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is this good or bad?

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Metal chads, were about to make it

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its nothing, not enough

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>only 50 points

lmk when sub zero interest rates

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no, you're about to get fucked

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You mean we’re about to fuck. Your mom.

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what does this mean though? Explain like im 5.

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Wait we are only at 1.25% now right?

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Your ID is bad and you should feel bad
Low rates are bullish

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Where the fuck did all these newfags come from

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Cutting rates isn't going to get wong and lee out of their welded shut apartment and back to the factory making goods you tard

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dollar loses value
stocks go up

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Just bought more gold. That drop was bullshit and this is a buy the dip opportunity.

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>retardos STILL think that the fed has any tools left other than QE

this isn't gonna do shit

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European here, a couple of days ago i read that people that have more than 50K$ in their bank account will be paying negative interest on their money.
This is one of the effects of central banks lowering their interest rates - it eventually spills over into the interest rates of the money you have in your bank account.

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You make an excellent point. The end result is going to be hyperinflation

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I honestly have zero problem paying the bank to guard my money assuming they kept a full reserve for everyone and there was no risk of a bank run. But paying for them to only keep 10% in reserve is ridiculous while they get to fuck around with the other 90%

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>tfw my only position is a 10x leveraged S&P 500 short warrant

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>The end result is going to be hyperinflation
for the last 10 years, the US and Europe have not been able to meet their inflationary goal of +2%.
For the Fed and ECB, this is a major priority, to get at least 2% inflation, they haven't been able to achieve this any year since the financial crisis.
I don't know why they are unable to meet their goal, despite them emphasizing again and again the importance of a 2% inflation.
..and desu, it makes even less sense in the context of QE and historic low interest rates.

I think there are stronger powers at play, perhaps in 10 years when we watch the "big short 2" movie the pieces will all come together.. but until then i suspect this unknown pattern of low inflation where it shouldn't will continue, and we will perhaps even get deflation.

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So what you're saying is link $10k eoy?

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unimaginable to me to have 50 grand of cash sitting around. i doubt the average person would notice if they were paying the bank to hold cash for them.

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Fiat is going to be fucking worthless soon. Even if 401ks survive they'll be inflated out of existence. We've been having "stagflation" for the last 30 years, the inflation part has been pushed off by corporations avoiding taxes to offer low prices.

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They will be redeemable for happy meals.

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when this doesn't work (it won't) the market is going to shit all over everyone. We're going to 16.5k before they pull another QE type bailout.

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is your approach to investing the same as your approach to discussion? PMs are FULLY under fed control at this point. They will wipe you out.

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>Ironically cuts interest rates 50 basis points
>Relax bro, I was just cutting rates ironically

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They won’t be able to countertrade the entire market moving against them

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They still won't actually have full reserve... ever

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Actually if you don't measure it with the numbers the Fed puts out, but rather based on the CPI, inflation in the US averages somewhere between 6% and 9% per year (depending on if you use the 1980 or 1990 standards).

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>greatest economy ever!!!
kek. they are lying to sheeple in plain sight.

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I've said this before and I'll say it again. Deflation would rip the global financial system apart. There is more debt than actual money; if asset prices collapse and there is no collateral then the whole system fails on the spot, which obviously can't be allowed to happen

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>There is more debt than actual money
retard alert

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Nigger if products were inflating at a rate of 5-10% per year it would be so goddamn noticeable

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>he doesn't know

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Do you even understand what a 401k is?

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Actually this is by definition the case you dumbfuck. You don’t understand the current system, let the grown men talk you dumb bitch

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>Here, take my money!
You realize you DO pay them, right? They're using your money and gambling on the stock market with it. That's basically an interest free loan you're giving them with a relatively low risk to you of them paying it back. Who the fuck would pay someone to LOAN someone money?

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Didn't the do that in 2008? Metals still went 20-60% down.

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bank lending (debt creation) creates money

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Imagine being this much of a brainlet.

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bank deposits (i.e. debt) constitute roughly 97% of the money supply. the other 3% is comprised of physical currency. both are money.

