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slaves save the world economy edition

Popular brokers:
https://pastebin.com/F1yujtVq (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)

Stock market terminology:
https://pastebin.com/VtnpN5iJ (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)

Risk management:
https://pastebin.com/sqJUcbjp (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)

Live Bloomberg stream:

Educational sites:

Free charting tools:

Stock/ETF screeners:

Pre-Market Data and Live data:

Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

Boomer Investing 101:

Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) calculator:

Basic rundown on lean hogs:

List of hedge fund holdings:


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first for what is this?

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thanks for the new bread macbro

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Will supplies really make tech stocks take a dump, or will they be able to save their skin and wallets with slave labour?

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she has hairy arms doesn't she?
that's my weakness

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I put in an order to buy dip, and then got spooked and canceled it...very hesitant to buy back in

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I sure hope you meant tqqq

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Im going 50/50 SOXL + UVXY tomorrow. Rebalancing daily. The rest of you are faggots.

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holy shit can you stop posting this cursed image

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she is a jewess so probably

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Threadly reminder that sober epidemiologist estimates are 60% of Earth will be infected with Corona Chan if we fail to contain

Threadly reminder that we have failed to contain

Threadly reminder that Death Princess has a 1% mortality rate with world class care and 100% identification of infected and no exceptionally sick or old. E.g. 1.0% is the bedrock minimum mortality rate

Threadly reminder this is 33x the rate of even abnormally bad seasonal flu

Threadly reminder there will be no vaccine:
>Immunity against coronaviruses appears to be short-lived. Epidemiologic studies of coronavirus infection have demonstrated high reinfection rates. In human volunteer experiments, infection with a 229E-like coronavirus only induced effective immunity short-term because rechallenge with homotypic virus, the 229E serotype, resulted in infection and illness. In addition, under certain circumstances, vaccines against animal coronaviruses have led to enhanced disease

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good luck with maintenance cost

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Thanks for the reminder. I just bought the dip!!

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I laugh everytime I find this.

Also whenever people support Bootyedge based on him eating cum

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selling SQQQ
buying 2 3/13 GILD 77.5c
buying 1 3/13 COST 327c

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friendly reminder that if you hate mac users you are actually poor and your dirty-pleb hands have never touched a mac product

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COST train already left brah

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it has meme energy that isn't exhausted and will pump further in the coming days

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>premarket starts
>TSLA up with 50€ spread
>people still buy
what the fuck is wrong with germans?

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Friendly reminder that this guy drinks his own piss and pretends that it is wine.

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Consider this

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Maybe, Im going to buy more after the dip

>STILL doubting TSLA after it has bankrupted multiple millionaires
>Not knowing about TSLAs revolutionary new battery tech
>Not knowing about automatic semi-trucks
>Not knowing the 500k cybertruck orders
>Not knowing the early production of model y
>Not knowing about the Chinese automated gigfactories

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>But muh dead cat bounce!
We're already in a global recession, SOXL. You know this. You can't actually be stupid enough to believe the Fed has discovered new Jew magic in the last 10 years that will allow them to continuing pumping.

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I'm not doubting tesla you retard, people buying these gaps are just retarded

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>hates mead
clearly you ARE poor lmao

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I like mead. I don't like drinking my own piss. You on the other hand...

>He doesn't know the bull market has another two years left in it
>He doesn't realize jewish money managers are using corona to get cheapies from idiot retail traders and boomers

Bobo, you're gonna get fucked.

