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How can universities make liberal arts (language study, history, literature etc.) economically viable and based?

I fully am onboard with teaching graduates tangible skills that they have the aptitude for (programming, higher mathematics, engineering skills, sciences etc.). Studying gender studies and nothing else useful with it is a one way ticket to sucking dicks for money sure, but I'm also concerned about a growing millennial/gen-Z population filled with hyper logical, hyper literal STEM autists who only think in black and white and have no sense of nuance... But I fail to see where the "nuanced communicators" fit in the current economy.

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Modern liberal arts colleges are just indoctrination centers, anon. People with talent and acuity for the arts don't need to go sit and listen to some mediocre hack "teach" it to them.

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This guy is right. My GF went to a liberal art college for psych and it's filled with feminists & cucked faggot professors exclaiming how white men are the downfall of society. It's a cesspool for brainwashing.

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>but I'm also concerned about a growing millennial/gen-Z population filled with hyper logical, hyper literal STEM autists
What? Zoomies have the lowest percentage of mathematically inclined people than any other generation.

Pretty much this.

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very few people actually took shit like gender studies and they were often mocked for it

out of curiosity what school was it? psych is unironically a good field (it's basically statistics but for turboautists that see people as a statistic) and it always pisses me off when pseudosciencefags and brainlets fuck up it's reputation tbqh
it sounds like a couple TAs used small class sizes (~40 or so people) for politicking instead of teaching

then again I went to a uni well known for STEM programs and my psych professors were based as fuck.
they often mocked shit like freud and any type of personality/hiring test like myers-briggs. hell one of them even had actually good memes and shitposts in his presentations on the rare occasion he had one in them

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>mocked Freud

Actually bluepilled

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It's kind of retard to think you're going to be employed as an artist... People in that line of work need to learn entrepreneurship skills and some law as well (to be able to find funding from 3rd parties) and also to be able to organize events,

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The same way religions make dedicating entire lives of the elite's brightest offspring to self-evident falsehoods possible and culturally stable. Academia at its higher echelons is the de facto governing body in our civilization - cultural norms, which govern democracy, have historically been established downwards into the proles and hardly ever upwards into these institutions. The human "sciences" status quo is extremely profitable for students of elite universities because an indoctrination in it facilitates ruling, whereas the uselessness of their information and the fact that it doesn't reflect reality is only an issue for the plebs who need to generate some utility to make money. The misunderstanding and hubris related to the real, profitable function those degrees serve and subsequent attempt to extend them to the plebs (unprofitably) is how you end up with meme degree debt. Read Moldbug.

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I agree that there should be a federal trade school program, where you can study to be a plumber, surgeon, rocket scientist, etc.

There could be free online courses for lit, history, psychology, philosophy, etc., that can be approached as a hobby through meetup type study groups and web forums.

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The liberal education is the foundation of Western civilization, and indeed the Quadrivium is still provides the basic framework upon which intelligence and culture can be acquired.

I know this, because I hold a Masters Degree in Historical Studies, First class, from an elite and ancient British University. To be fair, it does grind my gears that the noble study of history is lumped together with the pansy arts.

I don't have the data to hand to quantify the economic value of the other liberal arts to the global economy, but suffice to say it is in the region of shitloads. The value is not just in cultural products, but in the production of people who are trained in how to think.

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Teach everyone some basic history but create a high skill floor for actually studying history and thereby giving it prestige

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Ye ok lad, good luck getting a job in a history factory you focken poofta

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What you have failed to account for is that the number of "liberal arts students" has increased tenfold. It used to be an exclusive club for exclusively intelligent people. Now it's just an indoctrination center for future useful idiots. Not only do they get pumped full of socialist rhetoric, they leave school with heavy ass student loan bags and a burning desire to offload them through their vote. Double whammy.

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no worries. most of the zoomers are dunning kruger imposters and have nothing to show for it/ dont want to actually put in the work. its a phase they will end up as burger king branch managers

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IQ has been dropping for decades now even in regular whites. The average,illiterate english man in the middle ages would be more mathematically inclined than a zoomer male

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Good thing about History is it gets me birds, left right, and center. I got so much cool chat, I can tell the we're all living in a parade of ghosts, and one day they're gonna be a ghost too-

>next thing they know their knickers are on my bedroom floor

t. MA Historical studies, 1st class.

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Freud was a kike. Almost nothing he said is true

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I would agree there are too many graduates. I'm just arguing the fact that the original university education was in the liberal arts. That is what the universities were built for.If anything, its the proletarian 'stem' subjects that are encroaching on the hallowed territory of pure Academia.

But I think we can all agree that interesectional gender studies can gtfo.

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Much of the modern world is founded upon Freuds innovations.

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This is the whole problem though. The entire system needs pared down. The non-exceptional don't need to be studying subjects reserved for the exceptional, they should go into STEM if capable, trade school if not, or just not go to college. 50% of college graduates are earning arts McDegrees, racking up a massive bill, then promptly going into a job that doesn't even apply to their field. It's an insane racket.

Liberal arts won't go anywhere just because shit students stop funneling into it, it will turn back into what it originally was and should be.

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It's true he basically founded modern psychoanalysis but his ideas are false and based on a small sample of mainly kike patients

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Freud re-introduced the idea that what we think of as 'Persona' is just a mask that is worn by a multiplicity of characteristics, and humans are motivated by forces that the surface personality has zero control over.

Without Freud's contribution to human knowledge, advertising as we know it, for one obvious example, would not exist. I'm not claiming that the loss of advertising would be of a detriment to our civilization, but nevertheless can you deny its efficacy? Or put a financial value on it? No,you cant.

t. sigmund

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