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How do I keep out the thought intruders? I can feel them inside my mind right now, thumbing through my thoughts like a file cabinet, help me

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Stop eating sugar and carbs

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Jew glow kike realises that we’re all either autistic or schizo so your trying to make us think about this shit.

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Piña colada in my soup! Piña colada fruit de loop! Peepee caca dingleberry town, now thats what you call a frown upside-down!

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Leg workout should help.

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For real bros, even as a young kid, I sensed it. Normally when my mind was idle, before falling asleep, waiting.. I would forcefully strain my head to cut their connection.

I stopped doing this for awhile, and everything in my life went to shit, and I realized they never left, I got used to them

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Sounds like you got issues. I think you seek professional help.

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create mind defender tulpa

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They deleted my thread on/pol/ after about 30 replies.

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Shut it down

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pol is for the politics, and your mental health problems is not politics. Nor it is business and finance. Fucking stop.

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