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Is pussy overrated? Some chadbro told me that head is better and that pussy isn't worth it if your personalities don't mesh.

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I fucking hate women.

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Like everything else in life, it is great but can be taken for granted/not appreciated once you have it, and sorely missed once it's gone...
>guy with gf whose libido has absolutely tanked in the past year. the wall is real.

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pussy better than head

head depends on girls skill and many are not skilled

pussy varies to a lesser degree and you have more control over the action

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Bjs depend on the thot giving schlop. The poop hole is divine in most cases tho

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I'm 26. But I fucked 80-90 women between age 14-25. No larping believe what you will but I peaked in HS and was a semi chad with a very high iq manipulative personality which I used to get girls with. Pussy in it self is overrated as fuck and yeah blowjobs are better. Tbh I'd rather jerk off than fuck some hoe now a days so ive slowed down

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head vs pussy is like chicken wings vs tendies/nuggies
do you enjoy navigating around bones to enjoy the same thing?
>pussy isn't worth it if your personalities don't mesh
this is definitely true for me, but its a catch 22 because if i really vibe with a girl’s personality then the time spent fucking is time we cant spend shooting the shit and goofing off (which sometimes is better than the sex depending on the girl)

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god made a penis and a vagina. one is supposed to go into the other. anal is for homosexuals and head is for the moments god is not watching.

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>head is better
This is true. Maybe I’m really turning into a germophobe but sex has started to disgust me recently. Always worried I’ll impregnate my gf since I can’t cum using a condom (lost too much sensitivity due to an adolescence spent being a coomer) and my gf insists on not using birth control cause it messes with her hormones... but I digress, long story short head feels better, is less effort for you and won’t worry you afterwards. Sex is very exciting the first couple times because it feels like an achievement but then you realise it doesn’t matter that much, at least in my case I got a couple friends who’ve had more sex than me but are still horndogs

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>>guy with gf whose libido has absolutely tanked in the past year. the wall is real.

Same, the day I turned 25 it was like my lust dropped off a cliff.

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Butthole is best, then mouth. Vagina is kind of eh. Beats jerking off but it is kind of boring. I've only been with two girls though, have not had my current girls butt yet but it's a process. Last girl said she'd never do anal and I trained her to give it on demand. Training a female taken a lot of patience, but when you finally get there it's not really worth the effort. The feeling of making her do something she said she'd never do is much better than the nut or any physical sensations. Probably why I'm into spanking and making her wear what I pick out.

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tight pussy is as great as everyone says
loose ones are overrated indeed

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This image makes me want vanilla ice cream.

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rawdog > head > condom sex

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The ultimate redpill is that pussy is underrated and money is overrated. Head is valued correctly, but anal is overrated.
Pussy has been criminally underrated for over a decade now.

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digits + truth, fuckin 24/7 is for low iq niggers and teenagers

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oh, and sucking toes >>> all

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Im a 34 year old virgin. My moms cries sometimes because she wants grandkids to buy stuff for.

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Checked and can confirm

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Isn’t it possible to hate yourself too much to even try at all? Yes , yes it is.

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There’s where I’m now at after failing with women so much.

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That sucks but is was mostly your parents fault for not making sure their kid is brought up properly to the point he’d be competent enough to get a girl.

I think it’s because most boomers and Gen x’ers are naive. It was easy for them to meet a girl and start a family. In 2020 feminism/hypergamey is out of control and most men are not able to participate in the dating market. They never did anything about the degrading culture and thought things would always be good, now here we are.

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If it’s something you really cared about, at least you tried. Some of us have no tolerance for rejection and rage quit, never to try again. Truth is, I’m old now and don’t care anymore either.

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cumming in chicks is sweet. after you do it a couple times tho you want a new girl

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They got cable internet at the house when I was 13 and didn’t intervene after catching me with horse porn.

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lmao imagine living your life believing some kike volcano god is stalking you and watching you have sex with your wife. doesn't get any more cucked

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Do you still spank it to horses?