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I don't know man. We'll see I guess. I'll post this in jest before I go to bed though. Good luck tomorrow, gents. I'll be dragging out of bed at noon as usual unless shit hits the fan and my alerts get me up before
Oh, here's that thing I was gonna post. I didn't write it but I thought it was funny:
It's been going up since 2009 and yes it will continue
Central Bank of Japan printed 150% of GDP in the last 10 years,
Japan government debt close to 300% yet they are still close to zero inflation and they say they have a lot room to ease
Switzerland printed 100%+ of their GDP in the last 10 years, imposed negative rates of -0.8% and their currency just got stronger
What makes anyone believe that the Fed which prints US$ - the world reserve currency cannot get to those numbers?
Current balance sheet is just 25% of GDP but because the US$ is a reserve currency they can probably sustain 100% of the world GDP which I believe is around 80 trln
Yes it seems crazy but get back 10 years ago and think about what we have now - it seemed totally crazy that central bank will monetize federal debt
So in our lifetime this charade can easily be sustained
They will just print 1 trln per year maybe increasing this number 10% per year. It will get stocks 10-20% per year growth on average indefinitely

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>2 more years
Sure, AFTER the correction which isn't done yet.
Well yes, but doesn't make corona impact any less real

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t. jealous poorfag
>h-he has a mac
>h-he makes his own mead and wants to retire in a few years
tell your mommie i said hi neet

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>You can't actually be stupid enough to believe the Fed has discovered new Jew magic in the last 10 years that will allow them to continuing pumping.
Do we tell him?

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Sorry, I was too bust fucking your wife. Were you saying something?

Did h1n1 have an impact on the economy? If so, why did the market pump like a hooker on crack during the height of the pandemic?

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must have hit a nerve if you want to bring wives into this. tell your hand i said hello too :)

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None of that other shit got into every American city. Seattle literally had an emergency announcement last morning about how 6 people died already. China was literally shut down for a month. In another week or so, businesses are going to start feeling the pressure when their deliveries aren't coming, and Chinese factories have to make up a whole month some how. One people get sick in America, everyone will be staying home, they wont be out working or spending money. Its already happening in Seattle and LA and San Fran, soon New York.

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>Mac user is a vapid, snappy, snarky reddit-teir loser.

Imagine my shock.

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>windows user is retarded
imagine my shock. Nice reddit spacing

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You can make all the big brained macro arguments you want. The fact of the matter is that markets and economies have been historically secular regarding pandemics. You are playing against 100 years of market history. I wish you luck, cause you are going to need it.

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>He is coming to the defense of a mac user.
You want to know how I know you don't use linux?

>> No.17548850

>poor and easily offended
it really is too easy lmao

>> No.17548866

>Smug and self-satisfied response after getting thoroughly ass blasted.
It really is too east lmao

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>explain why this pandemic is actually a problem
>lol fake pandemics don't affect the market so this real one wont!
I used to think this until I experienced the real world impacts.

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Give me the rundown bros, im new to stock trading. My dad said oil and energy prices are gonna dip in the next week because this is a “dead cat bounce” i took his word and put a limit for Pg&e at 11 dollars and its at 15 dollars rn, was that a good play? Also im a welder so i like metal, how should i get into the precious metals market? I already have some money in RIO but im thinking of buying a more volatile short term stock. Suggestions?

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post your set up and skin color bro
I am betting you are either asian or a pajeet with a sub $600 system
or are you the same anon who posted some 4 random ass 18 inch monitors from 2003? hahaha which is porbably around $600 including your amd processor pc with shit components?

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>Spanish flu wasn't a real pandemic
Look at the market during the spanish flu dude. It btfoes you so hard it isn't even funny. What happened during SARS? How about ebola? How about h1n1? How about the height of the aids scare? How about the 68 hong kong flu? How about MERS?

The market doesn't fucking care, and it never will. The reason the stock market is going down right now has literally nothing to do with coronachan, despite what the jews in the media are telling you.

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Do this >>17548617
Spread your buying out, 10% each day so in 2 weeks you've bought in.

>> No.17548944

>Post your set-up
>I need to justify paying a premium for shitty hardware.

>> No.17548955

Ill check spy out. Are mutual funds like this good for long term savings? Can i treat them like a bank account?

>> No.17548968

t.poor shitskin
damn anon better luck next time. your people believe in reincarnation right? pray to your 6 tit blue cow god and maybe you will be born a white man with some IQ and taste.

