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what will he do to crypto when he wins

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Something gay and bearish

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buy NuLink

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Mundane Mike?
Nothing, he will not win a single state

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here's an upvote for your post and an upvote for President Trump

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Eat shit and fuck off, pol

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Nothing because he won't be elected

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We all know he will lose and the 51% of the country that has brain cells left sure af don't want a wkman running this place. Trump will be re-elected, cap this you niggers

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Nothing because jews don’t give a fuck about shitcoins that’s why they’re shorting the shit out of real money, gold and silver

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Only way Trump wins if if they put up another woke SJW retard. Bloomberg isn’t one.

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We'll see. People are fucking idiots and easily swayed. I just don't think a dem is going to win this one but I've been wrong before.

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are you getting the 2400 a week promoting mike on social media. Where can I sign up?

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Bloomberg is a god fearing capitalist. I can easily see him taking enough from Trumps side.

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hes a jew. what do you think?

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He would ban it like he banned soda and guns

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My god. Trump supporters are better off than 4 years, none of them are going for some soda banning gun grabbing midget.

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There were a ton of people who voted for Trump simply because they hated Hillary. He’s not that popular

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heh, cuck

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here's a question for you: how do i become one of Mike's paid shills? i browse the chans all day and people generally like me.

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-need to have an iq over 145
-need to have very strong foundations for morality

in practice: not a "want the world for nothing" bernie supporter and not a "gets offended if they ask him what's the capital of germany is" trump supporter.

-need to have genuine support for bloomberg (redundant condition, if you fill the first 2 you have no other choice among current candidates)

if you fulfill all of these, they will come to you to help support yourself so you have more time to work on supporting the candidate you genuinely believe will be the best

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Burn it to the ground, like any other american president

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literally who?

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what would winning the Democrat primaries give him the power to do?

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You could have easily googled this. Of course, not a single person in the thread has actually answered you. Literally days ago he said that he wants to regulate them to prevent a financial crisis

What a fucking retard.

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What do you think he’s going to do?
>pic related

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he's going to secure his victory by having sex with a microwaved banana peel

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>to prevent a financial crisis
what? where did he say that part lol

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why cant the gov just leave us alone. I dont go around kidnapping people and robbing them. why should they be allowed to do that to me. Not fair.

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