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Honestly if someone said I can never fuck a pussy again but I'd get a lifetime supply of enthusiatic head (enthusiasm is key) I'd take that deal in a heartbeat.

It's not good when a girl keeps stopping, not giving a good suck, not embracing the dick into her mouth willingly etc.

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It’s to the point now if I’m somehow horny enough to fuck it’s easier just to pull my own dick

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To women getting creampied by horses

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ok incels. this tip will transform you into volcels.

you are a confident male. confident in your yourself because you have gone through certain trials and you know what you know and dont know and you know what you are capable of and not capable of. assuming the above is true. find some girl somewhere that YOU ACTUALLY WOULD LIKE TO fornicate with. you get to know her a bit by just talking like you would otherwise. at some point you have to make a move right?
assuming she enjoys your company and you can actually laugh a bit or some other cliche shit. BAM. this is the moment you simply kiss her and see how she reacts.

one thing that will NEVER work is starting to talk about your feelings to her and yada yada how you like her and what not.
girls expect action, not words in pretty much anything. a girl can only take so many words before she needs action and in certain cases no words are needed.
just be chad, have a basic understanding of hygiene and take action.
NOW let me just say this to some autismos who think they should go and rape some random chick. READ THIS POST AGAIN carefully.

to those of normal behavioral patterns and even a basic understanding of humour this should not be too hard. and most of all, dont forget that golden smile!

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haha yes, read between the lines. head is nice.

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Based but 95% Of horse porn uses fake cum.

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Was it easier to manipulate women back in high school? I feel like it’s harder now in late 20s.

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Horse porn excuse is easier than being too autistic to hold a conversation :(

Tfw to awkward to feel a boob, but too honorable to pay

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Yeah it's way way harder, I can't bullshit myself to pussy like when girls are younger

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Why do you know that?

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I worked on a ranch and used a horse masturbator to collect samples for testing. The consistency of horse cum is different than what you see in almost all horse porn videos.

They string a tube to the opposite side being filmed or cut to another scene where model magically has a mouthful of viscous white fluid.

The real horse cumshots are almost entirely amateur.

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Ofc dude women in their mid or late 20s have been bullshitted enough times to where they have at last developed some immunity. They are jaded towards new cock.

Teenagers and 20 year olds are still fresh and excited to ride the cock carousel and will believe anything you tell them because they want to get dicked down.

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are most of you burgers or are there incels all over? times sure are changing but one thing remains certain. tip if you want a good girl: make sure she has a good relationship to her family, respects her father and elder brother if she has one. it will make life easier for you. honestly, these things are never fake and are good indicators of what she thinks of men. if her father is a generous alpha, its good. if she never had one, take care. she does not know what to expect from men.

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You guys just don’t have any game.

Manipulating anyone is easy, talk to them until you find out what they want, and be the one who supplies them with that thing. Just remember to read between the lines and not take what bitches say at face value.

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Women vaginas are fucking disgusting

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Hey guys I'm here for financial advice how can I profit off this?

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Sex is needed emotions for a woman, needed for survival for a man
If she’s not fucking you, she’s probably fucking Tyrone behind your back anon

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This. I kinda get tired of my gf's when I have them, and miss them when they're gone ;_;

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Fuck no. Head is so overrated. I get my sexual thrill from owning her baby hole.

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the only thing you should manipulate is her ass and titties. the rest is just talk

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you're supposed to post hot girls on biz. not this 4/10 trash

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>will believe anything you tell them
What should I tell them?

>find out what they want
>read between the lines and not take what bitches say at face value
Thanks Mr. PUA. Women don't know what they want but find out what they want! Helpful.