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>There is more debt than actual money

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China is almost at 100% already though they'll say that at the FED meeting Monday sorry bear boi

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It is noticeable.
Look at the number of people taking debt to pay rent or groceries.
Look at the number of auto loan defaults, or home loan defaults.
They're all going up in spite of the Fed meeting it's targets every year, and wages supposedly going up. Because the wages are only going up in nominal terms, in actual purchasing power terms Americans have been losing money for decades now.
We've managed to stave off most of the consequences by providing cheap debt, but based on the default rates it seems like we're getting close to the end of that as well.
The Fed can go to zero or negative and buy a few more years, but where are they going to cut after that when we're back to the same mass-default position a few years later? Even more negative?

And by the way this isn't the only set of numbers that shows this.


>The cost of living in America has climbed 14 percent over the past three years, according to a GOBankingRates’ analysis of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index.
>The index measures the change in prices paid for goods and services, including food, shelter, energy, transportation and medical care.
>We also looked at housing cost data supplied by Zillow. The median home price has soared 21 percent from $215,000 in January 2015 to $260,000 in January 2018. And the median rent has climbed 7.6 percent over the same period from $1,340 to $1,442.
>GOBankingRates used the 50-30-20 budgeting rule to determine the income needed in the 50 largest cities to allocate 50 percent toward necessities, 30 percent toward nonessential costs and 20 percent toward savings. In all cities but one, the income needed to live comfortably is higher than the median household income. Across all 50 cities, that gap has increased 20 percent over the past year — even more so in these 10 cities:

Only reason this hasn't popped is we still have some room for rate cuts before 0.

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i'm sure this will come as quite a shock to you all. but don't take my word for it.

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Fractional reserve banking.

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It really has been noticeable. Look at your average breakfast plate at a restaurant. Used to be $5-7 and now it's consistently over 10. Everything has been getting more expensive.

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How do I profit off this?

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At a rate of fucking 8% per year, a plate of food that was once $6 would be like $20 after 15 years you morons. We would be talking about Xbox's running over $1,000 and PC's in the $5,000's. Instead, everything is still cheap as shit. I paid less for my Xbox One in 2017 than I did for my Xbox 360 in 2009.

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unironically this

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Oh my god he called me retarded, I guess all the actual data and evidence I provided from third party sources must be wrong.
The CPI literally tracks the costs of what you're talking about from thousands of sources. Your response in the face of overwhelming evidence is "If that were true costs would be increasing and I say they're not." Is that really the best case you have? Or is it just ad hominems and denial?

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Right anon, cars, food, products are all barely more expensive than 10 years ago yet somehow this shadow 8-10% inflation is running this country

I know this because I was an autistic little kid and just pored over ads whenever I was eating. I know shit hasn't gotten much more expensive, if at all in some areas. I have no idea what kind of ass math you are doing to come up with those figures.

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so basically fucking over the public to increase wealth divide.

Seems about right.

They forget that if they have all the money, it will be worthless anyways.

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The CPI which literally tracks the price of cars, food, and products, says they're more expensive.
If you have evidence to the contrary, post it.

As >>17493948 points out Oren Cass posted;

>Popular perception is correct. In 1985, the typical male worker could cover a family of four's major expenditures (housing, health care, transportation, education) on 30 weeks of salary. By 2018 it took 53 weeks. Which is a problem, there being 52 weeks in a year.

How exactly is it that things are getting cheaper as you say, and yet the metric that tracks the price of these things says they're getting higher? AND the metric that tracks what workers can afford says less people can afford it? And in fact on your specific point about cars;

>if you're a family that needs to buy a minivan, while it's nice that the 2018 Grand Caravan ($26,300 in 2018) has many features the 1996 Grand Caravan ($17,900 in 1996) did not, you still face the problem that you need an extra $8,500 to buy one.

What about healthcare?

>The median family must now pay more for health insurance and will not use the cure. Last 20 yrs, the typical family's health care consumption has gone up $2K, but their premium has gone up $13K. No wonder they feel worse off.

Your argument is "I know shit hasn't gotten much more expensive, if at all in some areas." POST YOUR EVIDENCE. Post a single fact to back up your point beyond just what you "know". If it's so undeniably true, give me a single solitary shred of third party sources that back it up.

