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>late 2017
>some guy named Assblaster on a racist anime internet forum tells a bunch of NEET LOSERS about an emerging Blockchain middleware project that solves the oracle problem
>neets become deluded from funny memes and end up putting entire net worths into it
>ffw 2020
>bio weapon escapes high security lab in china
>80% of world gets infected, many die
>entire populations quarantined
>economic crash
>social and economic realignment
>meanwhile said emerging blockchain project emerges
>makes entirely new economy possible
>current elite start notice
>proceeds to moon violently
>neets become rich AF just as all asset prices collapse
>neets survive pandemic cause neets
>neets proceed to buy the biggest dip in history, becoming new elite
>neets still spend all day on obscure mongolian basket weaving forum shitposting obscene luxury memes

what the fuck time line is this

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the most BASED timeline

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>neets still spend all day on obscure mongolian basket weaving forum shitposting obscene luxury memes

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chainlink is a scam

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>what the fuck time line is this

honk honk

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most logical sequence of events

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it's true. i left for 18 months for a comfy trading group. came back just to see the wojacks the other day and have had the catalog up since.
That was my 3rd chance of being free of the chinz and it failed

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Imagine if you took your medication

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Imagine if you had a make it stack of LINK.

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assblaster was a insignificant larper cuck. literally had no part in me buying my link sub 1 dollar. will be forgotten - useless thread

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same i have been here since link ICO days,

they cube is what drew me in

the complexity of the whitepaper was unlike any others i had read in 2017.

the fact sergey was white was why i put in 10k in 2017.

i have sold and swung my way down to a comfy 30k link oh well

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I have weird dreams that aren’t right. Sleep paralysis, night terrors, sleepwalking, persistent dreamscapes, you name it and it happens to me. I had a dream last night where a powerful entity asked me to make a wish. I wished to become a millionaire off of chainlink. As soon as I did everything went dark and walls slammed down around me on 3 sides signifying that I couldn’t go back. A huge mirror was in front of me, so I walked through it like a portal. Woke up and link is $4 while bitcoin is under $9k.

Lads I think I need a priest.

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confess my son

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Jesus will save you if you humble yourself and ask Him. Once you are saved demons will have no power over you, as you will be the property of God bought with the blood of Christ.

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Holy digits

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I love you anon thanks for this post also checked

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Just grow stronger.

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Well I’ve gotten better at it. When I was in college I’d cower and cringe when a face would come out of my wall and my body was paralyzed. Nowadays I scream and strain until I’m free and wake myself up. I also tell them to fuck off and rebuke them. Still unpleasant and the one last night was particularly disturbing.

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Is 560 LINK enough to be elite when this happens

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You should cultivate your spirit.

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Checked and praise

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as a kid I walked through a mirror in the room and into a portal that came out on a meadow with the Pyramids surrounded by cattle but the pyramids were covered in gold. odd thing was I was sleeping over at a friends house and he woke me up telling me what I just saw.

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I think CL will be worth more than BTC. Hold on to it accumulate. Never sell.

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Yeah it seems like some of this metaphysical stuff is real. Come to think of it, in my dream last night they tried to get me to kill something. I refused and said the soul is immortal with eternal consequences and I refuse to cross that line. So I think dream me handled it well enough.

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I left for 6 months and lost two x6 on two shitcoins I was holding.
Came back, after a week I made $1000.
Never leaving this place again I swear

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based fellow daoist

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I have 12500

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