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would you rather have a penny that doubled everyday for a month, or $1 million today?

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1 million, I'd just double that every day investing in kleros, then Nulink, then bsv, then Kleros again, repeat.

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Millin more den 30 cents.

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The penny obviously

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This question is fucking retarded because no one understands english. "A penny that doubles every day" yeah it says nothing about the penny that it produces just that the one penny doubles kill yourself brainlet

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The 1million obviously, what am i going to do with 30 cents? Yea maybe i could sell tickets to see my magical doubling penny but i doubt id get a million

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Then I'd buy 60 req

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Are you guys brainlets? In just a month the penny has grown to over 5 million. Within half a year you'll surpass Bezos

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lmao retard

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does only the penny double or do the pennies created by the penny also double?

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i'll take the 10x in 1 month, not even shorting link could get me that sort of return
if you create a double of something it inherits all of its properties

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Idiot. Just one penny doubles, the other pennies created stay normal.
Bravo, you just got yourself 30 cents after a month retard.

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No, you would have 60 pennies. The penny is doubling every day. Last time i checked 1 million is greater than 60 cents and you are a retard.

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The million of course. I’m broke and want to pay some bills off. Besides what’s the penny gonna be worth at the end, like $2M? Psh could earn that back with interest by then

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in a month it would be around 1 billion. 2^30.
Or it would be 30 pence, depending on how it works.

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fucking retards the penny doubles not creates another penny. if you have a doubler item and it can double itself the duplicate will also inherit the originals properties.

Braindead idiots.

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If the penny had 100% interest compounded daily it would be worth $10,737,418.24 after 30 days.

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i can wait 3 years for +600mil

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That wasnt explicitly stated. And where are you going to keep 10M dollars in pennies? It will kill you in your sleep. That is 3,600,000,000 cubic milimeters of space. Or 3,600,000 cubic meters. That is fucking enormous, everyone will steal your pennies

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Penny doubles which means there are two pennies. Tye penny then doubles again the next day and there are 3 pennies. Whats so hard to understand brainlet.

>american education

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The penny might be a pain in the ass though. You'd have to convert all the millions of pennies. Would be a bitch putting them into a machine.

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No retard.
You get a new penny everyday that doubles

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you either end up with 30 cents or 5 million dollars in pennies. regardless, it's a dumb as fuck question.

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OK so I'll just tell the genie or whatever to fuck off. Definitely an evil genie.

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>employs cartoon logic
>calls others idiots
Buy chainlink

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the fuck am i gonna do with all those pennies?! that's like 100 billion pennies

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This. Or try depositing a billion pennies with your bank or paying a house with that. I'll take the million dollars today.

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Imagine trying to cash in 536 million pennies at the bank

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>the fuck am i gonna do with all those pennies?! that's like 100 billion pennies

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If a penny had 100% interest compounded daily for 3 year (156 days) it would be worth over a $vigintillion. It would be worth more than anything that has ever existed on earth

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Penny fags think they can safely store 3,600,000 cubic meters of pennies, only 6 buildings in the world have that kind of volume and theyd need to be emptied out. And you cant rent them for 10M USD. Enjoy having all your pennies stolen by the US gov and pajeets. A million can fit in a grocery bag and is infinitely less hassle than 1Billion pennies. PENNY FAGS ARE DUMB NO MATTER HOW THE QUESTION IS WORDED

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That's called hyperinflation.

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Imagine being a penny fag in 2020 lmao

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No one ever said its a physical penny. Might be a penny representation on the servers of a <Redacted> Cayman Islands bank or who knows.

Cash In Hand faggots are payday loan niggers and welfare cucks.

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But this means that when you spend the pennies the person you give it to also gets doubling pennies.
Meaning the penny devalues itself and no one will accept it as currency in the first place.

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Id rather take the 43 millions thanks

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This makes sense. Invoking dark magic and doubling pennies sounds like the work of Satan.

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If it's an asset worth a penny on the first day, which appreciates 100% every day, then OP would've said this. It's just a penny though, yielding another 30 pennies or so over a month.

Pay attention to words and don't read into them anything other than what is actually said. This will serve you well in real life.

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So you are going to gamble on the fact you may get 30 cents, or 3,600,000 cubic meters of physical pennies just for 9.6M more? You sound like the nigger

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Is it just the penny that doubles? Or is it the entire sum after it doubles which also doubles?

That being said you could have two cool pennies.

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They double every day FOR A MONTH - hence the calculation 2^30 which results in a sum of USD see pic

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...3.600.000.000 cubic millimeters is 3,6 cubic meters my dude.

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ITT: brainlets
if the penny doubles everyday then by the end of the first day i'll have 2 doubling pennies, one with 29 more days of doubling and one with 30 days to go, at the end of the 3rd day ill have 1 penny with 28 doubling days to go, 1 penny with 29 days to go and 2 pennies with 30 days to go, and so on and so forth.

by the end of the month i'll have 1,073,741,824 pennies that are worth $10,737,418 but since these pennies have variable double times and are basically never ending the weight of said pennies after just 60 days would equal around 2,684,354,560,000 tons and would cover the surface of the earth killing us all.

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Please answer

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How do we stop the penny from killing the environment?

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I did answer, each new penny doubles for 30 days for the moment its created

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You saved a thumbnail though so you are retarded. I'll take the million because I don't want too much money.