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Low rates are bullish and if they start deflating the value of USD the growth of bitcoin will be insane

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This. Nothing to see here, goyim

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You're comparing something that's received huge leaps in cost of goods going down (tech and microprocessors) to basic consumer staples like bread and milk. The latter hasn't received the same technical innovation to drive price down so those staples are costing everyone more than they did 15 years ago

Fucking zoomer all he cares about is his xbox and iPhone

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I'll roll with your own anecdote, anon. If a 1996 Grand Caravan cost $17,900 in 1996, and inflation rose by 7% per year, it would cost over $78k in 2018. Do you understand how compounding works? I'm guessing you don't or else you'd realize how blatantly ridiculous you sound.

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1.75%. For context, if they lower it to 1.25%, that would be a quarter of a percentage point LOWER than the fed rate after Lehman brothers failed and the bank bailout was approved. There is literally nowhere to go monetary policy wise, if we fall into a recession there won't be jack shit the fed can do unless they think having a negative rate (literally paying people to take loans) is going to fix anything.

The fed is supposed to raise the rate in good times so that you have cushion to lower it in bad times, but they dropped the ball on this one in favor of letting the market run wild. Now it threatens to all come tumbling down

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Nice cope, fag. Those prices are still practically the same too. A $2 gallon of milk in 2006 would be like $8 today at the rates he's describing.

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If you want to call a government running out of options "bullish" then I guess yeah

>> No.17494146

name 1 reason why the US won't end up with negative rates given that Europe has them currently

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This is unironically good for real estate

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First of all it sounds like you don't know what 'anecdote' means. That was data you were provided, an 'anecdote' is like what you said 'It's not true because I know from personal experience it's not true'.
Consumer prices on average have risen somewhere between 5-10% per year. Some prices rise slower than others. The CPI tracks expenses across auto, home, medicine, food, insurance, etc. and that averages out to the CPI. Some expenses, like auto, will rise slower than other expenses, like home or insurance. I absolutely know what compounding means, it seems like you don't know what 'average' or 'anecdote' do though.
Again, you're making the claim that the CPI is false. The single most widely accepted metric tracking consumer expenses in the entire economic world. Based on your own personal observations. Okay. Then I'll ask one more time; Do you have any data to back that up? Not data on a single product, or category, but on the entire CPI which you claim is bullshit.

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>unless they think having a negative rate (literally paying people to take loans) is going to fix anything.

seems to be working for japan

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it's a transfer of wealth from dollarcucks and wageslaves to stockchads. thank you based central bankers

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why doesnt the BLS optionally provide CPI figures with hedonic adjustments backed out

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You really are expecting me to sit here and go down every single most common consumer product, line by line, before you realize how fucking retarded you sound aren't you? Again, I'll reiterate, I know what 8% a year looks like over a decade, that ain't it. You're way off.

Let me remind you that you're the one making the original complaint about official inflation numbers. The burden of proof is on you, faggot. All you have is your envelope math, you don't even have real, tangible evidence to support it.

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I would fucking notice. The plebes who wouldn’t notice would never save even 10k in their bank because they would just think of ways of spending it. You will never make it anon, sorry.
I make 50k/yr and I’ve accumulated around $60k and I would be pissed to pay even .001% interest to the bank while they risk it behind my back in investments for their profits. I already feel the current rates are robbing us

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>imagine paying someone to borrow money from you.

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LOL, they are going to bring migrants to take negative interest loans

>> No.17494259

Now do houses

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Your breakfast plate used to have bacon, eggs meat etc. (all organic), now it has sugar, corn & sõy oil.
They're just putting less commodities in each product.
"They dont make em like they used to"

Try buying a stick welder with as many copper windings in the power supply as the old machines. It will cost a fortune. Everything is made cheaply using as little recources per product as possible which is why prices only go up a small amount.

