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Not anymore, now that decentralized oracles are proven to be faulty.

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Hold onto your seats

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just checked. Its legit. I repeat. This is not a drill.

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priced in already. wake me up when bezos or musk wants to use link

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cringe, it's not 2017 anymore

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OMG, Link $1000 eoy

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it's fucking real you fat fucks

this is google cloud levels of announcement.

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put me in the screenshot!

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We already had the oracle pamp last year, normies won't understand

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>a 2 billion dollar start up that doesn’t have oracle integration
Linkies are getting desperate

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Stop shilling this scam coin

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wasn't this already confirmed in the powerpoint?

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Some asshat always ruins it with a fucking apu

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2 years

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Seriously, as I said b4, peeps only care about big names i.e. celebrity endorsements.

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>no blue checkmark

Dumb fuck low iq dimwits

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Yes. Not news.

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I don't get it, this was already confirmed. What am I missing here? We don't need confirmation

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We've known this for half a year.

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Thanks just bought more

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This is why we have forked link into nulink.

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looks like some /biz/ tard has been larping for years as the fake Oracle twitter account, and have gathered a medium size following..
well played sir, but i'm never selling my XRP for this chainlink scam.

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Literally who? Didn't they code Java or some shit like that? I always hated Java. Hopefully we'll get real partnerships like BMW or Nike soon...

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OK, gentlemen, this is it. Who bought in 2017 is now on track to be filthy rich. The haters are flailing around in desperation.

Just don't forget to sell before the magic $1000, it might not be reached for longer than seconds.

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Dude is right, the account isnt even official.

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Literally who? Didn't they code Java or some shit like that? I always hated Java. Hopefully we'll get real partnerships like BMW or McDonald's soon...

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Go to the bottom of the last page and start SEETHING tranny

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaand noone even cares lmao

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lmao the oracles worked perfectly you tard
That was either a source issue, or a website issue. Either way, not the oracles.

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>fake pdf
Nice one!

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its so tiresome bros. and the larps that give me hope arent helping....

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imagine hacking oracle's website to plant a fake PDF just to convince people to buy your scam tokens

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Guys stop sperging over oracle , it’s an absolute shit tier player In the cloud war. Only amazon aws, Microsoft, and google matter. Fortunately theyre also link partners. But seriously, ORCL is a dying piece of shit that most cto’s are actively distancing themselves from.

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>ID is SEX

if my first two digits are over 18 it's happening tonight

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>no blue checkmark
>been hashtagging chainlink for months now
It’s a chainlink shill account holy fuck you nulinkers are so low iq

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ain't clicking that shit nigger

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Shit i got too cocky! im so sorry linkers we really are an erc-10 coin now

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Bro... I get pussy lmao. So what the fuck are you trying to say right now?

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sip sip

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what are you 12? google the URL and view the cache.

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>Guys stop sperging over oracle , it’s an absolute shit tier player
Second-largest software company in the world. Just cope.

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God dam I feel like a retard. Apparently it is real. Jesus Christ I am so swingable, but not my LINKIES!

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>we and @chainlink
pajeets detected

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Thanks. It is real. Although Arbitrum and Ed "White House + Princeton" Felten's involvement already locked in my all in.

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>Literally who?
See >>17374047

Trannies seething.

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That was proven to be fake days ago anons

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You're gonna be one rich retard.

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are you commenting on the grammar? because i'm pretty sure that's correct

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Looks real to me, why do you think its fake?

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Oh yes sirs! Oracle went through the trouble of getting all of these accounts verified except for this very poorly written Blockchian account with a bunch of ghost links and retweets! Very much so! Do the needful pls sirs!

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It is real.

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Checked fren. Strapped in and holding for $1k eoy

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Do you anons think it would be more profitable to cash out or stake linkies? Or maybe both?

>> No.17374189

All the official Oracle accounts follow it...

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Imagine impersonating a multi-billion dollar company and trademark thinking you can get away with it.

You fucked up faggot, you are going to jail in no time.

