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1st for VIXX

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OP is a nigger faggot.

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Each castle is one coronavirus patient

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not enough castles

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Im buying back in on monday.
Pls tell me that i will be alright

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i know this is a STOCK general, but I'm experiencing some FOMO from missing out on this chainlink pump. No way am I gonna invest in it tho, I don't really understand cryptos, it all seems like a big scam to me to trick idiot libertarians into investing in something nonexistent.

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Never use leverage as a beginner, you will get fucked in the ass sooner or later.

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fuck tripfags

>> No.17502963

It is all a dumb ponzi scheme.

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Yes, stay the fuck away. It's all a big lie.
Nevermind that I outperformed most serious investors on earth by following 4channel autists.
Disregard that. It's a LARP anyway.

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Puts on VIX are easy money. Next week everyone will be calm and over corona virus panic and the VIX will return to sub $20 until next concern.

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Too early to buy the dip. I'm waiting till at least April.

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Anyone investing in bonds? Like ever?
What type?

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Parents invested in bonds for me. They had an annual percentage rate of like 1%. When I decided to cash them out when I turned 23, they barely changed in price and I had to pay like 300 dollars in taxes for cashing them out, what? Maybe I just don't know much about bonds but they seem like straight garbage to me. They also invested in a certificate of deposit for me, that had a slightly higher APR, like 2% or something.

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>Dow bounced 600 points before close

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>the fed government pumped the dow by 600 points to make it seem like the economy isn't tanking hard af right now

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what are the right moves to make on monday?

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The best action to take right now is inaction

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Depends on the move you made Friday. If you bought, I'd think its a good idea to sell when markets open to take advantage of the PPT throwing their money away yesterday at close. Then rebuy back in when the sell off starts again. Then repeat the process and sell again on Tuesday morning after the PPT gives us another closing pump on Monday.
Be a bully bear.

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at last, I bought all of the stocks
there are no more stocks left for me to buy
my spirit is at peace

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Who here /biz 6pm Sunday Asia Open/ ?

I think we might need a separate thread just for this special day

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Have you considered buying... SNSS?

>> No.17503329

you'll be posting red wojaks next week

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Reminder that you’re getting financial advice from convicted felon tripfags lel

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yeah about 30% of my portfolio is in a bond ETF. yields about 3% and isn't really affected by whatever else the market is doing. probably sell off a chunk of it to buy more stocks if they keep getting cheaper.
otherwise they're mostly for people who depend on their investment income and can't afford to weather a market crash.

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For a given timescale, there are two strategies: assuming mean reversion, versus assuming trending.

When you bet on market reversion and the market goes down, buy ( the stock/etf might be undervalued).

When you bet on trending and the market goes down, sell. The market might go down to zero (paradigm shift)

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Some of you guys are alright so I'll let you in on a secret. This one is going to be fucking glorious.

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Damn, sure makes me appreciate the ability to buy long rifles with my sweet VXX and UVXY gains.

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Why not dividends from blue chip stocks?

>> No.17503395

>dump eet
Rutroh, scooby!

You really expect me to sell puts on GME? You want me to catch that knife on the way down? After all that company has done to /V/ ?

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Stay stinky my boi !
t. only 800% unrealized profit

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hey, care to pass me to article that talks about the blackstone investment into SNSS u shared yesterday?

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Based. I hate the stock/crypto tribal faggotry as much as I hate the bull/bear divide. Why can’t more people seem to understand that you can make money with different investments or strategies? Sad.

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Sure thing, one post by this ID friend that definitely isn’t me, I’ll be happy to link you that article in 30 seconds.

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any other bios one could take a closer look for a pump soon? need to level out some losses

>> No.17503462

Can the crypto shills stay out of /smg/ or what?

The crypto crap refugees are pouring into /smg/ and polluting the general


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Do it fagget

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>he didn’t make low six figures in the 2017 bullrun and roll it into blue chips

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Dude you should have sold Friday, next week is going to be a bull week.

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crypto is basically fiat money. it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. it's useful to the extent it can be exchanged for things you want.

chainlink is a ponzi scheme. the idea/technology behind it is solid. but the token doesn't guarantee you a security interest in the business.

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phoneposters get out

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I actually did, bought a few puts for funsies too.

>> No.17503538

because stocks aren't reliable in the short to mid term. you could have the rug pulled out from under you if you need that money at an unlucky time. companies aren't obligated to pay those dividends when shit hits the fan.

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It’s more quitting while I’m ahead, IMO. After the 100% organic pump end of day yesterday, I wanted to close out all my bearish positions for profit so I can reevaluate what kind of fuckery will be taking place next week.

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Humanity always gets through

Wages will increase to drive people back to work and we'll be fine in a few weeks

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Go back to Stocktwits faggot

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Good call

I bet the week will be volatile but overall about level

>> No.17503631

May we v out if this like 2018 and fill gap

>> No.17503662

We were down 15% from peak.
That should be close to the bottom. If we didn't just hit ATHs we would be rebounding by now

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>tfw no gf who wears socks

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Just put the $6k in my IRA for the year so you all can stop panicking, the market will go back up soon.

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Big pump on Monday and throughout the week I guess. Confidence boost by virtue of the pump and cut of interest rates. I'm sorry bobo but unless the Pope dies over the weekend you're going to have a bad time.

>> No.17503760

Artificial as fuck, they knew a sell off was going to happen before close so the fed probably pumped it and overdid it a bit.

