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If only I held frens

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I’ll be your friend for 20 ETH

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Sorry Rajesh. I’ve got plenty of friends

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I know this feel. Used to have 450k link. Now a measly 140k...

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>2017: fell for the LINK meme
>2018: fell for the "LINK is a meme" meme
>2020: fell for the "'LINK is a meme' is a meme" meme

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I’ve still got more link than 99% of this board anyway

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he said frens, not friends idiot

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I know this feel. Used to have 650MIL link. Now a measly 600MIL...

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Lol jealous much?

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How many u got?

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Tell us its less than 6 figures
Tell us

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AUD gross

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I think you meant if only you held CENNZ..

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kek first blood, haven't seen that one in ages

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look at this this way:
i had $400k in january2018, now it's $0
obv i didnt sell, and overheld to $0,
u sold, not at ATH but still u have cashed out some $ from useless crypto.

if u belive in link, just buy now some, and hold untill it hits $100 and then hold few left untill it hits $1k in 2024 or 2027

otherwise, u will look back at this very moment, when u posted this, and at that time chain link will be idk $500

and u will ask yourself, why didnt u buy chain link then.
chainlink is for crypto like http was to www and internet.

all it took was to hold, now u'd have $500k
and in 2024 this could probably be like crazy minimum $5 millionm, or more.
u fucked up, dmg is done, it\s up to u now what to do.
buy back or kill yourself, if u can not handle it, and maybe u r ill or something, like it will be only worse, month after month, killing yourself could be the best option.

idk, u had it, and now u dont have $500k
it's like mining a bitcoin and selling it for cents

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I feel you anon I used to have 2m link now only 1.8M :(

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