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Holy checked, based digits

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That's what happens when assburgers get bored

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People that have English as a first language, generally use the lesser formal version "us and X", instead of the royal "we".
You could with 99% success rate identify all Indian comments by looking at how they use formal language regardless of the context.

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>us are excited

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> Joined September 2010
Yes a link marine created a fake account in 2010 just to wait for today.

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LOL spot the scamtoshi cuck

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fucking hell..

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Is it too late to buy link?

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X and I, we and X
fucking retards

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look around when you next get out of your apartment and tell yourself how many of those people are aware. this has not started yet. buy a suicide stack.

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I'm dca still as long as CL is below 5.

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it is dropping as we speak, it is one of those projects were people sell the news and sell the facts, and the developers sell tokens worth 4.5 million $ bidaily.

Might as well wait until the price is so low that people are waiting for a retracement before they start selling again.

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Yeah I know I was just fudding, literally can't help it.

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oracle blockchain is barely affiliated with oracle the world knows. might as well be a different company

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Why below 5? Link can potentially reach triple digits and beyond!

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Thats no excuse, utterly unacceptable

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So Oracle (Blockchain) is 99% confirmed. Only question is it priced it. Oracle for startups was such a let down might not do much this time around.

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Based Oracle fucking swingies in the ass raw.

>> No.17374370

LINK is dumping, how is Oracle fucking swingies again? They all sold at 48k

>> No.17374408

Everyone laugh at this swingie. He probably sold the support again.

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Have sex incel

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Here's pasta that i saved from yesterday for all the swingies:

Let me tell you a story.

BTC broke out to ATH in 2017. It finally hit 3,000 USD.

every point after its old ATH of 1k, was a possible short. In fact, the more it climbed the more likely it was to crash. It would have been very logical guess to short from 3,000 upwards, because everything must retrace hard after parabolic move right?

This is a fundamental misunderstanding of a parabolic movement.

5k was logical, 6k even more so, 7k, 10k was extremely logical, 13k, 15k, 18k was logical.
when did it finally crash as it was overdue? 20 fucking thousand.

I watched the idiots shorting that entire time. I felt bad. they were right and logical but they didnt know what a parabolic move or price discovery was. It means the price keeps going till it doesn't. 20k was fucking ludicrous to people when it hit 2k, yet it didnt stop till then.

then what? it went all the way to 3k. they were right. but their timing was so bad. why? because although they were smart and knew a parabolic move would retrace hard, they were retarded thinking they could catch the top with precision and TA. you cant. you only guess. and thats retarded.

LINK now has no bearish signals yet. you are guessing. will you be right? maybe. but you would have guessed. its due to correct right now, but if it will stop here, nobody knows because the chart has no resistances and its in parabolia.

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Fucking swingies without lube either lmao

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Ignore me, Im still wrong. Its legit ahahahahahhaha THANK GOD

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Not a swingie, just a common sense anon. Swingies could have sold the last 5 days and rebought lower today

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Shitware company , way overhyped

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Low effort

>> No.17374532

it's not confirmed until sergey puts an oracle sticker on a skateboard

>> No.17374555

Priced in

>> No.17374569

bro we've already seen him shake hands with Ribeiro

>> No.17374581

It was human error when updating smart contract, confirmed in their blogpost.

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So exactly like I assumed.

>> No.17374633

>our oracles are save
>one typo on the website fucks up everything

...but its only 40k because nobody uses their shit oracles thank god

>> No.17374641

I don't get it how can a project have so many huge name partnerships and integrations yet the price is still so low and it's behind various shitcoins that do nothing and BTC forks.

>> No.17374737

The oracles are safe.
It's the surrounding system that failed, which is to be expected this early.

It's like building the first motorized cars, and then getting fuel with water in it.

>> No.17374739

maximum cope

>> No.17374882

Truly the early adopters

>> No.17374908

omg if i get dubs i'm posting on reddit

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The account is legit https://mobile.twitter.com/Infrastructure/status/1225554910479032320

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>It's like building the first motorized cars, and then getting fuel with water in it.
No, it's like building a perfectly sterile dome for a child with no immune defense, where robots act as parents for it, and then discover that the human engineers wander in and out of the dome to maintain the robots.