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'inflation' as a concept presupposes a 'price level', which is an economic spook
further, there are a host of ways in which the Federal government has been manipulating inflation data since the Nixon administration at least
what are
>substitution adjustments (ribeyes and single malt are too expensive for plebs now, so instead the BLS will look at the price of ground beef and Evan Miller)
>hedonic adjustments (your internet connected dildo would have cost thousands in year 2000, therefore the fact that it can be purchased now for $100 is a source of deflation)
>home prices excluded

>> No.17494283

Oh no I expect you to do exactly what you're doing, ad hominems and denials because you don't have any evidence.
I have the entire CPI, as well as the earlier cited data >>17493690 which surveyed the cost of living in fifty different cities in America and showed an average yearly increase of ~4.3% which is in line with the lower end of my projections but is directly counterfactual and impossible to line up with yours.
I'll give you the chance to get in the last word here, because based on your reliance on ad hominems you seem like the kind of guy who is going to need it. But since you don't have any actual evidence, or any argument against the evidence I've presented except pretending you don't see it, I feel pretty satisfied that I've proven my point.
I'll also leave you with this; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrinkflation . Hopefully reading it isn't too much work for you.

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That is its own market, but still not the pace he's describing.

>> No.17494329


Lmfao, the final stage of cope. Products have been cheap shit for the past 25 years at least, give me a break. This is a separate argument entirely.


You're done bud. Run along now.

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It's kind of working, in an illusory sense. But is that sustainable in any meaningful sense? You'd have a race to the bottom that could fuck the economy in unprecedented ways

>> No.17494364


>> No.17494367

Fractional reserve banking.

>> No.17494378

except offshore banks dont need a reserve and thus can create dollars

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>Salary of $1000
>Rent is $250
>Car is $250
>$500 savings

>Increases by 7%
>I get paid $1070
>Rent is $267.5
>Car is $267.5
>$535 in savings

In actual fact, hourly compensation has increased 9% from the 70's while $1 in 1970 is equal to around $6-7 today. That's a 600% decrease in purchasing power. Inflation and erosion of what things can buy are what that Anon is getting at, not the actual fact of things costing more.

We have to work a lot longer, obtain more training compared to older generations for the same lifestyle. You could support a family with "honest work" now you have to get an advanced degree, suck up and work overtime to be a single income family.

>> No.17494418

Godspeed anon. Win the tendies for all of us

>> No.17494441

Selling less for the same is the same as selling the same for more you imbecile. Its not a different argument, wages havent risen to purchase goods made with an equal amount of commodities so they are substituted and made with fewer resources to be purchased by the reduced purchasing power

Buy a milling machine from 25 years ago, and buy one made today. Or for a real slap in the face, buy one from when nixon ended to gold standard

You will see a clear decline in the quality of the machine

>> No.17494451

Holy fuck you are all retards. Consumer prices only inflate when consumers actually get the money. Currently money is cheap to loan so the rich and wealthy profit from “inflation”, why? You ask: because the assets they hold are being inflated by the perviously mentioned cheap loans given out to banks by the FED and then lended to corporations or already wealthy people who use the loaned money to inflate the prices of said assets even further. Because the goverment is also full of fucking retards, poor people can’t get loans after 2008 because they are so fucking dumb and the government has to protect them from their own retardation. This just creates a massive fucking feedback loop where the poor can’t afford any assets, the rich drive up asset prices which the poor can’t afford ad nauseam. Da-da, the CPI based inflation rate is a stable 2-4% while property, stock, etc prices are going up 10%+ every year.

>> No.17494452

Exactly , hence >>17492575 's thought is even more concerning.

>> No.17494514

Milling machine 1995

Milling machine 2020

>> No.17494531

To add to this. Inflation only happens if consumers actually get money to spend which drives up prices. The average joe’s salary has not increased for the past 10 years and this has kept “inflation” low as the CPI just cannot go up if consumers don’t have the money to inflate prices.

>> No.17494536

>pay an extra couple thousand on food, rent, and health insurance.
>my Xbox is $100 cheaper

Yay, I guess.

>> No.17494574

this is the right answer invest wisely anons

>> No.17494596

is there any reason not to be a permabull other than some impossible to time, unhedgable shtf event

>> No.17494653

i don’t know much but most likely as soon as central banks stop printing money and propping up the economy everything will crash as soon as the economy hits even a small roadblock which means the elimination of cbs and major financial reforms so until there is central banking and politics you should be a permabull

>> No.17494732

>The average joe’s salary has not increased for the past 10 years
Yet the price of everything has risen. Do you not see the issue?

