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So back in the days 10k were a suicide stack and 100k a make it stack, but how can you believe in $1000 eoy and still stay that a 10k stack is not a make it stack? remember not everyone lives in the US so 10 mil dollares is enough to make it, please explain yourself.

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These "people" don't believe $1000 eoy. They are not true linkies, many of them are salty nolinks. All hail Sergey, $1000 eoy.

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Because $1000 isnt happening. $100 is a pipe dream.

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10k make it
1k suicide

but even 1 LINK is enough if you have adamantium hands

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must be
you wish, just arbitrum + chainlink should put us above $1000, unfortunately the market is not what it used to be. Everything moves so much slower.

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How can you spew this blasphemy senpai?

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nobody ever, EVER thought that 10k was a "suicide stack" other than fud-fucking nolinkers
the consensus was, and always has been 1k
even then, 1k link "to prevent feelings of suicide" is a tremendous exaggeration; link's growth does not stop at $100 or $1000, or $10,000—the concept of it just "stopping" at 10,000 notes of US currency seems laughable
when link is "embedded into the DNA of business", as it were, the growth of its value will be proportional to the growth of every form of life actively engaging in commerce
it LITERALLY will transcend humanity—or at least earth, should mankind not form non centrally-planned business relationships with intelligent aliens—in a very meaningful way in due time, no word of exaggeration

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1000 was the OG suicide stack. I was fucking there when AB posted it. Just check the archieves if you are in doubt.

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I always considered 10k a suicide stack and 100k a make it stack.

t. holding since 2017

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It's ok to be wrong, fren

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ah. in the future, i'll not try to account for the <70iq demographic of iron-clad LINK holders; forgot that they were in the mix
of course, you may just have extraordinary lavish taste; should this be the case, then you are as fortunate as i to have a daddy as brilliant and hard working as sergey

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jesus should wear the shirt

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This is a NuLink thread now

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Okay good, you are aware of Link's worth. You may be a nulinker but I'll toss you a bone; most marines DO NOT have 100K Link tokens. It's 1K for a suicide stack and 10K is a make it stack. The only reason why people are throwing out the 100K to make it line is to demoralize and deter nulinkers from accumulating. The reality is 1 Link is what's needed to make it. The Chainlink network is the internet of the blockchains. Imagine if the internet as we know it now was partitioned into a billion parts, i.e. tokens. With all its connectivity to here, Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, connecting phones and computers and cars and all other sites and games; how much do you think one of the tokens would be worth? Blockchain tech is going to revolutionize the internet for even more productivity, how much do you think one of those tokens will be worth then?

That will be the future value of Chainlink.

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Is that a sawed mosin with a yugo sks grenade launcher on the end? Why?

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Theres nothing I love more than seeing a piece of history like a Mosin Nagant being abused by an attatchment-retard

Fuck the USSR, I hope to see this done to every Nagant

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>most marines don't have 100K
Cope harder

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10k was the make it stack you fucking idiot

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>that ID
>those digits

checked and basedpilled.

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crab market is so boring reeeeeeeee

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is anyone alive?

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yes but it is all so tiresome

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It was always 1k suicide stack, 10k make it stack.

t. also holding since 2017

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One day one chainlink token will be worth $84,000

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Fuck all the gun purists. I think that looks sick cut down with the modern sight. Gives it kind of a steampunk look

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