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This is your captain speaking
we're taking off in t-minus 15
destination: the moon

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Strapped in and ready for take off, lad. Higher lows have been nice, but this PIECE needs to move.

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Anti-lgbt creator.
Never > $1 in the white paper.
Browser plugin.


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Im ok with 1 dollar
also brendan is based

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I can't imagine this token to be above $1...
$1.5b market cap is needed....

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Nononononono give me 3 more days please papa Eich

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>anti-lgbt creator
Wtf I love BAT now

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this shit will never moon lol

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>destination: the moon
BAT's pumping to $1?

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OP why would you lie?!?!? What kind of person lies on the internet?!?

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this lol.

might as well be invested in boomer stocks when it will barely go over 3x what it is now.

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>Anti-lgbt creator.
>Never > $1 in the white paper.
Has this shitty fud died yet? Its been 2 years.
>Browser plugin.
The flagship browser has 13 million users.

Stay poor.

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Aren't these given away for free?

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so was bitcoin pajeet.

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>Aren't these given away for free?
If you consider your employer paying you for time spent on the job as giving you money for free, then yes. BAT is paid to you for time spent observing ads, and there is a limited circulating supply.

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So yes?

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ill get rich off this