>> No.17494799

less commodities are used per product

>> No.17494803

Their salary has increased right on par with inflation, there has been no real economic growth for years. That’s the point I am trying to make, regular things at your local Wallmart have not gotten more expensive, they are still affordable, but things like property, rent, etc have gotten more expensive since they are investable assets the average person no longer can afford. How do you not understand?

>> No.17494811

So if i happen to get a nice windfall, would you say it's a good idea to invest in US stocks?

>> No.17494847


Soon anon, soon

Everyone do the sideways slidddddddeeee

>> No.17494848

Jesus fucking Christ you can’t be THIS stupid
Either that or high IQ troll

>> No.17494861


The US has been doing QE since last year retard

>> No.17494869

interest rates can't save us now

>> No.17494881


So retarded I think it's coinintelpro

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I have no sympathy for people like you.
The debt will destroy everything and precious metals will be revalued to purge the debt from existence.
Nothing was solved in 2008. It just bought us some time. Now it’s here bro. Fuck the government for stealing our time, our wealth and our energy. They’re fucking demon vampire control freaks who jack off to us wageslaves struggling to get by BECAUSE THAT IS HOW THEY CONTROL US

>> No.17494899

A lot of things at walmart have gotten more expensive though.
If they can sell you a hamburger with corn/ sõy fed beef, sõy flour & oil in the bun, less cheese etc. for the same price, you're getting less and paying the same.

Same with most other consumer goods, except tech gadgets

>> No.17494900

This. They didnt get them high enough for a cut to help.

>> No.17494958

>i don’t know much but most likely as soon as central banks stop printing money and propping up the economy everything will crash as soon as the economy hits even a small roadblock

we hit the small roadblock. it's called gook flu.

>> No.17494995

>and PC's in the $5,000
This is happening.

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Should I go withdraw my money from the bank NOW? Get the vibe we're only a few weeks/months away from a bank run in the U.S. I highly doubt the bank would let me use the money in my bank account electronically to pay bills once a bank run starts. Heck they'd probably not only limit how much you can withdraw BUT ALSO HOW MUCH you can use electronically.

>Sorry anon but you are $10 over your maximum weekly allowance
>Yes I understand you have enough in the bank and are not over the credit limit but no exceptions
>That'll be a $500 penalty which we will graciously take out of your account with no penalty fee BUT it will count as being used towards next weeks allowance, leaving you with $250 of usable cash for next week.
>Also we took the liberty of reversing the transaction, please return the item at once lest you get sued by the other company.
>Plan accordingly and have a WONDERFUL DAY :)

>> No.17495073

They might just confiscate your savings outright.
All g20 countries have passed bail in laws

>> No.17495085

they'd actually confiscate it, like they did in Cyprus (50% of deposited funds were confiscated)
withdraw while you still can, fren

>> No.17495098

I feel inflation hasn't impacted consumer goods due to automation and less labour intensive forms of manufacture. If the real 'cost' is a day of somebodies time and what used to take a man a week to make a unit is made by machines, hundreds a day then they cost what they cost, but they are detached from inflation.

>> No.17495104

who cares fuck the fed.

>> No.17495206

yes this is true for labour intensive products. Not for resource based products though.

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Buy Stonks.
Prepare to pay for regular bank account and not get any interest on that money

>> No.17495283

Why do we tell people to not stereotype? Stereotyping is innate to the human mind and most of the time can be beneficial. For example, see black guy and stereotype that he’s bad guy, then stay away. Most of the time this quick thinking will help you out. Only times you will be wrong is maybe that 1% chance he’s a black scholar. I’d rather be right 99% of the time than worry about upsetting someone’s feelings on occasion.

>> No.17495376

Money is inherently worthless, it is about what it can buy you. After basic needs are met the best thing to buy is assets which beat inflation and/or provide a passive income. Apart from a realistic contingency on hand you should have your money working for you instead of sat waiting for a 'rainy day'. Your assets should be split from almost impossible to relatively easy to liquidate should you have a really fucking rainy year. Like I can leave my job and survive quite happily for at least a year with cash on hand. I can maintain my current spending for 6 months if I really wanted things to stay the same. I have insurance, but I can afford a car, major home repairs etc. Past that why do I need numbers in a bank account? What I need is more free time, more time with my family, more opportunities to do the things I love, freedom from wage slavery as I get older, the ability to provide for my child and start them off a bit better off than I was.