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The contracts themselves were always going to be drawn up by humans, anon.
Until we get mind-reading capabilities, there's no way around that.

Btw, contract writing is one of the many things that are supposed to be offered by third parties, and a separate reputation system for "contract writers" could help minimize these errors.
But the basis remains the same.

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how slow are you? already priced in since last year retard.

>> No.17375031

https://mobile.twitter.com/Infrastructure/status/1225554910479032320 LETS GOOOO, ITS LEGIT

>> No.17375036

Last year was about "oracle for startups"; the ones integrating Chainlink were going to be the startups.
This is about Oracle itself integrating Chainlink.
Keep up.

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but it is not the contract.. if it were the contract there were flawed, then there would be no flaws.
>yesterday we identified a pricing anomaly on one of our oracle networks for the XAG/USD price pair.
this anomaly was not due to they changed the contract and then "accidentally" asked for the price of gold instead of silver. It was the actual XAG/USD output by the oracle that was flawed, they also state it was not the node operators fault or the data providers.
It was a human outside of the contract-node operator-data.

>> No.17375146

say you make a contract asking for the price of XAG/USD every 5 minutes.. and then you change the contract to ask for XAU/USD, you are not gonna get the XAG/USD price.. you are gonna get what you wanted from the contract.
They specifically mention that there was a price anomaly, that the XAG/USD price was flawed.. this has nothing to do with the contract.

>> No.17375147

But it is the contract.
The job IDs in the contract got mistyped, causing the oracles to query the wrong asset.

>The human error occurred while seeking to improve the XAG/USD network by releasing additional data reliability features requiring an update to the smart contract’s configuration about the specific job IDs being run by node operators servicing the XAG/USD oracle network, leading them to incorrectly request a gold price (XAU) instead of the silver price (XAG).


>> No.17375194

Jesus are you actually this bad at reading comprehension, or are you doing it on purpose?

>The human error occurred while seeking to improve the XAG/USD network by releasing additional data reliability features requiring an update to the smart contract’s configuration about the specific job IDs being run by node operators servicing the XAG/USD oracle network, leading them to incorrectly request a gold price (XAU) instead of the silver price (XAG).

This was LITERALLY a mistype in the "contract configuration" that caused the oracles to query XAU instead of XAG.

>> No.17375325

so then there is no flaw, if they asked the price of another asset than they intended, then they obviously are gonna get the price of what they asked for.
but they do say that the price of XAG/USD was flawed.. i interpret that in a LITERAL sense, that the oracle said "here is the price of XAG/USD" and then it is wrong.

>> No.17375366

>Is it too late to buy link
yes it's also stupid

>> No.17375380

>so then there is no flaw
There was a human flaw in the contract.
That's literally it.
The oracles worked perfectly.

>but they do say that the price of XAG/USD was flawed
It wasn't.
Where did they say this?

>> No.17375445

You do have to admit the irony in all this
Uses admin key, hits pause button.
>Decentralized oracle network
No KYC, no job for you to run.
>End-to-End trustless data
Opps! Fat finger that one letter.

Guess we got another 5-10 years for sure

>> No.17375476

>yesterday we identified a pricing anomaly on one of our oracle networks for the XAG/USD price pair.
second bracket https://blog.chain.link/improving-and-decentralizing-chainlinks-feature-release-and-network-upgrade-process/

>> No.17375496

what he's saying is that chainlink shouldn't be writing the contracts... and I tend to agree. look how bad they botched this one.

This was a project ruining error and they got absolutely lucky as fuck it happened on this particular pair. If synthetix would have gone under (easily possible if another pair would have failed), i don't think chainlink could recover, despite how well the oracles did their job.

>> No.17375507

There's no irony here, contracts are always going to be drawn up by humans; there's simply no way to automate your specific wishes and needs.

Btw, contract writing is one of the many things that are supposed to be offered by third parties, and a separate reputation system for "contract writers" could help minimize these errors.