Next week might be worse than this week honestly unless the fed cuts rates and starts resorting to emergency measures. We win eventually hit a point where daily life will be adversely affected by the crash and at that point its full-on depression territory.

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This. Bears are going to end up eating shorts.

>> No.17503779

Like companies are going to start defaulting, then banks will default as a result of that, then bank runs are going to happen and shits irredeemably fucked past that point.

>> No.17503790

1 week bull trap

>> No.17503794

I doubt you can even really profit from new put options anymore with the volatility so high. The premiums are fucking immense.

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On BBC News they just reported 2 supermarkets have reported panic buying has started

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Official thread theme song: https://youtu.be/04xl7iBRrkk

>> No.17503817

This is so idiotic, do these people think it's going to be a zombie apocalypse? It's a fucking flu.

>> No.17503831

anyone here tried tastyworks?
how does it compare to IBKR?

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I already panic bought supplies weeks ago, although I went to top up my supplies and many items were out of stock

>> No.17503838

it's game theory, you anticipate the reaction of others, creating the reaction at the same time. in this case it's rational to stock up for 2 weeks of food. dont go retard mode but buy a bit more every time you shop

>> No.17503839

It's always some shit brained woman buying up all the toilet roll or filling a gallon drum with petrol
There will never be a shortage of anything ever because we can mass produce everything with ease and most jobs are already redundant

>> No.17503842


It was on TV, if you have catch up it was on BBC news 24 about 7 minutes ago, I'll try find a link for you

>> No.17503849

the best part is the retards who panic buy junk food, letting the low key best food for high IQs (like nuts)

>> No.17503850

How true is the whole "buy Netflix since everyone will be confined to their homes soon" shit?

>> No.17503854

And what follows the bank runs?

>> No.17503857


Cant tell if you're genuinely that naive, or just trying to stop others panicking to buy yourself more time

>> No.17503878

Pope infected!


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Anon, I...

>> No.17503887

Hi /biz/, bought a bit of CODX yesterday.
Should I cut my losses or wait for Tuesday? Thoughts on King stocks?

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Is it too late to short the ever-loving shit out of the market?

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What do you mean anon

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Now it can only go up from here, bullish

>> No.17503922

>wake up
>still no coronavirus-inspired apocalyptic death-cult worshipping bats

its all so tiresome

>> No.17503944

just wash them under water, problem solved.

>> No.17503952

Option chads drive the market now. Only virgins buy stocks. The market will pump and dumped in perpetuity.

>> No.17503958

when are we eventually going to enter a bull run? with each quarantine, the market is plummeting harder and harder. timing is key here friends

>> No.17504004

Holy shib

>> No.17504010

have to drink lots of water
or waste water >>17503944

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Nobody was panic buying during SARS, MERS or Ebola kek

Why is it different today? One simple answer; the media.

>> No.17504044

There will be bounce back before crash

>> No.17504061

Had a dream I got corona and the gentleman in charge kindly let me know to flee before I get sent to the concentration camps.

>> No.17504062


I'm panic buying primarily to beat other people panic buying, but also because the supply chain is fucked

>> No.17504071


Start your own cult, man. They're always the most fun when you get in early anyway.

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fuck the last minute pump I wanted this to be the weekend of 24k. The crash next week better be huge.

>> No.17504097

Jesus helped me recover from the sniffles, idk what the pope is doing

>> No.17504100

People are recovering from this shit in days, and it's not a strain of the flu it's a completely different virus. The main reason it was so bad in Wuhan is because they didn't know what they were dealing with. They thought they had the flu and went about their business when they should have been resting and treating it like a foreign disease that they had no antibodies to fight.
Consider that when influenza hits a population with no immunity it can wipe out a third of the population, young, old, healthy, sick as was the case in North America during colonization.
Influenza makes corona virus look like a walk in the park.
Now that people are aware of the spread, precautions are being taken Nd only those with severely compromised immune systems are at risk.
Because of the rapid recovery times, they have already fast tracked human trials of the first vaccine in Taiwan.
This will still require time but there is also a treatment ready for trials Remdesivir.
In Wuhan, the epicentre, there are now more people who have recovered from the virus than who have it, and of course, yes, all precautions should still be taken until the necessary remedies are in place but this isn't the bug scary pandemic every one is worried about.
Much of what is going on is political, a rule of politics is to never let a good crisis go to waste, so just keep that in mind as well, it is election season after all.
However, it is also not a nothing burger since it is a completely new enemy for your immune system and there is unpredictability in that. Wash hands, avoid touching face, purell often etc.

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>planning to spend summer in Japan with my gains
>can't because of the virus AND lost my money

My holiday is fucking ruined.

>> No.17504105

Idk if the stock price will reflect the fact that everyone’s home but I could be wrong

>> No.17504118

>Jesus helping Catholics
Good one.

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>> No.17504140

yall is some slow niggas
this was posted ITT two days ago

>> No.17504176

Trump is probably gonig to use this for his next election.

"See what happens when all the manufacturing jobs goes to CHINA? Stonks crashed. It's time to bring jobs back home. WE MAGA"

>> No.17504181

Savanon, Pendy, are we going to be okay?

>> No.17504189

Well that gets my vote. Probably would have done it anyway for another month of social media meltdown lolcows but if my vote can benefit the nation as well it's a sure thing.

>> No.17504207

r0 3 times the spanish flu(90% of world pop infected in 6 months).
death 2%-6% rate

Do the math

>> No.17504212

wasnt that literally the motto last time?
fucking do it already then

>> No.17504222

Wouldn't have a clue. I don't follow burger politics, or politicians in general.