>> No.17495445


This fails to take a lot of things into account that aren’t easily defined by metrics like CPI or Case-Schiller

>> No.17495629

Ok boomer

>> No.17495824

It went down with the crash. But look at the gains in your chart from 09 until 2011 (after fed stepped in). It doesn't happen overnight.

>> No.17495836

I think you're right on what the important things are but if you have more money you can do more of those things. Work part-time, retire early etc. so I'd want to stack as much as I can as it gives you more of right to fuck the system.

>> No.17496045

This Entire thread is a Shill for BSOV.

>> No.17496144


If America goes down Cyprus-style, you've got bigger problems than losing all your money. There'll be total anarchy in about a week and major war in a few months.

>> No.17496880

yep, I'd start preparing if I were you; get to the tropics is my advice

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i will just buy all gold. fuck the banker jew trying to punish saving and foresight.

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>> No.17497612


Remember when the Feds stopped reporting M3 because they said it was outdated but really they didn't want everyone knowing they were ramping up the printing presses? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

>> No.17497651

>A $2 gallon of milk in 2006 would be like $8 today at the rates he's describing.
Price of organic gallon of milk = $8-$10

>> No.17497661
File: 228 KB, 900x900, 1559131367492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That because the newly-printed money has only been available to the already-wealthy, who spend it on stocks, bonds, art, planes, and real estate, all of which have been inflating like crazy. The hyperinflation will come when they start making that new money available to ordinary people. We'll see if that happens, but it sure looks like a whole crop of democrat presidential candidates would like to make it so.

>> No.17497673

good for jews.

>> No.17497742
File: 63 KB, 662x949, asfsad57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and republican shitheads don't? Most of what is being said about some hyperinflation is by low information or low IQ faggots that believe the status quo is real. If you believe that kikes haven't been manipulating shit behind closed doors to prevent another 2008 you'd have to be one of the two.

>> No.17497833

So what happens? Is there a "reset" button where people stop getting fucked? I 100% see whats happening, but what are the repercussions and how does the government fix it? Regulation?

>> No.17497840
File: 2.14 MB, 164x300, 1538993121992.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Republicans seem to be on board with the status quo of printing money to lend to rich people for practically nothing, but I don't see them suggesting using it to pay off student loans, pay for health insurance for illegals, Universal income schemes, etc.

>> No.17497869

Can t find shit on that fren
Are you sure?

>> No.17497925

two wrongs don't make a right
money is supposed to be about information, and higher velocity is what creates more wealth, printing more money is never going to be beneficial whether you only give it to the rich or helicopter it out to everyone

>> No.17498017

What am I going to do in the tropics?
In unfamiliar land, with little to no family/friends, etc.

>> No.17498044

It's desperate that's what it is. The fed thinks the economy will go full depression if the dow keeps dropping below 25k so they're cutting rates to encourage buying. If you're not invested in the stock market this is a huge middle finger to you because it makes savings accounts worthless and fucks the value of the dollar.

TLDR: The fed is assraping poorfags so wallstreet whales dont sell.

>> No.17498063

QE wont stop the falling production+falling consumers feedback loop. The coronavirus just showed how much fucking bullshit the global economy is built on.

>> No.17498158

What do you think will happen?
The entire economy is bullshit.

But what will actually happen?
Does food stop hitting the super market shelves?
Do our savings get cut?

I assume USA has enough food to feed everyone, but everything is a scam so where do we go from here

>> No.17498205
File: 448 KB, 1212x965, 1513438342526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>assuming they kept a full reserve for everyone
>no risk of a bank run

>> No.17498264

regular people will see their retirement funds rekt. They'll have a hard time getting credit and loans. Small businesses will get fucked for cashflow and some won't be able to cover payroll or other liabilities. A lot of jobs will be lost, which means a lot of mortgages won't get paid, which means the housing market will be impacted. Basically any part of our society which relies on the wiggle room that available credit provides is going to be in trouble.

