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I warned you fags its fucking gook scam looks like last "staking" scam run was exposed you are going pre binannce pump levels

Breaths inn,


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>stay poor sir
>I am white male and I hold fantom

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>Its IQ test

Well I guess it was one after all

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OH CMON WHERES MY SATSGANG NOW when baholders need you

>everything pumps, ftm stays flat
>everything dumps ftm dumps more

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Yes let's sell the best consensus in crypto for peanuts just before it announces a central bank as client. Kek


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stfu skizo moron take your meds, no matter how much FTM goes down, it can never go down as much as your mental degeneracy, fucking moron fuck you and fuck your DAG and MTV bags! hahahahaha

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>Valhalla awaits
>I am living in my own private Valhalla right now
>84 - FTM price in sats and average IQ of Fantom bag hodlers.

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>but but just wait for central banks to buy our bags bro

Do you know how utterly retarded you sound?????????


Satsgang cashed out while here you are defending this poop and bagholding TOPKEK

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fuck satsgang and fuck you! fake Fren! true Frens don't rejoice when other Frens get rekt! so fuck you!

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back to 0.004 cents.

buy ARPA.

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Wait, did you actually believe people on this board are your friends?
Jesus Christ.

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some are, some are not obviously! True Frens stay Frens forever! we all share in the same spirit of the frog memes! this is betrayal!

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You are talking about me, Fantom psycho.

>True Frens stay Frens forever! we all share in the same spirit of the frog memes! this is betrayal!
Then why did you spam the hell out off biz with your blatant Fantom scam? You never cared about destroyed lives before, did you scammers?

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because Fantom is not a scam!!!!

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Another biz scam bites the dust. Chainstink is next.

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FTM scam was known even before they started shilling it here
LINK scam was even more obvious, the meltdown will be fun to watch

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>Centralized shitcoin advertises transaction speed on their zero-usage network
Never seen that claim before. Nano did it two years ago and had some hype, but the same shit isn't going to work in 2020.

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