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Went shopping with my wife today, i hate shopping, it all seems so meaningless to buy things that you don't need. We were in a jewellery store and i just felt so out of place. We walked past other stores and constantly i was struck with the thought, what kind of person would buy this item, or that item. Why would they get it?

I love being alive but i hate this world. My portfolio is growing quite a lot, soon ill be able to get my cabin in the woods and never see anyone again.

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I'm sure your wife has never thought about leaving you. You seem like a real treat to be around.

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It's a LARP.

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The answer is women. Women buy that stuff.
The truth is, our current economy would utterly collapse without the brainless spending that women do (usually with money siphoned from men, or earned at jobs that wouldnt exist without the work of men, eg admin or HR.)

White men naturally hoarde redources. Saving and investing is in our blood. We used to have to prepare for winters long in advance.

The emancipation of women, the relocating of women in to the workplace, freed up a ridiculous amount of capital and has led to all the globohomo clown world shit we see today.
Not least of all, an economy where companies who make shitty products dont go out of business.

Back in the day, if you bought an appliance or a car and it broke after 5 years, word would get out that it was garbage and no one would buy it anymore.

These days things break after a year and nobody cares, they judt buy a new one.

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Imagine pretending to enjoy shopping with your wife and seeing all your live savings gone into the drain for useless junk.

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As someone that works in social security race doesnt matter. Low iq is low iq

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Roasties are a black hole. But that's the nature of most of them and its ok they jjst need a strong man in their life to tell them no all the time. But is it worth the effort?

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Post ring if no larp

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I see exactly how you feel
I work in a corporate office, and it baffles me to see people who earn enough that could retire on 3 years of their gross salary, but live paycheck to paycheck nonetheless.
And there's no point trying to get through. It's layer upon layer upon layer of social conditioning. Were I to speak my mind, I would be the weird one to not want to get my first big car, boat permit, and spend every extra penny from bonuses on holidays or "treating myself". Rich retards rationnalizing that a 10k watch or a 700€ FUCKING LAMPSAHDE (I'm not kidding, one guy litteraly spent 700€ for a living room lampshade) is a normal way to spend your money.
I'm a headhunter in finance, I see people who have been earning north of 200k per annum for the last 20 years, still working 70 hours per week because if the music stops they're up shit creek without a paddle.
I get your need for a cabin in the woods. I'm on /out/ when not on /biz/. Nature is the best antidote to consumerism, hiking is how I cope pretending to be one of them 'til I can fuck off.

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>soon ill be able to get my cabin in the woods and never see anyone again.
That's also my idea.

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im sorry to say you made the wrong choice bro

you shoulda married someone you enjoy hangin with :-)

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I know how you feel

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In a racially homogenous society, we had better control of the underclass. They were poor and stupid, but they still tried to fit in, dress decent, and at least dreamed of being better. Because there was deep shame placed on them by society, police were ruthless to troublemakers when necassary, etc.

You could call people out. The mayor would get up and say "the scum that live on X street better pull their damn heads in, or the neighborhood will have to go and see about it." That kind of thing made people pull their heads in super quick.
We were governed by white men, for white men, and anybody who wanted to fuck shit up or make a scene would be dealt with.

Can't do any of that anymore, so our poor and stupid sink to the level of real niggers, and we can hardly pull them up when we're letting niggers get away with worse.