>> No.17498355

Thanks for that visual

So last time when the housing market collapsed it happened before the currency manipulation right
But now they are preemptively cutting rates and manipulating the repo markets to prevent a collaspe
So short term shouldn't this raise the price of property
Now that the Fed is using every manipulation tactic necessary how would this boil out?

>> No.17498477

you should go spend some time in corona virus general on /pol/. This has the potential to be much much worse than CDC or WHO are saying. All this talk about it petering out by late spring early summer is because some viruses are weak against heat. Singapore has been in the 80's and 90's farenheit and its still spreading there, meaning this is NOT going to be stopped by good weather. All the doctors still getting infected even with PPE and clean room procedures. The incredibly rapid rise in cases in Italy and SK that aren't following the chinese trend (china is lying).

I think we are in for 2008 on steriods

>> No.17498488

>I know this because I was an autistic little kid and just pored over ads
the absolute state.

>> No.17498519

>The sky’s falling!

>> No.17498553

Bystander here. Your bullshit isn't convincing. You lost the argument.

>> No.17498560

Send it

>> No.17498596


>> No.17498616

another bystander here. you're a gay retard.

>> No.17498671

I still cant believe silver went to 50 dollars an ounce

>> No.17498721

Where do we put our money? Besides crypto

>> No.17498758


what the fuck are you talking about? do you know where you are dementia boomer?

>> No.17498769


You've obviously never done drugs or used money to flash and show off and elevate yourself above others in a social situation.

>> No.17498781

crypto goes up, fine with me.

>> No.17498800


SG spread at a conference INDOORS with A/C blasting

>> No.17498939
File: 145 KB, 646x700, 1540255553737.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.17498986

a 401k is an investment fund composed of the exact assets that are going to get pumped by this cheap money printing extravaganza

>> No.17499015

If this virus continues in America into the Summer, A/C use should be banned

>> No.17499066

This could sent the price of PMs to the stratosphere

>> No.17499163

Most people already pay more in fees and penalties than interest they get from the bank

>> No.17499788

>rent skyrocketing, incomes stagnant for decades
imagine being this retarded

>> No.17499969

Ok, but the real question is: Am I going to die? No, probably not. So who fucking cares.

>> No.17499979

This guy fucks. Only person remotely correct so far in this thread.

>> No.17499987
File: 61 KB, 800x151, Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 9.08.26 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>possible disease pandemic

>> No.17500003

This, shrinkflation also means the diminished quality of goods, not just quantity.

>> No.17500020

Fuckkk you’re based.

>> No.17500027

Shockingly based thread from biz. How come you guys have valid opinions here but are mega braindead about crypto?

>> No.17500051


Median home prices and rents have not risen at a rate of 7% a year over the past 20 years. Food hasn't either. Electronics haven't either. There is basically no typical product that has.

Care to share what I'm missing here? The fact that this thread is full of the most economically illiterate fags on /biz/? Do you understand that the average home in the COUNTRY (not fucking San Francisco) would be $1 million if home prices had risen at a consistent 7-8% pace since 2000?

>> No.17500069

>mega braindead about crypto?
>been telling you to buy link for almost 3 years
Pick one

>> No.17500071
File: 20 KB, 400x400, 1536984344298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Who buys a motherfucking $8-10 gallon jug of milk? Where in the fuck are you morons living, Death Valley?

>> No.17500089

Its almost like having a central planner for the economy is bad and communists should be physically removed. So to speak.

>> No.17500103
File: 437 KB, 773x705, Penis Man.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

brb investing everything into Bitcoin.

>> No.17500122

Imagine being this stupid. You don't even get a (You)

>> No.17500132


>> No.17500177


>> No.17500181


>> No.17500198

No lmao, this shit is going to collapse hard

>> No.17500230

Hell no, the DOW is going to crater to sub 18k range

>> No.17500245

Well debt is currency, so.

>> No.17500306
File: 54 KB, 1280x720, and then.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Metals still went 20-60% down.

>> No.17500376

except stop being a coward and just say what needs to be done:

We have to kill jews and leftists until they beg to be made our slaves and kill non-whites until they run back to the third world with their tails between their legs.