>> No.17548975

If i had to use an os that wasn't linux, it would unironically be macos, as close as possible. Are you fucking retarded?

>> No.17548980

>look at these literal nothing burger "pandemics" of niche, hard to spread diseases
>Therefore, this is also a fake pandemic
Nearly every major city in the work has deaths from corona, state of emergency in multiple locations. People joked about those other diseases because everyone knew it was just a media scare. But people are whispering in fear about corona. When people stop coming to work, its going to hit the economy hard.
>has literally nothing to do with coronachan
China was literally shut down over a month = no effect by corona. Ok dude. If none of these facts suffice, what exactly would it take to convince you? People stop showing up to work? Your amazon delivery doesn't show up? Store is out of tendies?

>> No.17548987

You shouldn't be investing money if you think you'll need to withdraw it.

>> No.17548988

You sound like an insufferable coastal faggot. Do you live in portland? Maybe seattle? Is that you Fraiser?

>Unironically using macos

>> No.17548992

responded to something similar in the last thread >>17548183
still don't know how people can think this is a good place to find advice.

>> No.17549006

You sound like a poor faggot
the only reason you know i use mac was because i posted sauce of me living in kirkland wa you sub 80 IQ imbecile

>> No.17549014

>Spanish Flu was a nothing burger
>SARS was a nothing burger
>h1n1 was a nothing burger

Look at the way the mass media was talking about these pandemics, and look at the way they are talking about them now. What is so hard to get thru your fucking skull. You are being had. You are letting a group of jews in new york and LA skull fuck you, and you are enjoying it.

People are not whispering in fear about corona. People are still joking about it because it is a joke. It's people like you, apparatchiks of the mass media, who will cause a scare. States of emergency were declared all over the place during h1n1, parts of china were shut down during SARS.

>> No.17549021

So you are an insufferable coastal faggot. I gotcha.

>> No.17549023

>Unironically using yikes for damage control
Windows is great for games anything else, its in your hometown the fucking garbage. Why are you so angry lol? Life must have beat the shit out of you

>> No.17549037

>Windows is great for games anything else, its in your hometown the fucking garbage.
I am sorry. You are fucking incomprehensible. Try again.

>> No.17549040

Still have inverse bear etfs on spy, should i just cut my losses or see whats gonna happen in the next days, taking potential more losses

>> No.17549042

I meant more like a retirement or a long term savings account.

>> No.17549045

>being richer and more educated than you makes me insufferable, also using a mac for work seems to trigger you.
okay poorfag lmao

>> No.17549051

Alright simp, you won buddy. No worries

>> No.17549057

>muh media
Do just watch cable TV all day? Media completely changed gears with corona, they played it up at first but now they are trying to play it down. Too late.
>People are not whispering in fear about corona.
>parts of china were shut down

>> No.17549064

let me chime in and say corona is a hoax because 90% of the deaths are basically just old people who were on their way out anyway. those deaths in WA state were old men in some senior nursing home. keep in mind thousands of people die of pnuemonia, flu and other common shit each year. now they are hyping this because they need new shit to hype every news cycle to keep the sheeple distracted and consooming.

>> No.17549066

>More educated
>He gave money to jews for a piece of paper.
>Unironically flexing that

You wrote something incomprehensible dude what the fuck does "Windows is great for games anything else, its in your hometown the fucking garbage." mean? It doesn't have a english meaning.

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where the fuck is the title god damn it OP

>> No.17549070

You could get a special account that can do that, but generally it takes more time than a normal bank.

