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Have you reserved your rights, anon?

1,000,000 RSR stack costs almost 6000$ now. thanks whoever shilled this 2019 summer.

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Only could buy 850K over the last year, feels bad, man.

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just sold all my stack see you at 20 sats

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No because I’m in pnk und already and I don’t know what non shitty exchange this shitcoin is on

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thats a very good stack anon. easily top 1000 holders. there are still so little investors that we are super early. its like buying BTC back in 2009 or XRP in 2015 when it was like 50 sats.

look at the company, its legit, from silicon valley and backed by literally IT-gods. we will make it.

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I was reluctant to drop $2k on a 1M stack. I know it's a scam but I wanted to ride the pump. Oh well. Money went into Link anyway.

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250k checking in.

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frens forgive me, I tried to swing trade it and now can't get back in without reducing my stack.

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Swingers and bears btfo for the rest of time. All is right with RSR

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I'm not going to insult my fellow anons' intelligence by trying to shill you RSR as if it's some kind of legit project. I'm going to be forthright with you guys, this shit is 100% a scam token. That being said, it's a scam token that we can still get into at the ground level, and my research leads me to believe this could legitimately unseat the OneCoin scam when it peaks. We could make a lot of money on this shitcoin as long as we dump our bags on the normies at the right time. I'm not suggesting you go all-in like a retard, but picking up a small bag could be quite lucrative in the long run.

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bite the bullet

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These old memes were kinda retarded, but the crumbs were solid.

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the most well known satsgang pump and dump project

Proof: all people exposing themselves as Satsgang also heavily shill RSR
1) twitter.com/search?q=%24rsr%20(from%3Abitcoin_brown)&src=typed_query&f=live

2) twitter.com/search?q=%24rsr%20(from%3ALLLuckyL)&src=typed_query&f=live

3) twitter.com/search?q=%24rsr%20(from%3A_RN03xx_)&src=typed_query&f=live

4) twitter.com/search?q=%24rsr%20(from%3Adagchadheadroom)&src=typed_query&f=live

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is this satsgang sirs??

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when i saw the market makers and investors something clicked and i bought 1M asap

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This will pass a penny and if you buy now you will double whatever you get. It's half a penny with good companies backing it, it's basically a win.

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>thanks whoever shilled this 2019 summer
Also special shout out to the fudpajeets tirelessly keeping the price suppressed while I've been throwing my student allowance at this

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none of these people have unlocked tokens, you absolute faggot

What matters is that Satsgang owns 33% of currently circulating supply so when they finally decide to exit it's over for everybody

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Wise move. I admit I had some uncommon knowledge so set my stack target at 10M which I reached

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Weak sauce, anon. The train has left the station, fudding now won't help you get a stack.

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what is a sat

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You need to lurk way more.

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I leveraged a small chunk of LINK and I'm close to 2,000,000. I'm not working a day in my life ever again after the next run. Get your positions in LINK and RSR now kids.

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soon binance

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True but you could also tell me then Ill go back to lurking

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I've got almost 1.1m. It will be enough, and I'm not trading my LINK for RSR, even though I think RSR is a good project.

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>they were fudding when a 1m stack was $1400
>they're still fudding now that a 1m stack is $5000

How fucking impoverished are these pajeets?

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google is your fren fren

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hard to believe you aren't larping but it's a decimal of Bitcoin, named after the founder Satoshi.

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When did you realize this shit was going to the moon? For me it was when I saw thay Youtube RSR conference and it was filled with big names. This was before the Satsgang fud, I never see that video posted here nowadays.

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Thank you. im an idiot not a larper

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RSR Link and Kleros is the holy trinity

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thats a mega whale cock stack. i wish i had the money and the balls to buy. every 100 gwei rise makes you, what, like 1eth? lol.

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i also saw the youtube video, after that i looked the investors and final cherry on top of the cake were the XRP market makers which gave me PTSD from five years ago when XRP was like sub 100 sats.

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I still don't fucking understand what this does

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Then you're fucking dense, bro.

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its 10% of my portfolio. I was also in ETH and BTC early 2017 and LINK around ICO.

RSR was my next big investment that I scaled into. Never felt too worried as I did my research. Next project I'm scaling into I'm still researching but I like what I'm seeing so far. The memes are also better than RSR's which may or may not work in its favor.

