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>Hello there... Anon is it?
>Thanks for coming in, please take a seat
>So, why should I hire you?

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I'm a team player and I um yeah and um pretty much uh yeah

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I'm literally waiting for an interview right now trying to look busy with my phone.
I already have a job but I hate my co-workers and I want a reset.

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Why should i let YOU hire such an asset as myself? You have 5 minutes to impress me.

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because you need some dumb fuck to do your job, I'm a broke ass college grad that's sick of dipshit recruiters listing fake jobs and nepotism bullshit, and we both want to do business
we both know that you haven't been able to find someone for this job because the goddamn listing has been up for weeks and the chucklefucks in your HR department (who, by the way, don't actually have HR training from the looks of it which is why HR is such a giant fucking meme in general, similar to suburban moms and staceys becoming "therapists" without psych degrees or certs) took 3 months to process my application

now let's drop some hard Rs

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The CEO is a Jew, he'd never hire me and I'd never work for him. Jews are the biggest racists after all and most Jewish CEOs are racist anyway in their own lives otherwise Jewish people would no longer exist (since they would have mixed with the Goy)

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Otherwise I'll coof on you. Nvm you're already dead.

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Your lack of gentlemanliness and subtlety.

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The Jews can ONLY exist through racism. Their whole religion is based on racism. I have nothing against niggers other than them trying to get me to not use words in the English language and being in my nation because they ultimately want more "gibs" because all of the opportunities are here and any negro hired is a native that wasn't.
Fuck Jews
Niggers please go home

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We know, Mike.

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Because I'm white.

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Peepee poopoo