>> No.17504225

Hi everyone. Do you think it's the 2020 crisis everyone's been talking about last year? -12% guys!

>> No.17504228

>Anerica shit
>We have to MAGA
>*becomes president*
>Best country on earth
>absolute greatest economy
He's a hack

>> No.17504232

>were gonna bring back manufacturing jobs from oerseas
<entire rustbelt screams in unison

it was
and he hasnt

>> No.17504233

Death rates go up as hospitals get overwhelmed

>> No.17504253

>crypto is basically fiat money
amazing, please stay in your containment general forever

>> No.17504271

We haven't even lost the bull run yet, S&P for example has to go below 2700 for the market to turn somewhat bearish. What we're seeing now is most likely just the market reacting to how companies will get fucked next earnings call along with other bad news, which means by the time earnings happen the loss will already have been calculated into the price. The thing is though that the drop will probably continue and if we were to lose the important support and bears takes control because TA reverses we might see weeks/months of downwards action, but I don't think they will let that happen. Trump will just call on the fed to activate the plunge protection team at the important support, pump the market like crazy, close bullish and then continue the rally.. short squeezing is a thing and there's a shit ton of shorters getting fucked if we were to pump insanely in coming days.
Personally, I think we will go lower before the pump to new all time highs resume because there's no way in hell they will do a double bottom on the S&P. That's just too simple that even the most amatuer traders can catch, my guess is 2730-2750 before we're blasting up, or a wick down to 2680-2695 before doing another insane 100 point rally.

I have no idea why people haven't just filtered him already. He even admitted that he lied for months about his position in SNSS, making people believe that he held 3x the amount that he actually had. It will be interesting to see if the SNSS rally will continue or if they will dump it in coming days, I'm sure he will claim he sold the top if that happens

>> No.17504272
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The r0 was miscalculated because the infected were unaware that they were carrying a disease which no one in the population has immunities for.
Of course a disease that 99% of the population has been exposed to already is going to spread less quickly.
Now, everyone experiencing flu-like symptoms will consider that it could be the flu or it could be coronavirus and so obviously this will bring the r0 down to next to nothing.
Your r0 figures are probably using initial data as well since the number of new cases per day is actually decreasing rapidly as is evidenced by this chart.

>> No.17504279

If you get in late. I’ve been finding lagging shit for pennies that end up going up 800%.

>> No.17504284
File: 1.93 MB, 3427x2570, 20200226_215231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think that's just regular prepping if you're early. Idk, I have my rifle, food and water for a few days and an ammo can filled with ~1100 rounds of 5.56. I don't think I'll have to use any of this shit for the fud virus, in fact, I'm positive I won't but it is good to be prepared just in case.

also pic semi-related
lmao at the switch

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>> No.17504303

that's a shame

>> No.17504306

Won't pumping it like crazy just cause hyperinflation?

>> No.17504309
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Yeah, there are sometimes huge price discrepencies that are missed by even the algos. For example, I saw a 290 SPY put yesterday with an expiration next week for 8.5 and another in April for 6.5. You just gotta look sometimes. Another tip is that when volatility is super high, you can make many small trades, buy and sell on each intraday peak and valley.

>> No.17504314
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>mfw all gains get wiped out in a week

>> No.17504320

Is this a joke? Pls tell me that it's a joke

>> No.17504324


Preppers buy the most retard food.

>> No.17504328

its a surprise to no one really
if the turd world is willing to work for pennies, total collapse of global trade withstanding, wtf can one do to bring back our JERBS?

>> No.17504329

>A jug of onions sauce
Nigga, what the fuck are you doing? If you drank a cup of it, you would only get 135 calories and 14000 mg of sodium.

>> No.17504342

Fucking word filter. S 0 Y sauce*

>> No.17504343

>epicentre of disease is not the absolute best indication of the rapidity of its spread.
>he shorted the absolute bottom

>> No.17504352

High IQ on display.
Stick to passive

>> No.17504356


>> No.17504368

>We haven't even lost the bull run yet
HOLY FUCK LMFAO, if you listen to retards like this you DESERVE to lose money. get fucked retard. we are FULL BEAR MODE.

>> No.17504369

oh no
we can have a sleepover and read manga together to ease your pain

>> No.17504379

Well, it might not as long as it's pumped into stocks and not into the public sphere.

>> No.17504380
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>In Wuhan, the epicentre, there are now more people who have recovered from the virus than who have it, and of course, yes, all precautions should still be taken until the necessary remedies are in place but this isn't the bug scary pandemic every one is worried about.

Even if true they had to shut down everything to get that in an extremely totalitarian manner, if it starts spreading in America people aren't going to accept that and keep carrying on as normal going to work and not washing their hands

>> No.17504381

I mean, I don't really disagree with that. The response to this virus just shows how much we rely on the global supply chain. What if it was more serious? We would be in for a bad time.

>> No.17504388

Ay, the guy who bought the top of the weedbro rally

>> No.17504404

>I am going to shitfling at bears in a 4chan thread to protect my longs

>> No.17504412


That is the same made up, dumb ass story about the shoe shine boy told for like 20 different famous people about how they knew to sell.

>> No.17504416

yeah it's just insider trading.

>> No.17504433

same with when CNBC has 500 guests in a row saying to buy for the past 7 days.

It's because they need liquidity to sell very large positions and need bull idiots to see a ramp.

>> No.17504446

they could just use the liquidity tool...

