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I finally spent all my profits from 2018
>have ~20 btc at the top of the bubble
>decide to cash in at $13k 14 of it.
>Fucking goys takes half of it.
>Spend firivously for the first 6 months, waiting for the "real bull run".
>fall into travel meme
>fuck prostitues
>check btc price, it's 6k. Well, this must be the bottom... I can't sell it now.
>another 6 months pass, I spend way less, went back to being a neet, still waiting for the next bull run.
>didn't check on the prices for ever...
>google alert; btc at $3k
>Move in back into mommy's basement
>eat tendies, watch porn, "help" a little around the house

Well guys, this is finally it. I'm broke again. Can't find any job because of 2 year gap. Am I going to flip burgers for the rest of my life ?

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dumbass, you should have been buying, swinging, and keeping it on the low after selling for $14k.

you deserve to lose everything

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Tldr fuck off reddit nigger

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better hurry up with that job hunt, once the economy goes down the drain your chances will only get worse

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there's no real trading activity for swing trade, just bots buying and selling. Fucking leftover niggers at margin trading.

I know this board turned into a pajeet shitting street at 2018, and still is, but hoped maybe there are still some real oldfags around.

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well I can offer you 1000 nulinks

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>Make 260k-280k before taxes
>Immediately go into "HOW MAKE MONEY OFF FUCK PROSTITUTE???" mode
Good lord, I am glad that my frivolous desires only amount to spending 50$ on weed a week. But seriously, why did you try to live like you had made it, when all you had was a short break?

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just start margin trading bro

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>not living within your means
You fool

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Oh shut the fuck up you bitch. I never cashed out at the top. I watched my shit go from 450k down to 50k. But I've played it relatively smart with some good picks over the last two years, and my portfolio is back to 100k, and that's deducting the city apt, tuition, and everything else. I work part time now.

A fucking employment gap is nothing. Find some filler shit to put in your resume if you want. Go on fiverr or have a friend serve as a reference. This shit isn't hard

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I was expecting 6 month bear market. Not 2 years of this shit.

If you've been "waiting for the bullrun" for the last 2 years, it's just a matter of time you'll break too. I laughed at people starting wagecucking 3 months after the peak, and now here I am. "Muh halving" will pump the price maybe %20 for a week or two before happening, and will dump to even lower the minute halving happens.

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280k is enough to stop wagecucking
280k allows me to live like a rich person
how were you this stupid op, in todays economy you will probably need closer to 3 mil and some good moves after that to live that lifestyle
also where do you live that the gov takes a full half of your gains

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We need a windfall op

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Taxes fucked me up more than anything...

If I just kept my money in, I'd keep wagecucking and even keep investing after seeing the drop to $6k, $3k. Would spend way lesser than what I already did. But after getting cash on hand, I just couldn't take wagecucking anymore...

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understandable you grow a good hatred of wagecucking, but best to make sure you have enough to really stop wagecucking
even without the taxes and the travelmeme what was going to be your plan with 280k?
and you haven't mentioned where you live, is it really low cost of living perhaps?

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Can I just lie on my resume to get a job?

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what the fuck dude i manage to live lavishly with like 500€ a month in a first world country, what went wrong
seriously check your spendings

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I will have some fries with that thank you.

It must be so good to know that you are back flipping burgers while living the jet set life style for a while

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what a fucking retard kill yourself

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Is this a thing? Everywhere I look, they ask for 5 years of employment and address history and I'm in London which is where most of the jobs are in this shithole

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with your attitude to money and spending, you will be broke no matter how high crypto moons.
Next bullrun could send BTC to a million and you'd still find a way to be wagecucking in 5 years.
Learn to spend less than you earn. a one time payment isnt earning, the interest off that lump of money is.

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In Murica (for low paying jobs) they only want things like HS diploma and maybe some past experience. I have neither and have been NEET for like 6 years so I thought of just lying and hoping they don't check.

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Literally applying for crappy manual labour jobs like in a warehouse/ bar work and they all have ridiculous requirements. It's like they want me to be a neet.

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And they'll end up hiring the boss's drug addicted cousin or some shit. You can't win

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Why are you referring to the amount before taxes like it's some meaningful number??

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I have a fucking car salesman interview tomorrow. Should I take it seriously or is it just a miserable job I shouldn't care if I get?

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If you're not autistic like me it might be fun. You might even make a lot of money if you're good at it.

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My Dad says this car dealership is really pushy and I"m not sure if that's company policy or they just have really bad salespeople. I figure it can't be that hard since if someone's on the lot they at least have some interest in buying something. It's not like cold call sales.

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OP you know those stories of lottery winners that ruin their lives? Your one of them, imagine completely wasting a quarter of a million dollars. If it was me I would have put most of the money in stonks, get a mortgage for a house and start my own landscaping business

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>quitting work before becoming a multimillionaire (like at least 20-50 mil)

The truth is you were never going to make it anyway, retard.

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The last of the '17 fags are getting btfo

t. had 300k+ in Dec '17, now barely 70k

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