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As to the pink fields, they too shall pass.

I must remind you lest you forget. $1000 EOY. You will do well to remember this.

Fuck Jannies.

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Any lewds of mouse wizard?

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Tell me more mouse wizard

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I say to you: I have no interest in such juvenile frivolities. Put your carnal desires behind you and pursue enlightenment!

Staking of the Link shall arrive amid the Summer Solstice and the Autumnal Equinox. From the East will come successive announcements of integration of our Oracle, linking the chains, ensnaring The Beast. Beware the false prophet, the false profit, "Nulink." Remember never to take for granted what has been bestowed upon you by the lord. Those that betray The Path and trade their blessings for a few pieces of silver in hopes of multiplying their lot shall lose everything.

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I'm going to cum on that mouse.

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BTC to $1,000, yes. we know. Link to 45 cents.

ARPA to $1. So it was written.

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Begone Daemons! Lest you be gored by the holy golden bull! From whence you came!

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If BTC doesn't go over 10k in the next 3 days I'm going to cum on that mouse's forehead.

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Thank you for your wisdom mouse wizard. God bless you!

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I shall not fret. The coin shall, at the very least surpass the mark of a thousand score, though perhaps with great brevity!

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You're fatfingering your ID hodge

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shut the fuck up nigger.

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based mouse wizard

$1000 EOY

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Speak More mouse fren.

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Silver $1600 EOFatfinger

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