>> No.17500527

>poor people can’t get loans after 2008 because they are so fucking dumb
actually YOU are the fucking retard

The government was literally forcing banks to give loans to poor 'people' which it imported from the third world for the express purpose of using them to create debt by giving them these loans, with the overall goal to crash the economy and wipe out the middle class (white people) and replace them with poorer easier-to-control third-worlders.
This has been going on since Bush and is still going on.


I'm serious, at this point how can you talk about 2008 and still parrot the narrative crafted by the people who perpetrated it?
Only if you have zero free will and don't question anything logically - you're a retard.

This will never end without all-encompassing civil war. People like the poster I'm replying to are utterly neutered by their addiction to the delusion of free easy money and enhanced consumerism.
Learn the truth and motivate yourself to do the necessary. We won't get another chance outside of divine intervention, if they get their way after the next crash we are damned.

>> No.17500550

holy fucking shit youtube is actually censoring that video now. Copy:

>> No.17500552

STFU fucking racist idiot doomer

>> No.17500579

trigger the bot and see how many buzzwords it blurts out

not an argument, subhuman

>> No.17500612


This is happening in the Netherlands now

>> No.17500707
File: 80 KB, 572x592, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the eternal problem with nonwhites and multicultural society.
They will always be jealous and if you treat them as equals and they will easily be organized and weaponized by people like jews.
You can either be a retard and keep paying into their extortion, or you can slap yourself, realize peace was never an option, and drive them out before they kill you.

>> No.17500733

It’s a step.

They have to try to recover losses, so (((they))) can take a profit and dump before all of society shuts down due to the virus.

>> No.17501074

going to repeat myself again. there won't be another crash just small dips. they can print money and pump it without anyone knowing they ate manipulating it at such an level now that all your shit is meaningless. people have been predicting this shit for fuck years and it won't happen they won't let it. jews know the moment a actual recession hits white Americans will side with white nationalist. you think you are wise to what's happening but you are not. they have complete control. do you understand? they have complete control.

>> No.17501110
File: 55 KB, 750x920, 1582910847826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>n-no they discovered new Jew magic in the last 10 years that will allows them to pump forever!!1

>> No.17501180

>This will never end without all-encompassing civil war.
>We have to kill jews and leftists until they beg to be made our slaves and kill non-whites until they run back to the third world with their tails between their legs.
did you not read that or what?
I know pretty well what their power is, and it isn't complete yet. It totally depends on peace and compliance and everything staying more or less the same.
If multiple things go wrong they have to struggle, we need to take natural opportunities like the virus and increase their woes 10x

>> No.17501302

it is fucking amazing how this place has been flooded with this fucking retards, let me give you an advice, if you at this level of stupidity you have one job and one job only, look for the smartest person you know and somehow convince them that your ass is worth saving the kind of forces that the fucking virus is messing up convinced with the incompetence of our authorities is a recipe for fucking collapse, and if you are this fucking dumb for sure you believe that somehow everything is going to be ok, fucking beg they give a shit about you

>> No.17501325

they are nonwhites spawned with affirmative action money


>> No.17501374

dubs have spoken
link$10k eoy

>> No.17501553

Holy fuck these retards exist on biz

>> No.17501858

>surrounded by shill threads for fake internet money

>> No.17502062

and then they boomed hard retard

>> No.17502202


No, you're not seeing the whole picture here. Automation makes everything cheaper and better, every single year. Inflation increases prices. As a result, if inflation is low, prices remain the same even though the currency's purchasing power drops. If inflation is high, costs continue to go down but prices continue to go up.

The biggest investment is the initial setup. Once you have that, running it is many times cheaper.

>> No.17502356

>I honestly have zero problem paying the bank to guard my money

>> No.17502365


>> No.17502372


Yikes at the number of canon fodder

>> No.17502404

The US state is already in an economic recession.
Time to pay the piper

>> No.17502424

proof of work is more money than fiat will ever hope to be
cope harder

>> No.17502458

>proof of using electricity
>proof of work
god damn it you need to be slaughtered so you can stop being used to kill the rest of us

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