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>fudsters using argument that xrp's price action is slow and delayed to the market
>rather buy/stay in coins that already pumped big, instead of riding the delayed xrp rise

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FUDs are just retards, what can you do?

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Anyone complaining about FUD and FUDsters are holding on to a scam.
> price action is slow
Price was $0.36 in May 2017 that is almost 3 years ago. That is not slow. That is 3 years of dumping a scam on retards

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de fudsters sir, de fudders dey are trying to supress ripple price to buy more ripple token for low price . sir do not listening to this fudsxters .

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>what is crypto winter

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LOL every coin was same price or higher 3years ago except some lucky ones. You complete utter moron

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Also it is still #3 in the ranking, keep coping shit head

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