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yOu HaD tWo YeArS!!!

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This. So much this!

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you had 2 years

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Yes. But there is still hope for oracles.

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checked and keked

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Rent free. You had two years.

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>Chainlink is Reddit: the token
>yOu HaD tWo YeArS!!!

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Aw man, now i have to sell

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It's true, its now the normie token. Biggest sell signal since 17

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>using the 'rent free' meme saying of the month


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found the linkjeet

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Cope. Seethe. Rent free. You had two years.

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I don't want to insult early link holders but bitconnect demographics are in link atm

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>he had two years
>he still hasn't bought in
>he's missed an easy 25x and is going to miss another 100x

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youre a Faggot: a Faggot

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Hve sex

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>same fagging
>mixing upper and lower case for le epic comedic effect
>"So much this!"

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Why would anyone buy a token that is literally copy pasted ChainLink code with literal who devs? Why not just buy the real thing? Do those nuLink niggers honestly think they have a chance in hell to compete with someone like Ari Juels in an intellectual pursuit? Its like a toddler trying to fight Mike Tyson.

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I bought yesterday, did I screw myself?

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how does 2500x sound?

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I’ll take it!

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