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Will Chainlink develop its own dispute resolution system? Or will it outsource that to something like Kleros?

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NuLink already solved the oracle problem and has a dispute resolution system.


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I want to save my own thread because of the garbage you left in it

But I'm actually considering if Kleros has a future or not

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Your shits all fucked up and retarded.

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obvious shill but ok, this is a guess, but if anything kleros or any arbitration would be written into a smart contract like a clause in a irl contract. arbitration/dispute resolution has nothing to d with chanlink. it's apples and oranges.

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Well put, thanks for your insight.

*sage not save

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You're dumb and didn't read the white paper. How would a contractor get the $LINK that an operator has on their oracle as collateral after being provided bad data, if there's no dispute resolution system?

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If everyone gives you bad data chainlink assumes you asked for bad data or you didn't spend enough on oracles to guarrantee good data.
If one or two people give bad data they get slashed because the other oracles gave good data.

That's it.

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What are you talking about? Everyone? One contract uses one oracle, get the fuck out of my thread and go read the white paper you dumb fucking retard

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>sorry bro I assumed you asked for a hacker to change a 1 to a 0 in the database that costed you 20million, sorry bro

Lmao. Literally none of /biz/ even knows what the tokens do that you buy. You're all so dumb.

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lol you don't understand chainlink at all pleb. You probably think there's only 1 node for the whole bitcoin and ethereum networks.

Consensus by majority, you don't order a single oracle, you order as many as you feel guarrantees you the security you require. You might be happy using the majority answer of 5 oracles for a contract that holds $100, but for a contract that holds $100 million you probably want more than 5.

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Not even gonna bother.

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>chainlink - kleros both scam
>nulink is the new bitcoin, bitch.

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Do you seriously not understand this at all?

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why bother having all these nodes if you only need 1 like you think?

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Not spending 45 minutes teaching a retard. But I'm guessing there's a reason you don't understand what market forces would drive $LINKs price up

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How do you change the question half way through a thread? I'm telling you why kleros is shit and isn't needed.

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