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it does absolutely nothing

it's literally a 0 usecase shitcoin that gets hyped by pump and dump gorups

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whats the next project you are looking into? I wont tell anyone else I promise

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What currently shilled coin is a useful addition to the blockchain / defi tech stack and has reasonably quality memes?

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ultra? Suterusu?

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try again. To be fair I haven't looked into those ones. I like to have an edge when investing in crypto and I have no extra info on those projects

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Pinkies :^)

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Human arbitration is a form of oracle, fren

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Extremely based.
Rocking a PNK + RSR portfolio myself.

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Pinkies have the best memes. They embrace the pajeetery

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Three million checking in here, soon to be four, feels good being one of the top holders, kinda reminds me of those early LINK holders who had huge bags and now don’t post because they’re millionaires. I’ve had a good feeling about this coin since I bought a year ago, scam or not I don’t really give a fuck, normies will love the list of investors and hopefully pump this piece of crap to a dollar, making me eternally rich and surrounded by a haram of big tittie bitches.

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>4 million
>out of 100 billion coins

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Is it just supposed to be DAI but instead of ETH it is a collection of everything?

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read the white paper.....................

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>He doesnt know

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The minting of 25000 rvs doubled the price of rsr. Imagine main net minting more rsv. The burning of rsr would increase the price to extraordinary levels.

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Hate all you want, I actually don’t give a fuck, this coin crashes, burns and bleeds out I lose what, 10-15-20,000 bucks? This coin explodes which it very well could and I have a house, a roomba which I’ll program to suck my penis and a personal chef to make me toasted cheese sandwiches whenever I please. Either you’re in or you’re out, dyor and stop fudding things you don’t understand.

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>making your roomba suck your dick
>not making your personal chef suck your dick
Kinda based desu

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Based and roombapilled.

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I guarantee you were still here. Your lifestyle doesn't change much with a few million

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Where do I get this?

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lol nigger fell for satsgang fud rip

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Fine don't tell me

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not quite.

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use a vpn on Huobi if you're American, otherwise hotbit. But you sound like you don't know what you're doing so you'll probably fuck something up. Good luck.

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Bought 1M in late 2019, sold 250k at 55 sats. Trying to hold the remaining 750k until it reaches a much higher target. Might flick off another 250k at 100 sats or something, will be hard not to.

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poor rsrlets.. SEETHING

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This desperation FUD thread is extremely bullish.

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Based. I bought 500k on idex last summer. Where to buy as burger nowadays?

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Huobi is the best market. Use a VPN to sign up then you won't need it to log in. I unironically use it every day. No KYC

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Use coin gecko. Enter the coin you’re looking for. Then it’ll show all the places you can get it.


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Flipped through the whitepaper. Ok, so then is it more like everyone holds RSV, and RSR is minted FROM that, thus ensuring so long as people hold RSV, then RSR can be used as a stable coin? Idk, this one is always one that goes above my head

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You have the coins backwards, RSR is held and used to keep RSV stable.

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Looks like we're getting a nice little dip to buy into

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Idk why I just can't figure this out. So, what exactly is RSR used for? To buy "excess RSV" but isn't that just buying stablecoins? what's the point of that?

>> No.17497984

It reserves your right to perform the arbitrage of the RSV currency to the peg. So you can buy/sell RSV for $1 regardless of the current RSV value.

Now what does this imply?

>> No.17498040

That RSV is kept stable? But would the price fluctuation be really enough for anyone to want to do that in the first place? Think that may be where I'm getting stuck, well that and how the collateral aspect works.

>> No.17498050

Arbitrage loop
>RSV falls below the peg
>arbitrageurs buy RSV off the market and redeem it for $1 worth of backing assets from the vault contract
>RSV rises above the peg
>reserve RSV held by the vault (from backing asset appreciation and RSV transaction fees) is sold for $1 worth of RSR at the going market price.

>> No.17498073

Ok that makes sense now. But then here's my last question -- how does this cause the value of RSR to appreciate then, beyond much of where it is right now? That seems pretty neat, but just wondering where the value proposition is.

>> No.17498089

Usage of RSV means RSR is burned, increasing its value due to supply shocks

>> No.17498090

damn only 430k. w-will I make it?

>> No.17498098

When RSV held in reserve is bought with RSR that RSR is burned

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stop shilling it, i want the price to go down. not buying above 20M Mcap.

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Looks like the rsr team is shilling even harder today. They must be scared hahahahahh

>> No.17498457

300k was lazy might sell some link to jump in just a bit more.