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>Women treated me as completely invisible during my sexual peak
>Now a 30 year old virgin and will NEVER get those years back, I don't even care about trying to get a gf or whatever at my age because why bother starting now
>Missed out on teen romance
>Missed out on being 20 and having youthful romps
>Missed out on getting a girl that isn't a single mother who has already been fucked by 42 Chads

I will never forgive society for this
Elliot was right

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>Some chadbro told me that head is better and that pussy
Sounds like the guy who told you that is trying to cope about being a fag

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It’s the pill...it kills it. My gf was on the pill for years...she recently got off now she legitimately won’t leave me alone. It’s been a few months of this.

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I can’t teach you how to not be autistic, but I’ll try.

If a woman tells you she’s tired of guys not taking her seriously and just wanting to fuck around, guess who just told you they fall for garden variety fuck boy tactics. If she tells you she wants to travel and all of that other basic bitch nonsense, she’s looking for unique experiences. Give her something you know she’s never had and watch the panties drop. So on and so forth.

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I'm just autistic :^(
No, you're just fucking ugly.

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best thing is going down on a girl while she gives you a footjob, it's like a better 69

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Pussy is overrated but hookers aren't

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True enough, but the talk is what gets you to the ass and titties in the first place. I haven’t went without a steady piece of ass for more than a week or two in over 10 years, and it’s all thanks to knowing how to spit game.

Again, for anyone reading this, it’s this simple: Find out what they want, and supply it to them. It’s that simple. If you need help with the finding out what they want part, then you need to spend a lot more time interacting with people with a purpose and stop living your life like a fucking NPC.

The good news is, once you grasp this concept and learn to be effective, you’ll realize it translates to pretty much every facet of life. Romance, business, family/children, you name it.

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You could have just summarized it with

>be interesting

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>just have game bro :^)
Wrong. It's confidence, personality, and positive attitude.

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>I fucking hate women.
I hated them too.. but if you think about it.. they respond just like us to common istinctiv commands... so there is nothing to hate bro...

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what does society have to do with you locking yourself inside of your room ?

not socialising when you should have, staying in your room playing games
dont tell me you were always treated like an outcast when all you did was avoid people when it was cruicial

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any man that prefers mouth over pusy is by default a homosexual

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Fucking degenerate

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I'm sure he got lots of invites from his friends to parties and got hit on by women. I'm sure it was totally a choice and not because those opportunities were never available.

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You are a voluntary celibate if you refuse to drop a few hundred dollars on an OK prostitute. If you are honestly so financially fucked and so social fucked that you are a true incel, I'm sad for your situation.

>> No.17478445

Is there a name for this position? I want to search videos, it's difficult to imagine.

This is gold. Can you give more examples/ where you meet these women?

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I hear you, but you gotta know your audience. Someone who sincerely believes women don’t know what they want is clearly either autistic or inexperienced, so you have to break things down.

Women know what they want, they just don’t know how to/have the sack to articulate it because they’re dumb and deceptive by nature.

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Depends. Personally I prefer tight pussy but if she’s a slut and sucks sloppy I can get with that

>> No.17478471

My bad, I’m operating under the assumption that the person I’m talking to isn’t a hideous troll.

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An additional voidpill is that self improvement wouldn't have helped you either.

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Most people on here are spergcels that look like>>17478313

>> No.17478524

Everywhere, anywhere.

Tell you what though, I’ll give you something to get you started. Start off aiming as high as you possibly can. Approach nothing but absolute knockouts, bonus points if they earn a shit load of money. Act like you have the biggest dick in the world and millions in the bank. I promise the results will surprise you.

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>Women know what they want, they just don’t know how to/have the sack to articulate it because they’re dumb and deceptive by nature.

This means they don't know what they want. They don't have access to their subconscious but you make some educated guesses from your assessment and previous experience.

Being 5'5 doesn't help but decent face and slightly athletic. Also, good humor and not poor.

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>Approach nothing but absolute knockouts, bonus points if they earn a shit load of money. Act like you have the biggest dick in the world and millions in the bank. I promise the results will surprise you.
Thank you I will try this. I have tried in the past but didn't have much to say after my clever situational (uncanned) opener.

