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What do you think? Do you believe LINK will go sideways most of the year?

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Good i still have time to accumulate.
t. 3k linkies going for 10k

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I’m considering taking out a $40k loan at some point before the peak so I can NEET. Maybe EOY since 2021 is pretty much going to be the bullrun. Anyone else plan to do this?

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just wait a few more years

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As Sergey said, we have 5 to 10 more years.

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why cant we all just get along and acknowledge the fact that were trying to dump our bats on normie retards regardless of what shitcoin you're holding

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where is the y-axis you massive retard?

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100k is the minimum make it stack by 2026

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No, he has the timeframe incorrect. LINK is actually where 02 janurary is if you go off market cap, meaning we are about to run up.

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kek look at this retard

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100,000 X 700 = $70,000,000!!!

JFC, if 100K is a make it stack, over 90% of us are NGMI.

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pretty good read, here's to hoping it's true. $800 by EoY 2021

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I’m not following can you elaborate

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>note the similarities
>there are no similarities

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ETH only stopped going up because crypto kitties were slowing down the network so that transactions were taking hours, a full day, and many were being dropped. LINK doesn't have that scaling problem.

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18 more months... i’m not gonna make it bros

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just hold on bro. time goes by fast

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Some days feel like forever, others go by way too fast...just know that once you make it your life will pass by in the blink of an eye, so try to make the most of now.