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It's ambiguous. There's no way to know if the magic doubling property is inherited. We don't know the rules. Don't sweat it though, such magic pennies don't exist. The only magic that's real is meme magic.

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10m or 1m?

hmm i probably would take the 10m

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1 mm = 10^-3 m
1 mm^3 = 10^-9 m^3
underage or american?

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By 1 Million you mean 10k LINK?

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fuck this, I'm not doing the math, whichever one is more money

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Nice bait,
>1 Billion pennies is only 3.6 cubic meters
Actually, its dumbfuck bait. Neck.

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That's exponential growth, not doubling

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id take that million and buy nulink

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if a penny doubles everyday for a month that's 1 penny + 30 additional pennies generated

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Your converting the cube multiple times. Go ahead and state for the record you think 1 BILLION pennies can fit in a couple of shoeboxes “kek”

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I'm just using the numbers you have given to show you're wrong even if your prior calculations are right, which they aren't. So I suppose you could say they indeed are so bad they are "not even wrong". My own estimate is at around 2000 cubic meters, considering official penny dimensions and the fact that you're packing circles into hexagons, meaning it would easily fit into property that's 800 square meters or so. Not hard to rent with 9m on the line, even if you don't have one.

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>circles into hexagons
>cubes are hexagons
I’d love to see your calculations, post them

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The million dollars isn't at risk of dumb word play, then again OP didn't specify which dollar.
Yes if it's USD. No if it's ZWD or some other trash currency.

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>a penny that doubled everyday
The world economy would collapse brainlet.

One day a pack of milk will be 3$, the next day 6$, next day 12$, 24$ ,48$, 96$ etc etc.

No one would go to work anymore. It would e anarchy OP. Take the million.

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Note that pennies, when stacking side-to-side, waste some space. You can calculate the space it will take altogether by noting that hexagons pack perfectly and each hexagon contains 3 pennies (center + 120 angles).
Each hexagon has the diameter of a penny as an edge, so 19,05mm according to wikipedia. This adds up to 942,848mm2 in area per hexagon, or 314,283mm2 per penny.
Furthermore, a penny is 1,52mm thick, so each penny takes roughly 477,7 mm3 of space. You multiply this by one billion and then divide it by one billion to convert to m3, so you end up with 477,7 cubic meters to store all these pennies, which is even less than I had highballed.

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Don't bother, he's a metric fag. I can fit a billion pennies in my car, or garage.

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You are right, my initial calc was wrong, it would be about 20,000 cubic feet or 566 cubic meters.

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So I can have 300 dollars or 1 million? lmao ill take the millino

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>30 cents
Nigga he said doubled

I think this is what op meant. If a replica of something is indistinguishable from the original shouldn't it inherit it's properties as well?

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fucking kek, who even makes this shit

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Do you mean I get double what I got previous month? If so, gimme that.

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>people not realizing that the doubling penny would eventually destroy the earth

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If I spend some of the money along the way for basic survival, would it affect the doubling rate?

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2^10 ~1000. 2^30 = 1 billion.

1 billion pennies. Have fun trying to put that in a bank lmao.

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The 400 lb autist known as 4chan

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>somehow creates enough mass to send the earth spiralling into the sun
My angus is peppered

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What a potent metaphor for capitalism.

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This is what a million dollars in pennies looks like

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Would you rather have one (singular penny) that doubled everyday for a month. Picking the penny would net you 31 pennies at the eom. Congrats seriously penny tards

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Gimme dat doubling penny!!!!

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The US treasury is the work of Satan.

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Only smart person in this thread.

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lmao imaging falling for all the memes at once

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The $1 million dollars could be in pennies too.

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1 million. Only redditards and newfags would fall for the doubling cent scam...

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>having to manipulate 1 billion physical objects in a universe limited by time and space
i'm lazy. $1 million please

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It isn't. You're just a pedantic autismo that can't understand obvious things intuitively.

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Who the fuck wants a penny that doubles every day for a month? Youd have like 30 pennies wtf.

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Not "they", it. The penny doubles, not the replicas of it.
The penny doubles, its replicas do not double.

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fucking retards. If a penny doubles itself then the new penny inherits its supernatural powers too, so everyday you end up with greater and grester amount of pennies that double themselves for next 30 days. So they double more than 30 days, its just some pennies that become inactive eventually but the new ones are created with 30 days limit.

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>the new penny inherits its supernatural powers too
It wasn't stated in the original post.

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Do pennies obey the hayflick limit? Or is the universe going to be 99% pennies.

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Eventually the totality of known space will consist of pennies. This is why you need to not fuck with genies/monkey paws/etc

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The problem never states if we are given a PHYSICAL penny or a VIRTUAL penny. It also never states if the replicated pennies can self-replicate as well or not.

If you had even one physical penny that could only replicate itself (and not copies) every 24 hours, it would still be considered one of if not the rarest and most important artifact on the planet.

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"The question might actually be referring to a VIRTUAL penny" said no one ever

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I guess nobody was able to think outside of the box except me

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How can we stop these pennies??!
People are dying. How dare you.

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what the fuck would I do with such huge penny?

>> No.17419615

This is what Bernie wants to do to crypto gains

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will ho

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Highest IQ here

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2^30 = 1.073.741.824
but it is a penny 1/100$, so 10 million $..

Also, it may depend on the month, considering February can have 27 days in it..

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