>> No.17375530

Yes, and the price anomaly was caused by a literal typo in the contract, like I said.
There was nothing wrong with the price feeds themselves, or the oracles.

>> No.17375532

you used the word "literally" quite a lot.. how do you literally interpret the sentence
>we identified a pricing anomaly on one of our oracle networks for the XAG/USD price pair.
in any other way than the oracle network gave another price for XAG/USD than what was the price.

>> No.17375533

been hearing that since chaincuck hype desu

very likely to be worked upon and perhaps even fixed

however it is likely that 4~ is moon for chainfags

>> No.17375543

The price was literally anomalous because of a typo in the contract.

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Post yfw link hits $10k

>> No.17375582

Chinklink is a scam

>> No.17375611

The typo consisted of having XAU instead of XAG, but they still shouldn't have gotten the wrong price in XAG.
If i ask what is the price of XAG/USD? i will get that price regardless of what i meant to ask was the price of XAU/USD.
they say that the outcome, the price of XAG/USD was flawed.. here is your XAG/USD price and then it is wrong - not here is the price of XAU/USD as you asked for, but here is the price of XAG/USD.

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>Joined September 2010
Its real boys

>> No.17375624

his argument is that in the future it wont' be the retards at chainlink themselves writing the contracts

>> No.17375647

>they gave the price of gold instead of silver, but they should have given the price of silver

no shit lmao

>> No.17375663

>I'm about to end these jeets' whole career.

>> No.17376038


Scam coin

>> No.17376054

Oracle has been confirmed for a long time. This is not new

>> No.17376065


>oh man you are smart and i am so smart, but i’m not ever going to trade my current scam coins for your scam coins!

>> No.17376071

>second largest software company in the world

and the other 3 software companies have plenty of LINK breadcrumbs.

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nulink solved the oracle problem already

>> No.17376143

Sex on Q4

1000 by 4th quarter yall

>> No.17376477

you can't be serious
LINK holder IQ chart is true

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Holy fuck. We're gonna make so much cheese

>> No.17376833

kek and dont buy link-pilled

>> No.17376847

cash out obviously
cash out now
it is literally dumping

>> No.17376857

kek based panicking shower anon

>> No.17376878


the typo was for the XAG/USD price ID within the contract at an architectural level

>> No.17376961

This premined shitcoin is currently the biggest scam in the scene. Jesus christ you're all going to lose all your fucking money if you buy this piece of shit. Sergey is a fucking con artist, an obese fraud. Fucking kill yourselves

>> No.17377128

Jesus. Try harder why dontcha.

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You mean that gross company run by a Trump supporter?


No thanks

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Fuck off

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The Oracle blockchain twitter is being followed by the Oracle Cloud twitter which is verified. The verified oracle account wouldn't follow a fake oracle account.

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>> No.17378102

Oh and the only reason that the blockchain twitter handle says "ORCL" whereas the other uses "Oracle" is because twitter has a 15 character limit on handles, so oracleblockchain wouldn't fit.

>> No.17378487

Anyone who thinks this is fake is fudding or legitimately retarded

>> No.17378513

kek that'll reassure potential users
>dont worry the oracles are fine but we might return wrong data for other reasons

>> No.17378559

Macho Man Sergey Savage

>> No.17378571


>> No.17378573

doesn't slash mean without Kek.

>> No.17378578

no, it does not. you're thinking of w/o

>> No.17378608

hello? trustless blockchain is impossible, decentralization is impossible. truly "decentralized, trustless" blockchain is a collaboration of many nodes, including normie nodes, and that makes mean node security as low as a cup of coffee security. Do you ever feel secure holding a cup of coffee? Any mass computer virus coomer pcs get infected with can shut the whole idea of blockchain security down

>> No.17378629

i've reverse hashed your private key, better check your coins faggot

>> No.17378725

based retard

>> No.17378735

Sergey has lost a good amount of weight since these pics

>> No.17378770

The disbelief is strong in this thread. First they fight you....

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>> No.17379012

Yeah, I'm thinking 1000 eoy

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