>> No.17504447


>> No.17504450
File: 466 KB, 2048x1536, 06B43FB3-D854-48E5-A329-896EF92F67B3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based. I think we literally have the same weapon. Did you buy it recently? Someone linked a PSA deal on /k/ and I copped it for like $400.

I don’t think it’ll be as bad as you imagine it will be. I’ve made my arguments against the doomsday scenario posted multiple times in previous threads. I’m not qualified to talk about the financial or logistical implications of Coronavirus, but I can say with certainty that it’s not going to kill 6% of the global population or 2% of Americans or whatever lol.

Btw, Credit Suisse just reported a 6% stake in my favorite company. Buy TMDX.

>> No.17504452

I respect the fuck out of WHO for refusing to acknowledge the severity of COVID and refusing to admit that it was released from the BSL-4 facility they APPROVED in Wuhan.

This isn’t the flu you retards, it’s been spreading like wildfire across the world and holy shit is it obvious the Chinese numbers are total bullshit.

>> No.17504455

they have been using it

>> No.17504457
File: 1.47 MB, 4128x3096, 20200229_142644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Panic buying begins in the UK

>> No.17504461

>online supermarket
why are people so fucking lazy

>> No.17504473

Nvm, I thought you were talking about smth else.

>> No.17504476
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If I get sick I'm going to keep going to work as long as I possibly can.

>> No.17504491

>go to supermarket
>bump shoulders and get coughed on by an army of randos
>get box dropped off at door by one person
>put on gloves, mask, and sanitize package and contents before moving them indoors to safe, clean storage

It's not laziness, just prudence.

>> No.17504492 [DELETED] 

Any billionaires here?

I got an idea.

>> No.17504495

It is more similar to SARS then anything else. You’ll get sick but you probably won’t die without a compromised immune system or other comorbidities. The same can be said of influenza though lol.
>t. was in med school during MERS and autistic professor focused on viral taxonomy a lot

>> No.17504533

do you even understand how macro works lmfao?

>> No.17504545

Thoughts on the virus guys? I feel like things are deescalating for some weird reason. Maybe it is because its the weekend and there is less news but I dunno, what are yall feeling on it now?

>> No.17504555

"thoughts" 24 hours after the worst week in stonks since 2008? are you fucking retarded?

>> No.17504558

It's the flu lol, no biggie, just retarded panic 7 days in a row. I think it's 100% retail investors panic and the tutes buying. Only way this makes sense, because no way this can be serious

it's 100% panic

just think about it
It's literally a handful of robinhood zoomers selling in a panic and nothing else.

>> No.17504561

How many shares of TMDX do you have at this point? I hate investing in meme stocks because of how long they can bleed out for but I also know that they require significant investment otherwise you're still barely returning anything from them if they do turn out.

>> No.17504562

the incubation period is up to three weeks
new cases are springing up in ways and places they're not able to directly link to known cases
and the USA will never have the balls to implement quarantine procedures anywhere close to the scale China has

we're just getting started with this shit, yo

>> No.17504576

Long IIPR, any time is a good time to buy hold it until the end of time

MJ is almost cheap enough to hold for a couple years

MJ is nice, covers the whole sector. And IIPR is God tier, because its just a landlord for pot farms. Even if the pot farms dont make money, these landlords get paid. See earnings.

>> No.17504589
File: 98 KB, 1987x349, 91B58F3A-3DF3-482E-B339-BB8A64323B4E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17504596

I still feel exhausted from last week. Fucking hell. Wanted to learn more and read some finance books.

>> No.17504597


>> No.17504599

What is monday looking like?

I was thinking of the inevitable SPY pump monday through tuesday, then buying puts because I expect this to dip just a little more.

>> No.17504607
File: 42 KB, 657x527, 1491797650907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trump could legitimately declare that our supply chains are a national security risk after this.

>> No.17504609
File: 122 KB, 960x639, itsover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Super Tuesday

>> No.17504615

Way overblown, an incredible lesson in market psychology. I've tilted the way I see the market by between 90 and 120 degrees because of this.

I think we'll be dealing with a spring of tolerance that slightly follows the golden ratio. Taking as long as 3 months. Ergo, next week 3-4 red days and 1 green day, continuing in a progression until the pattern is reversed and we see 4 green days and 1 red day. The hell however is over.

>> No.17504616

>What is monday looking like?

depends entirely on what news we get from the weekend

>> No.17504619

This is literally the end of the world.

People can tolerate risk, but only so much

Everytime you drive a car there is a 1/100000 chance you get killed, but it's worth taking that risk. If the chance of dying was 1/1000 no one would drive

>> No.17504623

Likelihood of Super Tuesday dump if Bernie sweeps the elections

>> No.17504626

Hey weedman can you give me your thoughts on >>17504576

I'd rather get into MJ and cover the whole sector, let my boat rise with the ocean tide. Is it your opinion that finding the "gems" of pot stocks are better than just following the sector?

>> No.17504627

And what? Forbid foreign direct investment? All you could do is cause more panic.

>> No.17504628


People can tolerate the 0.1% mortality from flu, but not 1-2%

>> No.17504629

It's probably going to be red.
It'll probably stay red as long as China's supply is dry.

>> No.17504631

my car is pretty fun so i probably still would

>> No.17504634

history repeats itself

many govs will outright lie and suppress

You'll have some countries facing it really bad with lots of deaths. Then some others that seem fine.

That's because one is telling the public and the other is not. Just like 1918

>> No.17504644


This doesn't fall in line with the second Golden Bull trebuchet swing.