>> No.17499730

I got 50,000 for like $30 when this first emerged. Been my best performer ever.

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The fact that it's been climbing for as long as it did and it's holding up while not climbing debunks the whole Satsgang thing for me personally. PnD groups are known for not having such a long breath.

Imagine missing out on this because you're afraid of some imaginary crypto Boogeyman.

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Thanks anon, hadn't seen this pasta in a few weeks.
This. All the satsgang fud let me double my stack in the last few months.
After watching the videos of Davos and Nevin explaining the model, and picrelated. Once it clicks and you understand the mechanics of the stablecoin peg, the only intelligent option is to buy as much as you can.
>Ok, so then is it more like everyone holds RSV, and RSR is minted FROM that, thus ensuring so long as people hold RSV, then RSR can be used as a stable coin?
Best explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75Lr9lFEooM&t=1478s
tl;dw no, RSV is minted by adding collateral assets to the vault (currently, other stablecoins). If RSV goes below the peg, people can redeem e.g. 99c of RSV for $1 worth of collateral. If RSR goes above the peg, RSR holders can burn e.g. $1 of RSR to get $1.05 worth of RSV, then sell that on the market.

>> No.17501182

Doesn’t that mean though at some point the price/demand will reach levels where its not worth using it for RSV conversion?

>> No.17501183

No they exist and they’re open about it lmao

>> No.17501195

Why do you come here trying to scam people? Didnt you get the memo we sent you 1000 toilets to leave biz alone. Go back to the DAG telegram you scamming faggot and post some rockets. Those braindead retards will actually fall for this weak shit.

>> No.17501291

Same here.

Moved gains into RSR and SUTER and low cap BSOV.

>> No.17501304

absolutely this

RSR is the most well known Satsgang pump and dump scam and it's proven multiple times already

Yet they keep coming back shilling this scam 50x a day as if nobody knew about this

>> No.17501307

You mean in terms of people holding for speculative appreciation of RSR, rather than holding to burn?
Some people will probably do this, but burning it (and then buying more RSR with the profits) is the financially rational move to make.
If you could burn your RSR and make even 2% profit, why would you hold? Instead you could burn your RSR and use the profits to buy more, thus increasing your RSR stack by 2%.
I am unironically going to write a smart contract to automate this for me. It will burn RSR via the Reserve Manager contract then use the RSV to purchase RSR on a DEX. Every time the contract executes my RSR stack will grow. Or maybe I will build this as a staking service - put your RSR in the contract and receive a share of the profits in real time....
He still thinks this is a pnd. There is no helping some people. We tried to help you anon, we really did. Good luck with whatever you are holding.

>> No.17501320

Wouldnt burning the tokens mean lower supply and hence higher price? Wont we tun out of tokens at some point if everyone keeps burning

>> No.17501322

Reminder to everyone reading this thread that THIS is the calibre of FUD thats available for Reserve. Its a fucking joke

>> No.17501327

No, because the cost of buying RSV from the vault is calculated in the going market rate of RSR.

If the market price of RSR is $0.1, buying 1 RSV from the vault costs 10 RSR

If the market price of RSR is $1, buying 1 RSV from the vault costs 1 RSR

If the market price of RSR is $10, buying 1 RSV from the vault costs 0.1 RSR

etc, etc...

>> No.17501348

Reminder to everyone reading this thread, these are the people scamming you, DAGs own admins in their telegram community. Its been proven over and over again
Scammers post 50 threads per day for a reason. Its called PUMP and DUMP. You will lose your money every fucking time.

>> No.17501384

Like I said a complete joke by schizos

>> No.17501428

Checked. Have you ever seen one bit of fud against RSR that doesn't mention satsgang? Literally unfuddable.
This. And RSR is divisible to 18 decimal places so at some point in the far future, you will need 0.000000000000000001 RSR to redeem 1 RSV.
What relevance does that have to the stablecoin mechanics of RSR?
Admit it, you didn't buy RSR because you fell for the satsgang fud. Now you are desperately trying to self-rationalize your decision to miss out on the most obvious gem of the last year.
Give me one reason - apart from muh satsgang - why you are not buying RSR.

>> No.17501458

not everyone here is a psychopath that maliciously lies to other people to get them to buy their pump and dump scams

>> No.17501469

>he didn’t buy

>> No.17501488

As predicted, you are not capable of making an argument against RSR without alluding to satsgang.

