, i'm retarded.

>> No.35157

Whats a good place to learn to code and web dev? i want to start freelancing

>> No.35170

I cant speak for absolutely everyone on the internet, but most people will list their pre-tax income.

>> No.35231
File: 132 KB, 1463x876, muhkdzchrts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

h-hold me guys
I bought at red dot hoping for a really short turnaround sale @ green line.
Then this shit out of nowhere.
>tfw no trading until your position is met
p-put everything in it
Should've cut early but so be it I could use the shower

>> No.35249

>day trading

>> No.35301

Age: 22
Location: Canada
Job: Quality Assurance for call center
Salary: $24/hour
Job Duties: Sift through data from Voxco (survey software), enter into Excel, then create graphs and infographics from Powerpoint. Also check work of other workers.

Thoughts on economy: Canada's economy is terrible, tons of people are already unemployed, and when the minimum wage rises, more people will lose their jobs

Information: Look at statistics for automation. If your job is likely to get automated, don't go to school for it. Stay away from Social Science or Humanity degrees, I would recommend a Business degree at the very least (most entry jobs in middle class jobs need Business degrees), or don't bother with college.

>> No.35364
File: 72 KB, 600x610, htmlWithNotes[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't recommend the Envato websites enough. Years ago, I spent about 2 weeks following tutorials on their newly launched NETTUTS (now code.tutsplus.com) and building simple websites with the latest cutting edge techniques (which was slicing .psd mockups and writing XHTML1.1 valid markup at the time). Then I applied at a web design agency and got a job, being the best candidate they tested somehow.

Of course, that (in)experience probably isn't going to cut it anymore. That company was a bit of a joke to hire a 17 year old who didn't know what he was really doing. Front end development and back end development have evolved a ton in the last couple of years. Package managers like Bower, task runners like Grunt and version control like Git has seen front end workflows grow up. On the backend, PHP has become a respectable language with the latest versions. The PSR spec and frameworks like Laravel bring it up to par.

I don't know how much longer my just-passable design talent, sub-par development abilities and shoddy salesmanship will be able to support a career as a dedicated web designer for. That is, someone who designs, builds, launches, modifies and runs websites. Specialization seems to be the way to go maybe?

But for freelancing none of this really matters. Go to small business owners, sell them on the benefits of a website. And if you don't know how to build them; use middleware, templates and frameworks as necessary. Cheat.

>> No.35387

>Majoring in public health
>Plan to get my MHA after I graduate

Anyone here ever go to grad school for health administration or something of the sort?

>> No.35624

Let me be more specific then. I am Series 7 and 63 certified, making trades for account holders.

suck my cock

>> No.35779
File: 481 KB, 800x531, 032429485435435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Age: 22
Location: Philadelphia Suburbs
Job: Warehouse Supervisor
Salary: 19/hr
Duties: Managing high school dropouts, managing new material, damaged, and WIP inventories, process improvement

Thoughts on economy: In my area it's pretty good in general. In particular, my major (supply chain from a school highly ranked for it) is in demand currently so I should have a relatively easy time finding jobs. However the pay is just alright, so I'm trying to figure out how to optimize my position. I'm interested in obtaining a customs broker license to differentiate myself. Anyone have experience with anything related to customs brokering?

Advice for young'ns: If you're in business school considering supply chain know that it can be a bit more hands on than things like accounting or finance. I spend most of the day on the warehouse floor dealing with men twice as old and half as intelligent as me. Sometimes I feel embarrassed about this but ultimately I think experience with both white and blue collar workers will become a bankable skill.

>> No.35813

Boston Ma
Fishmarket..eer? I work at a fish market
about 9.50 an hour
cutting and weighing fish for customers, prep work for prepared foods, stocking, icing fish, oyster shucking, help in the kitchen if they're back up, taking phone orders. I just started last week so I'm still learning

Thoughts on the economy: Fucking liberals

Nobody is gonna take care of you. You want something YOU have to make it happen. Don't waste your money on stupid shit. Its never too early to start saving for a nest egg or for big purchases you plan on making. Diversify. Coffee is for closers. Don't let others define success for you

this is exactly what my career goal is, except not in maryland. Any advice?

>> No.36115

>Coffee is for closers.

I giggled.

>> No.36928

Your Age: 19
Your Location: Local Mall
Your Job: Shoe Salesman
Your Salary: $10.25
Your Job Duties: Pretend to care about how your shoes fit you

Thoughts on the economy: Enslaved by entertainment

Information you would like to share for younger Anon's: Everything is a closed loop, stay ahead of time

>> No.38231

Where are you from fellows?


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