>> No.17504651 [DELETED] 

I drive drunk 30+ mph over the speed limit on a daily basis ngl

1% chance of mortality is laughable for me

>> No.17504657

Because stock market literature encourage the analogy of two army fronts clashing in a battlefield. It's a zero-sum game, after all. Your profits come from someone else's losses.

>> No.17504660

I hope you're right, but I'm not buying until Wednesday at the absolute earliest

>> No.17504665

>Bernie sweeps the elections
Warren is rising, Biden is getting his votes back from Bloomberg, and Buttigieg is still hanging around somehow; we're headed for a brokered convention

>> No.17504666

idk bout the end of the world, but people who think is just a few weeks to a couple months timeline are absolutely brainlet tier. t

he US has shown abso-fucking-lutely zero willingness to contain this. china itself out of options decided to quarantine up to 700m fucking people retards. this is going to decimate the US and most of you are to retarded to capitalize on it knowing whats its going to do. "just a little dip bro" people here are fucking idiots. this isnt a financial issue its a health issue. people will panic and fear will be through the FUCKING ROOF. no one will go do anything but stay at home, most of you dont even understand how the US economy works. Let it make it break it down so you retarded morons can understand more simply; the entire fucking economy is CONSUMERISM. what happens when people arent consuming? your GDP is going to coming crashing the fuck down through the floor which will put the economy in a full blown recession/depression.

>> No.17504669

amazing post, you managed to get it 100% wrong

>> No.17504680

Satan, the prince of lies

>> No.17504687

Did you know that America had recently lifted it's self-imposed ban on exporting crude? This was after the Obama-era Iran Deal, and after the Panama Canal being expanded. Do you know how long these things took to happen? After so much time sunk into these projects, leaving things like elections to chance doesn't seem ideal. Have you ever wondered why we have so many bases containing Iran? Almost like we're protecting a very special interest of ours...

Everything in life is backwards.

>> No.17504688

IIPR is a good option, ive considered it as well. to be honest, im just sitting in cash and a bit of my SNSS position that ill sell soon. i see a lot of shit going on sale sooner than later, and i think everything will come down. id wait a while is my opinion, but IIPR is a solid buy, IMO.

>> No.17504690 [DELETED] 


* * * * Daily Reminder * * * *
Profit of the virus hype with CoronaCoin


Get in before the normies over the weekend:




YW frens

>> No.17504691

There's massively more money on the sidelines and coming in. It's getting a piece of the economic growth of whatever you buy.

Even on the shortest time horizon gambling you still get influenced by this current.

>> No.17504694

Thats because your soul is already dead.

>> No.17504699
File: 77 KB, 1000x598, A8DBC79D-B447-4A0F-B997-A9C6B3571B87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only 500, I’m not all in or anything. I had initially DCA’d in but I managed to sell it all high and buy back in at 15.40 with all the turmoil this week. It is owned mostly by institutions, has a small cap and medium-low volume, so if you’re worried about it bleeding over time I would just stay out for now and set a price alert for above $21 maybe. We use their products on almost every heart recovery now and I think the company will be bought out sooner rather than later, but that’s just speculation on my part.

>> No.17504703

I think so. Not too many people seem to be dying. Washing hands and not coughing into each other's mouth decreases the average viral load enough, so that less elderly succomb to pneumonia. WHO knows this, and aims to keep it a secret that the virus will become endemic, hence the so little number of tests. The long term effect of this won't affect galt or sava too much, I think. Maybe galt will proceed without delay

>> No.17504704

I buy a contract at .10. I give person A 10 dollars. Person A then goes and buys back the options he sold me for .09. He made one dollar. I still hold onto my contract. Price now moves to .12. I'm up 2 dollars. How is this a zero sum?

>> No.17504705

Explain further. It has always been a bull vs bear thing in literature. Then you get surprised because there's us vs them mentality in the stock market.

>> No.17504714

I'm just glad crypto dumped with the stock market, to show the cultists that they're still part of the system.

>> No.17504720

Pretty sure some old obese lady in my workplace had corona, she honestly seems fine though, she said she had a high fever and everything but it was only for like 2 days and now she's back to work.

Literal nothingburger

>> No.17504722

it's not a zero sum game unless you're talking cash settled contracts, which most people are not when talking about the stock market

>> No.17504728


>> No.17504731
File: 1015 KB, 1531x900, 0583CAE8-FEEE-4644-84CF-5671516A8C2C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can’t wait until April when all of you happening fags crawl back into the woodwork and shut the fuck up. It’s so annoying, the world isn’t ending.

>> No.17504732

ill still never understand why they think that people would, in a panic, move into a riskier asset

>> No.17504739

Replace options with shares and it's the same thing.

>> No.17504741
File: 50 KB, 630x420, people are idiots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17504744

>Buying stocks

What is even the point

>> No.17504748
File: 130 KB, 785x1000, 38871C7E-60E6-43BE-9827-2BAEEA1D29F1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17504756
File: 19 KB, 479x531, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>even Yahoo comments section is shorting APT
this speculative trash heap is going back to $6

>> No.17504758

take your scamcoin somewhere else

>> No.17504761

The world isn't ending, but the economy is getting absolutely raped.

>> No.17504768

its honestly a better investment once the FED tries to cut rates to do anything to stimulate this economy and fail. Then do it again, and fail. and do it again and fail. and then finally realize that cutting rates isnt going to solve people dropping dead in the streets. they'll devalue the dollar so much that they wont ever be able to get it back. crypto is easy to buy/hold/transact with if youre not a complete tech retard. i can see bitcoin rising big in the next decade, as people flee from holding USD/stocks to hedging against this memeconomy. but we'll see. right now no one will buy because people dont care about memecoins during a health crisis.

