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>Located in Cayman Islands
>Devs hold 65% of the supply
>"it'll be the price of a cup of coffee"
>Paid json parser
>Founded by a Russian nationalist with a shady past
>Founder worked on another exit scam in the past (NXT) - supposedly on the run from the SEC
>Ellis also worked on NXT
>Whole selling point is that it's reselling API data with high fees
>Not sybil resistant (prone to hackers)
>Every presentation is the same lazy shit
>Devs dumped 30 million dollars with of LINK last year (700k dumped every 48 hours), never explained why they did this
>Hundreds of people got scammed in the ICO, never received their LINK that they paid for
>Not decentralised like they claim
>Head Quarters located in some old apartment block
>ICO funds used to buy Town Crier project
>Founder has a degree in philosophy
>Whitepaper is just complete nonsense, but nobody reads it

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I never mentioned anything about the price, just reminding people of everything that's happened with this fucking project over the years. There's more shit that I can't even remember off the top of my head.

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This is a scam project.

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based, spread the truth OP

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Damn that's crazy. I'm staying the hell away from this scam.

Guess I'm heading back to /r/cryptocurrency. Thanks for your concern over our financial wellbeing.

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Wait a minute there nolinker, you're telling me that

>despite hating LINK you monitor the price religiously and make a thread as soon as there is any movement
>develop novel and intiutive FUD plotlines using the most up to date information you constantly seek out
>dedicate your creative energies to editing maymays with LINK branding
>have LINKtrader, GitHub, Gitter, pivotaltracker bookmarked so you can keep up to date with the project you hate
>actively participate in a LINK discord or telegram group
>know more about LINK than any other project, even more than stinkylinkies themselves

Have sex incel

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Im not buying your scam coin. Fuck off ranjesh.

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Did a quick search in the archive and found some more things I forgot about
>Banned people in the Telegram who asked about the 700k dumps or about legal matters
>All their job listings are remote
>Promoted a scam coin on their Twitter (MOAB), deleted it later
>ICO Illegal fundraising
>Solution to a problem that doesn't exist

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There is so much FUD with chainlink now its an attack on chainlink to FUD it so people can accumulate , retards dont understand that biz doesnt control the economy of the crypto market. Im an electrician who works with programmable logic controllers and Chainlink imitates that on a digital level in the real world . Humans are slaves to efficiency so if an oracle solution is created it would be bigger than microsoft; it would be literal software for practical world uses.

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Except the fees are way too high for any practical use

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Yea sure ranjeet ;^].

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>Founded by a Russian nationalist with a shady past
Are you trying to shill or fud here?

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I need to agree with you, as a dev I don't see any reason to pay for "decentralized" API. This shit is up only because every pajeet project have "partnership" with this ship for pumping themselves

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