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How much is enough

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Zero. KYS Satsgang shill.

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1mm is a good number. Matters how much u need to make it

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gtfo satsgang pajeet

we don't want your scam in here

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What are you invested in?

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I have 320k

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I got fucking bamboozeled

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Jannies can you please clean this thread up too?

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RSR will only get fud here but everyone also has bags. Welcome fren and dont buy satsgang pnd scams

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You salty cause they closed down your PNK thread, Pajeet?

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This is a known and verified scam perpetrated by the DAG scam team

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Damn is Peter Thiel in Satsgang? What about Coinbase? Y Combinator? These are the main investors: https://reserve.org/investors

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what do seed investors have to do with anything? none of their tokens are in circulation. Satsgang currently holds more than 33% of circulating supply so they can basically do whatever they want with the price. Most people already know this and that's the reason nobody is interested in RSR.

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hows 2.2 million?

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Suicide stack: 1,000,000
Make it stack: 10,000,000

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You had 8 months anon, now you are getting left behind. The satsgang FUD is tired. We made that shit up to FUD losers out but that phase is over. You are either retard level gullible or just way behind and desperately trying to accumulate. No way people would go this schitzo on a coin they don’t care about. You’re not fooling anyone.

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What's your sell price?

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$10. It says right in the whitepaper when to sell.

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Will this do buddies?

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In this case you can make it with 500k easily

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>only 700k

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just like you made up the FUD about OneCoin and it's actually a totally legit project? Gtfo here, pajeet.

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here's one of the satsgang pajeets revealing his wallet:

is it still not obvious to everybody?

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Do you have actual proof that satsgang is holding this coin?

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eh, I’m white / from the U.K and have been hodling rsr on my lonesome since early 2019. If it makes you feel better buddy I used to fud rsr for shits and giggles too, but now I’m comfy.

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* Take a look at the picture of 4 satsgang members exposing themselves being part of it.
* Now look at each one of their twitter accounts.

1) twitter.com/search?q=%24rsr%20(from%3Abitcoin_brown)&src=typed_query&f=live

2) twitter.com/search?q=%24rsr%20(from%3ALLLuckyL)&src=typed_query&f=live

3) twitter.com/search?q=%24rsr%20(from%3A_RN03xx_)&src=typed_query&f=live

4) twitter.com/search?q=%24rsr%20(from%3Adagchadheadroom)&src=typed_query&f=live

Everyone of them is shilling RSR hardcore.

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Oh god I’m ruined how could this happen I hope he doesn’t dump his 6k on me satsgang are truly the rulers of crypto

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please don’t disrespect my stack kind sir, it is my only hope of buying a golden toilet

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Heh, I see, thanks for providing proof. It's not because a discord group is in on a coin that it's a scam though, they could've chosen literally any low cap coin. It is concerning but I'll continue holding

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It’s not concerning at all imo, just read the whitepaper and recent interviews etc, they will educate you more then some 4chan fudders and froglet linkers.

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I guess it's not a big deal but depending on how much they hold they could have a pretty significant impact on the price

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it's significant because only 4% of RSR is currently circulating and the volume is highly illiquid which makes it very easy to manipulate.

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Not to mention it’s literally an IEO scam with fake investors.

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fake investor fud was disproved 3 months ago. gotta keep up if you wanna shake weak hands anon-kun

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Kys satsnigger

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1. He bought the top, he’s just jealous
2. This is all made up, Satsgang isn’t real (even though tons of evidence posted)
3. Satsgang is a small group of friendly pajeets, they only have a couple BTC they are harmless (how the fuck would you know)
4. Imagine missing out on (insert Satsgang scamcoin COTI, RSR, DAG, QNT, OCEAN)
5. I was in Satsgang and they were all good people, everyone please leave them alone.
6. Some faggot paki Raphael is responsible for everything.
7. He’s just one person using a VPN
8. We invented/discord created Satsgang FUD so we can get (insert Satsgang shitcoin) cheaper
9. You’re a retard
10. The Satsgang fudders are so annoying im buying 100k today
11. This much FUD must be bullish
12. They said the same thing about ETH, dont miss out
13. I’m going to buy now and get in on the pump (even though they get dumped on)
14. I doubt Satsgang can really manipulate a coin with this MM
15. He’s seething at our gains
16. Satsgang is a forced meme to scare bizlets from huge gains
17. Fake investor fud was already disproven (when it wasn't)

congratulations, Pajeet. You got lucky and hit nr 17 on Satsgang damage control bingo!

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This isn't how bingo works.

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how surprising that another satsgang scammer comes to defend their pump and dump project. Would have never guessed such a thing would happen.

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2m, preferably more.

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Why the fuck are you going to this much trouble to fud rsr you nerd ? Just go to another thread.

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I know it’s hard to believe but we’re not all thieving sociopaths on this board.

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Yeah I’m just a guy trying to make some money from a coin I find interesting, why don’t you go do the same.

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No, I'm saying you don't know the rules of bingo. There's a grid and you put numbers and letters in the grid, and a third party pulls balls that match some of your numbers and letters, and you mark them down if they match your card. You only win if you get marks in a row, column, or on the diagonal. For some events people will make bingo out of "things that might happen in the event," which this list is sort of close to, but you dont' win bingo from just getting one thing right, you pusnut.

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get fucked satsgang faggot

that man won the bingo fair and square

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Stop samefagging and just acknowledge you used the word wrong. Bingo's not even a hard game, there are sites you can go to like mybingocard to generate a bingo card for this RSR satsgang line thing.

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There isn't many RSR threads - i'd expect satsgang to be spamming them a little more?

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They’re busy running damage control on Kleros.

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>green ID
>trips of the divine
yeah, i'm thinkin we're gonna make it.

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good point

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remember the short-lived PegNet FUD?

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