>> No.17504772

Sanders and Warren are running explicitly anti-China campaings.

>> No.17504773

So a rush to bonds could mean deflation is upon us. If investors are expecting deflation, then the real returns of bonds is higher than the nominal price. After all, a lot of commodities got rekt this week.

>> No.17504776
File: 12 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck I slept through breakfast

what's for lunch ??

>> No.17504777

>its honestly a better investment once the FED tries to cut rates to do anything to stimulate this economy and fail
we have absolutely zero historical data to claim this is the case

>> No.17504778

retards are too stupid to understand that, having never been through the last financial crisis. thats why you have all these "buy the dip" bros who are complete retards to a financial markets correction and think a 2% dip is a solid buy, kekerino's.

>> No.17504779

I'm holding some crypto, but going all in because of inflationary speculation is just silly when there are many ways to hedge against inflation (and one of them is the stock market)

>> No.17504782

or maybe smart money realizes this is only a flash sale and the stock price doesn't reflect nominal value

>> No.17504790

At the contracts expiration it must either be exercised or allowed to expire. If it's in the money, the writer is obligated to sell his shares at a loss, if is out of the money, the holder of the contact is forced to allow it to expire and take a loss on the premium paid.
It's absolutely zero sum.

>> No.17504799
File: 88 KB, 1920x1080, 1541575239971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It feels great to have finished my prep 4 months ago. I had been slowly researching and accumulating items since 2014. I do a fair bit of hiking so it's built around being mobile and self sufficient. The only food I carry is extremely dense "humanitarian rations" (NRG-5) and I have two bags full of that.

Answer: Infection rate.
Ebola never left Africa it is irrelevant and maybe you have forgotten but Swine and Bird flu were both pushed hard by the media.

>> No.17504801

>Be American
>don't have to hold to expiration

Get rekt eurocuck.

>> No.17504802

>dividend fren seethes in rage

>> No.17504804

The masks they manufacture don't protect against airborne infection. They're intended to keep doctors and nurses from infecting patients from things like spit

>> No.17504807


so schools all across the US are reporting cases. this is how it spreads fast. your kid gets it, gives it to you and your family, you all get it someone else, and before you know it most people have it. the happening is going to happen. no its not the end of the world, but its going to be a financial cluster fuck these next months.

>> No.17504812

do you make all your plays off historical data? sometimes you have to think a little, no? look at people who bought in when it was still in the 1-100 dollar range who believed that it was a GREAT buy, how has that worked out for them?

>> No.17504815

I don't mind people honestly bullish buying a very small DCA into the market here, as long as it's a relatively small position, much less than they otherwise want to.

Because also losing money on that entry will condition them properly.

>> No.17504818

Divvies is the only reason to do it

My gambling account hasnt yet grown to where I would want to make a real portfolio :(

>> No.17504819

Kids don't die of coronavirus, but they spread it everywhere.

>> No.17504821

You don't have to hold to expiration but that doesn't change the fact that someone is always holding it at expiration. Do you think when you sell it it just vanishes?

>> No.17504828

>do you make all your plays off historical data?
i certainly dont make random gambles when theres a total lack of it

so many ways to play inflation

>> No.17504829
File: 119 KB, 583x482, 1581883906005.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do I sell my SPCE after being up 15% I put like 10k on it

>> No.17504830

If only people knew what the masks were really for in the first place. If you sneeze into the air, you're spreading it all over the place. You can easily walk into a sneeze with a mask on and still get sick. It's a lot harder to spread that sneeze if you've got a mask on. Why is life so backwards.

>> No.17504831

exactly makes the perfect spreader. because youre not going to be able to successfully quarantine your kid for 14-21 days. so that means parents will be 100% infected and theyll spread it to their work.

>> No.17504839

Can we go back to the time when interest rates were 10%+ a year? I don't care if inflation is that high as well, I'm a frugal person.

>> No.17504840

Do you know what open interest is? Cause that's what answers your question.

>> No.17504843

Fuck off retard

>> No.17504845

Literature talks about this

Quarantine is always late
Release from Quarantine is always early

because government acts on a certainty principle that does not work for disasters.

>> No.17504846

what lol? you know exactly what bitcoin is/does, and if you dont you can read up on it literally anywhere on the internet. saying you dont "take" gambles is probably the dumbest thing ive heard from someone who consistently takes "gambles" on stocks he buys. but ok breh.

>> No.17504851

Did you read the tweet about how this is fake news and it's already cleared?

>> No.17504852

Would instantly annihilate the economy. Probably like 90+% of businesses would go bankrupt overnight.

>> No.17504856

If we had real growth anywhere on earth.

>> No.17504857

i believe that tweet as much as i believe i didnt flush down a massive shit this morning

>> No.17504858

>Buy shitty meme leap call
>Wait for IV to explode leading up to earnings
>Dump on retarded r*dditor
>IV crushes afterward
This is how you do it

>> No.17504871

S O Y sauce has a long shelf life and goes great with rice, which he has stocked up as well.

>> No.17504873

unlike most on this shithole board, i dont think its a viable asset
in terms of currency, nor anything else
the most useful thing it ever was used for was buying drugs and hiding taxable dosh
now thats more or less out the window, and it gets more regulated every day

im not buying your bags

>> No.17504876

Lmao try $3, it's a joke that it ever peaked above $5, I'm positioned to make some great profit though, bought 10 $5 puts at 20 cents right when the fucker peaked. Literally can not lose money, not even in a volatility crunch.