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>just don t be ugly bro
i swear to god you faggots are really imbeciles. i know CHADS who are COMPLETE RETARDS , they only get pussy because they have a CHAD face, everything about your talking crap and bla bla IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT. CHAD FACE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ALL .

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5'5"? Ok don't bother. Nobody wants you around. Take your manlet genes to south America or south east asia. Even crippled midgets in wheelchairs can get cuties to sit on their face there.

>> No.17478575

Okay and? Dude it’s like fishing. I don’t give a fuck whether or not the fish knows what a worm is or why it wants it, I just know that when I put one on a hook and drop it in it’s face it bites.

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No he's saying his wife got ugly

>> No.17478589

hello mr monkey, ill try to explain this again
you are not born 15 without social skills
you are born like everyone else and grow to be what you are today
you know other people get picked on too ?
but they arent babies about it
they still continue to try to fit in until they do

look around you, looser
every ugly motherfucker on the street has a girlfriend
now it might seem as if nobody you know has a girlfriend
but thats just because you move in cricles that are cowards and would rather sit at home in front of their pc then socialise
the same way they did when they were kids

>> No.17478591

Sorry about your genes bro. Plenty of pussy in my world, and trust me, it ain’t because I look like “Chad”

>> No.17478639

Which cities specifically?
What about a German whorehouse will I get STDs?

Some worms are smaller than others.

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>Women know what they want
That's right. Problem is you don't have what they want.

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So how come your ugly ass couldn't get a girlfriend?

>> No.17478845

Shut the fuck up, retard.

>> No.17478956

>some kike volcano god
ackshually YHWH is a desert god

>> No.17478995

women are whores and u should treat them as such

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Okay. :^)

>> No.17479037

This is a business and finance board

>> No.17479056

anal is better than both

>> No.17479062

I’m killing myself soon and giving my bags to my sibling before checking out. None of this matters, this entire ride has been pointless. Mom and dad, I hate you for bribing me into this world. Fuck you.

>> No.17479095

They're not dumb, nor are they always deceptive. They're PASSIVE.

>> No.17479106

Travel before you kill yourself. You have only seem 1% of life and think it's shit. Maybe it's just your location that is shit.
If that doesn't help, do some introspection.
Why the fuck would you kill yourself when it's all an illusion? It being an illusion is like a free ride. If you fuck up, it doesn't matter.

>> No.17479127

I’m 34, bitch, all the good parts are over. Idiot.

>> No.17479130


This was my logical circle. Kill yourself because life is pointless. But if life is pointless, why kill yourself? Why end it prematurely? Might as well just fuck around and see what can happen.

>> No.17479131

The value of women is business

>> No.17479189

I've seen 60 year olds that could kick your ass. Seriously spend $300 on Transformation Mastery and watch the videos. Or torrent. It's much better than your alternative of killing yourself. Recognize why you feel like life is shit. Prob best thing you can do. You will learn to inspire others. I guarantee it.

There is no logic. Both choices (do something great and do nothing/ kill yourself) are both irrational. That's the human condition.

>> No.17479229

I think this depends on if you're circumcised or not. Guys that still have their foreskins apparently enjoy head a lot more. I will never forgive my parents for taking my foreskin away from me

>> No.17479231

And to expand on the irrationality bit:
A rational agent will have a valid reason behind their actions.
There is no ultimate meaning/goal/endgame.
Any action has no ultimate reason.
Any action is irrational.

Also, we should all stop reproducing to prevent this dilemma for future generations.

>> No.17479240

Same. Just a bunch of sluts. I used to think they were my equal, Lol

>> No.17479263

Im not a fan of BJ's . a tight wet pussy is never goin out of style. I like the girl. is she a ethot? can i watch her somewhere?