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Checked out the charts. Damn, should have gotten in on this a week or two ago. XD. You guys MIGHT see a possible dump in the future. Volume and momentum aren't looking great. That being said it could pump again, who knows? Good luck boys

>> No.17501556


>It can go up or down

Thanks for your insight

>> No.17501565

Don't forget sideways

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I have only 500k RSR

>> No.17501606

>You guys MIGHT see a possible dump in the future.
It will 100% definitely retrace at some point. Growth like this always does. Only question is if it retraces from $0.005 to $0.003 or $0.01 to $0.008.

>> No.17501626

Enjoy getting 100 BILLION tokens dumped on you the next year. Idiots.

So happy I sold this 3x for Nervos.

>> No.17501634

my best guess would be around the reistance where that double top failed to confirm around the 26th.

My point is right now you should consider selling, and if price goes past this point you should REALLY consider selling

>> No.17501722

What chart are you looking at? It is cleanly above the top of the 26th on USDT, BTC, and ETH pairs. RSR is at ATHs across all pairs, there is no resistance at this price to look back on so it makes tops very hard to predict. Clear skies ahead.

>> No.17501790

Next resistance is previous ATH, which isnt shown on this chart as it is the hourly (top left)

I agree with you that price doesnt stop going up until it does, but not expecting a healthy pullback soon is probably unrealistic

>> No.17501985

no you didnt

>> No.17502509

The RSR chart is almost identical to the MATIC chart bro's. This shit ain't stopping soon right now, but make sure to get out on time.

>> No.17502944

Ok what is the make it stack for this one? Is current price like buing link at 40c?

>> No.17503106

Yes, buy around these levels. The lowest it may go is around 35 sats, so laddering buys en dca'ing might be a good strategy. Aim for around 1mil if you can afford it, otherwise anything above 500k is solid. Sell around 170 sats and buy the dip again later.

>> No.17503231

Could this shit unironically hit 1usd

>> No.17503602

With 0% irony, absolutely. It all hangs on whether RSV gets used. If it does then $1 RSR is an ironclad certainty, it's just a matter of time.

>> No.17503723

Schloppy, I knew I'd find you in here m80.

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satsgang can't even keep their threads alive without useless bump posts

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It amuses me that you suspect me being Satsgang.

>> No.17504470

why else would you bump threads about pump and dump scams?

>> No.17504617

Because kek wanted an opportunity to give him quads. You are part of the master plan, satsgang fudder.

>> No.17505077

>also going to miss the next 10x because.. can’t read.

>> No.17505099

The CEO of DAG made a deal with Satsgang a notorious pump and dump group to help him pump their shitcoin back to life after they were caught day trading investor funds, lost all their money, and fired all their staff including VP of Engineering, all marketing people and all developers.
Now this scam is getting exposed and hopefully people on biz will finally understand that there is one group dominating biz. All the shill threads for DAG, RSR, QNT, MATIC, OCEAN, COTI, RLC, ONE, and many others are the work of one pump and dump group. They are pumping their shitcoins by spamming biz and twitter looking for low IQ idiots to scam.
Most of their threads are the same person using a VPN and they carry on long conversations about how amazing each token is. Meanwhile anyone reading who decides to buy is dumped on by their massive stacks.
DAG is their #1 target. They have multiple admins in their telegram and dominate all conversation in their community. They beg you to buy and hodl while attacking anyone questioning the validity of their claims. This scam needs to stop.

>> No.17505133

Either you are a poorfag fudder trying to suppress the price(you will fail) or a brainlet that is still falling for fake FUD we made up to keep you poor. Either way you are irrelevant here.

>> No.17505159

Poorfag cope larp

>> No.17505176

Wrong coin retard. I made so much money on RSR already. Stay poor!

>> No.17505199

We're going right up to $0.006

>> No.17505349

yes. white paper had statment of target price of 10$ but it got deleted afterwards, and team said that it might not even be the top.

>> No.17505374
File: 721 KB, 1080x1248, 1579454313838.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you will make it fren.

>> No.17505408
File: 1.76 MB, 2684x1777, satsgang.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this the satsgang you're talking about ?

>> No.17505463

I can post pictures on my website too.

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File: 5 KB, 275x183, Fullname.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17505885

I only have 300k, fren. We'll still make it, or at least have a very strong base for making it.

>> No.17506544

100k is enough even

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