>> No.17504887

Please kill yourself. Your market is nothing but a ponzi scheme propped up by the fed using clowns like you as leverage

>> No.17504911
File: 441 KB, 511x510, 125134523645673567.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you cant think critically youll never be successful in anything in life. your points against crypto are exactly what retarded MSM pushes and shows your lack of understanding anything. i could care less if you buy anything, youve proven my point you cant comprehend why it could possibly be a great hedge against the financial system.

>> No.17504927

Should I use time weighted return or personal return rate? Is there a standard?

>> No.17504937


>> No.17504938

On this note I’ve had gains on my puts all week but yesterday I went down 4%. Fuck the fed. Are things going to continue south? Crypto is tanking.... so I’m thinking yea

>> No.17504957

You retards are still debating the nothingvirus and ignoring the fact that the fed has pumped then market up to an insane degree and by next year we'll be down 50%

>> No.17504967

why would it get down with even more inflation?

>> No.17504969

>being mad you're wrong
50% death rate for over 80s say goodbye do your grandparents.

>> No.17504971

ok thanks for your insights that we already knew chief

>> No.17504976
File: 22 KB, 409x541, illegal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he doesn't know

>> No.17504978
File: 1.24 MB, 3840x2160, 1556480582296.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope you're all having a comfy saturday

>> No.17504987

so what you're saying is I should buy puts for TSLA at $500 expiring in 2021?

>> No.17504999

That’s how I’m taking it. Maybe leave some of my mid level puts to evaluate but I’m feeling like pulling the puts I have ending toward the end of next week and trying to figure out how they are going to handle the tank in this market. Yesterday’s final pump really was annoying

>> No.17505009

Bernie is going to finish 5th in the SC primary today and investors confidence will return because we defeated communism again.

>> No.17505013

Think about the buybacks. There are probably 10-20 million shares less out there as it's stated here.

>> No.17505019

GME is going to pop, and hopefully it happens before my calls expire.

>> No.17505020


Music to my fucking E A R S

>> No.17505026

Also check shorting fee

>> No.17505037

after earnings?

>> No.17505052
File: 147 KB, 691x500, plagueaet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

211% Time weighted rate of returns for 2020.

>> No.17505056

If you know that it’s going to tank for the long hall it isn’t too bad. You just don’t know with the fed hard pumping for ol Donny T

>> No.17505060
File: 152 KB, 910x1024, 14 - 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17505066

mnuchin in charge of ppt

>> No.17505080
File: 244 KB, 575x431, SUPER-TUESDAY-POLLS-fixed-4x3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everything south of the Mason-Dixie line is going to vote against Bernie.
No gays. No Women. And especially no pinko commie faggots. Most likely Biden and we'll get a 50% retracement from it after Super Tuesday.

>> No.17505094

awe balls, i got the expiration a week before.

>> No.17505106

Don't worry. See if you can find the ones going for .01 that's looking super juicy. If this gets short squeeze I'm gonna be surprised if we don't see around $35/share

>> No.17505115

So just buy the dips?

>> No.17505142
File: 37 KB, 736x736, 33acb0c3f880b6cf6f1aad69457b7e20190347e3_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine being a boomer with 50/50 stocks/bonds allocation in a world with negative interests rates. Just imagine.

>> No.17505143

Short interest is above 100 since August. There's no reason for a squeeze now. Shorts covering is highly correlated to the shorting fee. What the shorting fee will do that I don't know. I guess run up starting May, June as new console cycle comes closer. Good console news might make it spike. Delay due to maybe corona means drop. I think it will go sideways now at the worst and make a double bottom. Buy shares and lend them for shorting.
Maybe buy knockouts with strike slightly below the db low.

>> No.17505180

now that all the retards are bearish, I'm starting to get bullish

>> No.17505188

it's an earnings play ultimately.

>> No.17505209

I wouldn't bet on earnings

>> No.17505211

Imagine buying bonds at all.

>> No.17505215
File: 57 KB, 1099x621, gme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

also cause you said double bottom

>> No.17505222

It's late as fuck to bear, put option premiums are insane. In fact all premiums are elevated right now thanks to imp vol.

>> No.17505232

been a lot of positive surprises in tech this season. gme might be retail but they deal with only tech. very mixed bag on this one cause retail was the canary in the coalmine for the last month or so for this week, lots of bad surprises.

>> No.17505243

What is going to happen?

>> No.17505246

makes it a great time to sell vol. expose as much as you can! there will not be another chance like this for a very, very long time. you might die before it happens.

>> No.17505268
File: 4 KB, 935x69, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sold 10 puts on SE. I only shill my positions once. Look into it if you're bullish next week.

>> No.17505277

Stagger out your buys dude. Put in a small buy order for monday, let the markets open and see how it does. If things look like they're going to recover I promise you it won't be anywhere near as drastic a rise as it was a drop. You may not buy the exact bottom of the dip but at least you'll minimize your exposure to the very real possibility of another 5-10% daily drop.
Believe me there's nothing I want right now more than to pick up some super cheap divvies, but looking at it from the outside Coronavirus is going to get worse before it gets better. Even with Fed money it could be a few weeks before we see a real recovery.

