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Meanwhile we are up 10% during the market dump.

>inb4 the crypto Boogeyman

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shilled enough, I'm taking a look

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not buying a 100% pump, it'll need to chill/retrace for me to buy. not yet looked at their site.

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Sitsgangg up then down

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Without Tachyon' IPX token, nodes are not incentivized to join the network, resulting in the inability to produce value for other business scenarios and the settlement.

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>Pee pee poo poo

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all bout dem tacheyons maneeee

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after exploring it seems like an honorable project, not a PNK level of shilled diarrhea.
will consider.

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It's happening

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1M general reporting in

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monacoin up 14 percent
whats your point buddy

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3 million big daddy checking in.

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RSR is the futur

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exchange supply reducing fast... price go up etc.

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the whole Satsgang hard at work

gtfo, pajeets

We're not falling for you pump and dump schemes

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Retarded pakis at work once again. Now that Kleros is down the drain the focus shifted to this shill.

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Thiel, Altman, and Coinbase
all got fooled by satsgang huh wow damn these street shitters really fooled everybody. Guess that’s why half the available tokens on Huobi have left the exchange to be stored on people’s wallets, because they’re gonna dump the coin and scam everybody. The Illuminati of low market cap coins is real and they’re called satsgang!!

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because there's only 4% of the total supply in circulation

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Back to discord to collect your rupees rakesh...

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