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what should I do if I hate my parents? I rent a room and they are forcing me to come back home.. I work as a backend dev, they told me to quit.. are they setting up for my doom?

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Too much info missing from this story.

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How are they forcing you to do anything? Are you underage?

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1. How old are you?
2. Answer 1.

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24. I think I will kill my dad one day. Prayed everyday so God take his so I dont have to. Always wished that Mom would phoned me and said "Anon your dad is dead" and I will be smiling to my ears..

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but then, WHO WAS PHONE?

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1. You are now wayyy too old to listen to your mommy and daddy. Take control of your own life.

2. Do not kill anyone, what God do you pray to? I'm hoping you're praying to THE God, Almighty Jesus Christ and not some false idol.

If you are a Christian, you need to just move on with your life or God will punish you beyond what you can imagine.

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Then tell them to fuck off if you hate them. Jesus Anon. You don't have to do anything your parents tell you.

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Then, dont? I still dont understand the circumstances that would lead to this. Dont back end devs make good money? Live your own life.

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they will just keep coming back because "Anon! We are your parents and as long we are still alive, you have to obey!"

its ok. I am just stuck in this situation. I still wish bad things happen to him so i can live in peace.

thanks for entertaining me

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You should honour your parents yes, but you do not need to obey them and live with them at the age of 24... that's crazy. You're an adult, although you are showing signs of infantile thinking. Did you wet the bed in your early teens? If so, you might be a psychopath.

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My dad is already passed but my mom is psychologically abusive and one day I had enough and ended all contact with her. Simple as that. Been 3 years now and my sanity has never been better.

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>they will just keep coming back because "Anon! We are your parents and as long we are still alive, you have to obey!"

No you don't.

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>you are showing signs of infantile thinking.
how is already working and live independently "infantile"? I am trying my best to stay away from my parents as possible but they said to other family members that I have forgot about my family/my parents. My friends laughed whenever I told them about my parents because it is unbelievable that a parents such as mine exist, and it makes them appreciate their parents more. I wish I have a normal life so i dont have to hate anyone.

might do this

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This sounds like a cult.

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move somewhere far away and ghost them

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Dude just block all communication for a year and establish dominance

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>Forcing you to come back home

It's really sad they're holding your dog or brother or girlfriend hostage, at gunpoint. I would call the police, personally.

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I know this quite well from my parents, they abused me when I was young. I'm 22 now, living happily away from them and they come up with bullshit like "we are your family, we are all you have, please visit us more".
I'm very cold and distant from them, keeping contact to a minimum.

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I'm 10 years older than you and wish I fucking escaped the family a lot sooner. I cut ties when I was 29.

Family is good if you have a good family, but if your family is toxic you should have no guilt or reservations about ghosting them. "Because I'm your mother" is not a good enough reason to make you do anything. The only family member I have that never treated me wrongly or unfairly is an uncle, everybody else was a mentally unstable piece of shit that I'd be forced to be a pincushion for from time to time.

Anyone in a similar situation, just walk away and build your own life. Build your own new family even. Make good friends etc.

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>"Because I'm your mother" is not a good enough reason to make you do anything
Couldn't agree more on that

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>"Anon! We are your parents and as long we are still alive, you have to obey!"
Are you asian by any chance? Mormon or member of some other cult?

If you have the money and means to live by your own tell them to scram and that if they insist they won't ever see you again.

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Love your parents, care for them, but live your life as if they were dead

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thanks frens. Will find a new job and a room that more far away and will change my phone number. fuck them.

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np, good luck OP

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>a room
Found your problem. Adults live in apartments or houses, not "rooms".

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Just ignore them OP, you don't have to change your lifestyle because of the pressure they're placing on you, just live your life

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An adult can live anywhere he wants as long as it's not his parents home. Who cares if it's a room. That means more money he can use to invest rather than give to his landlord every month.

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Well, I agree he should distance himself from his parents but he sounds like a kid when he says his parents are forcing him to move back in with them. This "room" thing just makes him sound even more infantile.

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It's a common symptom of our generation. People are growing up mentally much slower. I wasn't much better when I was 24. If his parents are as bad as he says, it's no surprise that he still acts like a kid, that's what happens when you suffer mental abuse by your parents and older family members.

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Renting a room is fine for a young adult. Fuck your gatekeeping bullshit.

OP should ghost his parents until he gets a sense of independence. His vocabulary betrays a feeling of deep dependence.

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I have a similare predicament. The only people I have in my life are the family but they've always taken all my money. (No you fucking kurwa they are my parents and siblings not someone I fucked and had children with). They hate me but keep me around incase I make it again, I already made it twice and they took all my money.

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Explain. How did you make it and how did they take your money?

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First I made a lot of money working and in the stock market. Then they lied and "needed" all my money.

Then I got an insurance payout. Once again they lied to get money from me and I gave them disposition rights to my accounts and all my money got taken by them. Then when I asked where it went they told me "don't you remember anon? You spent it all", playing on my diagnosis as schizophrenic.

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>not someone I fucked and had children with
This is deeply preferable. I propose you find a woman and bond with her. She will destroy your dependence on your family my fellow polish person.

You clearly can't do this by yourself.

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*They have always had a nonexistant money management. They would rack up bills and come to me to get them payed. I have always been the only responsible one in the family.

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Get out Anon, that's gaslighting behavior

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If I was not on parole I would move a thousand miles north and not have a phone and never speak to them again. But I do not have a choice and I live in their town.

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cut ties with them immediately. change jobs if it's required.

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I'm not allowed to quit the job I have.

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Parole? what crime?

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>"Anon! We are your parents and as long we are still alive, you have to obey!"
what are you roman?

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It is not a crime in the USA I'll only say that.

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Been 5 years for me and mine. Sucks because I love them but they are just bad or stupidly unaware people. Im just not resilient enough to expose myself to being used and abused. I'm tired of imping through hoops for wealthy parents that have charged me rent since I was 16. I don't think I've ever felt welcome or safe or wanted in either of my parents homes.
I was kinda just a burden for their thoughtless goals growing up.

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he mentioned he's schizo, probably also Jewish given his family arrangements

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Sucks man. Hope you get off parole soon so you can escape.

My mom was a crystal meth tweaker so I had a special kind of fucked up crazy experience

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Don’t listen to them. I’m poor and still living with my parents at 26 because I kept listening to them.

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Thanks man, I hope so too.

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Jesus. Gtfo of there, Anon.

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Seek help, psychopath. Nobody is forcing you to move back in with them.

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move away as far as possible, leave the country if necessary

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