>> No.17505278 [DELETED] 

I'd grab some coronacoin ($nCoV) before the normies flood in after the weekend bc it just hit MSM https://nypost.com/2020/02/28/coronacoin-cryptocurrency-lets-traders-cash-in-on-coronavirus-outbreak/

>> No.17505290

Actually crazy when you realize it. Depression always sinks in for years

>> No.17505315

Can you shill GameStop for me so I have a reason to buy

>> No.17505341

do you like taking candy from a baby? do you think babies who short their candy more than what they can afford should be punished? if so, then gme is your next stop!

>> No.17505348

Long term it's a bubble. Can you aaully imagine going to a cafe and ordering a coffee and they say "hang on, lemme check how much bitcoin is worth at this very second. That'll be 0.00000000000009432ths of a bitcoin"

>> No.17505354
File: 115 KB, 950x515, ER8p9BwW4AEAhov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any plans here?

>> No.17505363

buy Funko

>> No.17505365

Recovery. This week. Mark my words. I'm good friends with the Bogs. They kept laughing at the subject of 'panic selling' and 'bond bubble'.

>> No.17505373

What're your guys thoughts on buying into the med research stocks like MRNA and NVAX? Personally I think it's a smart play because I figure that healthcare stocks and in particular stocks for companies looking for a vaccine or cure are the most likely to climb while usual winners like tech are destined to drop for the next couple of months.

>> No.17505377

Can someone explain to me why crypto is supposed to be good for illegal shit? Wouldn't cash still be much better?

>> No.17505380

Stupid answer if you look at divs for the last week

>> No.17505385

short TGT, autozone, JWN, kohls, ross, american eagle, el pollo loco, kroger
long dollar tree, costco, h and r block, adt

>> No.17505386

What happened there? Their reports are stellar and improving but the stock declined over the last year.

>> No.17505391

I feel like Burlington could have good earnings to be honest

>> No.17505395

which of these pay divvies?

>> No.17505398

We hodl our puts for next week or sell on Monday before supppa Tuesday?

>> No.17505399
File: 44 KB, 807x447, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not that hard to imagine

>> No.17505421

Imagine being a boomer and dying to a coof flu

>> No.17505425

Same here bro, only 2K lost but it still hurts

>> No.17505433

Based. I rotated my 401k to bonds a few weeks ago. The 'investment' manager went on this hissy fit about how I shouldn't try to time the market. Stupid bitch.

>> No.17505443

You buy bonds to sell to big insurance so they can lock in rates

>> No.17505447

what's the point of dividends? the companies should just buy back their shares or reinvest the money

>> No.17505449

>not directing your own 401k

>> No.17505461

I can't choose my 401k provider because it's sponsored by employers, by law.

>> No.17505494

what happens when us bond yields go negative

mine had theirs set up with fidelity but they allow you to choose your investments. where you at?

>> No.17505500

Remember that stocks tend to take the stairs up, and the elevator down.You have a lot of people that liquidated their shit and are looking to stick their toe back in slowly. Myself I'm trying to come up with a strategy where I slowly buy very small amounts of stock each week. I am just waiting till these dead cats stop bouncing. I think Monday determines a lot. If we open red and close red I think we are going to see a much lower floor. If we close green I think we will get a very up and down week, trending to red. Monday depends a lot on how much fear click baiting the news channels want to do this week. My guess is we are going to get a lot of "HOW TRUMP COULD'VE PREVENTED OUTBREAK!!! TRUMP DOESN'T CARE ABOUT STOCK!!" Because of the election.

>> No.17505506

Even if there is a recovery, which I think is fair from certain, it was an elevator down but it will be a staircase back up. I'm going to ladder out my buys because if the news about Corona is any indication, this is going to get worse before it gets better Fed money or no.

>> No.17505514

this. they were probably useful when brokerage fees were high, but these days they're all but obsolete. extremely tax inefficient in non-IRA/after tax accounts

>> No.17505530

Until the chinamen get back to the factories we will be going down down down

>> No.17505533

I want dependable passive income and I think housing is going to take a tank so I want to wait a year or two before buying in.

>> No.17505551

How dare you imply that the Bogs weren't laughing in good faith.

Bonds will elevator down.

>> No.17505571

How does GME have the potential to hit double digits before console release in q4? Assuming 0 delays from coronavirus

>> No.17505609

wondering this as well.

people would rather order online and not have to deal with the hassle of going to a packed gamestop release week and hoping there is one available if they dont have a pre-order.

also gamestop doesn't make money off console sales, so i dont see how this will drive up their value

>> No.17505610




>> No.17505613

I'll fax you all the 100 dollar bills in my wallet if you fuck off.

>> No.17505621

What happens when the supply of something high in demand goes down?

Also, earnings surprise = shorts wanting to get out = not being able to = squeeze. its a good bet to take for the payout

>> No.17505636

i deleted, forgot subject. fixed here





>> No.17505655

no but people are panic buying so that means that i should too

>> No.17505754

Isn't Netflix one of the few that's not tanking right now?

>> No.17505793

Wasn't really a comment on the bogos. I thought you were implying that the week would be a complete recovery to where we were.

>> No.17505915

but you can just sell your gains whenever you need money

DRIP is such a bad system because you lose tax advantages as opposed to the company buying those shares back

>> No.17505935

Not in a general election he won't win, but democratic party primaries in the south are dominated by niggers who will vote for the most gibs.

>> No.17505943

maybe a good one if corona is really here to stay, rich people will be getting lung transpalnts

>> No.17505965

they have revenue stream thats pretty much untouchable in the short term right

>> No.17506005



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