>> No.17549077

I can't teach you to read you, dumbass KEK

>> No.17549081

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised of kikery desu senpai

>> No.17549088

>unironically went to college with 90% of it being scholarships
>jews paid me to make more money
nothing personal kid

>> No.17549125

Are you sure? From what i have seen, the return rate for those big package funds like mgk and spy are around 8-9% and welsfargo has a .01 compounding interest rate. I only got into stocks because my parents told me that i would make more money putting it in safe stocks than i would having it in my checking and savings accounts

>> No.17549143

>Do just watch cable TV all day?
No, I am not retarded. But they are absolutely still playing this up. And normie retards are falling for it in droves.
Why are you yelling lol? You seem to be pretty pissed? Maybe don't argue over your capacity. As to your point, it sounds like your office has been taken in by the media's machinations. Congrats
Not everything is made in china dude. Relax

>> No.17549153

>He works for jews
>He is proud of it
Oy vey

>> No.17549172

Savings accounts are basically a scam nowadays. So yes they are right.

>> No.17549181

how mad are you? go back to pol you stupid nigger.

>> No.17549184

>being ignorant
>not an argument
>moving goalposts

>> No.17549188

>took free money
>work for a christian organization making 6 figures
yes I am the dumb one anon. tell me how great linux is from your moms basement and your 6 year old "windows" laptop that you installed linux on and now you think you are a "hacker" to justify your pathetic life?

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Just got email from robinhood. Fundsu are safu

>> No.17549240

The media downplayed this shit until the Korea deaths ramped up.

Suddenly now they’re trying to tell us not to buy masks and shit.

Mayhaps dahhhnald used some authority to get them to tamp it down before he has to declare them treasonous for yelling Fire in a crouded theater.

>> No.17549241

Who are you?
Congrats pal. I am real proud of you. I hope you are actually doing something good with you life, and not sitting around drinking your own garbage mead and playing on a mac... oh. Sorry

>Being ignorant.
Everything I have stated is a fact. Everything you have said has been bloviating fear. History is on my side. It is not on yours. You have the burden and you have failed spectacularly.
>not an argument
You're right. It isn't an argument. It is an observation. You sound like a talking head. I wonder why???
>moving goalposts
You're entire argument is predicated on china being so over represented in manufacturing that them closing their factories would cause a recession. I am telling you that is a factual error. So no goalposts were moved.

>> No.17549254

You are right that the media wasn't talking about this in january/ early february. But what was happening at the same time? I'll give u a hint. It starts with an I. Now the media is giving time to a whole bunch of talking head doctors, telling us we are all going to die. Now, I wonder why that is???

>> No.17549264

>20 posts by this ID
You obviously don't give a fuck what anything says you fucking schizo. I can't wait for you to lose all your money.

>> No.17549275

I am having a fun and lively debate. What are u doing?

>> No.17549276

Trump is still trying to downplay it as are a lot of the talking heads. It’s really that dr fauci that seems to know what’s up, and trump wants him to shut up too.

The media wants everyone to give them clicks and neilson numbers and all that shit. They can’t use sex so they use things like fear and greed to appeal to the viewers.

>> No.17549281

he really is a schizo

>> No.17549298

So you agree that the media is manipulating its viewers for ratings?
How is that piss mead, loser?

>> No.17549319

>has hobbies
>somehow a loser to a low iq neet
the mead is great, how is your moms basement?
you still haven't posted your skin color or set up lmao

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Hope this corona virus is the worst virus of all mankind, ill arise from my shack in the woods and buy all the stocks from your corpses when the dow is <$1000

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>ill arise from my shack in the woods and buy all the stocks from your corpses when the dow is <$1000

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>> No.17549414

I'm buying TQQQ betting on a rise in the NADAQ tomorrow. Don't plan on holding longer than the day.

My logic is that even if this is the dead cat bounce that means there'll be a rise that I can profit off of.

Am I dumb? I've got stop-losses.

>> No.17549617

>So you agree that the media is manipulating its viewers for ratings?
That’s like saying “coca cola is manipulating its consumers for sales”

>Tonight: is the media exploring your irrational emotions?
>one poster claims they’re preying on your fear for profits
>just how far will they go? Tune in to find out!

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