>> No.17479287

I bought a climbers rope that won’t tear and can support my body weight and I have a remote area with a solid tree branch. That will eliminate any variables that could fuck it up. :D

I’d do a video if anyone had the balls to film or I had a good signal to stream it. I’ll write biz on my forehead so you know it’s me.

>> No.17479309

biz doesn't know quality when they see it. good advice bro, useful for us non-spergs.

i have to admit, i do play the social game like an npc but I have a talent for reading a room/motivations. I just don't apply it enough in my day to day interactions.

I do know a guy though is is very much not chad at all, but the guy runs his mouth like a pro and knows how to get anyone on his side. Bitches fall in line with him and he alpha's our group naturally.

i honestly think alot of my problem is I don't give a shit what other people want. too selfish. but if I can apply what other people want to what I want it would make my life easier.

>> No.17479313

It's funny how it's always "you" that's needs to change.

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>tfw 27 soon and still haven't fucked
should I just end it?

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Because it's not "advice" and it's definitely not quality you dumbfuck.

>> No.17479392

Yup, if you have severe ADHD or live on the spectrum and can’t into humanity, even if the rest of your life is dialed in, you miss all the signals and open invitations or you don’t feel good enough about yourself to act on them. If I told you I make 90K a year, decent looking, dress nice and I’ve been lifting for 16 years and have the body of a Greek god, but still too socially awkward to have friends, date or have normal relationships, you’d know my pain. Having your brain fried from adderall is fun too.

Fuck you guys.

>> No.17479403

Yes, but all of us should die, not just you.

>> No.17479405

You're asking literal incels and boomer autust? Go outside and find out for your self.

>> No.17479411

Is it edgier to send your folks a message saying goodbye first, or just doing it and letting them assume the worst after a few weeks?

>> No.17479415

Do you care at all about the grief it will cause your family?

>> No.17479437

go outside and interact with people you sperg. you have nothing to go off of but infographics and your self reinforced opinions.

>> No.17479440

"YOU" need to change what you value in life and what society has told you that you should value. There is a false sense of self that is destroyed through a Buddhist awakening (realizing the self is an illusion) and changes how you view the world.

>> No.17479463

Fuck off back to /pol

>> No.17479472

I won’t care about anything, I’ll be dead. It’s their fault for fucking and having me, birthing me into a body of a competitive species that I had no choice in. They’re pieces of normie shit.

>> No.17479476
File: 33 KB, 600x400, DTGHPZtHQ4l577hfBzzHFlghqj81WtSxUkH6t7h0s-U.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This guy fucked Even Rachel Wood in her prime. Does he look attractive?

>> No.17479492

>just talk to people bro :^)
Turns out it doesn't work. Got any more bright ideas?

>> No.17479501

You need a hug, dude.

>> No.17479503

oh shit we got an live incel
>yes officer this one right here

>> No.17479507

normies are retards. They give literal npc advice. Like literally, they all argue the same way

>> No.17479522

You seriously need any of Julien Blanc's materials, especially Transformation Mastery. I'm only shilling because nothing else I've encountered gets as deep into introspecting your psychology and relation to the world unless you read a shit ton of books. Easy to understand videos are much more efficient.

>> No.17479525

>decent looking,
>have the body of a Greek god
And who told you that?

>> No.17479534

to be fair he was basically the king of the scene he was in for a long time, at that point power would be the thing saving him over looks

>> No.17479544

Sounds like you need to move then. You are your environment. If you feel like shit then likely your environment is shit.

>> No.17479550

>is a famous musician
High SMV is always attractive to women.

>> No.17479570

It's because of dating apps like tinder. On dating apos women just choose men based on looks and most men are not good looking enough.

>> No.17479577

Create a scene to be a king of. Status can be artificially created. I've had girls think I'm fucking amazing, and others think I'm a fucking creep. Why? Because status exists solely in people's minds. Do you think your dog knows who is a chad and who is an incel? No.

The worst thing you can do attraction-wise is remain indifferent in their eyes.

