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What is it about Walmart that attracts so many degenerates? You don't see those demographics at Target, Costco or really any other retailer...

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Walmarts tend to be in shittier locations and they always advertise their low prices.

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Walmart b cheap n shiet

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Stomp stomp clap, better come strapped

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WE ARE, WE ARE, ________

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This must be an american phenomenon. Here in Canada it's mcdonalds that attracts weirdos, especially at night

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For me it's the hawaiian punch for 1.88.

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but thats every mcdonalds to ever exist not just canada

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Poor people tend to be desperate weirdos, just look at /biz/ and the palpable desperation in most threads lmao

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Probably easier to steal from Wal-Mart. I did security at a Wal-Mart and got in trouble for following guys out that were trying to steal. Pretty sure the one guy wanted to shoot me but their leader wasn't getting very spooked so.

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I worked at a Walmart in a nice, well-off white suburb. They had a literal Walmart bus to bus in niggers from the nearby city. If the neighboorhood isn't trashy enough, they'll make sure they meet their trash quota by other means.

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>what is it about walmart
for me, it's that i can get most of my consumer needs met for a competitive price at 3am where there are only shelf stockers and everyone leaves me the fuck alone

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You sound like a terrifying person to meet

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cheap linkies