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How to identify the average biz poster in IRL?

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looks kinda like this

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Accidentally slips the word "pajeet" forgetting he's not online at /biz

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A lil chubby
Very pale or shitskin
Quiet until they sperg about their favorite topic
Maybe glasses
Plain clothes

Are you retards this autistic you can’t tell when someone rejects social norms in favor of the 4chan lifestyle

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Wears basic ray bans, shorts, and graphic tees at 26+, has a few cool friends but is otherwise totally non-functional as a human being

So basically your average 4channer but with sunglasses

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This is what your average /biz/ poster looks like.

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he looks like this

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They all dress like sergey

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why is speedrunning so full of trannies?

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I wouldn't know.

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damn! there is an egg head!!!

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Trick question, there are no biz posters.

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Another sample group pf your typical /biz users.

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I work for an ecommerce company and both the development and support teams talk constantly about the ebay and Amazon pajeets. It's not fun to deal with actual pajeets day in day out so you have to cope somehow.

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Ultra alpha

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I've said based and redpilled at a former job. Only on one occasion though.

Frankly speaking I think I'm easily identifiable as a biz poster just from the way I behave.

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Every time i am in mcdonalds i think a wojak is making a burger for me

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if you see someone shitting in the street, there is a strong probability that they post here

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Sometimes i shitpost on the bus and train on my way to work if you see the clover app

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>I've said based and redpilled
>former job

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My desire for wealth is so I can lead the nations of the world to gather all the Jews and throw them into the nearest ocean.

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h-how did you know

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That's sometimes I met a legit 04 oldfag who is a firefighter chad. Great guy like a zyzz who didn't use roids and instead wants grow and help others.

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fat whyte boys

also when i worked a seasonal job last winter, there was this black guy who would exclaim "kek" 5+ times per day. pic related

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>see cutaway of a cock and a pepe
>what memery is this?
I shoulda stayed in the catalog

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