>> No.17479584

How come transformation didn't work for you?

>> No.17479591

Create it. He didn't get the SMV out of nowhere. He found something some people found valuable and capitalized on it.

>> No.17479605

Bro teeth is the worst. Can’t own their mouth wide enough and their teeth grate your forskin.

>> No.17479609

It did in the sense that it changed my priorities and I don't suffer through the lack of anything. If I don't reach any goals I don't take it to heart because they're all wants, not needs.

>> No.17479631

The incel's guide to not appearing to be an incel, but instead an insufferable PUA cunt with a weird hat. Genius.

>> No.17479655

Sex is substantially better if you two truly bond, honestly there's nothing quite like making love or whatever you want to call it.

Without true emotional connection I find sex pointless, it makes me feel simplistic and like I'm just trying to breed, the connection is what makes it feel magical and truly human.

>> No.17479678

>Critiques book without reading it
You're going off your preconceived notions without examining the actual content.
I'd researched a lot of PUA shit in the past. All it does is make you an autistic sociopath. This is different or I wouldn't recommend it.

>> No.17479691

Pussy is absolutely superior to all other holes.

>> No.17479699

It's not different, you're just jaded.

>> No.17479713

Oh ok, so basically you failed to achieve anything concrete and have simply entered into a new level of cope to deal with that. Thanks for clarifying.

>> No.17479746

I’ll put you in the screencap and post your digits before I put the rope around my neck. Check back in May, I need some time to get my affairs in orders.

>> No.17479759

Several RN’s, female physicians and medical assistants, and the stupid cunts of all ages that okay with their hair and smile and laugh about the stuff I say when it’s not meant to be funny. Other than that, it might be in my head.

>> No.17479760


Ok homo

>> No.17479774

Play with their hair**

>> No.17479778

Until you torrent and watch Transformation Mastery, you will not understand when I say it's different. It has nothing to do with picking up girls or manipulating people.

Inner growth > external growth. You can set as many external goals as you want and accomplish them, then get bored and find another goal, all until you die. Or you can learn to be content with the present and all that you currently have. Anything else is just extra.

>> No.17479809

Wow! Are you The JokerTM

>I need some time to get my affairs in orders.
>I won’t care about anything, I’ll be dead.

You contradict yourself. Through this alone you should realize your faulty logic and try to improve yourself.

>> No.17479833

>if a girl is nice to me, it must mean she finds me sexually attractive, and not because she's just being polite.
Textbook incel thinking. It's definitely all in your head.

>> No.17479835

>they still continue to try to fit in until they do

Yeah boy just give em a firm handshake until they do

>> No.17479855

/biz/ has gone to shit, sell signal, full of retards, PUA, really? holy shit, we have at least a year of bear

>> No.17479874

There is being nice, then there is her co-worker or the front desk lady stopping you to ask for If you’re single. I’m not completely oblivious. Just pointing out that you can have the other variables dialed in and still be an asshat. You find out that trial and error that being oblivious makes you more attractive to the pretty women that are used to being approached all the time and don’t understand why you’re not NPC #223 lining up to try and mush their muffin.

>> No.17479878

>Or you can learn to be content with the present and all that you currently have.
Then have fun learning to be content with your loneliness and inceldom for the rest of your ghastly life.

>> No.17479886

Give me a darknet source for Medical grade Nembutal and I’ll leave, promise.

>> No.17479989

I guess I never had to start so low on the totem pole. Some things you inherently 'get' from being socialized as a child.

Can an unsocialized dog ever learn to play with the pack?

I studied body language for a while when I was undeveloped.

"What every BODY is saying"

Developed by a fed interrogator. It really helped me gauge other people better and give me an idea as to what they're feeling without having to ask.

If you practice reading those signs in person it becomes second nature, and you might be able to mimic a well adjusted human being.

>> No.17480148

I have had gfs, and I am not afraid to have more gfs in the future. They will come and go and I will live to cum again

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