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>Chainlink would be above $5 if Bitcoin would not have dumped below $10k

This is why stinktards will never make it. Even in the best case scenario if Link would move to some absurd sum like $50-100, a single 5min dip on the BTC scale would crash the price to a few dollars in matter of minutes

Enjoy your chains, kek.

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>Dude BTC is going to be #1 for ever
I cannot wait for the day BTC becomes irrelevant and Maxis collectively rope themselves. PNK dumping will pale in comparison. Not even in Chainlink, but fuck that archaic Chinese owned piece of shit. It's going to die sooner than later.

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lmfao people have been saying that for years anon

fact is it centralized exchanges keeping this shit up. arb bots work the high volume btc pairs. use dexes or liqudity pools

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