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boomers at work started asking questions about how my "bitcoins" are doing, i just say "yeah is good"

i cant bring myself to explain the whole concept to anyone, and even if i did, i know for a fact they'd blame me as soon as their money dropped 10% in 2h, normies wont get it, they rather spend their wage money on vacations and drinks, they will stay poor even when facing one of the most valuable pieces of investment of the century

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>brought to you by chainlink™, oraclize your world

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We are all in this together!

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I spent like 3 hours shilling it to a group of crypto-owning friends at 80 cents last year. They all agreed it sounded great but didn't buy any. I don't bother shilling it anymore though because most people I know couldn't afford even a suicide stack at these prices

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I did to a few people but they all sold it already

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i unironically gave all of my good irl frens as much as 1000 LINK each when they were all "into" crypto in 2017, with one request:
don't touch it for X years.
all but one have lost this LINK either through literal runescape-level scams or forgetting their exchange and/or wallet password.
i wanted to become rich together.

i don't know how to feel about this.

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I hold CL since 2017 and I would never ever shill it.

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You are a good person anon. Your truth will be rewarded in ways you don’t yet understand. We are all in this together. Some are just more in than others.

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what is your stack sir

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Shilled it to 3 people
- boomer family member: didn't listen, commented about "how smart" I was but that I should be looking for a real job instead or use my money to start a business, tried shilling after the x2 from 20 to 40 cents, told me "wow you sure are excited about this thing huh" and just brushed it off, classic boomer, I didn't bother insisting after that and just keep what happened next to myself
- roastie lawyer fuckbuddy: didn't listen, tried telling her I was ready to share mountains of autistic research and legal documents and shit outlining why this was legit and the best investment opportunity, and that as someone with background in financial law she really needs to start looking into smart contracts, just replied by telling me she didn't have the time because too much work already, stressed etc; last I heard from her she stopped working as a lawyer (can't make this shit up)
- NEET 4chan friend: trusted my word, but only got a poorfag stack and already sold against my advice then started freaking out

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>implying people that fell into serges ponzi socialize with other humans IRL


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I told 2 biz partners of mine about LINK after sibos -the times where still on fire since BTC had its peak and I shilled them with LINK-a fucking coin worth around ,20.
I talked to them regularly and I often repeated that Link story that was mentioned on dark, far right anime forums of /biz.
We had a break since it is always project based work we do together and I asked them about their personal finances in terms of early retirement something around 3 months ago and things evolved into a quick reminder of LINK.
They saw the charts, they reopened our WhatsApp conversations and posted screenshots and they were like -fuck you for not convincing me more about this thing called LINK.

Another close friend of mine who I was mining eth for a short period of time switched his cryptos into xrp....I told him that it's a scam and all that stuff and tried to convince him to switch it all into link. It's not like link had a perfect overall performance in the early days so it smelled fishy for him. NOW we barley talk to each other since he realized he made a bad move and I gave him a perfect option he could have easily followed and it would place him in to a totally different situation now.

My wife bought 500 LINK (from me at a discount at a price of ,10)

My parents heard everything about link like all the others mentioned above but haven't had the courage and didn't trust my research based on a anime forum.
They could have dumped around $50k at ,2 when I told them to buy...

I stopped to shill link to anyone and everyone I know some time like 1y ago.

Everyone has to make his own experiences.


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I just strike up a conversation about bitcoin, if theres interest I'll talk about smart contracts and eventually get to the oracle problem. Out of 5 people I've tried talking to, only 1 got so far as to me needing to mention chainlink

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I talk to my coworker about LINK. HE still doesnt understand it, hes into shitcoins

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Told my brother's . Told few friends. Guess they didn't want to make it.

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I shilled some absolute gems to some NPCs, they moon, then correct. They don't take any profits and then 1 month later they demand explanations from me. NPCs don't deserve good shitcoins, they deserve the wage life, it's that simple.

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What I don't understand is how normies fall for shitcoins in the first place.

>"This MegaMorpheusSuperX project is a galactic plasma chain with 600 millions TPS which connects outer-space satellites and can power entire IoT submarines through our unique hyper-internet X-Core system, team is all phD from India and it's already partnered with Iron Man from Avengers"
Normies FOMO in

>"This is a link between blockchain and real world data so blockchains can actually be useful"
Normies literally physically unable to understand

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I got a good friend from college who's in link with me. The rest I talked to about it like it but don't have the money or willingness to buy in.

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now they will forever remember about chainlink, and check the price here and there, at one point they will now you are rich


i'm not sure why people dont get it, if you start talking about smart contracts, then how they need blockchains to work, and then how oracles enable all that, there is no reason a person with triple digits iq would not see value there

i've never met a person irl that could progress on this talk, let alone show interest in it

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my brother got me into it. He and i got my dad into it. We also got a few friends into it. One guy respects me so much he bought 10k when we were at $2. Altogether we gotten our friends and family to purchase a total of 50k and a few LP shares. Pretty crazy to think that the loser neet who lives in the basement was the guy who got them all rich.

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I shilled it to everyone.
My brother finally bought at 80 cents.
Idk if my mom bought.
A couple of coworkers bought.
One listened and is holding now.
One cashed out after doubling his money and pissed it away in shitcoins.
One friend bought and doubled his money and cashed out at 60 cents because he had bills to pay.
One friend bought and has around 400 but plans to hodl and accumulate more.

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Not anymore I told family, friends and business associates about it and no one listened besides one dude who’s a drug dealer who already has mass money. Dude probably has a couple thousands stinkers and a bitcoin or two he’s unironically going to make it along with me. I was hoping my frens and family would listen so we could be rich together but normies are gonna do what normies do I suppose.

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I dont shill products like scamstink since it doesnt have a working irl product and its nothing but empty promises and a few lucky pumps. I try not to rip off friends and family its soulless behavior

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I tried explaining it to my brother but I'm too stupid

I told my friend to buy it when it was $2 and he didn't, but he tells me he's going to buy some now

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whenever I read these posts that use terms like "scamstink" and "chainstink" I always imagine what you must look like IRL and then I imagine you actually saying out loud what you wrote

needless to say you look very suave and cool and intelligent


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>I tried explaining it to my brother but I'm too stupid
Same. I can't put in words what I know and read about it. I just know that it will be valuable and can explain the Business case in 5 minutes for a brainlet. But that doesn't seem to be enough for normies.
Once I convinced some guy while I was drunk as fuck to buy Chainlink.
He actually did the following week.

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I try but when i mention assblaster they're all like "i'm out"